“Largest Four Port in Mali”

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Mali is a landlocked country in West Africa, Africa’s eighth-largest country with about 1.24 million square kilometers. Bamako is the country’s capital and largest city. Agriculture and mining are the mainstays of the country’s economy. Gold is one of Mali’s most valuable natural resources, and the country is the continent’s third-largest gold producer. It also produces and exports salt.

Since its landlocked, hence there are no seaports, but Koulikoro on the Niger River near Bamako acts as a major river port. Its main transportation links connect to those of neighboring countries and their ports to provide access to the sea. This article will give you insight into leading dry ports in Mali provided vital information.

Bamako, Mali

Bamako is the country’s largest regional economic hub and is a short distance from the country’s main river port. After Lagos, Abidjan, Kano, Ibadan, Dakar, and Accra, Bamako is the seventh-largest city in West Africa.

  • TEU: 1,100 Teus static capacity
  • Port facilities include 20,000 sqm of depot space.
  • Two railways line connected to an international network
  • Forklift, reach stacker, reefer plugs are among its equipment
  • Handle all types and sizes of cargo
Koulikoro, Mali

Koulikoro is a dry port in Kati, approximately 55 kilometers northeast of Bamako. The town functions as a transportation hub.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Higher river terminus for big vessels on the middle Niger River’s 1,000-mile navigable portion
  • The final station on the train route that connects Dakar, Senegal
  • Primary industries include peanut (groundnut) oil, cottonseed oil, and soap
Timbuktu, Mali

Tombouctou, also known as Timbuktu, is located 20 kilometers north of the Niger River.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Coordinates: 16.2633046, -3.3908057
  • The river was teeming with chilly water
  • Gold glistened in the markets
Kéniéba, Mali

Kenieba is located in Kayes Region, Mali.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Port Code: MLKNZ
  • Geographical position: 12.8391666667, -11.2527777778
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