“Largest Two Ports in Malta”

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Malta, located in the center of the Mediterranean, between Sicily and the North African shore. It is well-served with harbors. The main international ports are Valletta Grand Harbour and the Port of Marsaxlokk.

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Valletta Grand Harbour
Valletta Grand Harbour
Grand Harbour Malta

One of the major ports in Malta is the Valletta Grand Harbour. It is also the most splendid natural deep-water harbor in the Mediterranean Sea. The port is a hub for all types of seafaring vessels.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Multi-purpose port offering wide maritime services;
  • Open storage facilities and warehousing
  • Cargo berths, cruise, and ferry, other ship related-services
  • Main regular connections with various Italian ports
  • Sheltered by an isolated breakwater
  • Open 24 hours, 365 days
Port of Marsaxlokk
Port of Marsaxlokk
Marsaxlokk, Malta

Port of Marsaxlokk, a principal base port for over 70 percent of the fishing fleet in Malta. Besides, they are also the largest fishing port on the island. The port is situated on the southern coast of Malta.

  • TEU: 1.48 million handled annually
  • Comprise six berthing facilities
  • Biggest transshipment center in the Mediterranean
  • Main cargo: containers, Ro-Ro, petroleum products, crude, and liquified gas
  • Handle over 5 million tons of cargo every year
  • Around 2,690 vessels visit the port annually
  • Draught – 16.0 meter
  • Maximum vessel size – depth 17.0m
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