“Largest Two Ports in Niger”

Find Most Important Niger Port

The Republic of the Niger, also known as Niger, is a landlocked West African country named after the Niger River. It is one of West Africa’s largest inland countries and has long served as a crossroads between North and Sub-Saharan Africa. Nearby countries include Libya, Chad, Nigeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Algeria.

Niger has a ports authority despite the lack of ocean or deep-draft river ports. Learn more about the top Niger ports.

Port of Niamey
Port of Niamey
Niamey, Niger

Port of Niamey is a river port at Niamey, Niger. Its geographical coordinates are Lat., 13° 30′ 26″ North, Long., 2° 6′ 1″ East.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Port Size: Very Small
  • Harbor Type: River Natural
  • Niamey links with Atlantic ports in Nigeria and Benin
  • Serves as the main port and the capital of Niger in the southwest on the Niger River
Baro Port
Baro Port
Baro, Niger

Baro River Port is situated in west-central Nigeria, on the Niger River, approximately 650 kilometers from the sea. It was chosen by the British as Nigeria’s rail and river transportation link.

  • TEU: 66,293
  • First river port in Northern Nigeria
  • The cotton crop in Northern Nigeria being loaded into river craft
  • Transport ship peanuts (groundnuts) and cotton to the Niger Delta ports of Burutu and Warri
  • Major local trade include sorghums, rice, yams, millet, palm oil, peanuts, and shea nuts
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