“Largest 10 Ports in Poland”

Find Busiest Polish Ports

Poland, a mid-sized nation of central Europe, is located in the sea lanes of the Atlantic Ocean. The country seaport industry has an annual turnover of million metric tonnes of cargo (2008-2020). It become the main container hub in the Baltic Sea.

In this article, you can find a list of the main ports in Poland. You can read information about their annual container throughput (TEU), port details, advantages, and features.

This entry list of 10 major Polish ports will help you in your next shipment.

Port of Gdynia
Port of Gdynia
Rotterdamska 9. PO BOX 225. Gdynia 81-337. Poland

Situated on the western part of Gdańsk Bay, the Port of Gdynia has been the top 2 container port on the Baltic Sea. Since 1926, the port plays an important role in the countries import-export trade.

  • TEU: 401 546
  • Important logistics hub for export in Poland
  • Connected to the Trans-European corridor
  • Main passenger port for the Three-City area
  • Principal imports: iron ore and food products
  • Top exports: lumber, sugar, and coal
  • State-of-the-art and efficient container terminal
  • Operating all year round
Port of Gdańsk
Port of Gdańsk
Zamknięta 18, 80-955 Gdańsk, Poland

Located on the southern part of the Gdańsk Bay, in north-central Poland, the Port of Gdańsk possesses an extensive size and diverse terrain. The port is the largest seaport on the Baltic Sea, divided into two areas (Inner Port and Outer Port).

  • TEU: 8,000 container vessels capacity
  • An important hub for coal (exports), petroleum (imports)
  • Chief cultural center for Poland
  • Industrial sections: food processors, shipbuilders, petrochemical, and chemical plants
Port of Police
Port of Police
Unnamed Rd, Police, Poland

Port of Police, a port and deep-water harbor positioned on the western coast of the Oder River, off the lagoon of Szczecin. The port is also a hub for bulk cargoes, including potassium salt, phosphates, ammonia, fertilizers, etc.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Polish’ fourth-busiest port in terms of cargo
  • Handled over 2 500 000t of cargo yearly
  • Traffic figure: more than 2 million tons of cargo (2006)
  • Two-berth quay: 415 m length, 12.5 m depth
  • Compromise 4.05 percent of all traffic ports in Poland
Port Ustka
Port Ustka
Harbour Master's Office Marynarki Polskiej 1 St Ustka PL 76-270 Poland

Situated on the north-eastern part of Lędowo-Osiedle, Port Ustka is positioned 54°34′60.00″North, 16°51′0.00″East.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Anchorage water depth: 12.5m – 13.7m
  • Cargo pier depth range from 4.9m to 6.1m
  • Maximum vessel size: Up to 500ft in length
Port of Szczecin
Port of Szczecin
Bytomska 7 St. Szczecin 70-603. Poland

Port of Szczecin is a seaport and deep-water harbor located at the Oder River and Regalica rivers, off the lagoon of Szczecin. The port is the largest complex on the Baltic Sea, compromising major areas – Szczecin and Swinoujscie.

  • TEU: 800 containerized cargoes
  • Handle all types of cargo
  • Manage up to 50 000 TEU annually
  • Cargo traffic: almost 1 million tons of cargo (2006)
  • Facilities cargoes like dry bulk, liquid bulk, breakbulk, reefer, and more
Port of Kołobrzeg
Port of Kołobrzeg
Kolobrzeg Poland

Situated at the Parseta River, the Port of Kołobrzeg operates as a port and fishing functions. It has a strong position among the small ports in the Baltic Sea.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Possess yacht harbor, the fishing harbor, and ferry harbor
  • Quay: 3,049 m; Total area: 18.84 ha
  • Port service: commercial, yacht, fishing, and passenger
  • Almost 19 thousand passengers arrived at the port in 2006
  • International traffic: 18,996 passengers departed the port
Port of Elblag
Port of Elblag
Elblag Poland

Port of Elblag is one of the biggest harbors in Poland, situated on the bay of Vistula, near the river Elblag at 54° 10’5″ N, 19°23’S”.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Accessible by larger vessels
  • Service: passengers, inshore goods, and tourist navigation
  • Annual turnover: over 30 000 passengers
  • Quay: 2.5 km
Port of Darlowo
Port of Darlowo
Darlowo Poland

Port of Darlowo is a river basin, start operating in 1948. The port has a modern and efficient infrastructure. Maritime Office in Słupsk administered the port.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Anchorage depth ranging 15.5m – 16m
  • Max size: Up to 500 feet in length
  • Port water covers 46.4 hectares of an area
  • A frequent destination for ships
Port of Świnoujście
Port of Świnoujście
Świnoujście, Poland

Port of Świnoujście is a port situated at the Świna strait, on Usedom and Wolin Islands at 53.9131 North, 14.2767 East.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Possess passenger terminal
  • Most important Polish transshipment hubs
  • Cargo traffic: more than 9 million tons (2006)
  • Accommodate 4 619 ships annual call (2007)
  • Links to Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, and other countries
Port Polnocny
Port Polnocny
18 Zamknieta Str. Gdansk 80-955

Port Polnocny is a leader in the transshipment port in Europe and Africa. They are offering excellent and competitive connections to Poland and Central Europe.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Specialize in handling dry bulk cargo
  • Main transshipment: coal and iron ore
  • Up-to-date equipment and modern bulk terminal
  • Efficient and quick to handle large volumes of cargo
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