“Largest Four Ports in Qatar”

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Qatar, officially the State of Qatar, is separated from Bahrain by the Gulf of Bahrain, a Persian Gulf inlet. Qatar has ports near industrial zones.

These ports connect Qatar to the rest of the world due to cutting-edge global systems and technologies. It boosts Qatar’s logistical capacity, the national economy’s growth and diversification, and its competitiveness and position as a regional trading hub.

In this article, we have listed the four major ports in Qatar, provided with brief information.

Port of Hamad
Port of Hamad
2HJM+J99, Mesaieed, Qatar

Port of Hamad is the primary seaport of Qatar, which is located south of Doha in the Umm Al-Houl district. The port can handle up to 7,800,000 tonnes of cargo per year, with food and construction materials accounting for most of the commerce.

  • TEU: handled over 1.4 million (2020)
  • World’s most prominent “greenfield” port-development project
  • Play a significant part in diversifying Qatar’s economy
  • Possess strong capacities, contemporary facilities, and innovative systems
  • Specialty import products include automobiles, livestock, and bulk grain
  • Home marine and offshore support vessels
  • Under Mwani Qatar management, they are overseen by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.
Port of Doha
Port of Doha
P.O Box 3874. Safat 13039. Kuwait

As a census-designated port in Doha, the Port of Doha is close to the country’s most renowned tourist attractions, including the Souq Waqif and Doha Corniche. It is the only commercial port in the country capable of processing cargo of all sizes.

  • TEU: 530,042
  • Own number of terminals, container berths, and passenger facilities
  • Nine piers available and 50,000sq m combined storage area for most commodities
  • Cruise terminals welcome giant cruise ships and luxury yachts
  • Deemed as regional commerce port in Kuwait
  • More than 2,400,000 tonnes of cargo handled per annum
  • Nearly 800 vessels call the port, and 2,000+ passengers are dealt with every year
Al Rayyan Marine Terminal
Al Rayyan Marine Terminal

Located in the Persian Gulf’s southern region, Al Rayyan Marine Terminal is approximately 35 nautical miles off Qatar’s northern shore. Its geographical coordinates are 26°39’N 051°34’E.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Possess VLCC-sized storage tanker (124,472 d.w.t)
  • Export tankers frequently berth in tandem with storage tankers
  • Maximum size: An export tanker can only be 320,000DWT
  • Terminal restriction: draught – 21.0 meter
Port of Ras Laffan
Port of Ras Laffan
PO Box 47. Doha Qatar

Ras Laffan is a deep-water port on the northeastern shore of Qatar, of the Arabian Gulf coast. Approximately 70km north-northeast of Doha Port, in Ad Dawhah. It is primarily an industrial city with a small residential element.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Port of Ras Laffan is owned and operated by Qatar Petroleum
  • Capable of handling the world’s largest ocean-going vessels
  • Principal exports include condensate, liquefied natural gas, and sulfur
  • Several berths for industrial and commercial purposes are available
  • The port will be enlarged as retail traffic increases
  • Well-sheltered by a 6-km-long main breakwater (north) and 5-km-long 2nd breakwater (south)
Port of Umm Sa'id (Mesaieed)
Port of Umm Sa'id (Mesaieed)
Mesaieed, Qatar

Port of Umm Sa’id, aka Mesaieed, is the country’s premier port located 45 kilometers south of Doha, positioned on the Qatar peninsula’s eastern shore.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Own 22 berths and one SBM for commodities
  • Leading handling service: fertilizers, crude oil, chemicals, bulk cargoes, LPG, etc
  • Top exports include condensate, naphtha, ammonia, ethylene, crude oil
  • Top imports are salt, cement, iron ore pellets, aggregates, project cargoes
  • Anchorage water depth: 11- 12.2 meter, oil terminal: 12.5 – 13.7 meter
Port of Qatalum
Port of Qatalum
Qatalum, Qatar

In Mesaieed, Qatar, around 40 kilometers south of Doha, Qatalum operates an aluminum smelter. A port and storage facilities, reduction plant, carbon plant, cast house, and captive power plant are among its facilities.

  • TEU: N/A
  • It consists vibrant and diverse workforce
  • Contributes to the State of Qatar’s economic diversification
  • Manufactures over 625,000 tons of high-quality primary aluminum products annually
  • Aluminum is utilized to shape the modern world in several industries
Port of Al Wakrah
Port of Al Wakrah
Al Wakrah, Qatar

Port of Al Wakrah is located in Qatar. Its geographical position is 25.164N, 51.6132E.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Current draught: 9.4 meter
Al Shaeen Terminal
Al Shaeen Terminal
PO Box 22050 Abdulla Bin Jassim Street 610 Doha Qatar

Located 80 nautical miles north-northeast of Doha, Al Shaheen Terminal possesses FSO Africa and FSO Asia moored to SPMs. It is position 26° 35.0′ N, 052° 00.0′ E.

  • TEU: N/A
  • North Oil Company operate and manage the terminal
  • FSOs are capable of simultaneously transferring crude oil to export vessels.
  • Ship-to-ship (STS) operations, importing crude oil, and exporting decanted/produced water also do
Port of Halul Island
Port of Halul Island
PO Box 47 Doha Qatar

Port of Halul Island is located 52 nautical miles northeast of Doha. The offshore oil resources of Idd El-Shargi, Bul Hanine, and Maydan Mahzam supply Qatar Marine crude, exported from Halul Island.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Qatar Petroleum (QP) manage the terminal
  • Two SBMs carry out exports
  • Possess industrial complex, number of oil storage tanks, and employee dwelling quarters
  • Annual tanker traffic at the facility is estimated to be around 150
  • Vessel with a draught of 29 meters and a displacement of about 550,000 DWT
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