“Largest Two Ports in Réunion”

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Réunion is located in the Indian Ocean, around 550 kilometers east of Madagascar and 175 kilometers southwest of Mauritius. Its population was 858,450 in January 2021. Réunion’s economy has been nearly wholly built on sugar for more than a century.

Food and food products account for most of Réunion’s exports, with sugar and sugar by-products including rum and molasses accounting for a large portion of that total. France accounts for a large amount of Réunion’s trade.

Here you can find a list of seaports of Reunion and read information about their key features.

Port Reunion Port
Port Reunion Port
REPDG, Reunion Island

Port Réunion is the principal commercial, fishing, and cruise port. It is also a military facility, serves as the third-largest naval facility in France. Located on Réunion’s far northwest corner connects all other significant points.

  • TEU: 350,000
  • Expert in handling container ship, sailing vessel, fishing vessel, and vehicles carrier
  • It consists of two-port areas: Ouest Port and Est Port
  • Main cargo handled include building materials, petroleum, sugar, grain, and food produce
  • More than 53,000 passengers pass through the port per year
  • Handled over 4.3 million tons of cargo annually
  • Port restriction: draught – 14.50m to 15.5m
Port de Pointe des Galets
Port de Pointe des Galets
Pointe des Galets (Le Port), Reunion Island

The Port de la Pointe des Galets is commonly known as “Le Port,” is located on the island’s northwest coast, roughly 15 kilometers west of St Dennis positioned at 20°56’10″S, 55°16’42″E.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Artificial harbor with little in the way of attractions for a visitor
  • Construction on the site to facilitate the installation of a shore-end for the METISS is ongoing
  • Berthing is available 24/7
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