“Largest Two Ports in Samoa”

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Samoa is a country in the central South Pacific Ocean and one of Polynesia’s westernmost island countries. It consists of a group of nine islands, four of which are inhabited.

Samoa is roughly halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. Samoa Ports Authority manages and operates the seaport of the island. This article contains a comprehensive list of ports in Samoa.

Port of Apia
Port of Apia
P. O. Box 2279 Matautu-tai Apia, Apia Samoa

The capital and sole port and city on Upolu Island in the autonomous nation of Samoa is the Port of Apia. This port is located on the island’s northern coast in the South Pacific.

  • TEU: 37,000 containers (2008)
  • Only a commercial port that handled 97% of foreign trade cargoes
  • Driven about 5,000 mt of domestic inshore fishing catch annually
  • Consider as a helping-hand of country’s imports and transhipments
Port of Pago Pago
Port of Pago Pago
Rte 1, Fagatogo, Eastern District 96799, American Samoa

The Port of Pago Pago is a modernized port with all the amenities and services that cruise liners and corporations require.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Port Average depth is 180 feet, with broad and deep enough to accommodate any size ship or vessels
  • Has good shelter
  • Harbour type – coastal natural
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