“Largest Three Ports in Slovenia”

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Located in Central Europe, Slovenia (Slovenija) is a small country bordered by Croatia (southeast), Italy (west), Austria (north), Hungary (northeast), and the Adriatic Sea (southwest).

Slovenia has three (3) seaports: Port of Koper · Port of Piran · Port of Izola. In this article, you will find each port’s details, services, and advantages. Let us take a look at what port can provide.

Port of Koper
Port of Koper
Vojkovo nabrezje 38. Koper 6501. Slovenia

Port of Koper, the only port in Slovenia providing logistics and port services. It is strategically located on the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea. The port activities consist of free zone area management, port area management, and terminal operator role.

  • TEU: 600,000 (2013)
  • Provide reliable port service
  • Has extensive maritime and rail network connections
  • Support logistics solution around the world
  • Shortest route from Asia to Central Europe
  • Port is trusted by production and logistic players in the world
  • Provide full support of customs and control authorities
  • Offer handling and warehousing of all types of goods
  • Handle million tons of cargo tonnage every year
Port of Piran
Port of Piran
Tartinijev trg 1, 6330 Piran - Pirano, Slovenia

Located on the south of Punta Madonna, The Port of Piran is well-sheltered by a breakwater. It has a southwest direction and a breakwater-oriented pier.

  • TEU: N/A
  • An Adriatic Sea Port Town
  • Total population: 4,000
  • Geographical Coordinates: 45.5268N, 13.5652E
  • Channel water depth: 6 – 10 ft 1.8 – 3 m
  • Anchorage: 11 – 15 ft 3.4 – 4.6 m
Port of Izola
Port of Izola
Izola Slovenia

A naturally protected sea basin, the Port of Izola is used for loading and unloading goods, passengers, embarkment and disembarkment, and fishing.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Latitude: 45º 32′ 23” N
  • Longitude: 13º 39′ 38” E
  • Marine Railroad Size: Small
  • Drydock Size: Small
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