“Largest Seven Ports in Sri Lanka”

Find Busiest Sri Lankan Port

Sri Lanka is officially Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. It is an island country in South Asia, located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of Bengal Bay and southeast of the Arabian Sea. India and the Maldives have a maritime border with Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has two major categories of ports, Port of Colombo and Port of Hambantota. Sri Lanka Ports Authority operates and runs leading ports in the state.

In this list, we’ve collected the seven important ports in Sri Lanka with their address and key information.

Port of Colombo
Port of Colombo
19 Chaithya Rd, Colombo 00100, Sri Lanka

Port of Colombo is Sri Lanka’s most essential and busiest port, positioned on the southwestern shores of the Kelani River. Its key location in the Indian Ocean serves as Asia’s important terminal handles most of Sri Lanka’s international trade.

  • TEU: 7 million TEUs (2019)
  • Annual cargo tonnage of 30.9 million tons
  • Serves as the naval base for the Sri Lanka Navy Western Fleet
  • Features largest artificial harbor in the world, offer 51 berths
  • Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) administered and operated the port
  • Own three terminals: JCT, SAGT, and UCT
  • Handle cargo in all sizes and shapes
Port of Hambantota
Port of Hambantota
Hambantota, Sri Lanka

Port of Hambantota, commonly known as Magam Ruhunupura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port, is a deep seaport located in southern Sri Lanka in Hambantota. After the Port of Colombo, it became Sri Lanka’s second-largest port in 2010.

  • TEU: 20 million TEUs/year
  • Handled 1,800,000 tonnes of LPG and dry bulk cargo in 2020
  • Primarily used by ships traveling between east to west shipping routes
  • Handling services include breakbulk, container, Ro-Ro, liquid size, etc
  • Possess six berths, 2,140m long quay, and oil terminal
  • Ability to accommodate 33 vessels at any given time
Port of Trincomalee
Port of Trincomalee
No. 19, Chaithya Road P. O. Box 595 Colombo 01 Sri Lanka

Port of Trincomalee, a major natural harbor in Trincomalee Bay, on Sri Lanka’s northeast coast. It was chosen as a potential location for bulk and breakbulk cargo, as well as port-related economic activities.

  • TEU: 6.2 million (2017)
  • Own four multi-purpose berths and 1,750 meters of quay
  • Primarily handle bulk goods
  • Primary import goods include cement, wheat, petroleum products, and clinker.
  • Primary export commodities are mineral sand, pellets, wheat
  • Boasts 10x water amount and land reserves than Colombo Port
  • Sri Lanka government expand the port into a highly competitive export hub
  • Operating 24 hours a day/7 days a week
Port of Galle
Port of Galle
No. 19, Chaithya Road P. O. Box 595 Colombo 01 Sri Lanka

Port of Galle is one of the busiest regional ports in the country. It is the only one in Sri Lanka that can accommodate pleasure boats. The Sri Lankan Ports Authority presently manages it.

  • TEU:  21,500
  • SLPA expand the port to meet the growing demand for freight handling
  • Accommodate all types of vessels including passenger, fishing, crew boat
  • Top yachting destinations in the world by international yachting organizations
  • Maximum size: LOA – 190m, draught – 6.3m, 12616t DWT
Port of Point Pedro
Port of Point Pedro
Jaffna District, Sri Lanka

The northernmost extremity of Sri Lanka is Point Pedro, also known as Sakkotai Cape. It was formerly a trading port. Therefore it’s a simple site with a lot of history.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Mainly export cotton to South India
Port of Kankesanthurai
Port of Kankesanthurai
Jaffna District, Northern Province, Sri Lanka

The Port of Kankesanthurai is located on Sri Lanka’s most northerly point. A wide breakwater spanning Northwest and west protects the port, consisting of a modest open roadstead and harbor.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Primarily serves the region’s industries and domestic trade
  • Mainly handle bulk and break-bulk cargo
  • Port is now being renovated with the help of an Indian government grant
  • Tropical is the load line zone
Oluvil Harbour
Oluvil Harbour
Ampara District, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka

Oluvil Harbour, a commercial and fishing port in Sri Lanka’s Eastern Province, is located in the Ampara District. The port was officially inaugurated on September 1, 2013, occupying a total land area of 60 hectares.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Accommodate vessels of up to 5,000 metric tons
  • Fishery harbor can accommodate over 250 fishing boats
  • Serve as the southeastern link in the country’s growing series of coastal harbors
  • Provide more convenient and cost-effectively commodities and freight transportation to and from the southeast
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