“Largest Four Ports in Suriname”

Find Major Suriname’s Port

Suriname, a small country on South America’s northeastern coast. But it has one of the most ethnically diversified populations in the continent. Its economy is based on a large number of natural resources, particularly bauxite (one of the world’s top producers).

Are you looking forward to importing or exporting from Suriname? Whether you’re shipping normal, refrigerated, or oversized goods, you will find here the biggest port in Suriname to count on. This list of the top four largest Suriname ports will give you an advantage on your upcoming sea freight shipping.

Port of Paramaribo
Port of Paramaribo
Van 't Hogerhuysstraat Paramaribo Suriname

The Port of Paramaribo is the largest harbor and city in Suriname. It is located 12 nautical miles above the mouth of the Suriname River on the west bank. Paramaribo is also known as Nieuwe Haven in the local community.

  • TEUs: 59500
  • Port Authority is NV Havenbeheer Suriname
  • Accept various vessels such as fishing, gen. cargo, container ship, reefer, etc
  • Possess facilities that can accommodate specialized cargo
  • Common cargo handled is fertilizer, cement, containers, oil products, sugar, and more
  • Handled more than 1000 vessels every year, nearly 515,000 tonnes of cargo
  • Maximum size: LOA – 191m, draught- 7.1m, 46635t DWT
Port of Nieuw Nickerie
Port of Nieuw Nickerie
G. G. Maynardstraat 34, Nieuw Nickerie, Suriname

The Port of Nieuw Nickerie is the second-largest city and river port in Suriname, after Paramaribo. It is located on the Nickerie River, about 3 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

  • TEUs: N/A
  • NV Havenbeheer Suriname operate the port
  • Accept regular calls from cargoes and other types of vessels
  • Improved port facilities as part of the modernization project
  • Maximum vessel length: 120m, Draught-4.5m, Deadweight – 8031t
Port of Wageningen
Port of Wageningen
Wageningen, Suriname

The Port of Wageningen is located 32 kilometers upstream from the port of Nieuw Nickerie. Rice is the most important port export. Its coordinates are 5.767° N 56.683° W.

  • TEUs: N/A
  • Accommodate different types of vessels (motor freighter, liquid cargo, motor tanker)
  • Official port master: District Commissioner
  • Nickerie harbor office is in charge of vessel movements, pilotage, and other matters
  • Maximum size: LOA- 185m, draught – 3.5m, 6000t DWT
Port of Paranam
Port of Paranam

The Port of Paranam lies on the left bank of the Suriname River, approximately 64 kilometers upstream from Paramaribo. It operates as a private port.

  • TEUs: N/A
  • Important cargoes: alumina, bulk bauxite, containers, oil, and general cargo
  • Suralco/Alcoa owned the port, comprise three private docks
  • Paramaribo officials handled the pilotage, vessel movement, etc
  • Maximum size: LOA – 190m, Draught – 6m, 46635t DWT
  • Anchorage depth:9.4m – 10m
  • Cargo pier depth:7.1m – 9.1m
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