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The Republic of Turkey is transcontinental in Western Asia. This highlights their natural advantage of being located on the Euro-Asian border. Its bordering countries include Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, the Black Sea, etc.

Turkey features a great number of sophisticated and well-equipped international marinas, cruise ports, and harbors along its coastline. The Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea account for most port traffic. It plays a significant role in international shipping as a sea-friendly location.

This list looks at Turkey’s 40 major ports and how they contribute to the Turkish shipping sector.

Mersin International Port
Mersin International Port
TCDD Liman Isletmesi Mudurlugu Mersin Turkey

Mersin Port is a large seaport on the Mediterranean Sea’s north-eastern coast in Mersin, southern Turkey. It is Turkey’s principal gateway to the Mediterranean Sea, one of the country’s largest harbors.

  • TEU: 2,600,000/year
  • Own container, bulk cargo, Ro-Ro, and oil terminals
  • Operates five major terminal
  • Total of 22 berths for general cargo and container operations
  • Leading worldwide port with access to critical marine trade routes
  • About 1200 sea-going boats berthing on its shore every year
  • Average handling of cargo operations reached up to 60 million MT
Port of Haydarpaşa
Port of Haydarpaşa
Selimiye, 34668 Üsküdar/İstanbul, Turkey

The Port of Haydarpaşa, also known as the Port of Haidar Pasha, is a general cargo seaport, ro-ro, and container terminal. It is positioned at the southern entrance to the Bosphorus in Haydarpaşa, Istanbul, Turkey.

  • TEU: 2.2 – 2.5 million/ year
  • Marmara Region’s second-largest port
  • Turkish State Railways (TCDD) operates the port
  • Possess 21 berths as well as two big piers
  • Own three rail ferries, three tug boats, and two mooring boats
  • Main handling activities include containerized cargo, bulk, and breakbulk cargo
  • Annual cargo volume surpasses 60 million tons
Port of Izmir
Port of Izmir
Umurbey, 35230 Konak/İzmir, Turkey

The Port of Izmir, also known as the Port of Alsancak, is the third-biggest Turkish port with the best natural harbor. General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) administered all port operations. They play an essential role in Turkey’s economy.

  • TEU: 772,000
  • Separated into four sections: outer harbor, middle harbor, inner harbor, and a particular berth for explosives
  • Export commerce is the country’s third-largest city and an essential corporate center.
  • Handles a wide range of cargo and is well connected to Turkey’s rail and transportation systems
  • The outer harbor is 300 meters outside the original port breakwater
  • Served by two anchorage areas
  • Cargo-handling facilities include 24 berths 3.3 thousand meters
  • It offers plenty of storage space
Port of Eregli
Port of Eregli
Karadeniz Eregli Liman Baskanligi Eregli 67330 Turkey

The Port of Eregli, also known as the Port of Karadeniz Ereli or simply Er-Port, is a major bulk-handling port on the western Black Sea in Turkey. It is situated in the Zonguldak Province’s Karadeniz Ereli district, about 25 kilometers from the Zonguldak city.

  • TEU: 140,000
  • Affiliated with the Eregli iron and steel mills
  • Handles all forms of bulk and general cargoes
  • Top commodities include steel bars, coal, profiles, and coils
  • Over 12,000,000 tonnes of cargo are handled annually
  • It contains two major bulk terminals and four general cargo docks
  • Operational capability for bulk freight is up to 20 million MT
  • Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week
Port of Ambarli
Port of Ambarli
Marmara Mah. Liman Cad. No:49 İçkapı no:41, 34524 Beylikdüzü/İstanbul, Turkey

Port of Ambarli lies on the northern beaches of the Marmara Sea, which is part of the Aegean Sea. It is located around 26 kilometers south-southwest of Istanbul and serves the broader Istanbul metropolitan area.

  • TEU: 1.7 million TEUs per year
  • Numerous private facilities, including offshore moorings, are available
  • Leading handling service is breakbulk, bulk, and containerized goods
  • Chemicals, LPG, and petroleum products are also handled
  • Region No.1 Ambarli New Port is a privately operated dry, container, and bulk terminal
  • Region No.2 comprise jetties, oil platforms, and mooring buoys
  • Serves an extensive range of liquid, bulk, and container cargo segments
  • Houses range from 1900 – 2400 ships annually
Port of Gemlik
Port of Gemlik
Kocacukur Mevkii P.K. 101. Gemlik 16600. Turkey

As one of the busiest import ports in Turkey, Gemlik, also known as Gemport, has become the most important port. It is a free zone trading center with an industrial port. Can also find necessary industrial operations to the south and west of the seaport.

  • TEU: 340,000 – 370,000/ annually
  • Facilitates the import and export of Gemlik olives and olive oil to neighboring nations
  • Port’s sea transportation is crucial in commercial activity
  • Helps South and North zones with entering container trade and raw supplies
  • Comprise BP Tanker Jetty, Municipality Pier, Gemport container/Ro-Ro berths, and Tugsas Fertiliser Factory berths
  • The facility has a total of 8 berths for various cargo types
Port of Istanbul
Port of Istanbul
Meclisi Mebusan Cad No 52. Salipazari Istanbul Turkey

With the Port of Ambarl and the Port of Zeytinburnu, the Port of Istanbul is one of Turkey’s three major shipping ports. It is located at the Bosphorus’ southern entrance.

  • TEU: 655,000/year
  • Cruise ship passenger facility
  • Made up of two piers: the Galata Pier and the Salpazar Pier
  • General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) is the port authority
  • Leading handling services include containers, Ro-Ro, and general cargoes
Port of Aliaga
Port of Aliaga
Kultur Mahallesi Fevzipasa Cad No 10. Aliaga Turkey

The Port of Aliaga is located 24 kilometers northwest of Izmir, positioned on the southern beaches of the Bay of Aliaga. Aliaga Liman Baskanligi is the port authority for the port.

  • TEU: 800,000
  • Comprise Total Terminal Offshore Jetty, LPG platform, and Tupras Refinery
  • Oil product terminals and refineries are the mainstays of the port
  • Accommodate vessel up to 250,000 DWT with 338m max length
  • Main activities: handling clean petroleum products (gas, oil, kerosene)
  • Storage tanks have a total capacity of 135,000 cubic meters
Port of Alanya
Port of Alanya
Carsi Mah. Iskele Meydani Alanya 07400. Turkey

Port of Alanya is positioned on the east shore of Antalya Bay, about 80 nautical miles east southeast of the central city. A 250-meter long wall surrounds it.

  • TEU: 500,000/year
  • Cruise ship services and swift ferries have a route to Kyrenia
  • Used mainly by cruise vessels
  • One of Alanya’s most visited attractions
  • Welcomes people to explore their various themes
Port of Bandirma
Port of Bandirma
TCDD Liman Isletmesi Mudurlugu Bandirma Turkey

Port of Bandirma is located on the Marmara Sea’s southern shore, some 63 miles south of Istanbul. The port is sheltered by two breakwaters, each measuring 500 meters and 1.000 meters in length.

  • TEU: 3,000
  • Primary activities include importing and exporting most types of commodities.
  • Imports: fertilizer, bulk phosphate, ammonia, sulfur, etc
  • Exports: marble, ores, acids, canned foods, grain, flour, and domestic stuff
  • One of the country’s most important ports due to its position
  • Loading and unloading services handled by port’s state of the art equipment
Port of Finike
Port of Finike
Kale, Finike Limanı, 07740 Finike/Antalya, Turkey

Port of Finike is 70 kilometers southwest of Antalya. They are currently a yacht marina with a small fishing fleet.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Main exports: magnesium, chrome, timber, minerals, and citrus fruit
  • Comprise freight and passenger vessels
  • Maximum size: 70m LOA, 5.5m depth, 3,000GT
  • Finike Port Authority handled all port activities
Port of Nemrut Bay
Port of Nemrut Bay
Aliaga Liman Petrolleri Anonim Baskanligi Turkey

Port of Nemrut Bay is 60 kilometers north of Izmir, on Turkey’s west coast, south of Aliaga Bay. The space between the continent and a solid north line formed from Kizilburun.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Industrial companies in the vicinity own piers ad amenities
  • Split into two sections: the inner and outer ports
  • Feeds ammonia plant, Petkim Refinery, and other industrial facilities
Port of Sedef
Port of Sedef
Dil Iskeles Icmeler Mevkii Gebze - Kocaeli 41455 Turkey

Sedef Gemi Endustrisi A.S manage and operate the port of Sedef. It is ideally placed along the north coast of the Marmara Sea, in the industrial hinterland of Istanbul and Kocaeli.

  • TEU: 75,000/year
  • Location is served by two main highways less than 2 kilometers apart.
  • Dedicated to offering high-quality container and general cargo handling
  • Inland transportation and Ro-Ro services are also available
  • Can handle an annual capacity of 800,000 tons of general freight
  • Trucks, trailers, and other vehicles can park on 4,000m2 of parking space
  • Main handling activities: steel products, containers, or geared vessels
Port of Iskenderun
Port of Iskenderun
TCDD Liman Isletmesi Mudurlugu Iskenderun Turkey

Port of Iskenderun is located in the Mediterranean Sea’s northwestern corner. It serves the Southeast and East Anatolian regions and Middle Eastern transit traffic.

  • TEU: 1 million
  • Most handled vessels include general cargo, bulk carrier, container ship
  • Hazardous cargo is loaded into lighters and stored in designated places
  • The Port entrance has a depth of 12 meters; 1.400 m breakwater
  • Nearly 2 million tonnes of cargo are handled annually
Port of Tasucu
Port of Tasucu
Reşadiye Mah., Hacı Kahya Sokak No:1, 33900 Taşucu / Silifke/Silifke/Mersin, Turkey

Tasucu Port, also known as Seka Tasucu, is located on Turkey’s southern coast, approximately 100 kilometers west of Mersin. It is the primary activity of the area.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Sheltered by two 1,420m and 440m long breakwaters
  • Provide six berths for Ro-ro traffic, passengers, and general cargo capacity
  • LOA 200m, draught 9.6m, 8,000DWT are the maximum dimensions
Port of Akdeniz
Port of Akdeniz
Liman Sb, Büyük Liman Mevkii, 07070 Konyaaltı/Antalya, Turkey

Situated on Turkey’s southern coast, the Port of Akdeniz is near the mouth of the Antalya Gulf. The port is protected by two 1,140-meter and 650-meter breakwaters.

  • TEU: 500,000
  • Available services include container, cruise, bulk cargo, general cargo, shore base.
  • Serves as a point of entry for coal, fertilizers, and unfinished MDF
  • Top exports include marble, aluminum hydrate, chromium, cement, and ingots
  • The annual capacity of 5.0 million tons of dry bulk and bulk cargoes
Port of Gocek
Port of Gocek
Port Gocek Boatyard, P.K. 20, 48310, Gocek-Fethiye, Mugla, Turkey

The Port of Gocek is located in the northwest corner of Fethiye Bay. It is positioned on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, about 100 kilometers east of Rhodes, Greece.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Well-protected from all winds and swells
  • Comprise many berths available for fishing vessel and leisure
  • The central berth is used to load Chrome Ore
  • Camper & Nicholsons now run the port
Port of Fethiye
Port of Fethiye
Fethiye Belediye Baskanligi Fethiye, Mugla Turkey

The Port of Fethiye is around 70 kilometers from the island of Rhodes on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. The primary port area is located in the southeast corner of Fethiye Bay.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Serves as a loading point for chrome and manganese ore mined nearby
  • Secondary commodities include agricultural produce and timber
  • Annual traffic figures: 15 vessels and 3,500 passengers
  • Over 34,500 tonnes of cargo handled per year
Port of Marmaris
Port of Marmaris
Liman Baskanligi Gunnucek Yolu Marmaris Limani, Marmaris 48700. Turkey

Marmaris is a Turkish port and tourist town located on the Datca Peninsula. It is along the Turquoise Coast in the Mugla Province. Marmaris Port Authority handled all port operations.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Possess natural deep-water harbor with two large marinas and small marinas
  • Hundreds of yachts from throughout the world docks at the port
  • Most vessels include pleasure craft, sailing vessels, yachts, passenger
Port of Gulluk
Port of Gulluk
Turkiye Denizcilik Isletmeleri Gulluk Isletme Mudurlugu Gulluk, Mugla Turkey

Port of Gulluk is around 40 kilometers northeast of Bodrum on the Aegean coast. It is a well-sheltered natural harbor untouched by winds coming from any angle.

  • TEU: N/A
  • General cargo, bulk carriers, fishing, and pleasure craft regularly visit the port.
  • A deep-water jetty is available for vessels loading bulk bauxite and emery ore.
  • Turkey’s most contemporary harbors, boasting cutting-edge technology and amenities
  • Annual traffic: Approximately 106 vessels pass through the port
  • Port’s capacity is 6.000.000 tons per year
  • Loading dock: 345m (long)x15m (depth)
Port of Bodrum
Port of Bodrum
Karada Marina Neyzen Tevfik Cad No 5 Bodrum 48400 Turkey

Bodrum Port, situated on a beautiful peninsula, is probably one of Turkey’s most attractive seaside cities, attracting Turkish and foreign visitors. The port is 36 kilometers from Milas International Airport and a short walk from the city center.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Pleasure craft, sailing vessels, yacht, passenger, and passenger ships regularly call the port.
  • Features finger pier; accommodate two large-sized and four smaller cruise ships at a time.
  • Provide marine-, entire terminal-, and auxiliary services.
Port of Cesme
Port of Cesme
Ulusoy Cesme Liman Islet Atadag Cad, No 2. Cesme Turkey

Cesme Port is a marina located south of Dalyan. They possess the equipment to serve various vessels, including Ro-Ro, cruisers, mega yachts, ferry boats, and daily ferries.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Comprise three pier lines: 330m cruise and Ro-ro, 215m ferry ve Ro-Ro, and 50m ferryboat
  • Handled sailing vessel, pleasure craft, fishing, passenger, and Ro-Ro cargo
  • Maximum ship recorded: 224m, draught – 7.3m, with 15391t DWT
Port of Ayvalik
Port of Ayvalik
Ayvalik Turkey

Ayvalk is situated on Turkey’s northern coast, with views of the Aegean Sea.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Most vessels pass through the port as pleasure craft
  • Sea routes: Mytilene/Lesvos (Aegean Islands), Greek islands
  • Welcomes private yachts and ships because of its safe harbor
Port of Dikili
Port of Dikili
Ataturk Caddesi No 11. Dikili Izmir Turkey

The Port of Dikili sits on the Aegean coast, 120 kilometers north of Izmir and directly across from the Greek island of Lespos.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Commonly used by cargo ships, Ro-Ro vessels, and cruise ships
  • Works with grain, ore, coal, fertilizer, mineral ores, clay, mineral ores, etc
  • Annual freight traffic is estimated to be over 300,000 tonnes
  • Accommodate three passenger ships at once
  • Possess adequate land transportation connections
Port of Gelibolu
Port of Gelibolu
Gelibolu Liman Baskanligi Gelibolu 17500. Turkey

Port of Gelibolu, commonly known as Gallipoli, is located near the mouth of the Marmara Sea. A large estuary has a well-protected anchorage at its mouth.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Serves as the European terminal for the Lapseki ferry service
  • Deniz Ulastirmasi Genel Mudurlugu is the port authority
  • Most vessels handled include Ro-ro/passenger ships. Fishing and passenger
  • Summer is the load line zone
Port of Karabiga
Port of Karabiga
Karabiga Turkey

Port of Karabiga is located on the Marmara Sea’s southern shore, approximately 58.1 kilometers west of Bandirma Port.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Possess berth for sighing boats and coasters
  • Exports locally produced marble
  • Around 119 vessels are handled annually
Port of Tekirdag
Port of Tekirdag
Barbaros Yolu Uzeri Liman Tekirdag Turkey

The Port of Tekirdag lies about 125 kilometers west of Istanbul on the northwestern coasts of the Sea of Marmara in European Turkey. They possess an outer port, an inner port, and a new container terminal.

  • TEU: 150,000
  • Exports flax and sunflower seeds and supports a robust agricultural hinterland
  • Noted for its vineyards and wines
  • Handles a diverse range of containers, general and bulk goods
  • The modern port is a bustling commercial center with a rural charm
  • Top commodities include steel, forest products, iron, paper, etc
Port of Mudanya
Port of Mudanya
Liman Baskanligi Mudanya Turkey

Mudanya Port lies 75 kilometers east of Bandirma on the southern coast of the Sea of Marmara.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Comprise L-shaped jetty with an outside pier length of 92 meters
  • Internal pier length of 72 meters and a ferry pier length of 92 meters
  • Used mainly by coastal traffic serving provincial towns
  • Approximately 20 vessels are handled annually
  • Depths range from 5.0 to 12.0 meters
Port of Izmit
Port of Izmit
Mehmet Akif Ersoy Cad No 34. Yarimca, Kocaeli 41740. Turkey

Izmit is the umbrella word for the industrial ports and terminals located primarily on the Gulf of Izmit’s northern coast. Several industries abound in the area.

  • TEU: 1,715,193 (2019)
  • Container docks are available for transshipment and additional capacity
  • Main handling vessels: passenger, passenger ship, dive vessel, and unique craft
  • Comprise several sub ports and terminals
Port of Derince
Port of Derince
TCDD Liman Iþletmesi Mudurlugu Derince Turkey

Derince is a Turkish seaport, city, and district in the province of Kocaeli. Derince Port is one of Turkey’s few government-controlled ports. Turkish State Railways (TCDD) is in charge of the port.

  • TEU: 1,276,150 (2015)
  • Widely used for finished vehicle product transportation
  • One of few ports in the area with railway connection
  • Dry bulk, liquid bulk, and general cargoes are all handled
  • Sub-port terminals include Petrol Ofisi, Aktas Terminal
  • Boasts the port’s most extended rail network
  • Gulf’s primary available cargo port
Port of Zeytinburnu
Port of Zeytinburnu
Kazlıçeşme, Sanıl Kennedy Cad. & Liman Sok., 34020 Zeytinburnu/İstanbul, Turkey

The Turkish port of Zeytinburnu is a deep seaport. It is located on the northern coast of the Sea of Marmara, 12 kilometers east of Ambarli and 190 kilometers west of Istanbul.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Local freight feeder and distribution port
  • Possess five quays handled up to 4,000 DWT
  • Hazardous cargo ships are not permitted to enter the port
  • Vessels type include sailing vessel pleasure craft, oil products tanker
  • Maximum size recorded: 104m
Port of Zonguldak
Port of Zonguldak
Zonguldak Turkey

Port of Zonguldak is located on Turkey’s southern Black Sea coast, to the north of Ankara. TTK Transport Management Directorate is the port authority.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Principal purpose: export coal from the Eregli coalfields
  • In-charge of lime, steel products, logs, and flour
  • Ro-Ro ferry services and regular passengers are available
  • Vessels transporting risky commodities are not permitted
  • Approximately 325 boats and 657,120t of cargo are handled annually
Port of Bartin
Port of Bartin
Kirtepe Mahallesi Hukumet Cad No 14. Bartin Turkey

Port of Bartin is a general-purpose port positioned on the Black Sea’s southern shore, at 147 nautical miles, Bosporus’ east-north-east.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Primary commodities include timber, breakbulk, bulk, steel products, and coal tar.
  • Passenger ships are occasionally handled as well.
  • Vessels transporting risky commodities are not permitted
  • Approximately 325 boats and 657,120t of cargo are handled annually
Port of Inebolu
Port of Inebolu
Camikebir, Zafer Yolu Cd., 37500 İnebolu/Kastamonu, Turkey

On the east side of Inebolu Burnu, the port of Inebolu is located. They provide a sheltered harbor, with North and South breakwaters protecting the inner harbor.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Principal cargo: pyrite ore
  • Main handling vessels include general cargo, fishing, and fishing vessel
  • Around 151,000 tons of cargo and 200 containers are handled annually
Port of Sinop
Port of Sinop
Meydankapi Mahallesi Iskele Caddesi Sinop Turkey

Sinop, originally Sinope, is a seaport on the Black Sea’s southern shore in northern Turkey. Cakiroglu Sinop Liman Isletmesi AS is in-charge of port management and activities.

  • TEU: N/A
  • The natural harbor with two bays
  • Fishing has the most calls on the port
  • Principal cargo handled include fishing vessels, ferries, and tankers
  • Annual traffic figures: approximately 8,240 passengers and 1,030t of freight
  • The largest ship held is over 7,000 tonnes
Port of Samsun
Port of Samsun
TCDD Liman Isletmesi Mudurlugu 55100 Samsun - Turkey

The Black Sea’s port of Samsun is Turkey’s most important. It’s the only Black Seaport with a train station. Its hinterland is extensive—cargoes arriving from and departing Anatolia halt here.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Vessels regularly call the port include a bulk carrier, general cargo, fishing, Ro-Ro cargo.
  • Key gateway port for the Black Sea coast’s central region
  • Supports Iran’s export, import, and transit trade
  • Two breakwaters, measuring 3,132 meters and 1,580 meters, defend the port
  • Maximum vessel size: LOA – 230 meters, with 80729t DWT
Port of Fatsa
Port of Fatsa
Liman Baskanligi Fatsa Turkey

The Port of Fatsa is located on the SW side of Fatsa Korfezi, two nautical miles southeast of Kirecci Burnu.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Comprise one pier handling bulk and general goods
  • Approximately 800,000t of cargo and 55 vessels are handled annually
  • Maximum vessel size: LOA 120meter
Port of Giresun
Port of Giresun
Ataturk Bulvari Sultanselim Mahallesi No 9 Giresun Turkey

Giresun is a Turkish port located northwest of Giresun. It lies on the Black Sea coast, some 70 nautical miles west of Trabzon. Cakiroglu Giresun Liman Isletmesi A.S. manage and handle port activities.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Type of vessels include general cargo and fishing
  • Protected by two breakwaters
  • Divided into two sections: inner and outer harbor
  • Serves as an overflow port
  • Necessary export: barite mineral
  • Possess Ro-ro and container facilities, bulk cargo facilities, and handling equipment
  • Annual cargo handling is estimated to be at 2,000,000 tonnes.
Port of Trabzon
Port of Trabzon
Trabzon Liman Isletmesi Mudurlugu Trabzon Turkey

The Port of Trabzon lies on the Black Sea coast, around 170 kilometers west of Georgia’s border. It is an important and modern port with transit trade to Iran and Iraq and a Free Zone region.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Divided into two sections: outside harbor and sheltered inner harbor
  • Major exports: cereals, fruit, vegetables, tea, hazelnuts, cereals
  • The majority of traffic include container freight, general cargo, and dry bulk
  • Approximately 650 vessels pass through the harbor each year
  • Modern container port and new Free-Zone make up overall facilities
  • Possess seven quays with a combined capacity of 2,000 boats per year
Port of Hopa
Port of Hopa
Liman Isletmesi Mudurlugu Hopa 08600. Turkey

The Port of Hopa is a sheltered harbor with two breakwaters, is around 15 kilometers from the Georgian border and 35 kilometers from Batumi. It is positioned at the southeastern extremity of the Black Sea.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Top vessels handled: general cargo, fishing, and fishing vessel
  • Principal exports: coal, pyrites, containers, copper, cotton, minerals
  • Annual traffic: Around 90 ships pass through the port
  • Park Shipping Hopa Port Management Co. manages the port
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