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The United Kingdom is an island nation in Northwest Europe, made up of [4] countries: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. It is a hub of the most important and busiest port in the world. Being the largest port industry in Europe, UK port provides extra-ordinary maritime activities for the manufacturer and businesses in the nation.

The UK ports contribute over $57,000,000,000 to the economy of the country. Almost 95% of the cargo export and import comes from the shipping industry. Port themselves continue to level up their logistic activities and other value-added services.

In this list, we rank the 40 largest UK ports according to annual TEU volume. Besides, we provide vital information on each port such as specialization, handling capacity, and more.

Let us look into the top forty ports in the UK!

Port of Felixstowe
Port of Felixstowe
Tomline House The Dock Felixstowe, Suffolk IP11 3SY United Kingdom

Port of Felixstowe is the busiest and biggest container port in the United Kingdom, they handle 48% of containerized trade of Britain. The port plays a vital role in the trade movement and delivery of the United Kingdom.

  • TEU: more than 4, 000, 000 traffic
  • Ability to accommodate 2,000 ships annually
  • Offering 30+ services in and out of 700 ports worldwide
  • Approx. 17 shipping lines operate in the port
Port of Southampton
Port of Southampton
Ocean Gate Atlantic Way Southampton SO14 3QN United Kingdom

Port of Southampton, operate as a passenger and cargo port since 1843. This port is one of the fastest-growing deep-sea container terminals that offer fast, dependable, and stable services.

  • TEU: handled more than 1.9 million (2018)
  • Second-largest European cruise port and container terminal
  • Welcome over two million cruise passengers
  • Ability to handle nearly 1,000,000 vehicles annually
  • Export commodities worth £40 billion per year
Port of London
Port of London
Bakers' Hall 7 Harp Lane London EC3R 6LB United Kingdom

Port of London surrounds the River Thames in England, which lies between Teddington Lock and the North Sea. It is located about 100kms Northeast of Southampton Port. This port ranked as the 6th -largest city economy, and 2nd-largest city in Europe.

  • TEU: 3.5 million annual capacity
  • Possesses 6 berths, 24 quay cranes, and 2700m linear quay-side
  • Provide a wide variety of shipping services
  • Handle around 12,500 commercial vessels
  • Main cargoes: oil products, sugar, steel, etc.
Port of Immingham
Port of Immingham
Dock Office Immingham Immingham DN40 2LZ United Kingdom

Situated to the south bank of the Humber Estuary west of Grimsby, the Port of Immingham is one of the major ports in England. They are one of the largest ports by tonnage in the UK.

  • TEU: 1.9 million annually
  • Every year the port handle around 46,000,000 tonnes of cargo
  • Services offered include containers, Agri bulks, liquid bulks, and more
  • Contribute over £700 million to the economy annually
  • Equipped with a dedicated team to deliver high standard service
  • Provide an extensive range of Lo-lo freight and Ro-ro services
  • Compromise river and in-dock deep-water facilities
Port of Liverpool
Port of Liverpool
Maritime Centre Liverpool L21 1LA United Kingdom

Port of Liverpool, enclosed dock systems running from Brunswick Dock to the Seaforth and another side of the river. This port has a new building on a container terminal with a capacity to berth at least two 14 thousand containers by Post-Panamax ships.

  • TEU: annual capacity of 1,000,000
  • Operate two container terminals: Royal Seaforth Container Terminal and Liverpool2
  • Possesses deep-water berths, state-of-the-art facilities, and latest equipment
  • Provide a fast and cheap route to major market
Port of Tees
Port of Tees
Dock Offices Cleveland Road Hartlepool, Middlesbrough TS2 4UZ United Kingdom

The fifth-largest port in the United Kingdom is the Port of Tees. It is the only major port in England handling higher exports than imports. They can give around £1,400,000,000 to the economy annually.

  • TEU: 500,000 (annual container volume)
  • Ability to handle 28,000,000t of goods each year
  • Supports movement of international import-export along with Northern UK
  • Strategic location provides excellent connectivity to any transportation
  • UK’s deepest general-purpose cargo quays
  • Can accommodate a variety of project cargoes and dry bulk
Port of Milford Haven
Port of Milford Haven
Gorsewood Dr, Hakin, Milford Haven SA73 3EP, United Kingdom

This port is the largest energy port in the United Kingdom and the biggest in Wales. They are operating 24 hours a day, 7days a week, providing a wide range of marine services.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Total cargo amount of over 30,900,000t per year
  • Main activities include ferry operations, marina services, cargo handling, etc
  • Compromise dedicated and experienced team provides expert solutions
  • Port of Milford Haven is a Trust Port
Port of Belfast
Port of Belfast
Belfast BT3 9AG, United Kingdom

Est., in 1847, Port of Belfast occupies 2,000 acres of an area. The port serves as the Gateway to Ireland. The port is managed by Belfast’s port authority which also operates the main maritime gateway on the island.

  • TEU: 246,600 containers (2018)
  • Leading logistics and distribution hub in Northern Ireland
  • Ability to handle 67% – seaborne trade, 27% -maritime trade
  • The main gateway for raw materials, consumer goods, and exports
  • Handle over 23,000,000t of cargo (2015)
  • The port is a center of many businesses
Forth Ports
Forth Ports
1 Prince of Wales Dock Edinburgh, EH6 7DX United Kingdom

Forth Ports, a freehold port owns and operates 7 ports around the main seaborne highway in Eastern Scotland (Firth of Forth).

  • TEU: 139,000
  • Ability to provide more than one port solutions
  • Deliver a high level of handling, logistics-related services, value-added service
  • Handle a wide variety of commodities throughout the world
  • Each year the port handle around 41,000,000t of cargo
  • Activities undertaken include containers, cruise, dry bulk, and more
Aberdeen Harbour
Aberdeen Harbour
16 Regent Quay, Aberdeen AB11 5SS, United Kingdom

Aberdeen Harbour, a world-class port that serves a variety of industries. The harbor provides an extensive supply chain providing innovative maritime solutions. As one of the leading ports in Europe, the port plays a vital role in the global energy industry.

  • TEU: 27 000
  • Provide daily passenger ferry and freight services
  • Ability to accommodate approx. 8,000 vessels annually
  • Handle around 5,000,000t of cargo each year
Grangemouth Port
Grangemouth Port
Port Office Grangemouth, Stirlingshire FK3 8UE United Kingdom

Port of Grangemouth is one of the largest container ports and crude oil refineries in Scotland. It is strategically located at the heart of Scotland’s industrial hinterland.

  • TEU: over 250,000 each year
  • Handle around 9million tonnes of cargo per annum
  • The main cargo includes containers, petroleum cargoes, forest products, etc
  • Ideal logistics and distribution hub
  • Provide gateway for the trade-in Scotland
  • Handle cargo safe, efficient, and fast
  • Operate 24/7, throughout the year
  • ISPS-accredited port
Port of Wemyss Bay
Port of Wemyss Bay
Wemyss Bay United Kingdom

Port of Wemyss Bay compromises several terminals on the Loch Long, Firth of Clyde, and the River Clyde. It is strategically situated on the west coast of Scotland, 70km west of Edinburgh.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Handle most types of cargo like dry bulk, liquid bulk, containers, etc
  • Port is ISPS-compliant
  • Maximum vessel size: depth – 12.6m, draft-23.0m
Port of Tilbury
Port of Tilbury
Leslie Ford House, Tilbury RM18 7EH, United Kingdom

Situated on the River Thames, the Port of Tilbury is the principal port in London and the main port in the UK for handling paper imports. The port has extensive facilities for bulk cargoes, containers, grain, and more.

  • TEU: 342 000
  • Annual throughput reached 16,000,000t of cargo annually
  • Largest Southeast multi-modal port
  • Perfectly placed to handle cargo in the South East
  • Offer operation support for different cargo
  • Provide a range of import and export commodities
  • Compromise 6 operation areas; equipped with modern facility
Port of Bristol
Port of Bristol
St Andrews House, St Andrew's Rd, Avonmouth, Bristol BS11 9DQ, United Kingdom

This port is one of the rapid-growing UK ports. The Bristol Port Company operates the port. They compromise the commercial docks located in and near Bristol City.

  • TEU: 46 000 handled annually
  • Full-service logistics company
  • Accommodate over 12,000,000t of cargo, vessels – 130,000dwt annually
  • Provide a full range of logistics, shipping, and distribution service
  • Max size: berths-35, quay – 12,685m, draft-14.5m
  • Complies with the ISP’s code, certified by UK TRANSEC
Port of Leith
Port of Leith
31 Bath Rd, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 7AH, United Kingdom

Port of Leith is the largest enclosed deepwater port strategically situated in the northeastern part of Edinburgh. The port is well-positioned for all shipping activities in the North Sea.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Capability to handle handymax ships 50,000 deadweight tonnes
  • Compromise two dry dock facilities and harbor area
  • Handle 1.5 million tons of cargo per year
  • Quayage – 4,700m in length
  • Focus on handling a range of cargo types
Port of Scapa Flow
Port of Scapa Flow
Department of Marine Services Harbour Authority Building Scapa, Scotland KW15 1SD United Kingdom

Port of Scapa Flow anchor an oil port (Flotta Oil Terminal). The port allows ship-to-ship transfers of crude oil products in roadstead when good weather. The first ship-to-ship transfer of LPG in the world took place in the port (2007).

  • TEU: 13 000
  • Consists of seven piers with nine berths
  • Accommodate bulk cargo vessels and small general cargo
  • The handling capacity of more than 8 million tons of oil cargoes
  • Welcome more than 1,000 vessels and over 250,000 passengers per year
Port of Falmouth
Port of Falmouth
44 Arwenack Street Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 3JQ United Kingdom

Port of Falmouth, a Trust Port with powers and statutory duties. The port is situated near the center of Fal river, in the Southwestern part of England.

  • TEU: 850
  • Compromise facilities for handling different cargo and vessels
  • The major port of the English Channel
  • A third biggest natural harbor in the world
  • Provide sheltered anchorage for vessels, shelter, and storage
  • Largest offshore bunkering facility provides all grades of marine fuel
  • Welcome over 1,000 vessels per annum
Port of Plymouth
Port of Plymouth
Port Office Millbay Docks Plymouth, Devon PL1 3EF United Kingdom

Port of Plymouth, a Naval port, is the most historic port in the United Kingdom. It is enriched with a maritime heritage for long years. Plymouth today become a busy modern port, contributing over £95 million to the economy.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Handle over 80,000t of cargo per year
  • Home of Brittany Ferries’ service to Spain and France
  • Waterways are controlled and regulated by QHM
  • Encompasses commercial harbors of Sutton, Cattewater, and Millbay Docks
  • Strategically located on the Southern part of Massachusetts Bay
Port of Cardiff
Port of Cardiff
Queen Alexandra House Cargo Road Cardiff, South Wales CF10 4LY United Kingdom

Port of Cardiff is strategically located on the northern part of Severn Estuary, at the heart of the Welsh capital. It is connected to the rail network with easy reach of the M4 motorway.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Expert in handling containers, dry-, liquid-bulks, steel, and forest product
  • Equipped with modernized infrastructure and specialized storage solution
  • Among the nation’s major port
  • A critical trading hub for business in the UK
  • Strategic locations, easily move a range of commodities
Port of Swansea
Port of Swansea
Harbour Office, Lock Head Kings Dock Swansea SA1 1QR United Kingdom

Port of Swansea is located at the entrance of the River Tawe, on Bristol Channel, in the Southwestern part of Wales. The port is the most important copper center in the world.

  • TEU: 6622
  • Almost 170,000 population in the port
  • Capacity to handle larger vessels and a wide range of cargo
  • An attractive destination for cruise visits
  • Offer berth and facilities for all types of cargo
  • Other services offer: forest products, project cargo, steel, and bulk energy
  • Handles around £140 million in trade
Port of Barry
Port of Barry
Atlantic Way, No. 2 Doc Barry, South Wales CF63 3US United Kingdom

Port of Barry has a strategic multimodal location. It is situated in the Southeastern part of Wales, 9 miles west of Cardiff, and about 6 miles from Cardiff airport. It has exceptional access to the Midlands and London.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Handle bulks for major companies
  • Has direct rail connections and road connection to the port to (Junction 33 of the M4)
  • Has excellent key facility for the chemical industry in the region
  • Expert in handling scrap metal, steel, containers, dry bulks, coal, and aggregates
Port of Great Yarmouth
Port of Great Yarmouth
20-21 South Quay Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR30 2RE United Kingdom

Port of Great Yarmouth is situated in the Eastern part of England. It has an established river port and a modern deep-water outer harbor. This port operates over 50 years and works with in-demand industries.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Multi-purpose port operate 24/7
  • Experienced in handling supplies across a range of sectors
  • Ideal location for offshore energy development and maintenance vessels
  • Deep-water facilities with heavy lift quays
  • Accommodate large offshore supporting vessels activity
  • Flexible storage solutions
  • Administered by Great Yarmouth Port Authority
Port of Ipswich
Port of Ipswich
Old Custom House Common Quay, Key St, Ipswich IP4 1BY, United Kingdom

Port of Ipswich, strategically located at the top of the Orwell River, around 12 miles from the open sea. The port handle over 2,000,000 tonnes of cargo annually.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Leading grain export port in the UK
  • Handles a range of products like cement, fertilizer, and aggregates
  • Easy access to the urban population and wider markets
  • Has active rail line on its Westside
  • Around 1 million tonnes of grain are exported annually
  • Import 200,000t of cement, 400,000t of aggregates
  • Broad portfolio of dry bulk cargo
Port of Sheerness
Port of Sheerness
Medway Ports Sheerness Docks Sheerness, Kent ME12 1RS United Kingdom

Port of Sheerness is the core terminal of Peel Port in London Midway Cluster. It is located in mainland Europe, connects part of Britain and the rest of the world.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Provide more than 450 acres of facilities
  • Handle vast array of cargoes
  • Equipped with seven deep water berths
  • Offer full turnkey solutions
  • Cater ships of all sizes
  • Leading port of the car and fresh produce imports
Port of Purfleet
Port of Purfleet
Long Reach House, London Rd, Purfleet RM19 1PD, United Kingdom

Port of Purfleet, a privatized and a sub-port of London located in the United Kingdom at 51.4672 North, 0.2561 East.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Handle over 250 thousand trailers, containers, and tanks every year
  • Activities undertaken include Ro-ro
Port of Hull
Port of Hull
PO Box 1 Port House, Northern Gateway Hull HU9 5PQ United Kingdom

Port of Hull, a port located at the convergence of the River Hull and Humber Estuary. This is one of the leading softwood timber ports in the United Kingdom.

  • TEU: over 100,000
  • Owned and operated by the British Port
  • UK’s most important foreign trade port
  • Operates short-sea services to the Baltic States, Europe, and Scandinavia
  • Maintain trade relationships with shipping lines around the world
  • Primary softwood timber port of the nation
  • Handle over 1.5 million cubic meters of variety of forest products per annum
Port of Sunderland
Port of Sunderland
Capstan House Greenwells Quay, South Docks Sunderland SR1 2BU United Kingdom

Port of Sunderland has strategically located in the center of the North East shoreline. It is minutes away from the open sea, providing a gateway to the world. They are a fully connected multimodal hub that offers a range of development sites.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Compromise deep-water berths, open 27 hours; 7 days/ week
  • Supports offshore and renewable energy sector
  • Provide comprehensive port operation services
  • Handle and store any type of commodities
  • The total amount of 780,371t of cargo (2020)
  • Quays – 1650 meters
Port of Tyne
Port of Tyne
Maritime House Tyne Dock, South Shields, Tyne and Wear NE34 9PT United Kingdom

Port of Tyne possesses commercial docks on and around the Tyne River, in the Northeast of England. The port is managed by the Port of Tyne Authority.

  • TEU: 66,000 annual container volume
  • Handle a cargo of over 4.4 million tones annually
  • Passenger traffic: 748, 000
  • Transports a wide variety of cargo, conventional and bulk
  • Compromise two-car terminals
Port of Dundee
Port of Dundee
Harbour Chambers Dock Street Dundee DD1 3HW United Kingdom

Port of Dundee, owned by Forth Ports – the most northerly port and largest economic generators in the city and the region. It is strategically situated in the eastern part of Scotland, in the middle of Aberdeen and the central belt.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Provide fast and efficient road links in and out of the city
  • Capacity to handle a wide range of agri, bulk, and forest products
  • Main agricultural hub with 250,000t of Agri products moved to the port per year
  • Provide inspection, repair, and maintenance service
  • Facilities include storage areas and warehousing
Port of Rosyth
Port of Rosyth
Carron House Central Dock Road Grangemouth, Stirlingshire FK3 8TY United Kingdom

Port of Rosyth, located on the Northern edge of the Forth River, around 40 mins. from Edinburgh. It has direct access to the quayside and deep-water berthing facilities.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Approx. 250 guests accommodate cruise terminal
  • Important fabrication base for the energy sector
  • Port facilities carry large spooling operation
  • Important calling point of subsea vessels
Port of Birkenhead
Port of Birkenhead
12 Quays Terminal, Tower Road, Birkenhead, Merseyside, United Kingdom

Port of Birkenhead is situated in the north-western part of England, closed to Liverpool connecting to the River Mersey.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Subport of Liverpool
  • Port Authority: Mersey Docks & Harbour Company Limited Stena Line
  • Storage: Open: Unlimited. More than 100, 000m2
  • Approx. Annual Tonnage: 1, 086, 600 tonnes
Port of Burntisland
Port of Burntisland
Carron House Central Dock Road Grangemouth, Stirlingshire FK3 8TY United Kingdom

Port of Burntisland is the most natural harbor and oldest port in Scotland. It is situated in the northern part of the River Forth. They are providing transport and distribution by sea, road, and rail.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Provide a variety of high-value services
  • Surrounds with business communities and tenants
  • Has capability and capacity for handling different products
  • Deliver portcentric solutions
  • Handle dry bulks and liquid bulks, breakbulk cargoes
Lymington Harbour
Lymington Harbour
Harbour Office Bath Road Lymington, Hampshire SO41 3SE United Kingdom

Lymington Harbour has a beautiful river and harbor area, offering friendly and professional service. The market town has full of interesting markets popular throughout the year.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Well-sheltered and access available at all states
  • Water depth – excess of -2.0m below chart datum
  • Compromise berths & facilities
Cowes Harbour
Cowes Harbour
Harbour Office Town Quay Cowes, Isle of Wight PO31 7AS United Kingdom

Cowes Harbour, a seaport situated on the western side of the River Medina, an estuary on Isle of Wight in England.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Point of entry for the commercial shipping trade
  • Handle around 600,000t of cargo annually
  • Main cargo include oil, petroleum, timber, fuel, and general cargo
  • Accommodate vessels up to 100 meters, up to 5.4 meters draft
  • Cowes Harbor Commissioners administered the port
Portsmouth Continental Ferry Port
Portsmouth Continental Ferry Port
Harbour Offices George Byng Way Portsmouth PO2 8SP

Portsmouth Continental Ferry Port is one of the major ports in the United Kingdom. They are handling millions of customers and vital cargo across the world.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Easy access from the motorway and shipping lanes
  • Ideally placed for cruise, ferries, and freight
  • Operate two conventional quays
  • Significant naval port for over 100 years
  • UK’s second-busiest port
  • Port is owned and operated by Portsmouth City Council
Grain Road Isle of Grain Rochester, Kent ME3 0EP United Kingdom

Thamesport, a deep-sea container seaport situated on the River Medway, serves the North Sea. It is strategically located on the Isle of Grain.

  • One of the busiest container ports in the UK
  • Provide diversified short sea and bulk cargo solutions
  • Deep-water quay with rail, road, and barge connections
  • Serves the South of England and London
  • AEO accredited port
Shell Haven
Shell Haven
Barkers Blvd, Corringham, Stanford-le-Hope SS17 9GA, United Kingdom

Shell Haven, a port on the northern side of the Thames Estuary, at the eastern line of Thurrock, England, and Essex.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Operating for more than 100 years
Cromarty Firth
Cromarty Firth
Port Office, Shore Road Invergordon Cromarty Firth, Scotland IV18 0HD United Kingdom

Cromarty Firth is a port focused on sustaining development, improvement, and safeguarding the area. They are consist of natural deep sheltered waterways and first-class modern facilities.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Geared towards several key commercial industries
  • The largest port in Highlands, the deepest port in the country
  • Premier hub for offshore renewable energy projects
  • Home of six key marine facilities
  • Quay – over 2,000 metres
  • Activities include bulk, deep anchorages, general cargo, and so on.
Manchester Ship Canal
Manchester Ship Canal
Runcorn Docs Percival Lane Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 4UY United Kingdom

Manchester Ship Canal, A 36-mile-long inland waterway situated in the North West of England.

  • TEU: handles over 25,000
  • One of the most vibrant trading hubs in the UK
  • Compromise five terminals
  • Support wide range of industries
  • Annual total cargo movement up to 7.5 million tonnes
  • Offer a wide range of berthing options
Braye Harbour
Braye Harbour
Harbour Office Braye Harbour Alderney, Channel Islands GY9 3XX United Kingdom

The Braye Harbour is the primary harbor on the north side of the island of Alderney.

  • TEU: N/A
  • An artificial harbor provides shelter with 3000 feet of breakwater
  • On strong northeast winds best to leave the harbor
Port of Dover
Port of Dover
Harbour House / Marine Parade Dover, England CT17 9BU United Kingdom

The port of Dover is the busiest ferry port in Europe. It is the major international access for the flow of people and trade.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Outstanding cruise port
  • The second busiest port in the UK
  • Accommodate some of the world’s prestigious cruise lines
  • Cargo terminal, outstanding marina, and some function activities
Port of Ilfracombe
Port of Ilfracombe
10A The Quay, Ilfracombe EX34 9EQ, United Kingdom

Port of Ilfracombe is the largest harbor on the north Devon coast, positioned at the entrance to Bristol Channel.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Suitable for cruise vessels
  • Can safely dock up to three vessels
  • Has NASA berth side by side
  • Max size: alongside is LOA 76 meters
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