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Importing Laser Cutting Machines from China 1
Fabric Laser Cutting Machines
Importing Fabric Laser Cutting Machines from China

If you are importing Fabric Laser Cutting Machines from China, you can find a verified and experienced manufacturer in Zhejiang province. Find classy suppliers and manufacturers in China. They will help you save money and effort.

Large Scale Laser Cutting Machines
Importing Large Scale Laser Cutting Machines from China

Come with fast shipping and excellent customer service! China is referring to anyone who has the capability to provide all the customers need. Zhejiang has a lot of Large Scales Laser Cutting Machines suppliers that most in China.

Laser Wood Cutting Machines
Importing Wood Laser Cutting Machines from China

Looking for a cost-effective supplier of Wood Laser Cutting Machines, That will help you even in your shipping process? Finding classy suppliers and manufacturers in China will help you save money and effort. Jiangsu manufacturer and supplier is best for your choice.

Shoes Laser Cutting Machines
Importing Shoes Laser Cutting Machines from China

The problem is finding a better supplier of Shoes Laser Cutting Machines? China has the most suppliers who have the capability to provide durable products. China has the most manufacturers and suppliers that can always meet your needs.

Single Head Laser Cutting Machines
Importing Single Head Laser Cutting Machines from China

Hundred of suppliers and manufacturer of Laser Cutting Machines in China to choose. Find suppliers for your Single Head Laser Cutting Machines in Guangdong province. Reliable suppliers and manufacturers of Laser Cutting Machines are good for your growing business.

Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Machines
Importing Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Machines from China

Durable Laser Cutting Machine suppliers? Shandong has a lot of supplier and manufacturer of China that has a competitive rate and provide an immediate process to all importers. Find reliable suppliers for your growing business.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Laser Cutting Machines Shipping from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China 1
If you have a large quantity orders of Laser Cutting Machines Sea Freight Shipping is your best choice. Most specially if your away from China.
Picture Frames Air Freight Shipping from China 2
Air Freight always serve a fast and secure process for your Laser Cutting Machines products. Find a supplier who is popular in Air Freight.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 24
Shipping Laser Cutting Machines by rail is an effective method for transporting commodities. Faster than land transportation, secure, reliable and environmentally friendly transportation.
Door to Door Shipping from China to 4
It may look expensive, but totally helps you save money and effort. Commuting and unexpected treats is more expensive than waiting.

Save Bansar as Your Next Freight Forwarder for Your Laser Cutting Machines Shipping from China

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How To Import Fiber Laser Cutting Machine From China Manufacturers?

As an individual, is it possible to import a fiber laser cutting machine from China Manufactures? The answer is absolute. As the price of fiber laser cutting machines comes down, more and more people can afford it, no matter for home working or small metalworking shops. Fiber laser cutting machine is a good investment in fabrication.

So, How To Choose A Suitable Fiber Laser Cutting Machine In China Market?

China has lots of manufacture of fiber laser cutting machines now, the price range is very different according to the different production demands. But, you can focus on your detail cutting demand then collect the right solution for yourselves.

1. Clear About Your Metal Materials. Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Or Other Metal Materials?

Because different metal materials will have different absorbability of the laser wave, carbon steel has a strong absorbability on fiber laser wave (1064nm), but for aluminum and brass this kind of Non-ferrous metals is hard to absorb laser wave, so need more high power laser source to cut same thickness metal as carbons steel. That is why clear your materials is important, it will affect your laser power, and laser power is an important fact on the fiber laser cutting machine price.

2. How Many Thicknesses Do You Need To Cut? It Depends On How Many Power Laser Sources You Should Choose.

Normally 1-2mm metal is easy to cut by lower power, even CO2 laser can cut under 2mm iron steel, But as the trend of fiber laser cutting machine’s use situation, high power laser cutting machine is a trend in future, because it can cut thicker and faster in thin metal materials.

And there also have some industry laser power for your reference, such as advertisement industry,  1500w fiber laser cutting machine is a good choice. The cutting ability of a 1500w fiber laser is maxing 14mm carbon steel and 6mm stainless steel.

8000W metal CUTTING RESULT by laser cutter

3. What’s The Size Of Your Metal Materials.

Now, the standard cutting area is 1.5*3meter, which meets most of the metal sheet size, as the large quantity demand, this size machine price will cheaper than 2*4m or 2*6m size machine. Because the machine body mainly made of metal materials.

4. You Only Cut Metal Sheets Or Also Have Tube Cutting Demand?

Metal sheet cutting is a 2D cutting demand, the machine structure and technology are simple than tube cutting because tube cutting is a 3D cutting. It will have a W axis to control the rotary of the tube during the cutting, it needs more strong controller system to Synchronous work with the X, Y, Z, W axis.

That is why tube laser cutting machine price is higher than metal sheet laser cutting machine.

After clear about your demand, then find a reliable manufacturer and get the price for compare will more helpful.

fiber laser cutting machine free installation 20GP

Why The Price Have Such Different On Similar Collocation?

Maybe you will get an offer from different fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers, same brand spare parts but at quite different prices. What should you do to find reliable manufacturers?

  1. Even use the same brand of spare parts, you will find the model and type will different. Such as the Gear and Rack, some factory in order to reduce the cost, still use a straight tooth, no matter the brand is famous or not, this is not good as Helical tooth.
  2. Talk with sales, an experience sales will guide you to find the most suitable solution according to your production demand, which will save your energy to compare and make a choice. Because fiber laser cutting machines need deep accumulate on the different industry use year after year.
  3. A long history factory, the company will have more experience on produce and maintenance which spends lots of time to accumulate. It means, they can give a feasible solution when you meet a problem.

Laser tube cutting machine P1260A for 40GP

After Confirming All The Information, How To Import Fiber Laser Cutting Machines From China Manufacturers?

Find the right freight forwarder is also important. With the growth of import and export, a good freight forwarder can afford a good price and better service, such as free Storage fee, free Free extension. Even more, they can also give overseas warehouse service.

They can also help you to handle the clearance of the customs, which is very helpful if you ever import goods from China before.

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