Need Help on LED Billboard Trailer Importing from China? Bansar Recommend You the Best Chinese LED Billboard Trailer Manufacturer

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  • Bansar takes all effort to find a trusted supplier and manufacturer for you
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  • Bansar is an expert in arranging your import goods all throughout the process
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LED Billboard Trailer
1 Outdoor Mobile LED Billboard Trailer
Importing Outdoor Mobile LED Billboard Trailer from China

When it comes to outdoor mobile led billboard trailer, China has a lot of trusted manufacturers that you can choose from. If you want to have a versatile and portable type of led billboard trailer for your advertising business, then you must choose China. Bansar will help you to find great offer and best supplier of different led billboard trailer for you.

2 Truck LED Billboard Trailer
Truck LED Billboard Trailer

If you are looking for a genuine and premium truck led billboard trailer, Guangdong, Hubei, and Zhejiang provinces have a lot of best manufacturers. You can find different beautiful led billboard trailer that are best in featuring your product brand.

3 Digital LED Billboard Trailer
Digital LED Billboard Trailer

If you want to take people attention you must pick digital led billboard trailer. China is one of the largest producers when it comes to led billboard trailer. China has a lot of best manufacturers of all types of led billboard trailer that are famous in the market today.

4 Solar Rotating LED Billboard Trailer
Importing Solar Rotating LED Billboard Trailer from China

Searching for all types of led billboard trailer is a little bit exhausting but not anymore. China will give you different types of led billboard trailer that you want for your business. You can find trusted supplier of led billboard for you, and Bansar can recommend with genuine quality.

5 Waterproof LED Billboard Trailer
Importing Waterproof LED Billboard Trailer from China

If you have plans on importing led billboard trailer, Bansar knows best manufacturer for you that offers outstanding quality of led billboard trailer. Not just that all of the products that are being produced by a certain manufacturer offers an attractive design with long lifespan and has low maintenance.

6 Quakeproof LED Trailer Billboard Display
Importing Quake proof LED Trailer Billboard Display from China

You can select led billboard trailer from verified supplier in China. You can attest that all of the led billboards that are being manufactured are in best quality. You can ensure that it will meet your specification as well as your satisfaction.

Need Bansar to Handle Your LED Billboard Trailer Shipping?

Sea Freight from China to
If you want a the cheapest form of transportation for your goods, sea freight is the best one.
Air Freight from China to
Bansar provide fastest shipping options for you.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
Bansar offers economical prices for your led billboard trailer from China.
Door to Door Shipping from China to
If you want to ensure the safetyness of your goods, you can consider door to door shipping.

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Importing LED Billboard Trailer from China

If you have plans to import LED Billboard Trailer, Bansar will help and guide you to the right and trusted supplier and manufacturer of LED Billboard Trailer.

Don’t skip this guide and keep reading.

Ultimate Guide To Build And Ship Mobile LED Display Trailer From China

Mobile LED display trailer is a growing attractive product in LED display industry. More and more LED display dealers and agents have used this trailer for brand promoting, outdoor movie, and sport live broadcast. This article will tell you how to buy a high grade LED display trailer from Chinese manufacturers.

Find professional LED screen trailer factory in China

If you are interested in mobile LED screen trailer, you may feel difficult to find the real LED trailer manufacturer in China. The reason is simple. Unlike many LED screen brand you have seen in Shenzhen or other cites, there are few professional LED screen trailer manufacturers in China.

If you are a LED display distributor who installs some screen projects in the country, the first solution you might think of is to buy a LED screen trailer from your LED screen partner in China. However, few LED display factories can produce this kind of mobile LED screen on wheels. You probably don’t want buy it from a trading company. Then, what can you do? Here are two suggestions we give to you:

  • Find LED display trailer factory instead of buying from the LED display factory.

Although there are many LED display factories in Shenzhen, the structure of LED display trailer is quite different from your ordinary LED display screen. The LED display is mounted on a trailer chassis, which is equipped with a lifting and rotating hydraulic system. Besides screens and trailer chassis, there are also media system like speakers and power amplifiers etc.

As you can see, the LED display factory you are currently working with has no product line to build this LED trailer for you. They don not have skillful workers to complete sheet metal structures, and are lack of suppliers who can provide stable hydraulic components.

Therefore, we do not recommend you purchasing the LED display trailer directly from the LED display factory. They can not guarantee the quality of trailer you purchased, as well as the professional after-sales service that you want.

  • Inspect the product quality and certification of LED display trailer manufacturer

In fact, the production history of LED screen trailer in China is only more than ten years. Some of LED display trailer manufacturers are lack of technical inspection and marketing research. This is what you have to avoid when looking for LED trailer suppliers.

A qualified LED display trailer factory will establish its own R&D department, and find stable LED display and hydraulic component suppliers. What’s more, these factories have a very clearly understanding of the trailer standard in your country. They are familiar with the requirements of trailer size, weight, lighting, warning signs and so on.

In order to work with professional led trailer manufacturers from China, you can ask a list of these factories from us And we will help find the most reliable LED trailer brands..

Customize your high quality LED display trailer from manufacturer

If you have already found a mobile LED trailer manufacturer and want to start the order, these following points can help you customize high-end LED display trailer from Chinese factories.

  • Choose stable quality LED display. Trailer LED display is the core part of your mobile LED advertising trailer. It has a great impact on the performance of your LED display in various activities. Whether you are holding outdoor advertising, concert live or sports broadcast, your trailer LED display must be clear and stable in quality.

You can specify the brand of LED display to the manufacturer. You can also give them your long-term LED display partner. Don’t forget to tell the factory what you need for LED display pixel, chip, package brand, power supply brand, control card and so on. All of these components are main factors to build a high quality trailer LED display.

  • Build durable LED trailer chassis. The trailer is an important part you need should take care because it will decide whether you can get a trailer license locally. Of course, the trailer chassis can also determine the service life of your mobile LED trailer.

For example, you need to see whether the LED trailer chassis is made of steel or aluminum. The length, width and height of the trailer chassis must meet your road safety standards. The tires and lights of the chassis should also meet your local market regulations.

A good mobile led trailer chassis not only has high-quality raw materials, but also has beautiful streamline and lean welding process. In this way, your trailer will be built in high-end and beautiful way.

  • Ensure the hydraulic system quality. The screen on your led trailer needs to be lifted up and down and get rotated frequently. Therefore, you must pay attention to the quality of these hydraulic components. It concerns the safety factors in the application of your LED screen trailer.

To build the trailer with less cost, your LED display trailer factory may use Chinese brand hydraulic components. Therefore, if you have higher quality requirements, you shall ask them to use international top brand hydraulic parts. Once the hydraulics need to be replaced, you can also find a local after-sales service from local dealers nearby.

What’s more, when you use the LED display trailer, these high-quality hydraulic components can ensure that your activities are safer. You will also have confidence to hold more and more events with this LED screen trailer. Of course, the service life of your LED display trailer will be longer.

  • Notice the difference of voltages in your country. There are generally two kind of electricity supply modes of your mobile LED display. The first one is the public power supply. The other is the generator electricity power supply. Both ways of power supply should be consistent with the voltage in your local market.

In China and many European countries, the voltage is generally 220V ~ 240V. However, if you are in the United States or Canada, the main voltage is 110V. Then you must ask the manufacturer to set the voltage standard of trailer LED display and generator as 110V. Once the voltage standard is wrong, it will cause extra trouble for you to repair it. Therefore, you must talk with them in advance before trailer production.

Mobile LED display trailer shipping from China

If you have bought the mobile LED billboard display trailer and want to ship it out of China, there are many options based on the trailer size. And here bellow are common shipping methods:

  • 20FT Container
  • 40FT Container
  • 40 HQ Container
  • 40 OT Container
  • Ro-R0 Ship
  • Bulk Ship
  • Air Shipping

Forsmall size led display trailer, you can ship it with 20FT container and you can save a lot of shipping cost. If you are in a hurry, you can also transport it by air. In case of large LED screen trailer, you needs HQ container or 40 open top container for shipping. If you buy a 40 ft led screen semitrailer, you need to ship it on by ro-ro or bulk ship.

In order to reduce shipping cost, the LED screen trailer factory can also help you build the trailer with SKD or CKD. The manufacturer can pack the LED trailer chassis and LED display frame separately before shipping.When you received, you can assemble them as a full LED display trailer in your warehouse. In this way, you can save LED screen trailer shipping cost from China.

If you want a high-end customized mobile led display trailer, we will provide you with the most professional manufacturer in China. The mobile LED display trailer factory will provide you with 100% customized service. After the production, we will also provide you with most professional packaging and shipping services. We are committed to delivering the trailer to you as soon as possible. Please contact us and build your best mobile LED display trailer in China.

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