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Importing Lipstick from China
Cream Lipstick
Importing Cream Lipstick from China

Cover all your bases with smooth, full-on, super-pigmented color. You’re in for a wild glide. Morphe Cream Lipstick features a seriously creamy finish, full-on coverage, and deeply pigmented shades that aren’t afraid of commitment. If you are looking for the best supplier of lipstick for your growing business, China can always meet your needs.

Egg Lip Balm Lipstick
Importing Egg Lip Balm Lipstick from China

The best kind of lip balm to use under a lipstick is a balm with hydrating emollients or humectants rather than protective occlusives. You want a smooth, hydrated base for your lip color to lie on, so an emollient lip balm preps the lips better than a thicker, occlusive balm that may just be sitting atop a dry lip. Even if you’re not familiar in any supplier in China, Shandong province has the most lipstick markets providing a fast process.

Lip Gloss Lipstick
Importing Lip Gloss Lipstick from China

Lipgloss -is a product designed to give a high shine to the lips. Both products come in many different finishes, this is where the confusion may lie. If you are planning to import in China, you have made the best choice. China can recommend a reliable supplier for your growing business to guide the whole importing process.

Liquid Lipstick
Importing Liquid Lipstick from China

I think the main advantage of the liquid lipstick is that they last much longer than regular lipstick. Liquid lipsticks tend to have a matte finish which means they can become quite drying on the lips and, depending on the quality of the product, uncomfortable to wear. Lipstick suppliers in China mostly in Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang. These manufacturers provide a wide range of liquid lipstick at a very affordable price.

Long Lasting Lipstick
Importing Long Lasting Lipstick from China

Even the best long-lasting lipsticks can still be a little drying, so it’s best to apply a lip balm or primer first. A trick to make your lips last longer, through cups of coffee and maybe even kisses, is to blot your lips with tissue paper straight after applying. If you want to shine, use a clear gloss over the top. You should find a sustainable supplier and manufacturer in Guangdong province of China.

Matte Lipstick
Importing Matte Lipstick from China

One can get completely different looks with different shades of matte lipstick. The light brown shade will give a natural and sweet look whereas, on the other hand, red, matte lipstick gives a bold look. It also helps in boosting confidence because if a person is comfortable with her looks then confidence comes naturally. In China, you can find most matte lipstick manufacturers in Shandong, Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu provinces.

Pearl and Frosted Lipstick
Importing Pearl and Frosted Lipstick from China

frosted lipstick is a gorgeous neutral lipstick, with a hint of grey in it. This color looks amazing on any skin tone, but particularly on tan skin,” says Arellano. She recommends applying a layer of clear lip gloss on top for a smooth, wet-metallic finish. Finding a reliable supplier and manufacturer in China can help you a lot of money and effort.

Pencil Lipstick
Importing Pencil Lipstick from China

You should line your lips with a pencil lipstick or lip pencil that is the same color as your own lips, then use that line to fill in your lips, so you have a base for a lipstick or a lip gloss to stick to. If you want to import in China, Zhejiang can recommend a reliable supplier for your growing business to guide the whole importing process.

Sheer Lipstick
Importing Sheer Lipstick from China

This lipstick leaves the lips sexy and seductive with gloss and shine. It will make your lips shiny, glossy and keep it moisturized. Satin and sheer lipsticks have a high oil component so they appear darker in the tube than they are on your mouth. If you are looking for the best supplier and manufacturer in China, Jiangsu and Shandong province has the most in China.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Lipstick Shipping from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China 1
Less in-transit cost, high cargo carrying capacity and enough time processing for documentation. You can benefit this if you choose sea as means of transportation of your larger lipstick orders.
air Freight Shipping from China to 2
If you need your lipstick orders urgent, then you can use air freight with high cost. You can benefit a lesser risk of damage and shipments safety.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 10
Rail delivery offers secure and reliable delivery to your destination. Cost effective, faster form of land transportation.
Door to Door Service China to 1 33
Door to door shipping can deliver your lipstick shipments safe, on time, with competitive freight cost. Also recommend when unfamiliar with all the shipping process.

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Manufacturer of lipstick and supplier of lipstick

Import data of lipsticks

Best 20 Lipstick Manufacturers in China

1 JIND Cosmetics

JIND Cosmetics has a central operating station in Beilun, Ningbo City, China. This depends on its strict quality management system, professional technicians, and advanced production equipment. Lipstick products are sold to over 60 countries including Britain, the United States, Australia, India, Britain, Turkey, Russia, and other countries. Aside from lipsticks, they also supply eyeshadows, loose powders, mascaras, and other cosmetic products.

2 IMS Imp & Exp Co., Ltd

As a qualified trading enterprise in China, IMS Imp & Exp Co., Ltd was founded in 2005 in the City of Ningbo, China. In the past few years, the company specialized in providing various high-quality packaging for skincare, cosmetics, hair care, and health industries. And for finishes options, the team can do anodizing, metalizing, frosting, embossing, UV coating, silk-screen printing, and hot stamping. They meet the ISO9001 standards.

3 Yiwu Wilber Cosmetics Co., Ltd

Yiwu Wilber Cosmetics Co., Ltd is a reliable, most trusted cosmetics supplier, offers ODM and OEM services. Deeply committed to development & research, as well as marketing for cosmetics, including quality lipsticks. This factory is located at Shangxi Town, Yiwu City, China, established in 2016. They offer long-lasting and waterproof lipstick, pressed powder, blush, foundation, mascara, etc.

4 Guangzhou Baiyun Rhine Cosmetics Factory

Which was incorporated in the year 1998, a development and trade integrated company working in China. The company has its main office in Guangzhou City, China, took a half-hour to Guangzhou airport. It is also backed up with modern workshops, a large R&D center, a quality testing room, a standardized warehouse, and a manufacturing department that ensures dust-free management.

5 Huabin Biotech Co., Ltd

Located in Southern China, Huabin Biotech Co., Ltd is a reliable resource of beauty and care sets, such amazing lipsticks. Also considered as an overseas trade service company, where you can save huge amounts of money when purchased products from them. Started in the business in August 2013, and built lasting relations with different manufacturers all over the world. Welcomed OEM and ODM orders.

6 Phaeton Industrial Co., Ltd

As a well-known trader and manufacturer, Phaeton Industrial Co., Ltd provides a cosmetic set one-stop solutions, such as lipsticks, foundations, mascara, etc. The company owns over 50 unified plants and its own lipstick factory. Founded in 2005, gained several years of history in the lipstick manufacturing industry. Enjoys convenient air, sea, and land transportation in Qingdao Port.

7 Sanctity Cosmetics Co., Ltd

Sanctity Cosmetics Co., Ltd is an expert ODM / OEM service provider of any beauty cosmetics. This is a company integrated to manufacture, R&D, service, and export. The company possessed superb technology teams, modernized standard inspection facilities, and advanced production machines. As of right now, the company has over 100 workers, with monthly 3, 000, 000 pieces product capacity of lipsticks and other cosmetic sets.

8 Caizi Cosmetics (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd

The Caizi Cosmetics (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd is a comprehensive and modern cosmetic company consolidating production, scientific research, service, and sales. It is fully supported by qualified managers and senior designers that help fast production of any make-up sets. The company receives praise and good comments from global customers because of its quality, amazing beauty products.

9 Hangzhou Glamcos Biotech Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Glamcos Biotech Co., Ltd is known for its finest cosmetic products, highest in quality and competitive prices. All products they offer are first-class, some of their products include make-up cosmetics, skincare cosmetics, wipes, etc. As a modern beauty and care cosmetics provider, they offer ODM / OEM services at a reasonable cost. Located in Tonglu, Hangzhou, and covers an area of 14, 000 square meters.

10 RangeColor Cosmetics Co., Ltd

RangeColor Cosmetics Co., Ltd is a well-recommended manufacturer with a decade of history for selling, R&D, and producing any cosmetic products. A proud producer of personal care, color cosmetic, and skincare products in China. Carry out the operations of packing, manufacturing, and filling of make-up products. Have the ability to provide a one-step solution for cosmetic sets. Also serves friendly customer service.

11 Shenzhen Ketongni Technology 

Established in 2018, Shenzhen Ketongni Technology is an excellent company that focuses on researching, developing, and producing cosmetics products and personal care beauty devices. As an ISO 9001 and ISO 9000 certified management system company, you can ensure high-standard solutions with excellent service. Headquartered in Huizhou, China with around 5 years of export experience.

12 Beauty Spirit Cosmetics

Located in Jinhua, Zhejiang, China, Beauty Spirit Cosmetics Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of a wide range of makeup line products such as lipstick, matte long-lasting lipstick, glitter lipstick, glitter lipgloss, face highlighter, face bronzer, blush, and more. With rich experience in the field, they deeply know the process to create high-quality and beautiful cosmetics.

13 Yuyao cosmetics packaging 

Established in 2013, Yuyao Cosmetics is specialized in manufacturing all types of cosmetics at affordable prices. Yuyao Cosmetics Packaging Co., Ltd. is willing to create long-term relationships with customers to assist successful business. Located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, and employs more than 50 workers and staff to serve customers from domestic and foreign markets.

14 Guangzhou Beauty Sky Trading 

One of the trusted and reputable manufacturers of cosmetics located in China. Founded in 2002, the factory occupies an area of 1000 square meters with advanced machinery and production lines. For over 10 years of history, you can guarantee the best product, excellent service at a cost-efficient rate.

15 Shenzhen Yarlady Cosmetic 

Relying on abundant production history and independent core technology, Shenzhen Yarlady Cosmetic Co., Ltd has expanded its production scale. Devoted to serving clients throughout the world with safe, effective, and high-class cosmetics solutions. Supported with a skilled research team and highly-educated professional technical engineers, the company has constructed a modern workshop covering an area of 10, 000sqm.

16 Shantou Ruichi Plastic Industrial 

Recognized as one of the reliable cosmetic manufacturers with excellent R&D, production, and sales. Established in 2011, Shantou Ruichi Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd build an advanced factory building with qualified employees and high precision injection molding machine, vacuum coating machine, and so on. With a comprehensive set of professional production machinery, they are capable to provide your large volume orders that can meet your requirements.

17 Shenzhen Beauty Secret Tech Co., Limited

Engaged in the professional and perfect process of designing, R&D, production, and sales of high-grade cosmetics. Mainly produced any types of lipstick, eye primer, eyeliner cream/gel/pencil/liquid, concealer, bronzer, and many more. Purchase now to discover trendy and professional that will bring great success to your business! They provide 24/7 assistance for your business inquiries.

18 Ningbo Fercy Personal Care Products 

A professional manufacturer of health & beauty products with 6 years of experience and history. Also, offer OEM and ODM services for worldwide clients. The company follows strict quality control, with exceptional packaging at affordable prices. Plus, their strict QC team guarantees the quality during mass production from the raw material used to finished solutions.

19 Guangzhou OUMU Biological Technology 

OUMU Biological Technology Co. Ltd is an expert OEM/ODM/OBM manufacturer with rich experience in the field. Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, covering an area of 20, 000 square meters and currently hired qualified and dedicated 500+ employees. Specialized in manufacturing cosmetic products such as lip gloss, lipstick, bronzer, lip liner mascara, eyeliner, lip balm, concealer, etc. All products are widely exported around the world!

20 Shenzhen Sincemile Makeup 

As an accomplished manufacturer of make-up series, Shenzhen Sincemile Makeup Co., Ltd ensures the great and standardized production that can meet the multifarious demands of customers. The company accumulated rich experience in ODM & OEM services. All products are sold to Europe, the Middle East, the United States, and other countries. Currently working with several famous companies around the world.

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