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Importing Log Cabins from China
Arctic Log Cabins
Importing Arctic Log Cabins from China

Log Cabins are less Energy to Build. Materials used in the construction of log cabins are environmentally and ecologically friendly. Less energy is required for building a log cabin than standard housing. The energy production required to harvest wood is less than what’s necessary for the manufacturing of other building materials. If you want your importing log cabins fast, then Jiangsu province of China has a lot of supplier and manufacturer who can help you.

Camping Log Cabins
Importing Camping Log Cabins from China

Camping Log Cabins is an ideal choice if you are looking for your timber house to be used as a garden shed. They are perfectly designed to store your gardening equipment like gardening tools, bicycles in a safe, yet attractive place. You can find a supplier and manufacturer of a log cabin for your own or even for your business in Shandong province of China.

Handcrafted Log Cabins
Importing Handcrafted Log Cabins from China

with handcrafted log homes, the walls are notched from handcrafted, natural logs. The benefit of such a log cabin is that the natural features remain intact even after being treated. The higher enduring value and uniqueness of handcrafted log homes make manufacturer and supplier popular and as a result, they are still in demand by log cabin lovers and enthusiasts. China has a lot of trusted supplier who can help you save money and effort, especially in the shipping process.

Hewn Log Cabins
Importing Hewn Log Cabin from China

If you are planning to import in China, Guangdong province can help you to support your growing business. They provide a fast process to all importers shipping method. Hewn log cabins or square log cabins were built once a primary residence was already in place and was valued for their superior insulation.

Post and Beam Log Cabins
Importing Post and Beam Log Cabins from China

Post and Beam logs are handcrafted for a finished structural assembly that is both aesthetically pleasing and prepared for traditional framing elements. Post and Beam Log Homes allow the customer to leave both interior and exterior beams exposed to reveal the natural appeal of the timber frame structure. Look for the best supplier and manufacturer of Post and Beam Log Cabins for your own or even for your business. China has the most supplier in Zhejiang.

Replica Log Cabins
Importing Replica Log Cabins from China

The main advantages of the log cabins are simple maintenance, noise reduction, and energy efficiency. These log cabins have comfortable majestic appearance and charm. For your plan, about importing log cabins is the best choice. China can always meet your needs. Finding a trusted supplier and manufacturer for your business can help you find high-quality log cabins.

Round Log Cabins
Importing Round Log Cabins from China

There so many people who love round log cabins. If you are planning to find reliable log cabins supplier and manufacturer who provide all the information for a fast importing and shipping process, China can help you find a reliable supplier and manufacturer who has the capability to support all your needs in importing log cabins.

Scandinavian Log Cabins
Importing Scandinavian Log Cabins from China

Scandinavian is very popular log cabins. The reason behind their popularity is that the Scandinavian pine is very dense and has a tight grain because of the slow-growing seasons due to the cold climate of the region. If you are planning to import, China referring a best supplier and manufacturer.

Spruce Log Cabins
Importing Spruce Log Cabins from China

Spruce is considered to be an ideal choice for log cabins as it is known to be resistant against both decays as well as insect infestation. So, when choosing a log cabin, it is vital to make sure that spruce is used as exposure to outer elements can lessen this wood’s life expectancy. You should find the best supplier and manufacturer in China.

Square Log Cabins
Importing Square Log Cabins from China

A square log cabin is a traditional hewn-log design with squared Dovetail notched corners. It’s a bit more labor intensive design but affords a nice clean look. This is a simple and elegant little square log cabin built using dovetail notches rather than the more familiar saddle-notched log corners. It’s efficient and simple. Zhejiang supplier and manufacturer are good in providing good supplies to all importers.

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Railroads are the most efficient form of land transportation. Fast and cost effective deliveries over long distance.
Door to Door Service China to 1 39
Door to door shipping services offers quick and customs-cleared delivery for your Log Cabin orders.

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The Resource To Import Log Cabin From China:

Traditional Log Homes mean Quality

Best 20 Log Cabin Manufacturers in China

1 Forest Hill Retreat

Forest Hill Retreat came in a long way since the establishment. The company improves a lot especially in the field of log cabin productions. They distribute high-quality log cabin not only in China but also anywhere around the world. The team provides reliable services, trusted customer assistance as the best way to attain customer trust.

2 Foshan Huashengfei Decoration Material Engineering

This company is reliable manufacturing, as well as a wholesale partner in China. They produced precise and well-configured log cabins. The type of log cabin they offer is classic, well-finished, and high-quality. Very ideal product, the company also offers garden studios, wood houses, wooden villas, and so on. You can find huge varieties here in Foshan Huashengfei Decoration Material Engineering.

3 Guangzhou MoneyBox Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd

The Guangzhou MoneyBox Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd is known as the conductor in the industry of modular housing in China. The team`s priority is in the development, research, popularization, and selling of top-quality log cabins. With a harmonious working environment, all their products now become more awesome and perfect.

4 Qingzhou Reachfly Environment Technology Co., Ltd.

The Qingzhou Reachfly Environment Technology Co., Ltd offers one-stop log cabins productions not only in China but also in foreign countries. The team is major in researching, technology developing, and marketing of the highest quality log cabin productions. A wide selection of log cabins is offered in the world market to satisfy your needs.

5 Yangzhou Borui photoelectric Group Co. Ltd

Their main office is located in Yangzhou City, China- the Cultural and Historical City in China. Officially incorporated in 2006 and after many years in the field, they become professional enough, has many experiences that might be a great help to other businesses across the country. A group of experts with 3 total subsidiaries venture. And since its initiation, the group has won awards and international certificates. Their log cabin products now continually distributed to Southeast Asia, Europe, etc.

6 Shandong Dingchi Wood Co., Ltd

Shandong Dingchi Wood Co., Ltd is founded in the City of Penglai, Shandong Province. Since its institution in 2015, the company currently owns modern production workshops, a carbonization workshop, processing workshops, office buildings, and a huge series of production equipment for the fast log cabin making process. This enterprise was integrated into R&D that sticks to the view of scientific innovation, research, etc.

7 Idealsauna Equipment Co., Ltd.

Idealsauna Equipment Co., Ltd in China is one of the reliable and most professional suppliers of high-graded log cabins. All of their products already obtain international approvals such as RoHS, CE, TUV GS, SASO, KTL, and ETL approvals. Proud to offer log cabins that are excellent in quality along with on-time distribution and competitive price to more than 40 overseas countries.

8 Laizhou dingrong steel structure Co., Ltd

Laizhou dingrong steel structure Co., Ltd is instituted in the City of Laizhou, Shandong Province, China. The company particularize in the manufacturing of log cabins and constructing modular houses using high-quality woods. They can provide one-stop log cabin solutions for all customers. Deliver the products to the USA, South Africa, New Zealand, etc.

9 Zhejiang Wooden Homes Co., Ltd

The factory of Zhejiang Wooden Homes Co., Ltd was situated in Taizhou Zhejiang, China. They are line in wooden furniture such as log cabins. Worldwide, they are major exporter as well manufacturers. All of the products have attractive designs, high-quality, and available for affordable prices.

10 Jiangsu Joda Wellness Co., Ltd.

In China, the company of Jiangsu Joda Wellness Co., Ltd distributes different series of log cabin products. All are available at reasonable prices and surely with high-quality. Certified products from FSC, ISO 9000, and ISO 9001. They also do strict quality control before the shipment to meet the multifarious requirements of each client. They are coupled with 80+ numbers of well-skilled employees.

11 Tiga Group

Tiga Group is one of House Structure Association`s important members. One of the most well-built companies for log cabins productions. The major factory of Tiga Group is founded in Henan Province, China. It is also an ISO 9001: 2000 certified group and is a recipient of SGS and CE certifications. A highest-tech group and has a central station in Zhengzhou High Tech Development Zone.  They spread their products to more than 110 countries around the world.


This Anhui Kony Health Industry Co., Ltd has main office in Hefei City, China. Since the company was finally set up, they mainly attentive to log cabins productions and other related products. Most of the products they offer have received ETL, SAA, CE, RoHS, and SASO international certificates. All of their log cabins productions are high-quality and majorly exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, and other markets.

13 Zhejiang Lvhe Wooden House Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Lvhe Wooden House Manufacturing Co., Ltd is an executive and a pioneer manufacturer/ supplier of top-graded log cabins. The factory is located at Linhai City, at the wonderful Yongquan Foreign Trade Development Zone. The company owns a well-skilled, experienced team with advanced levels of technology and science. Their ultimate mission is to provide honesty, high-quality, and trustworthy services for every customer.

14 Qingdao Tian Ye Log Home Ltd.

Not only log cabins, but Qingdao Tian Ye Log Home Ltd also offers a high-quality log house, log home, wooden house, and any other related products. Was incorporated in 1999, provides log cabins in accordance with the client`s design requirement and specifications. Perfect efforts are the company`s ultimate goal to gain each customer`s satisfaction.

15 Xiangxin (Fujian) Light Steel Housing Development Co., Ltd.

Beginning in 1993, Xiangxin (Fujian) Light Steel Housing Development Co., Ltd is one of the first-ranked log cabin suppliers and manufacturers in China. The main factory has now with six overall branches from anywhere in China. They also have an expert team who devote themselves to log cabins industrializations. And for additional customer assurance, all products are a recipient and qualified from ISO9001: 2000, ISO14001, OHS18001 quality system certifications.

16 Hongse Gudu Garden Leisure Furniture Co., Ltd.

Hongse Gudu Garden Leisure Furniture Co., Ltd`s log cabins productions are anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, resilient, and very creative. It is one of the high-reputed enterprises nation-wide due to its high-quality services and products. They can also customize log cabins according to your demands and requirements. Not just log cabins, but they also offered any related products, such as wooden houses, prefabricated houses, and so on.

17 Huacheng Wood Co., Ltd.

Huacheng Wood Co., Ltd highly offers high-quality, long-lasting log cabin, prefabricated house, and wood house. Its main office is situated in Heilongjiang, China, offers wooden-made houses for reasonable prices. The company operates in both China and anywhere abroad. They also own technology processing and machines to ensure the quality of each log cabin productions.

18 Liaoning Kingspine Wooden House Co. Ltd.

Log cabins that come from Liaoning Kingspine Wooden House Co. Ltd has professional designs and high-quality. Incorporated in 2009, and is specialized in designing, researching, constructing, installing, and manufacturing wooden-made houses, such as log cabins. The company owns the most improved production line all over the world. They have the best, well-experienced installing team to handle each customer`s needs. Kingspine gained a reputation in North America, Southeast Asia, Northern Europe, and so on.


MEGE SHELTERS. INC is an expert corporation when it comes to log cabin designing, manufacturing, and selling. Their main office is based in China since 2000 and owning a plant, composite materials, and independent technology. The company is along with skilled staff with rich experiences and comprehensive production equipment. MEGE products such as log cabins are broadly exported to foreign areas, best applied to mining, commerce, tourism, environment production, and so on.

20 Henan K-Home Steel Structure Co., Ltd

As log cabin manufacturing pioneer and professionals, Henan K-Home Steel Structure Co., Ltd devotes itself to log cabin designs, development & research, construction, manufacture, modular house, etc. It is one of the high-tech groups with log cabin productions that passed all safety management system certifications. To gain customer`s satisfaction and trust, they can design log cabins based on your demands and given layouts.


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