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Luggage Shipping: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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This guide covers everything about luggage shipping –  from benefits, available shipping options, custom clearance, labelling requirements, documentation to possible restrictions, amongst others.

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What is Luggage Shipping?

This is a service, which enables you to send your baggage to a specific destination in advance.

You can describe it as an alternative method for carrying or checking in with your luggage when traveling by air.

Essentially, it involves retrieval of your shipment from your home, office, or accommodation place and delivered to your respective destination.

Thus you’ll find your belongings awaiting you upon your arrival.

Luggage shipping offers both local and international cargo hauling services and often regarded as a cost-effective method.

Luggage consisting of large suitcases rucksack and travel bag


What are the Benefits of Luggage Shipping?

Luggage shipping offers a host of benefits, especially when you are dealing with a specialist entity.

Some of these advantages include the following;

It Offers Exceptional Convenience

Luggage shipping services often tend to provide door-to-door services.

And this revolves around picking the luggage from your home, office, or business.

This is thus convenient and gives you the necessary peace of mind.

You can easily change flights or fly standby, make flight connections, and take public transportation to and from the airport.

Luggage Shipping is also Cost-effective

Typically, you’ll spend relatively less money on luggage shipping compared to using removal companies or booking excess baggage on a flight.

You’ll also save checked baggage fees.

Convenience of Tracking Luggage

This service is trackable, thus making it easy for you to determine the progress and status of your baggage.

In that sense, you’ll know when to expect your luggage from the shipping company.

Fast Shipping

Luggage shipping is relatively fast since, in most instances, it uses express delivery services.

Secure Shipping

This service is also secure.

The parties involved always ensure they outsource a reliable and reputable shipper to deliver the baggage.

What are the Different Ways of Shipping Luggage Internationally?

There are several options, which you can explore based on the respective luggage shipping companies.

Some of the commonly used means include the following;

  • Standard shipping
  • Express shipping
  • Next day shipping
  • Over-night shipping

How does International Luggage Shipping Work?

Customers often want to move their belongings from one country to another due to various reasons.

It could be due to relocating, for studies or sending to friends or relatives living abroad.

Once you decide the belongings you want to ship, you simply contact the shipping company.

In this case, you book for the collection of the luggage online through the carrier’s platform.

The company gives you a quote for the services, including packing, shipping, and unpacking, where applicable.

You need to have the right packing containers such as suitcases and boxes to guarantee the safety of your possessions in transit.

After the booking and verification process is over, you’ll need to print your collection labels.

These labels include all the relevant information you provide to facilitate the collection and shipping of the baggage.

The shipping company gets all the relevant details for shipping luggage and get in touch accordingly.

You also have to provide relevant shipping documents to the shipping company for your luggage where applicable.

In instances where the luggage is dutiable, you also need to ensure you cater for the same costs to facilitate efficient shipping.

The company picks all the luggage and ship them to the delivery destination within the shortest time possible.

By the time you get to your destination, you’ll find the belongings ready, be it in your hotel room, office, or new home.

Can you ship Luggage via Courier?


Several courier services are offering a wide range of luggage shipping services to different parts of the world.

Luggage shipping using a courier is regarded as the best mode to consider when transporting your belongings internationally.

However, the cost of this option is always relatively high compared to other ordinary service providers.

Some of the leading courier services that you can utilize include DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, EMS, and China Post, among others.

What are the available Luggage Shipping Options?

The main shipping options for luggage include the following;

 Luggage shipping

 Luggage shipping

 Ship your things in the Luggage Box

Luggage shipping service providers often provide a luggage box for interested customers.

These boxes are specially designed to enable you to fit different types of your belongings.

They are available in wide-ranging sizes and made of different materials.

It is a convenient, safe, and cost-effective option to consider.

Moreover, you can go for a bigger size, which suits all your requirements to prevent incidents of having many pieces of baggage.

· Pack and Ship your Suitcase

This option entails packing all your belongings inside your suitcase, which is later packed in a personalized way.

The type of packing here depends on the size and contents of your luggage.

It may also depend on your preferred requirements, which you feel suit your particular needs.

The good thing with this option is it gives you the liberty to determine how to pack your stuff in a befitting way.

Ship your Suitcase as is

It is a luggage shipping option, which involves transporting your belongings when packed in your suitcase only.

Ideally, you do not need to pack them inside any particular type of luggage box or alternative personalized packing container.

This option is suitable for domestic luggage shipping.

It is also ideal when your belongings are not susceptible to various elements they could be exposed to in transit.

How much does Luggage Shipping Cost?

The cost of luggage shipping often varies depending on a wide range of factors.

The size and weight of the luggage are some of the elements that determine the cost of shipping.

The bigger the size and heavier the weight of the luggage, the higher the cost and vice versa.

Distance is the other factor determining the exact amount of money you’ll pay for luggage shipping services.

Of course, the longer the distance, the more the cost and vice versa.

The specific carrier you’re using is another element that influences the cost of luggage shipping.

Different carriers offer different charges depending on their policies and other prevailing elements.

Other ancillary services, which you may require is the other aspect, which determines the amount you’ll pay for this service.

Some customers would prefer packing, unpacking, and at times arranging the belongings.

The bottom line, nonetheless, is there is no fixed amount of luggage shipping services.

The charges are dependent on many factors, including the ones mentioned above.

What is “Base Price” in Luggage Shipping?

It refers to the amount of money you pay for luggage shipping service but does not include standard extra fees.

You can describe it as a portion of the total cost of shipping luggage, given there are several basic shipping features.

Is Custom Clearance Necessary in Luggage Shipping?

It depends on the items you are shipping and the delivery destination.

If you are sending the luggage within the same country, it won’t be necessary to obtain customs clearance.

This also applies when shipping the luggage between countries that are members’ states of a particular economic block like the EU.

In some countries, you won’t need customs clearance if you are shipping luggage as a returning resident.

You only require to prove ownership of the personal effects and clothes.

Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of the sender to make sure they understand their circumstances.

This entails knowing the luggage you’re sending and prevailing customs regulations of the country of destination.

In a nutshell, the need for customs clearance in luggage shipping varies based on a host of numerous variables.

Who takes care of Custom when Shipping Luggage Internationally?

The customs duty is the sole responsibility of the sender.

The carrier provider may only help in facilitating the customs clearance process when need be.

In some instances, you can always arrange the carrier service to take care of the customs and subsequently surcharge you.

This, however, is often done on a case by case basis depending on the carrier service provider.

Do you need Special Documents to Ship Luggage Internationally?

Different countries have varying policies when it comes to international luggage shipping.

The need is thus dependent on the type of personal belongings you are shipping and the specific country you are transporting the baggage to.

If you’re shipping special personal effects, it is more likely you’ll need special documents for the same.

On the other hand, if you’re shipping ordinary personal items as the luggage, you won’t necessarily require special documents.

There are some countries, which will demand a variety of special documents, including proof of ownership of the personal items.

Nonetheless, some of the common documents you’ll possibly need for luggage shipping include the following;

  • Country of origin documents
  • Destination country documents
  • Customs documents

How Long Does Luggage Shipping Take?

The duration of luggage is dependent on various factors.

For instance, the precise delivery destination determines the time it takes for shipping the luggage.

Typically, domestic luggage shipping often takes a shorter period compared to international luggage shipping.

In essence, the process involved in international luggage shipping is relatively thorough than what is required in domestic shipping.

Moreover, international luggage shipping is prone to delays as a result of several deliberate and uncontrolled factors.

In any case, such elements rarely affect domestic baggage shipping.

The other determinant factor of luggage shipping duration is your specific preferred carrier of choice.

Different carriers have varied policies in terms of shipping periods, and factors influencing the same.

Some carriers ply different routes. It thus means your luggage can either delay or get faster depending on route.

And importantly, the specific shipping option of your choice also influences the duration your luggage will get to the destination.

Many carriers offer a wide range of alternatives including, express shipping, same-day shipping, 2-day shipping, etc.

The choice you pick will, of course, determine the exact duration it will take to get to the delivery destination.

 Express shipping

Express shipping

Is Door-to-door Delivery available for Luggage Shipping?


The essence of luggage shipping is to alleviate you from the inconveniences of moving around with the baggage.

Therefore, it is the prerogative of every luggage shipping company to offer door-door delivery when transporting your baggage.

What Packaging Material do you need for Luggage Shipping?

The specific materials you need for shipping your luggage to the respective destination include the following;

  • Envelopes – These are used for packing different types of documents and other essential personal effects. They are also suitable for light and fragile items.
  • Boxes – They come in different designs, sizes, and materials. Boxes are ideal for packing relatively heavy items.

You can as well use them to pack the items, which appear to be fragile for safety.

  • Bubble cushioning – These materials are used for reinforcing safety by preventing relatively fragile items from damage.

They provide a cushioned surface hence enabling the items to stay secure irrespective of the mechanical motion subjected to it.

  • Packaging peanuts – These are also used as cushioning material in a package.

Packaging peanuts prevent damage to fragile objects during shipping.

The design of these elements is to interlock when compressed and flow freely when not compressed.

  • Tape – It is a vital material used for sealing bundling or wrapping items during handling and shipping items.

Packing tapes come in different forms in terms of material, width, thickness, and strength, among others.

Are there Special Labeling Requirements for Luggage Shipping?

Yes, albeit a few.

  • Ideally, make sure to insert the shipping labels for your luggage. Document inside label pouch and ensure the tracking barcode faces outside.
  • Attach the label pouch tightly to the box.
  • Never place the label pouch on the box opening.
  • Make sure you tape an extra label on the luggage box using clear tape.

 Labeling luggage

 Labelling luggage

Do you need Freight Agent for Luggage Shipping?

Yes, under certain circumstances.

If you’re shipping your luggage locally or within the same country, you will not need to use a freight agent.

The essence of using the services of a freight agent is to facilitate the movement of the items through international borders.

Therefore, if you’re shipping items, which perhaps may require customs clearance, then you might need the services of a freight agent.

In many instances, however, the carrier service providers often handle all the processes in luggage shipping.

Unless it is really necessary, you will not essentially require the services of a freight agent when shipping luggage.

Should you Insure Luggage for International Shipping?

Ideally, the carriers are often insured, and this, in many instances, would suffice in case of an unlikely event during shipping process.

But if you’re shipping relatively expensive personal items, it would be ideal to consider obtaining insurance for the same.

In some instances, the carrier’s insurance may only compensate up to a specific level in case of damage or loss.

Thus you’ll need to insure your comparatively expensive objects to get reasonable compensation just in case of damage or loss.

Are there any Restrictions for Luggage Shipping?


There are a wide range of items which you can never ship using this service.

Ideally, these objects are referred to as prohibited and non-compensation items.

Importantly, you also need to confirm whether your preferred carrier accepts the particular items you’re about to ship.

Moreover, you need to ascertain that the items are not prohibited in the country of destination before you ship them.

How do you Track Luggage in International Shipping?

The moment you confirm the booking of your luggage and get the labels, you can also request for tracking number from the carrier.

The tracking number is unique for every luggage hence ideal in facilitating the tracking process of your baggage.

Most of the carriers have integrated their systems such that you can use the tracking number to determine the status of your luggage in transit.

All you need is to key in the number in the system and find out its status.

Alternatively, once you get the tracking number, you can seek the services of a 3rd party tracking company.

This way, you’ll be able to know whether it is picked up, in transit, with a courier, or there is a customs delay.

Is Pick-up and Drop-off Services available for Luggage Shipping?


Most luggage shipping carriers nowadays offer pick-up and drop-off services.

These primarily involve collecting the luggage from the customer’s place and delivering it to their specific residence, hotel, or office.

You’ll notice during online booking you’ll need to provide relevant details, making this entire process easy.

Is there Weight Limit in International Luggage Shipping?

Not necessarily.

What happens mostly is that items are usually categorized based on weight band

Therefore, in case your item surpasses the weight allowance of the lower band, it is moved to the next band available on that service.

And in case your luggage exceeds the weight allowance of the upper-most band, you will be charged per kilogram.

For every additional 1kg.

In short, there is no weight limit, but the heavier the luggage, the more expensive you are charged.

What are the Advantages of Shipping Luggage vs. Carry On?

  • You benefit from professional, personalized attention.

For instance, when there are changes in your itinerary, the agent will handle rerouting your luggage.

With carry-on, you can never be certain that your luggage won’t be mishandled or lost irrespective of the fee you pay for the luggage.

  • Luggage shipping companies guarantee your baggage arrives on time and unscathed. Therefore, there is no need for queueing since you’ll bypass the check-ins and carousels. With the carry-on option, you’ll have to queue at the airport to check-in your luggage and do the same at the carousel after arriving to pick it.
  • Luggage companies enhanced convenience, especially when you’re traveling as a family.

By contrast, carry-on subjects you to schlepping your bag, which can be tiresome and inconvenient when traveling with kids.

  • Luggage shipping companies give you the convenience of getting an immediate quote and paying for the same.

You can see how they charge the fees based on weight shipping speed and destination.

With carry-on, if you have more bags or if your luggage is heavy, you can end up paying hefty charges.

  • Luggage shipping companies have experience and specialty in dealing with all types of baggage.

Therefore, it guarantees safety irrespective of the size, shape, and weight of the luggage.

With carry-on, chances are high; some fragile objects may end up spoiling during the handling and shipping process.

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