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Compressors Importing from China

Are you looking for compressors? China is a professional manufacturer and supplier of various types of compressor that are used for mechanical energy to compress the air.

Engines Importing from China

If you’re planning on importing engines from China, Guangdong has hundreds of certified Chinese Power Engine manufacturers that provide high powered, original and genuine engines for your vehicles, tractors, generators, aerospace engines and etc.

Lathe Machine
Lathe Machine Importing from China

Lathes are considered a powerful metal shaping machine tools. China is the most dominant markets for lathe machines in the Asia-Pacific region. And the largest producer of machine tools with $23.8 billion of production. If you’re planning on importing machineries, China is the best choice.

Pharmaceutical Machines
Pharmaceutical Machines Importing from China

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the leading industries in the People’s Republic of China, that’s why they are one of the largest producers of manufacturer of pharmaceutical machinery in China.

Refrigerator Air conditioner
Refrigerator & Air conditioner Importing from China

The refrigerator and air condition are one of those miracles of modern living that totally changed our lives. Finding the best machinery that is used in daily living is not that easy, but the eastern provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Shandong manufactured high powered tool.

Turbines Importing from China

China is the world leader in wind power generation, with the largest installed capacity of any nation and continued rapid growth in new wind facilities. Due to the rapid growth of the power market, they continue manufacturing world-class turbines and in Guangdong province, you can find different manufacturers of power equipment like wind turbines.

Washing Machine
Washing Machine Importing from China

The washing machine market in China has maintained strong growth patterns over the last decade and the world’s largest washing machine market in terms of production. It is evidence that China is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of machines.

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21 Best Machinery Manufacturer in China

 1 Dongguan Hengli Nianchuang Machinery Business Department

Dongguan Nianchuang Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of machinery with range and varieties. Among their machinery are software bait, lure bait, and bionic bait. They produce machines that are made from environmentally friendly materials like PVC, TPR, TPE, and more. With more than 10 years of experience in research, developing, production, sales, and service, they can provide you the best quality products.

 2 Foshan Nanhai Jiaxiu Computer Machinery Co., Ltd

FSSANXIN focuses on manufacturing embroidery machines mainly high-performance high-speed boutique flat embroidery machines, cording machines, laser embroidery integrated technology, and more. For more than 10 years, they focus more on research and innovative products to provide the highest quality and excellent services.

3 Fujian Xinyun Machinery Development Co., Ltd

Xinyun Machinery specializes in manufacturing paper converting machinery. They are experts in producing toilet paper machines, roll kitchen paper towel machines, facial tissue machines, napkin paper machines, hand towel paper machines, pocket tissue machines, and more. All products come with different variations such as sizes. Their designers make sure to manufacture paper converting machine from high-quality materials. They also offer services that will suit your budget and needs. They look forward to being your business partner!

4 Global Jinfeng Machinery Co., Ltd

Jinfeng Machinery is a manufacturing company that specializes in producing glass machinery. They mainly manufacture glass processing machines including polishing and grinding machines. Jinfeng offers people-oriented staff, customer-first services, innovative, high-quality products, and competitive prices.

5 Guangdong Snowland Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd

SNOWLAND is well-equipped with a professional R&D team that focuses on the development of ice machines equipment. For more than 10 years, they become a professional manufacturer of direct cooling block ice machine, tube ice machine, flake ice machine, and more. SNOWLAND provides all your needed ice solution. Throughout the years, they achieved national technical patents and provides excellent after-sales services.

6 Shanghai Afpak Co., Ltd

AFPAk focuses in creating the best and most diverse filling packaging machines to meet your need. Every machine is built on cutting-edge technology. But its AFPAK’s extensive knowledge and outstanding customer services that really set us apart from the competition. AFPAK now has a comprehensive production line for producing excellent Nespresso filling machines, K cup filling machines, and other filling and packaging equipment after 10 years of research.

7 Jota Machinery Industrial (Kunshan) Co., Ltd

Are you looking for a paper and plastic packing machinery? Jota Machinery is your best choice! They specialize in science, research, development, production, and sales of paper and plastic packing machinery for more than 30 years. Therefore, you can assure the best quality paper a nd packing machinery.

8 Nanjing Kerke Extrusion Equipment Co., Ltd

Kerke is a well-experienced manufacturer of machinery such as single screw extruder, KUW underwater series, auxiliary equipment, and more. They have professional R&D team that focuses on design, manufacturing technique, sales, and service for more than 10 years. They have maintained good business relationships with thousands of business companies worldwide.

9 Ningbo Successor Machinery Technology Co., Ltd

They are a professional manufacturer of plastic injection molding machine for different kinds of plastic products. All their products are also certified by CE and ISO to ensure quality, safety, and durability. Ningbo Successor Machinery is dedicated to providing premium quality machinery and excellent services.

10 Qingdao Flourish Textile Machinery Co., Ltd

Flourish Textile Machinery is one of China’s trusted manufacturer of whole line machines. Among their products are towel making line, original cotton dealing line, denim cloth making line, and more. All their products are constructed from different high-quality raw materials. They also offer high-quality products at a reasonable cost.

11 Qingdao Osun Print & Pack Machinery Co., Ltd

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of printing equipment in China, Osun Print and Pack Machinery is your best choice! They specialize in manufacturing full rotary offset printing machines, digital printing machines, flexographic printing machines, and more. They also offer the best quality printing equipment in China with the best prices and services.

12 Shandong JMD Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd

JMD Import & Export Trade is committed to providing high-quality machineries such as aluminum, wood door and window machines in China. Their main products include milling machines, lathe machines, grinding machines, wire cutting machines, bending machines, welding machines, and more. They have a large warehouse to offer the best services and products. JMD offers excellent after-sales service to support you.

14 Shandong Kaidong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd

Kaidong is a professional manufacturer and exporter of machinery such as brick making machines. Both semi-automatic block machines and automatic block machines are available at Kaidong. Their products are certified with CE standards and other quality certifications to ensure the quality and safety of the products.

15 Shandong Tongri Power Science and Technology Co., Ltd

If you are looking for machinery such as paper cone making machines, paper cone machine, corrugated carton machine, fireworks paper cone machines, paper tube machines, and more, Tongri Power Science is your best choice! They are a reliable manufacturer of such machinery in China. Through providing high-quality, creative products and excellent services, Tongri Power Science is trusted by thousands of business companies.

16 Shanghai Changke Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd

Changke Refrigeration is a manufacturer of a wide range of machinery such as cube ice machine, tube ice machine, snowflake machines, and more. Their wide range of ice machinery is best suited for seafood markets, supermarkets, fishing industry, and more. With their wide range, reasonable prices, good quality, and stylish designs, Changke Refrigeration products can provide total solutions to your ice needs.

17 Shanghai Panda Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd.

Are you looking for packaging machinery? Shanghai Panda Intelligent is a reliable choice! They are a professional manufacturer of packaging machines that are used for various industrial applications such as daily chemicals, foodstuffs, petrochemical, beverages, and more. They mainly focus on design, production, trade, and R&D.

18 Shanghai Junyu Food Machine Co., Ltd.

If you are in the food industry looking for high-quality food machines, Junyu is always dependable! They produce machines for candy-making such as storage tanks, sugar dissolving tanks, cooling tunnel, and more. Junyu focuses on research, design, development, production, sales, and service. All their products are manufactured from high-quality and safe raw materials. All products are also produced according to international quality standards. They offer products that are offered at a reasonable cost to support you.

19 Wenzhou Longhua Machinery Co., Ltd

This company is a professional manufacturer of Machinery typically fully automatic flat fie cutting machine. All their products are manufactured with professional quality. Their customers are very satisfied with their durable products, competitive price, and excellent services. They are waiting for you to become their best business partner!

20 Yantai Haige Machine Tools Co., Ltd

Haige Machine Tools is a manufacturing company that specializes in manufacturing steel finishing equipment such as bar peeling machine, JY bar straightening machine, drawing machines, centerless grinding machine, CNC skiving, and more. Their products have passed international quality standards so you can assure its durability and safety. They also take advantage of high technology so they can provide high-quality products at an affordable price.

21  Vari Technology Limited

Varisigns is a China-based manufacturer since the year 2006 offering a complete line of channel letter making machines, such as channel letter bending machines, laser welding machines and laser cutting machines for small and medium signage business. They are dedicated to freeing your hands and automating your channel letter fabrication.

How to Import Machinery from China: The Ultimate Guide

In this guide, you will learn how to import machinery from China.

Whether you want to import pharmaceutical machinery, farm equipment, food processing machines or oil drilling equipment, all information you need is right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

Know Machinery you Want to Import from China

It is essential to understand the type of machinery you want to import from China.

This is in terms of specifications and conformity to quality standards.

Understanding the specifications and quality standards of the given machinery you want to import from China differs depending on your destination country.

However, you have to consider the following elements of your machinery before importing it from China.

Machinery from equipment

Machinery from China

· Technical Specifications

You have to understand the technical specifications of your machinery before importing it from China.

This facilitates the identification process of what you want.

Technical specifications include voltage, model, functions, efficiency, control system, protection class, and weight.

You can also have a control system and export packaging.

· Safety Standards and Technical Documentation

It is your duty as an importer to inform your manufacturer of applicable safety standards and technical documentation necessary in your country.

This facilitates the fabrication of a machine that is safe for use in your jurisdiction.

Failure to inform your manufacturer of that results in the fabrication of a machine that has safety standards applicable in China.

Safety standards and documentation differ depending on your destination.

For instance, if you are in the European Union, your machinery must adhere to the Machinery Directive on safety and is CE compliant.

If you are importing to the US, you have to consider a specific ASTM standard for your machinery.

You can consult the relevant authorities to confirm which ASTM standard to use.

Regardless of where you are importing your Machinery from China, you should adhere to the local safety standards.

· Test Reports

Test reports certify that the machine is safe for use and you won’t experience technical issues when using it.

There are two ways of having test reports for your device.

The first one involves you carrying out the lab tests using a third party that is accredited.

This is an expensive option as you have to pay for the expenses involved.

The second option involves importing machines that have already gone through the testing process and have the reports.

Details that should be present in a test report include the manufacturer, issuing company, product ID, publishing date, and the necessary regulations.

There is various machinery that you can import from China.

However, the common ones include;

  • Food Production/ Agricultural Machines
  • 3D Printers
  • Brewery Equipment
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Packaging and Printing Machinery
  • Roll Forming Machines
  • Welding Machines
  • Wheel Loaders
  • CNC Machines
  • Laser Cutting Machines
  • Agriculture / Food Production Machines

Look for Machinery Manufacturer in China

Among the ways you can use to find a machinery manufacturer in China includes:

Online Platforms

Online platforms such as Alibaba and Made in China provide an ideal site where different machinery manufacturers pitch for clients.

The manufacturers usually have different prices and after-sale services that they can offer you.

Machinery on Alibaba

 Machinery-on Alibaba

When searching on these sites, you must verify that you select a manufacturer and not a distributor or a trader.

Also, please don’t start to transact with a particular manufacturer until you have validated their credentials.

The advantage of having a vast pool of manufacturers on these sites is you can negotiate or a suitable one to manufacture your machinery.

You also get an opportunity to negotiate the price of your products.

The disadvantage is it is subject to con, which means you have to be careful before deciding on a particular manufacturer.

Sourcing Agent

Many sourcing agents in China understand the different machinery manufacturers in China.

They know the production capacity and pricing of these manufacturers.

These are vital specifications that your sourcing agent can help you with when searching for a manufacturer.

A sourcing agent also relieves you the hassle of finding a reliable manufacturer since they usually have a ready list for your selection.

The main limitation of using a sourcing agent is that it is an expensive way of finding your manufacturer.

You cannot compare the expense you pay here and that which you may lose if you are gambling in your search for a manufacturer.

Tradeshows and Trade Fairs

 Machinery trade fair

Machinery trade fair

Whenever there is a Chinese trade show either in your country or in China, you should expect a Chinese manufacturer to showcase their products.

This allows you to interact with various manufacturers and inquire from them about the different aspects of their fabrication process.

The advantage of this method is you interact with a particular manufacturer face to face.

This allows you to negotiate with your manufacturer on different specifications.

Common tradeshows and trade fairs in China include; Canton Fair and Yiwu Commodities Fair.

It is critical that once you have agreed with a particular manufacturer, you need to visit their premises before production starts.

Verify if the Machine Manufacturer in China is Genuine

Once you have a manufacturer you want to conduct business with, you need to verify their details before work begins.

Some of the ways that you can use to verify if your manufacturer is genuine include:

Background Checks

A genuine manufacturer is not afraid of exposing that part of their business, which can attract clients.

Therefore, you have to ask them to reveal information such as their licenses and customers they have worked for them before.

If possible, check with the relevant authorities if the licenses are valid.

Such information helps in analyzing the existence and capability of a particular manufacturer.

Factory Visits

When you visit your manufacturers’ factory, you have an idea of their physical address.

This is a critical aspect that comes in handy when looking for ways to resolve your disputes.

Once you have found your machinery manufacturer from online platforms like Alibaba, you have to visit their factory.

Do not believe in photos that they send you or license documents since some may be fake.

During factory visits, you can conduct an audit to see if their processes meet your quality standard expectations.


Having a formal meeting at an appropriate place can help understand the manufacturer you want to engage in their services.

If possible, the discussion should involve the senior people in the manufacturing plant.

During the meeting you may ask questions related to the business to understand its process.

Such meetings also allow you to negotiate concerning details of your order.

For instance, you can discuss the production schedule, price, and packaging solutions for your order.

Request for Samples

Requesting a sample from your manufacturer is a way of determining if they can produce exactly what you want.

This is in terms of quality and the necessary specifications.

Most manufacturers offer free samples for their products; however, you must cover expenses like shipping and customs clearance.

It would help if you remembered that you wouldn’t get samples for all of your machinery.

In such cases, your manufacturer either gives you a reasonable warranty period or offer enticing after-sale services.

The importance of verifying your machinery manufacturer in China is to ascertain their production processes.

Through verification, you can locate your manufacturer in case of any issue, and you also understand the quality to expect from them.

Learn How to Get Best Prices for the Machinery from China

The best way of getting ideal pricing for your machinery is by negotiating with your manufacturer.

You can also reduce the design specification of your machine to get a price you are comfortable handling.

Another option is to buy in huge quantities, which gets you a discount from your manufacturer.

This is due to the benefits of economies of scale.

Calculate the duty you will Pay for the Machinery from China

Capsule filling machine

Capsule filling machine

Two factors determine the duty you are to pay for importing your Machinery from China.

That is import duty and customs value.

The import value for your machinery is dependent on the type of machine and its HS code.

HS code varies from one country to another hence the need to clarify before importing your machinery.

Customs value depends on your country of destination.

For instance, in the US, the customs value is the FOB value, while in the European Union, it is the CIF.

The cost of custom value might include the sample cost depending on your country.

Conduct the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for the Machinery from China

You must conduct a factory acceptance test for machinery that you import from China.

A factory acceptance test is one that assures you of the quality and effective performance of your machine.

A quality factory acceptance test checklist should include the model, design, MOC, quantity. Control panel and PLC panel.

It should also include RH sensors, safety features, and temperature sensors.

Focus on Critical Qualification Protocols for the Machinery from China

Qualification protocols facilitate the working of your Machinery from China.

You must observe them during the installation—operation and maintenance of your machinery.

The main qualification protocols that you should consider are:

1. Installation Qualification (IQ) for the Machinery from China

The installation qualification protocol for your machinery indicates if you have installed it properly and is of the right configuration.

The consideration should include if the power connection is right, if the cables are in the correct position, and the system functions appropriately.

2. Operational Qualification (OQ) for the Machinery from China

The operational qualification protocol indicates the different parts of your machines are functioning correctly.

You can assess the other parts if they are functioning at an optimum level.

If there is an issue, you need to consider following your manufacturer’s manual to check on troubleshooting.

Ensure Machinery from China conforms with all Standard Certification

One of the considerations you have to make is your manufacturer should have all the necessary documents to manufacture your machinery.

This is the surest way of having a machine that attains all the standard certifications.

These certifications assure you of the quality performance of your machinery.

However, different machines have different standards, depending on the country you are importing from China.

If you are not sure of the quality standards, you need to consult the relevant authorities within your jurisdiction before importing.

Request for Vital Documentation for the Machinery from China

It is crucial to have all the necessary documents of the machinery that you are importing from China.

These documents help in owner identification, machine operation, and what to do in case of a machine’s breakdown.

The documents you should have from your manufacturer include a warranty, user manual, and necessary paperwork.

Confirm if the Machinery Manufacturer in China Offers Aftersales Services

Different types of machinery have different useability and specifications.

Therefore, you must find a manufacturer who can offer various after-sales services for your machinery’s efficient working.

Some of the aftersales services that you should look out for include:

Installation of Machinery from China

Having a manufacturer who can install your machine after importation helps in facilitating its operation.

Some machinery can be complex or lack local expertise to install them.

Purchasing such machines from manufacturers who don’t install them for you renders your machine obsolete.

However, in some instances, you have to pay for the cost of shipping the expertise to your destination.

Commissioning of Machinery from China

You have to consider a manufacturer who can commission your Machinery from China.

Machinery commissioning ensures proper assembly of the parts, adequate power supply, and proper maintenance procedure.

A reliable manufacturer can indicate where the problem is before commissioning your machinery.

Training your Staff to Operate Machinery from China

Lack of local expertise to operate your machinery renders it nonfunctional.

Therefore, you have to find a manufacturer who is willing to train your local staff on how to use the machinery effectively.

Here, the common area of learning includes how to start and switch off your machinery and troubleshoot your machinery.

You can also check if your manufacturer can train on general maintenance processes.

Helping in Shipping Machinery from China

Shipping your Machinery from China can be hectic, especially if you are a beginner.

One way of reducing the hassle is by finding a manufacturer who can handle your shipping.

Such a manufacturer assists in customs clearance in China and offers all the logistics assistance.

This facilitates the shipment of your Machinery from China.

Know where to Buy Replacement Parts for Machinery from China

Understanding where to purchase replacement parts for the machinery, you import from China is crucial for its effective working.

Before importing, ask your manufacturer if they offer a replacement for their machinery.

Most manufacturers usually offer free spare parts for their machinery.

However, the catch is that you pay for the shipment cost for these spare parts.

This can be expensive, especially considering that you have to pay for the customs duties and taxes and the shipping cost.

The other disadvantage of shipping spare parts is they take longer to arrive due to the shipment time.

This can lead to a high downtime for your machinery.

A cheaper alternative is to buy your spare parts locally since it saves cost and time for operating your machinery.

Package Machinery from China Ready for Shipping

The nature and size of your machine dictate how you are to pack it before shipping.

However, it is essential to consider the safety of the machinery.

The importance of packaging is to prevent external factors from interfering with the quality of your machinery.

Such external factors include human weather interference.

Some of the effective packaging processes that you can apply to your cargo before shipping include:

· Rustproofing

Rust can degrade the quality of your machinery even before you start operating it.

Rustproofing helps prevent this and ensures your machinery arrives in the best quality.

There are various rust-proofing ways, including galvanization, painting, or coating using unique paints and plaiting.

Galvanization and plaiting involve the use of zinc or tin, which are non-reactive.


Shrinkwrapping involves the use of a unique plastic material that covers your machinery.

This seals in the air that are free from contamination, which may affect your machinery’s quality.


Containerization helps in reducing loss or damage to your machinery.

The advantage of containerization is it can act as an alternative storage place for your machinery.

However, the type of container to use depends on the type of machinery you import from China.

Ensure the Manufacturer of Machinery from China Offers Warranty

Most manufacturers in China avoid honoring or giving out warranties on their products.

However, when you find one who offers a warranty, you must settle the warranty terms.

For instance, you need to consider what conditions apply to the warranty and responsible for the shipping cost.

However, you have to consider the time it takes and the cost of shipping the machine back to your manufacturer during the warranty period.

This can be costly hence the need to look for a viable option.

For Custom Machinery from China, Sign Non-disclosure Agreement.

If you are importing custom machinery from China, you must sign a Non-disclosure Agreement with your manufacturer.

This is primarily to prevent your manufacturer from using your design specifications on another machine.

An elaborate NDA should consist of the following elements:

  • Identification of the parties involved in signing the particular agreement.
  • Identify the particular specifications of your machinery that should e considered confidential
  • Define the reason for not sharing the specifications and the consequences of sharing the information.
  • Give the timeframe for the validity of the agreement.

Depending on your manufacturer, you can have used one of the following NDAs:

Unilateral NDA

Under this NDA, either you or your manufacturer discloses the privacy information and expects the other party to prevent its further disclosure.

In most cases, you are the one who shares the custom specification of your machinery with your manufacturer.

It is the duty of your manufacturer not to share the information with other parties.

Bilateral NDA

In a bilateral NDA, you and your manufacturer disclose the information to each other.

However, you both agree to prevent further disclosure of confidential information relating to your machinery.

Here, both you and your manufacturers share the specifications for your custom machinery.

It is then the duty of both of you to prevent further disclosure of this information.

Multilateral NDA

This type of NDA involves more than one-two parties.

Here, one of these parties shares confidential information relating to your machinery with the other parties.

The other parties then must prevent further sharing of the information.

An NDA is a legal document that you should consider when importing your custom machinery from China, especially when:

  • The use of machinery is new and has a huge potential for changing operational processes.
  • You are engaging with a new manufacturer
  • When the investment for manufacturing the machinery is high, and you want to return your investment first.

Among the benefits you gain from signing an NDA when importing custom machinery from China include:

  • it shields you and your machinery from potential loss arising from sharing the confidential information
  • The confidential information is secret, which helps you in maximizing your profit.

When creating an NDA, you need to take care of the following issues:

  • Use simple language and be precise about the confidential information you don’t want to share.
  • Include the timeframe for the lapsing of the document
  • Ensure all the involved parties understand, and you include them in the drafting of the document

Work with Machinery Manufacturers in China who Support OEM Businesses

It would help if you contracted a manufacturer who supports the OEM business due to the benefits they offer to you.

Such benefits include cost-effectiveness since purchasing these parts from such businesses is cheaper.

It also reduces the shipping cost since you can quickly locate these businesses within your jurisdiction.

Hire Freight Forwarder to Help you Import Machinery from China

The safe and straightforward way of importing your Machinery from China is by hiring a freight forwarder.

Such a freight forwarder handles all the logistical aspects of your shipping from China.

Among the duties that a reliable freight forwarder handles when you involve them in shipping your Machinery from China include:

Offer Transportation and Logistics

There are various transportation requirements when importing your Machinery from China.

For instance, you have to consider transporting your machinery from your manufacturer’s premises to the port of origin.

You also have to consider means of transporting your machinery from the port of origin to your port of destination.

The machinery has to move from the port of destination to your premises.

These transportation means can be a hassle, especially if it is your first time importing your Machinery from China.

However, most freight forwarders have existing transport networks that they can use to facilitate your cargo shipment.

Once you engage them, they quickly facilitate the shipment of your cargo from China.


Warehousing plays a critical role in ensuring there is a safe importation of your Machinery from China.

It is here where you can store your goods as you package them adequately or waiting for finance to ship your cargo.

Warehousing can be difficult and expensive to find in China, especially when you are on your own.

A reliable forwarder usually has a warehouse both in China and your final destination point.

Such forwarders may offer their warehousing services or at a small fee, which is cheaper than finding a warehouse on your own.

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is a hectic process that requires several documents and fees.

Lack of any document can lead to a delay in customs clearance of your machinery.

However, engaging a freight forwarder can facilitate your customs clearance on your behalf.

They understand all the documents and necessary fees, including import duties and taxes needed to clear your machinery.

Your forwarder engages with you in advance on all the documents you need for a smooth customs clearance process.

Supervise Loading of Machinery from China

Unprocedural loading and unloading of your Machinery from China can lead to its damage.

A reliable freight forwarder has relevant experience and equipment to handle load safely and unload your machinery.

When searching for a freight forwarder to help in the importation of your Machinery from China, you have to consider the following:

Services Offered

You have to consider the services a particular freight forwarder offers and fit your requirements for shipping your Machinery from China.

You can find a forwarder who specializes in one aspect of your importation while others provide general services.

Among the services you have to consider are customs clearance, shipping, and warehousing.


You have to consider if a particular forwarder’s charges fit your budget and are worth the services they offer.

If possible, try and negotiate with them for a fair price before you start transacting.


Time deliveries can be a crucial factor when you need your machinery urgently.

It is, therefore, essential that your forwarder adheres to the timeframes that you agree with them.

These timelines should factor shipping from your manufacturer to the port of origin, from port of origin to port of destination, and finally to your doorstep.

It should also incorporate the loading and unloading time for your cargo.


You can trust the services of a forwarder who has been in the industry for a long since they have handled different clients. S

uch forwarder knows how to deal with clients and offer competitive services.

However, you should check into the qualities of the services such a forwarder offers before deciding to work with them.

Modes of Shipping Machinery from China

You have to consider several aspects before selecting the best mode for shipping your Machinery from China.

For instance, you have to consider the cost of shipping, the type and value of machinery you are importing, and their urgency.

Standard shipping modes you can use include:

Air Freight

Airfreight is an expensive way of shipping your Machinery from China.

It also has a limitation on the size and volume of machinery that you can import from China.

However, you can use this method if you have urgent machinery to import, and it is of reasonable size.

LCL Shipping

LCL shipping is the best option to use if you are the volume of your machinery cannot fill a container.

This mode allows you to pay for your machinery’s space within the container due to consolidation with other goods.

Consolidation means your cargo may interact with other goods, thereby posing a challenge of either theft or damage.

However, it is cheaper to transport your cargo from China since you pay for your machinery’s space.

When using LCL shipping, costs that you incur include pickup, the port of origin and destination cost, and delivery cost.

It is important to note that the calculation of these costs is usually on your machinery’s volume and weight.

FCL Shipping

An FCL shipping allows you to ship your machinery exclusively in one container.

This gives you the freedom to either fill up the entire container or partly.

The advantage of this is you have the assurance of your machinery’s safety since there is no interaction with those of others.

Shipping under this mode takes relatively less time since there is no unloading and loading in other ports.

However, it is expensive to ship using this mode since you have to pay for the entire container regardless of its filling status.

Factors that affect the pricing of your FCL include general rate increases and the seasons.

Ocean Freight

If you want to import large and voluminous machinery, then ocean freight is the best option for you.

The advantage of this is you can ship virtually any cargo from China to your destination.

This is due to the different types of containers that are available for your selection.

For instance, you have a flatbed container, open-ended container, and closed containers.

The charges of shipping your machinery here vary depending on various factors, including the type of container you use.

You also have to check on the volume of your Machinery, service charge, terminal fees, currency, and container capacity.


Truck shipment is the best option for inland shipping of your machinery. You can use this method alongside other transport means like the ocean, rail, and air.

The use is common in transporting your machinery from your manufacturer’s site to the port of origin.

You can also use it to transport your machinery from the port of destination to your final destination.

Rail Freight

To effectively use rail freight when importing from China, you need a direct rail line from there to your destination.

This limits its usage to countries bordering China.

However, you can use rail freight to ship your machinery from your manufacturer in China to your port of origin.

It is cost-effective and cheaper compared to using road or ocean freight.


Dropshipping is a strategic way of importing your Machinery from China.

This is because it allows you to import while at the comfort of your premises.

This method entails engaging a third party who does everything on your behalf until the machinery reaches you.

The advantage here is that it removes all the shipping burden and guarantees you the cargo’s safe shipping.

Benefits of Importing Machinery from China

One of the benefits you get when importing your Machinery from China is the variety in choosing your manufacturers.

There are numerous manufacturers that you can engage in the production of your machinery.

This means you can negotiate with the manufacturers for the specifications that you need.

Other advantages you have importing your Machinery from China are:

Favorable Pricing

The availability of different manufacturers in China implies that there is competitive pricing for the machinery.

You can shop around for a manufacturer who meets your budget or one that allows for negotiation.

Quality Machinery

Chinese authorities require most manufacturers to have all the necessary certifications before they start operating.

You, therefore, have the assurance of getting quality machinery by engaging the right manufacturer.

You have to ask your manufacturer for their certifications before engaging them in the fabrication of your machinery.


understanding the progress of your order is essential in helping you plan your business.

A reliable machinery manufacturer in China usually informs you of the progress of your order.

You can use that information to plan on your business’s progress or even how to finance the shipment of your order.

Timely Delivery

a reliable machinery manufacturer works within the timelines that you agree.

This means you have an approximate time of receiving your products, which helps in facilitating your business.

Documents you need to Import Machinery from China

There is a need for you to have the right documents when importing your Machinery from China.

This is because it facilitates custom clearance and shipment of your cargo.

Among the documents you require include:

 Importing documents

Importing documents

Commercial Invoice

A commercial invoice is a recognized request for payment for the machinery you import from China.

Your freight forwarder uses this document for customs clearance at the point of entry of your machinery.

The information you find on a commercial invoice includes your machinery’s unit price and the quantity.

It also consists of your name and address and that of your manufacturer.

Your manufacturer should be precise when quoting the prices of your machinery on the commercial invoice.

This is to avoid under or overpricing.

Underpricing can lead to withholding of your goods and the application of possible fines.

Overpricing means you have to pay more taxes and duties before clearance of your machinery by the customs.

Packing List

You can use this document in the absence of your commercial invoice since they have the same information.

When importing machinery you will need packing list.

Bill of Lading or Airway Bill

A bill of lading or airway bill is a document that your shipping company issue to indicate your cargo’s recipient and transportation.

It includes your name and details of your shipment and that of your shipping company.

It is a critical document, especially when using a letter of credit as your mode of payment.

You can present it to your commercial bank as proof of your machines’ recipient for them to pay your manufacturer.

Certificate of Origin

This is a document that proves your machinery originates from China.

Depending on the type of machinery you are importing, you can have two types of certificates of origin.

The first one is a preferential certificate of origin.

This document indicates that your machines enjoy some trade agreements between your country of destination and China.

The other one is a non-preferential certificate of origin.

This document states your machines do not enjoy any trade agreement agreements between your destination country and China.

How to Choose Incoterm when Importing Machinery from China

When choosing an incoterm to use for importing your Machinery from China, you have to consider the parties’ responsibility.

Among the incoterms for selection include:


This incoterm allows you to cover costs like insurance, customs clearance at your destination port, and sea freight charges.

You have to pay the transportation fee from your destination port to your premises and the destination port’s terminal costs.

Your manufacturer covers all the other costs relating to the shipment of your cargo.

It is the best incoterm to use since you don’t have to bear related risks.


Using this incoterm allows you to handle terminal and port clearance costs at the destination port and insurance costs for your shipment.

Once your shipment reaches the destination port, you have to transport them to your premises.


Ex-work allows you to cover sea freight charges, customs clearance costs, transportation, and insurance cost relating to your machinery.

Your supplier does not incur any cost arising from the occurrence of any risk during the shipment process. It is you who bears all the risks.


Paying for the terminal and port clearance at the destination port is your responsibility as an importer.

You also have to pay for your shipment from the destination port to your final destination point.

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