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Carrara Marble Importing from China
Carrara Marble Importing from China

Carrara is one of the most commonly used marbles for residences. China has a leading marble manufacturer and can supply any types of marble. If you want carrara marble, Chinese market can provide your needs.

Statuary Marble Importing from China
Statuary Marble Importing from China

Statuary Marble also always has a uniform background, but what sets this apart from the other kinds of marble is its dramatic veining. Whether you need to buy statuary marble for your home or your business, China marble market is a good choice. The best supplier and manufacturer of marble are Xiamen and Foshan.

Calacatta Marble Importing from China
Calacatta Marble Importing from China

This type of marble is one of the most luxurious in the world, due to its rarity. It is extremely similar to Carrara. One of the most striking differences in the dark and thick veining, which differentiates itself strongly. For best choices of marble, Xiamen is the biggest supplier in China and you can choose your ideal marble design and types. Providing the highest quality at an affordable price.

Emperador Marble Importing from China
Emperador Marble Importing from China

Emperador marble really makes its mark in the world of marble. The colors are a bit darker and come in shades of brown, which add the perfect touch to areas such as a fireplace, or a reading nook. Marble Chinese market can supply all kinds of marble in different colors, which are perfect for the interior of homes.

Crema Marfil Marble Importing from China
Crema Marfil Marble Importing from China

Crema Marfil Marble is perfect for floors in a home. China has the leading manufacturers that supplies a highest quality marble product. You can select the best crema marfil marble at affordable price.

Levadia Black Marble Importing from China
Levadia Black Marble Importing from China

If you want to buy Levadia Black Marble products for your needs or business, China’s leading manufacturer has enough supplies to cater your needs while ensuring the quality of the product. Chinese market will be your best partner on growing your marble business.

Calacatta Gold Marble Importing from China
Calacatta Gold Marble Importing from China

Are you owning a marble business? China marble manufacturers offers you a lot of marble including calacatta gold marble.China has the leading supplier of marble mostly in Xiamen. They have enough supply capacity to meet your needs. These suppliers provide reasonable price to you and ensure the quality of their product.

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When your marble orders need to be moved quickly, air freight is the best solution.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 18
Ship by rail is best for your large volume of marble orders over greater distances from China.
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If you are new to importing from China or have no importing permit, you can contact Bansar to help your order, we will ship your orders to your warehouse or home.

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Importing Marble from China: The Definitive Guide

If you are finding a professional marble manufacturer,

If you are importing marble from China, you must read this guide.

You will get benefits from reading this guide and become familiar with the Chinese marble market.

About Importing Marble Stone from China

Now China is already the world’s largest country for processing and producing natural marble. China has gathered blocks from the world’s stone quarries and processed them into various natural marble products in China and shipped them to construction sites and the Renovation site.

China’s marble suppliers are mainly concentrated in Fujian, Guangdong, and Hubei. Among them, Shuitou Town in Fujian Province and Yunfu City in Guangdong Province are the most famous stone cities.

What are The Product Types of Marble

Before importing marble products, you must know what type of product you are buying, because natural marble is mined from the stone quarries and can be shaped into a variety of stone products for use in various places in the building, so To find different marble suppliers for different marble products, the following are the most common types of marble products in China:

Marble Blocks

The block is the most primitive marble material. Many buyers will directly pull Chinese marble blocks to their own country for drawing processing. The blocks of the most famous marble mines in China are the white wood grain marble quarry in Guizhou Province, and the nero marquina marble quarry in Guangxi Province, Oriental White Marble quarry in Sichuan Province, Hermes Grey Marble quarry in Guangdong Province, etc. These are the most popular colors for exporting marble blocks.

The price calculation method of marble blocks is based on weight. When selecting blocks in China, it is recommended that you or your purchasing agent, because natural stone is full of changes, you must sprinkle water on the blocks to be able to see Texture and color of the surface.

Marble Slabs

In the Chinese marble market, the thickness of marble slabs is generally 1.5cm, 1.8cm and 2.0cm, with 1.8cm thick slabs being the most popular. In Shuitou Town, Fujian Province, China, there are thousands of stone suppliers, as well as stone markets of various sizes. In the stone market, tens of thousands of square slabs of marble have been placed. In recent years, white and gray Marble slabs are the most popular.

When buying marble slabs, be sure to choose a marble supplier with a large inventory, because then you can pick out the marble pattern you want. For complex grain marbles, you can ask the supplier to do some special processing, such as the slabs matching treatment, re-sharpening and so on.

How to identify high-quality marble slabs

If the surface of the marble slab is turbid and has a gel-like texture, and there are small air holes on the reverse side of the slab, then do not buy it, this slab is very easy to break. In contrast, the marble surface structure is delicate and rich in texture, which is better. Hardness, stability, etc. are also a criterion for judging the quality of marble. How to do it? Tap the marble surface to listen to the sound. This method is used in all kinds of decoration purchase and acceptance. If the sound is crisp and very pleasant, it is a good product. Or the particles are loose, it is recommended to consider before buying.

Marble Tiles

If you do n’t have your own processing workshop, we do n’t recommend buying marble slabs. Buying marble tiles directly in China is the best choice. This is also the way most engineering customers choose.

If you are a stone engineering trader who wants to purchase, then after the engineering drawings come out, you send the drawings to the marble supplier. At this time, you must confirm the final inspection standards, including color changes, texture changes, and some special processing. The method, because natural stone is always changing, let the marble supplier select the large slab suitable for your project, and then cut and process.

If you are purchasing as a stone wholesaler, you only need to find a supplier with a long-term inventory of marble tiles, because this is the most reliable. It is not recommended for those who buy marble blocks for custom processing. You can print your own logo on the box or customize your own box.

Marble Waterjet Tiles and Mosaic Tiles

In the retail market, marble mosaics and waterjet tiles are the most popular stone products. The so-called marble mosaic, which is made of natural marble stones, cut and polished into mosaics of different specifications and shapes, is a collage of the oldest and most traditional mosaics.

Compared to other mosaic materials, marble mosaic has a purely natural texture and has a very natural stone texture. Its style is natural, elegant, and simple. It belongs to the highest grade in the mosaic family. Marble mosaics are divided into two types, matte and glossy, according to their processing technology. The specifications of common stone mosaics are mainly square, strip, rounded, round, and irregular.

Marble Column

Among the marble products, marble columns are one of the oldest processed products. Among the ancient buildings in Greece and Rome, natural stone columns are the most popular. Some ancient buildings are still preserved to this day. Today, marble columns are still being used in our building. So how do we purchase the best marble columns? It is important to note the following:

Select hard marble material.

Be sure not to see the gaps in the processing of the joints.

The surface must be treated uniformly, for example, the polishing brightness must be consistent.

The traces of patching cannot be obvious

How to ship marble from China

As we all know, marble products are very heavy, with a density of about 2.7T/m³. Then the most commonly used mode of transport is by sea. Air transport is not recommended because the unit price of air transport is very high.

Commonly used packaging methods are wooden frames, wooden boxes, cartons + wooden boxes, etc. You can refer to the following pictures:

Marble Blocks

Marble Blocks

Marble Column

Marble Column


Marble Tiles

Marble Tiles


Marble Waterjet Tiles and Mosaic Tiles

Marble Waterjet Tiles and Mosaic Tiles

Best 20 Marble Manufacturers in China

1 Quyang Perfect Sculpture Factory

Quyang Perfect Sculpture Factory was founded in 1995 year. And as a professional marble/stone carving manufacturer, they can offer all series of marble products. The marble products are typically used in monuments & memorials, construction industries, stone fountain, marble planter, marble statue, and many more.  They are holding more than 15 years` industry experience.

2 Xiamen Sunlight Stone Co., Ltd

The company established a close and long-term business relationships with clients in over 20 regions and countries. West and East Europe, the USA, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Canada, etc are some involved countries. In the Xiamen Sunlight Stone Co., Ltd, marble in customized dimensions and designs are welcomed. They can help in making your dreams come true.

3 Stone Forest Co., Ltd

Stone Forest Co., Ltd is devoted to the business of trading and processing all types of stone products such as marble. They have complete stone processing equipment and already participate in building projects worldwide. Its factory is located in Quanzhou, nearby Xiamen and the main office is at Fujian, China. In order to provide marble products with superior quality, the factory applies management expertise and innovative imported machines.

4 Yeyang Stone Group

Yeyang Stone Group is China`s leading stone distributor and manufacturer set up in the 1993 year. It is situated in the Shuitou & Xiamen- known as a stone hometown in China. The company has accumulated over 23 years of experience in stone production. Yeyang is a group company consisting of over 20 family-operated factories. With the ultimate mission of providing customers the best quality stone products at a competitive cost.

5 Xiamen TSP Stone Industry Co., Ltd

Xiamen TSP Stone Industry Co., Ltd is a comprehensive stone manufacturing enterprise, with many years of involvement in the field. They typically deal with stone products like marble, granite, quartz stones, and crystallized glass panel stones. After several years` experience in the stone business, they have now the ability to provide clients with thoughtful and meticulous service.

6 Risheng Stone Company

The company started its journey in the stone industry since 1994. Now Risheng Stone Company gathered more than 18 years of history, owning 2 factories, one for granite, and another one for marble. Headquartered in Shuitou Town China, also an expert in exporting stone products to international markets. The company`s goal is to assist customers to find the best products with the best price and quality.

7 Chengdu Gigantic Star Industrial Co., Ltd

The Chengdu Gigantic Star Industrial Co., Ltd known as a specialized stone company with a complete set of processing equipment. They are also integrated in the marble engineering designs, mining, production, sales, and distribution. Its production base can be found in Sichuan province China, which is the origin of white-colored marble.

8 MaoShuang Stone

A family-owned manufactory founded in 1993 year. MaoShuang Stoneworks as a reliable and professional manufacturer of stone products such as marbles. Located in Nan’an City, known as China`s largest stone area. Due to sincere, thoughtful service, professional experience, and good quality, MaoShuang Stone has become bigger and bigger. Also, they are hoping to establish a long-term business relationship with you.

9 Global Stone

Global Stone paid concentration on stone fabrication especially marble stones which is their best-selling product. The company is very devoted to provide high-quality services. Consists of highly trained workers with full capabilities to discuss customers` requirements. The team is doing its best to produce products that exceed every individual`s high expectations.

10 Shenzhen Chiva Stones Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Chiva Stones Co., Ltd is popular due to reliable efforts in the exporting & manufacturing of marble, granite, slate, and sandstone. They can be guaranteed their products at a reasonable price and highest quality. Nowadays, their products are well sold to both overseas and domestic markets. They welcomed customers from different countries, creating mutual benefits and a bright future.

11 JSC Stone

Founded in 1999, JSC Stone is one of the trusted marble manufacturers in China. For more than 20 years of development and experience in this field, they got a good reputation in home and abroad markets. This company is specialized in the production and supply of stone for various high-end residential projects and commercial projects. Obtain the finest products for your projects now!

12 Xiamen Quality Stone Co. Ltd

Established in 2000, Xiamen Quality Stone Co. Ltd is a professional marble manufacturer in China with combined experience and knowledge in the stone industry. They also offer a wide range of other types of stones like Basalt, Quartzite, Granite, Sandstone, Slate, etc. Offer custom designs, competitive products at reliable rates, and OEM services that can meet your demands. Many customers in over 50 countries around the world benefitted from their products!

13 Xiamen Hongzhanxing stone Co., Ltd

Xiamen Hongzhanxing stone Co., Ltd is one of the leading marble manufacturers located in Xiamen, China, founded in 1990. Currently supplying more than 600 kinds of stone to clients worldwide. Since its foundation, this company continuously offer high-quality products and the best service to all customer.

14 Xiamen Joston Trade Co. Ltd

Started in 2002, Xiamen Joston Trade Co. Ltd is a dedicated supplier and producer of natural stones in China and Fujian Province. At present, this company owns complete equipment for efficient production including 2 automatic polishers, 14 bridge cutting machines, 10 infrared trimmers, 7 forklifts, and 8 cranes. All products are compliant with local and international quality standards!

15 Alishan (CN) Stone Crafts Co., Ltd.

Since 1998, Alishan (CN) Stone Crafts Co., Ltd. focuses on manufacturing a broad range of stone products including marbles, cobblestones, granite, limestone, slate, basalts, quartzite, and so on.  All products are manufactured with high-quality, strong packaging at the best price. Possess 2 modern factories and 3 quarries to provide you complete and competitive service.

16 Xiamen Yuanda stone co., ltd

Xiamen Yuanda stone co., ltd is one of the premier stone producers located in China with three big factories covering 200,000 square meters in Shuitou. For over 20 years of profound skills, they gained and established a tight cooperated relationship with the most quarries all around the world. ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified company that can support you with the exact tools and details required to skyrocket your business.

17 Xiamen Kunmastone

ISO9001 certified company engaged in the manufacturing of high-quality stone products, founded in 1992. With their superb stone sources, superior craftsmanship, and vast production experience, you would find them as a reliable supplier and business partner. Excellent products and service await you!

18 Hezhou Unisun Stone Co., LTD

Located in Hezhou City, Guangxi Province, Hezhou Unisun Stone Co., LTD is a major stone products manufacturer for residential and commercial projects. Also offer pre-fabricated and customize size products that can exceed the demands of wholesale buyers. With more than 8 years of experience, they guarantee satisfying products!

19 Quanzhou Tianyuan Stone Co., Ltd

Quanzhou Tianyuan Stone Co., Ltd strives to provide the best quality solution and services to customers throughout the world. They maintain professional relationships with fabricators, contractors, wholesalers, designers, and homeowners to guarantee the stone that goes into your project is the finest quality available. Tianyuan stone products have been exported to more than 100 countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Africa, America, Canada, Europe, etc.

20 Kungfu Stone Ltd

Set up in the year 2011, Kungfu Stone Ltd is a professional marble provider that obtained many certificates such as CE, RoHS EN16488 test report, Quality Trusted certificate, etc. This company ensures that every Chinese Stone product quality meet client request and is created to perfection. Professional Chinese Stone Expert you can rely on!

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