Net Weight VS Gross Weight

What Is the Difference between Net Weight And Gross Weight

The major challenge most of us face is differentiating between the net weight and the gross weight of a product. For clarity, we are going to dive into a critical analysis of the differences and how you can tell one from the other.

What Is Net Weight?

For starters, net weight is product weight. We can simply describe it as the real mass of the content that tells you how much of the product you get.

Net Weight
Net Weight

The correct net weight is a piece of vital information for you since the information allows you to be aware of the accurate amount of product you are getting. You will find this information indicated on product packages to differentiate it from its gross weight.

What Is Gross Weight

When we look at the composition of the gross weight, three considerations come into play. We sum up the weight of the product together with its packaging.

Gross Weight
Gross Weight

You can use this as an index when calculating shipping expenses and all other item-handling requirements. Since the gross weight covers all the items, you can easily coordinate your transport and logistic processes.

Difference Between Net Weight And Gross Weight

Weight is a constant when discussing net and gross weight although there exist differences that we can analyze as an overview. Some of these key differences include:

 Net WeightGross Weight
Meaning We consider the weight of the product exclusivelyWe Sum of the product and package weights
Application  We Mostly use it to verify the real weight of the product aloneWe mostly apply it when shipping products and in logistics
Components The product weightThree weights at play here are the product, packaging and container weights
Importance Assists in determining product sales and pricing, and general inventory managementAssists you in determining the cost of handling, shipping, and necessary storage requirements
Relevance It can give you the product information you require as a consumerIt can be used to formulate transport regulations and any other relevant tariffs
FormulaeGross Weight – Tare WeightNet Weight + Tare Weight


Remember, determining weight is a critical factor in air freight. In most cases, we determine the cost of shipping using airfreight in terms of weight.


You now have a clear distinction between the net and gross weight when dealing with commodities. One important aspect of gross weight is its pivotal role when planning your shipping schedule.

Net weight on the other hand is a consumer information index since pricing is usually based on the weight of the said product. Now that you know the difference, you can avoid any wrong numbering and stay up to date with any standard product rules.

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