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Aircraft nuts and bolts
Importing Aircraft nuts and bolts from China

If you think there is no way to find reliable manufacturers, then you`re wrong. You can easily find elastic manufacturers that having high-skilled performances only in China. You can choose whatever design you want for they offered custom designs of reliable bolts and nuts. Chinese has been in this industry for how many years and still on constructing its own abilities just to serve you wholeheartedly.

Carriage nuts and bolts
Importing Carriage nuts and bolts from China

Bansar always makes sure they protected your shipments in any transportation areas. In your large orders, you can easily rely on any Chinese business manufacturers operating in town. They are trusted for how many years because of their done jobs are very reliable in its factorizations. the Chinese have been proven entertainable and very reputable to each of its clients.

Cup headed headed nuts and bolts
Importing Cup-headed headed nuts and bolts from China

Cup-headed nuts and bolts are completely threaded with a rounded forming on its edge. When you definitely like it to be on your business ideal productions, then hurry up on inquiring to any Chinese given authorities. You can ensure that you will be entertained about your own questiona that might be disturbing you for how many years.

Cylindrical headed nuts and bolts
Importing Cylindrical headed nuts and bolts from China

Cylindrical headed nuts and bolts are obviously cylinders and round in shape. Chinese offers wide diversity in these productions. So you have no problem with their stocks of cylindrical headed nuts and bolts you wanted to have on your business progressions. Prompt delivery and shipping your ordered products are the main responsibilities of Bansar company.

Elevator nuts and bolts
Importing Elevator nuts and bolts from China

Elevator nuts and bolts are a kind of elevated and uplifted form of nuts and bolts. It is usually operated with the help of canvas or any easily bent materials. It is popular in its wondrous design, shallowly creation. If this is suitable for your business enlargement, the quickly on purchasing from only trusted manufacturers, founded in China.

Eye nuts and bolts
Importing Eye nuts and bolts from China

Eye nuts and bolts are a buckle with a spiral head. Its unique design is very highly rated and very known as one of the reliable kinds of nuts and bolts. It is used forcefully attach a locking eye to a perfect composition that is why the ropes can be easily tied on it. This product might be the cause of the faster progress of your running business. For having this, Chinese offered partnerships towards the two of you.

Hanger nuts and bolts
Importing Hanger nuts and bolts from China

Hanger nuts and bolts are scattered used to cancel the subject matters from any attached woods from it. This is not like other nuts and bolts designs, because there is no head on it. When you already purchase something reliable products from China, Bansar can assist you in the shipping process. Chinese highly offered a large variety of their hanger nuts and bolts productions.

Hexagonal headed nuts and bolts
Importing Hexagonal-headed nuts and bolts from China

It has a hexagonal shape on its head. It is a kind of automatic machine useful to threads anything by a nut. When choosing the right manufacturers and a stress-free in the import process, then you must rely upon ang gives your trust to any Chinese manufacturers operating on the system until this current time. They are giving their truly best in giving you the services you deserved.

J boltsnuts and bolts
Importing J nuts and bolts from China

Its uncomparable style and design are very precious. J nuts and bolts can be also called as clip-on nut, speed nut, and many more. It is made with the purpose of giving your satisfaction to it. It is originally made with hard metallic materials made by professionals that have a wide knowledge of doing this. Do an urgent study with those recorded trustworthy manufacturers and importers in China.

Lag nuts and bolts
Importing Lag nuts and bolts from China

Lag screws are positioned by instructing perfect size as a try out hole. When it is accurate on your business improvement activities then hurry up. There is a lot of free selections of lag nuts and bolts in Chines marketing departments. Many provinces located in China such as Tianjin, Jiangsu, Guangdong, etc can do an effectual manufacturing of the products for your own success.

Machine nuts and bolts
Importing Machine nuts and bolts from China

Having in a low budget but wanted to import machine nuts and bolts came from the manufacturers in China? Don`t worry. Bansar offers their transporting of your orders just for a low-cost rate yet in a competitive way. You must do an urgent action in dealing with them. They give satisfied services in handling your shipment products.

Plow nuts and bolts
Importing Plow nuts and bolts from China

By importing Plow nuts and bolts from China might be the best way and idea for you. To have the faster progression of your current run business, you must acquire to those popularized trustworthy ones. In saving a lot of effort and cash, Bansar definitely can help through it. Chinese markets have been leading for the past few years and keeping on leading until this current time.

Shoulder nuts and bolts
Importing Shoulder nuts and bolts from China

To have an attractive and safe packaging of your shipments especially in importing your order shoulder nuts and bolts, Bansar has the right to do that responsibility. For how many years in services, a Bansar shipping company has been popular and known to its trustworthy and industrious workers. Different kinds of nuts and bolt are available on Chinese marketings.

Square headed nuts and bolts
Importing Square headed nuts and bolts from China

Nuts and bolts in a square-headed can be also avail in the only one leading Chinese markets and faithful manufacturers. You can import your large or even small orders of square-headed nuts and bolts through the trusted shipping company of Bansar. They also known for their dedication in giving the best to their clients each high requirement.

U bolts nuts and bolts
Importing U-bolts nuts and bolts from China

The suppliers of u-bolts and nuts can be only easily searched in the country of China. China been considered as the wold`s largest manufacturers of any formation of nuts and bolts. You have the right to choose the best manufacturing factories that you think suitable to you but Bansar recommends Chinese manufacturers coming from Zhejiang. They have 3,667 of hardworking manufacturers

Need Bansar to Handle Your Nuts and Bolts Shipping from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China
By shipping your nuts and bolts orders through sea freights, there will be no stress and hesitation occurences.
Air Freight Shipping from China
A safiest way of transporting your ordered nuts and bolts is only can be experienced with dealing air freights forwarding.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
You can possibly save more of your cash when you transact and do a good deal with shipping your orders throught an effective way of transporting, by rail transportation.
Door to Door Service China
Isn`t too familiar with the process of transporting odered products? Bansar can help you by delivering your orders directly to your warehouse.

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The Resource To Help You Find Nuts and Bolts From China:

Nuts and Bolts Manufacturers in China

Import Information of Nuts and Bolts

Best 20 Nuts and Bolts Manufacturers in China

1 Hangzhou Prostar Enterprises Ltd

Hangzhou Prostar Enterprises Ltd located in Mainland China particularly in Hangzhou City, China. This team promise to make perfect quality nuts and bolts for customers from different countries. In the factory, there`s comprehensive nuts and bolt choices, provided for customers to select from. They export products to provinces in China or even different countries around the world.

2 Jiaxing Goshen Hardware CO.,LTD

Had headquarter located in the Economic Development Area, Zhejiang province, China. They particularize in providing any kind of nuts and bolts products. All products are high-strength, excellent in quality, and available for lower prices. It was also recognized by international quality standards including ASTM, GB, BS, ANSI, DIN, JIS, and so forth. The company has 5 years of nuts & bolts industry experience, now gained high popularity and reputation in any region.

3 Hisener

Well-known operator, manufacturer, and supplier of excellent quality nuts and bolts. Since the establishment in 2004, Hisener situated at Haining City, China produced different kinds of nuts and bolts to achieve customer satisfaction. As of right now, Hisener is a famous company, known as leading suppliers and manufacturers of nuts and bolts productions. This company is also certified by CE EN 14592, ISO9001:2015, and EN 14566.

4 Ningbo yi pian hong fastener Co., Ltd

Its factory was built in Ningbo City, China in the year 2001. Ningbo yi pian hong fastener Co., Ltd is a professional nuts and bolts solution provider as well as exporter, the best member of China Fastener Association. It is also deeply devoted to the production of various high-strength bolts and nuts. With annual production capacity reaches up to 30,000 tons of nuts and bolts products.

5 Shanghai Jianxin Hardware Co.,Ltd

Based in Shanghai City, China that explores the market in over 55 regions and countries around the world. Shanghai Jianxin Hardware Co., Ltd`s main products aside from nuts and bolts are hex nuts, hex bolts, wheel nuts, nylon insert nuts, flange nuts, and so on. Most of the products are certified by ISO, BS, DIN, GB, JIS, and ANSI quality certifications.

6 Jiaxing Haina Fastener co. Ltd

Jiaxing Haina Fastener co. Ltd offers a full range of nuts and bolts products with high-strength and highest quality. Based in Jiaxing City, China, and have lots of export experiences ever since the establishment in 2010. All the products are manufactured by advanced functions machines and comply with international standards. A company that obtained ISO9000, SGS, and BV certifications.

7 Handan Qijing Fastener Manufacture Co., Ltd

Incorporated in Hebei, Handan City, China in the year 1994. After several years of export and manufacturing experience, their nuts and bolts products become top-selling in foreign countries such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the United States, and Europe. All are compliance of national quality standards and sold well by both foreign and domestic customers.

8 Anhui Changjiang Fasteners Co., Ltd

Anhui Changjiang Fasteners Co., Ltd is one of the earliest operating companies in China. With the main factory based at Technological Development Zone, Anhui Province, China. An entirely-owned subordinate of Changjiang Jinggong Steel Structure (Group) Co., Ltd. Passer of ISO14001 environment, OHSAS28001 occupational health system and ISO9001: 2008 standard management system certifications.

9 Jiaxing Goshen Hardware Co., Ltd

Working and founded in Mainland China, a supplier of the best services and quality products for overseas and domestic customers. This enterprise passed the RoHS, SGS, and ISO9001-2008 certifications. Also supported with CNC machines, thread rolling machines, tail-milling machines, advanced inspecting machines, etc for fast production and to satisfy every client. All the nuts and bolts products come from this company meet to the JIS, DIN, ANSI, ISO GB, and UNI standards. It gained high popularity and reputation from global customers for its high-quality nuts &bolts products and good customer service.

10 Quanzhou Litai Auto Parts MFG. CO; Ltd

Was born in the year 1986, Quanzhou Litai Auto Parts MFG. CO; Ltd is a professional exporter and manufacturing company paid more attention in nuts & bolts productions, research & development, and market to different countries. Exporting most of their products to foreign markets including Southeast Asia, North & South America, Russia, Africa, the Middle East, and so forth.

11 Ningbo Sanwang Auto Parts Co., Ltd

The Ningbo Sanwang Auto Parts Co., Ltd that operates in China Mainland was continuously doing a good job in producing a range of nuts and bolts for over 30 years. Dedicated in various kinds of nuts & bolts, great for all vehicle applications. The company is supported by senior engineers and designers, helpful for fast nuts & bolts productions.

12 Hangzhou Renshun Auto Parts Company

Built-in 1990, Hangzhou Renshun Auto Parts Company is one of the outstanding, professional exporter and manufacturer of any nuts and bolts, suitable for different applications. The company is focally concerned with the production, design, and development of nuts and bolts, ensure to its high-quality level, durability, and long service life. Moreover, as the result of outstanding service and products, they win international sales networks to Southeast Asia, European countries, the USA, South Africa, Africa, and so on.

13 J AND R Metalwork Industry Co., Limited

J AND R Metalwork Industry Co., Limited is looking forward to work and supply each customer from different regions and countries. With nearly 13 years of experience in the nuts and bolts industry, continuously making technical enhancement and management development. They can supply assorted nuts and bolts designs and even customize them based on the client`s technical specifications.

14 Shanghai Kinsom Precision Hardware Co., Ltd

The Shanghai Kinsom Precision Hardware Co., Ltd can offer a huge variety of nuts and screw bolts. This is a company that consists of a professional engineering team to manufacture custom styles of products relying upon the client`s demands. The company can also fabricate nuts and bolts to innumerable custom categories. In the factory, a wide array of product selections are open for selection.


WELLBOLT CO., LTD is an expert nuts and bolts supplier and manufacturer in China. Not only high-grade nuts and bolts, but they also manufacture screws, plain washer, auto fastener, and threaded rods to meet customer`s needs. Today, this enterprise mainly deals with overseas trade. 90% of products that come from the factory are sold well to various regions such as Europe, North America, Africa, etc.

16 Xinghua Hongte Stainless Products Co., Ltd

Xinghua Hongte Stainless Products Co., Ltd is an excellent nuts and bolts manufacturer and export enterprise. One of the leading company supplies all types of nuts and bolts, not just that, the company also supply all machining parts, pins, washers, flanges, and many more. It also built a good business relationship with lots of popular enterprises operating around the world.


Located in the southern part of the developed Yangtze River Delta and the coast of the East China Sea. Started in 2008, specialized in manufacturing high strength nuts and bolts. Their products are manufactured in accordance with ASME, SAE, ASTM, ISO, UNI, BS, AS, and JIS international standards. 80% of their products are distributed to South America, Europe, North America, Africa, Europe, Middle East, etc.


JIAXING SILI FASTENER Co., Ltd is a China-based manufacturer of high-grade nuts and bolts products. They only produced flexible, highest quality nuts, and bolts products for customers from different countries. The team designed nuts and bolts by their advanced production equipment. All are available at competitive prices and available in custom models.

19 Wuxi Zhuocheng Mechanical Components Co., Ltd

Wuxi Zhuocheng Mechanical Components Co., Ltd is one group of professional manufacturers and suppliers of top-quality nuts and bolts. They can make products in accordance with ISO, DIN, JIS, BS, and ANSI standards. As of now, they can develop over 10, 000 different kinds of nuts and bolts, makes them perfect as your solution provider. Can provide OEM services to achieve client satisfaction.

20 Dongguan Longsheng Metal Manufacturer

Dongguan Longsheng Metal Manufacturer has been established for more than 2 decades. They owned 60 sets of professional inspection equipment and also supported with technical employees with wide experience in the field. Per week, the company can produce over 10, 000, 000 pieces of nuts and bolts products. Transported and delivered to over 20 regions and countries worldwide including Belarus, Singapore, Malaysia, America, Russia, Dubai, etc.

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