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Oilfield Equipment from China
Importing Down-hole from China

Downhole are pieces of oilfield equipment that are used during good drilling, completion, and intervention or well workover activities and helps the oil well in optimizing the production levels and maintain a continuous flow from a reservoir. If you are looking for a supplier who supplies all types of durable oilfield equipment, China has a lot of supplier from Shandong and Jiangsu provinces.

Drilling Pipe
Importing Drilling Pipe from China

Drill pipe is hollow thin-walled steel or aluminium alloy piping that is used on drilling rigs. It is hollow to allow drilling fluid to be pumped down the hole through the bit and back up the annulus. Whether you need to import small or large orders of drilling pipe for your oilfield, leading supplier and manufacturer from Zhejiang can always meet the needs of your special requirements.

Drilling Stabilizers
Importing Drilling Stabilizers from China

Importing for the first time are not an easy task, especially when you’re unfamiliar in any supplier and factory. A drilling stabilizer is a piece of downhole equipment used in the bottom hole assembly. Several types of drilling stabilizers are used in the oilfield today. In China, you can select your ideal oilfield equipment supplier and factory from Guangdong province.

Flame Detector
Importing Flame Detector from China

China is a great producer of all kinds of oilfield equipment and many others. China offers quality materials and equipment that can be imported into almost any country. Jiangsu province has the most supplier and factory of oilfield equipment who can provide a fast process for your urgent orders.

Flow Meter
Importing Flow Meter from China

An instrument that measures the flow rate of fluids through a pipeline. There are several types of flowmeters, including the differential-pressure meter, orifice meter, positive-displacement meter, vortex meter, and multiphase meters. If you are looking for a trusted supplier and factory who can support your growing business, Bansar can help you find a reliable flow meter supplier in Shandong province of China.

Mud Pumps
Importing Mud Pumps from China

A mud pump or drilling mud pump is used to circulate drilling mud on a drilling rig at high pressure. The mud is circulated down through the drill string, and back through the annulus at high pressures. You should look for the best supplier and manufacturer who can ensure your orders will be delivered safely to your warehouse. Suppliers are most in Shanghai province.

Oil Seals
Importing Oil Seals from China

Find your ideal oil seal from the leading manufacturers found in China. China manufacturers are supplying all types of equipment for your oil field business. They manufactured high standard oil seals to meet the needs of your special requirements at very competitive prices. Manufacturers and factory are commonly based in Guangdong province of China.

Rotary Tables
Importing Rotary Tables from China

If you are looking for cheap rotary tables yet high quality, China manufacturers are supplying the best one. Most leading manufacturers are based in Guangdong province. If you are planning to import in China, you have made the best choice. Bansar can recommend a reliable supplier for your growing business to guide the whole importing process.

Importing Valves from China

Find your ideal valve oil field equipment from verified suppliers and factory in China. Most suppliers are located in Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces. A wide variety of valves are provided by their popular suppliers who have been trusted for over years of manufacturing. Select various high-quality valve products for your oil field and build better relationships with them.

Wellhead Control Panels
Importing Wellhead Control Panels from China

Ensure your wellhead control panel orders safety by choosing certified suppliers and factories that have passed a lot of international certification. The wellhead control panel is key equipment in the oil & gas industry to protect oilfield facilities and the environment from wellhead fire and emergencies, which is one of the main control systems to ensure smooth oilfield oil production.

Workover Rigs
Importing Work-over Rigs from China

Workover Rigs helps in drilling where a hole has already been dug. It is available for both onshore as well as offshore Workover purposes at affordable prices. Be one of the importers of popular and best suppliers and factories from Guangdong Shandong and Jiangsu provinces of China. They have the capability to ensure the safety of your order about shipping your work-over rigs warehouse to warehouse.

Gas Detector
Importing Gas Detector from China

If you’re unfamiliar in any supplier and manufacturer to support your growing business, Bansar can help you find the best one. Jiangxi province has a lot of reliable and well-known oilfield equipment factory who has the capability to handle your whole process. Finding the best supplier can help you find high-quality products to support your business. Also, it can help you save a lot of money.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Oil Field Equipment Shipping from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China to
Shipping Oil Field Equipment by sea is the oldest transportation but everything is moved via large cargo containers and secured.
air Freight Shipping from China to
For your Oil Field Equipment fast delivery, air freight shipping is your best option. High level of security and better space for your orders is guaranteed.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 10
Travelling by rail is also extremely cost effective, you can instantly save of freight costs in shipping your Oil Field Equipment.
Door to Door Shipping from China to 1
If you want a hassle free shipping, above all saving time and effort, you can choose door to door shipping.

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Best 20 Oilfield Equipment Manufacturer in China

1. Puyang Zhongshi Group Co., Ltd.

Puyang Zhongshi Group Co., Ltd is 18 years of manufacturing petroleum machinery products. They have competitive rates of their main products of casing accessories such as slid rigid centralizer, bow spring centralizer, cementing plug, float equipment, etc.

2. Shijiazhuang DiBo Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.

Shijiazhuang DiBo Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd was established in 2015 at Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province in China. They are a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of oilfield cementing tools. They are experts in manufacturing casing centralizer, stop collars, tubing centralizer, float collar, etc.


DONGGUAN ESIGO ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a manufacturer of glass by trust-able people for trust-able people. They are dedicated to both quality, right price point, customer service, and craftsmanship.

4. Zhengzhou Maierda Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Maierda Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd is a leading professional manufacturer and supplier of oilfield tools and equipment. It includes float collars, casing centralizers, float shoes, cement baskets, cementing plugs, sucker rods, stage collars, and so much more.

5. Zhangjiagang Yusheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

Zhangjiagang Yusheng Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 2006, specialize enterprise for manufacturing plastic machinery. This company is located in Zhangjiagang near Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing. They are involved in PVC pipe plastic machine manufacturing.

6. Xi’an TianRui Petroleum Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Xi’an TianRui Petroleum Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is a solid control equipment manufacturer in China combined with sales, R&D, and service. Their main products are mud cleaner, shale shaker, mud agitator, decanter centrifuge pump, flare ignition device, solid control system, vertical cutting dryer, mud gas separator, etc.

7. Qingdao Taike Offshore Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Taike Offshore Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd is located in Qingdao City. They are an international comprehensive entity integrating the development, research, and manufacture of cutter suction dredgers, petroleum production equipment, and aluminum alloy boat.

8. Jianhu Jielin Petrochemical Machinery Co., Ltd.

Jianhu Jielin Petrochemical Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Jianhu private industrial park. They specialized in developing and researching, selling, and manufacturing different kinds of oilfield machines and spare parts.s

9. Hejian Hengji Bit Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Hejian Hengji Bit Manufacture Co., Ltd specialized in supplying excellent quality rock bit from 2001. They have an R&D team, advanced CNC machines, and on-time delivery. They ship their products to more than 40 countries and have rich experience in serving industries.

10. Hebei Jerry Pump Co., Ltd.

Hebei Jerry Pump Co., Ltd is a leading high-tech enterprise committed to the design, research, sales, and production of progressing cavity pump.

11. Hebei Youxin Glass Products Co., Ltd.

Hebei Youxin Glass Products Co., Ltd specializing in hand-blown borosilicate glassware manufacturing for 10 years. They manufacture and export products like oil rigs, glass water pipes, glass smoking pipes, recyclers, glass ash catchers, glass bubblers, etc.

12. Jiangsu Goodeng Engineering Machinery Assembling Co.,

Jiangsu Goodeng Engineering Machinery Assembling is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of mud pump, HDD machine, locating system, pipe thruster, and drill tools. This company is adhering to the management principles.

13. Kinetic (Hubei) Energy Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd.

Kinetic (Hubei) Energy Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd has rich experience in oil machine manufacturing. They are mainly engaged in the oil production line, oil filter machine, oil refinery machine, etc. Through the years, they provide the best solutions to their clients to meet their different needs.

14. Jining Sinoic Glass Products Co., Ltd.

Jining Sinoic is over 10 years of experience in quality glass bong suppliers in China. They have been setting up strict quality control for their products and have more than 1500 designs. As a professional sales and service team, they can provide you a wholesale solution to meet your needs.

15. Wuhan HFY Glass Co., Ltd.

HFY specializes in product research, manufacturing, exporting, and importing trading. They owned the production basis of all glass smoking products. In fact, they have a long-term partnership with many clients throughout China and other countries and regions.


UPET has 4 branches in China. They are involved in the business of industrial and mineral machinery, oilfield equipment, etc. for many years. Their products are very popular in the market and sold to more than 15 countries. You can contact them directly for inquiries.

17. Yixing Pioniere Environmental Protection Equipment Co.

Established in 2012, Yixing Pioniere specializes in developing, manufacturing, and marketing of related wastewater treatment system. This company is involved in fast service and high-quality. They ensure quality products to meet their clients’ demands.


Founded in 1993, TONVA Plastic specialized in manufacturing stretch blow molding machine, blow molding machine, and molds. They have rich experience staff that contributes more than 20 years in manufacturing. They are also equipped with professional after-sale service.

19. Shenzhen Siliclab Technology Co., Ltd.

Located in Shenzhen Guangdong, China, Siliclab has been a professional silicone factory which engaged in manufacture with sale and design. This company ensures the highest level of product performance, manufacturing quality, consumer satisfaction, and innovative design.

20. Shanghai WS Energy& Technology Group Co. Ltd.

WS Energy is a high-tech enterprise which is committed to producing production equipment, oil/gas drilling, valves, and well control equipment. The company and its products are certified to international quality standards such as ISO9001, API6A, API Q1, API 16A, API 20B.

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