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Packaging Machine
Packaging Vacuum Machine
Packaging Vacuum Machine Manufacturer from China

Looking for a high-performance packaging vacuum machine? You can find many manufacturers and suppliers in China. They were mostly based in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Zhengzhou, and Foshan. These manufacturers have been involved in vacuum packaging machine production for many years. Bansar, as a professional freight forwarder, we can help you find the best partner for your requirements.

Packaging Machine for Food
Packaging Machine for Food Manufacturer from China

Finding a wide selection of packaging machines for food? Strongly-build from quality raw materials? No worries at all. Bansar is much familiar with top-leading factories and suppliers of quality packaging machines for food in China. We have a good relationship with them as we help them ship their container for their customers from any country. Most manufacturers of these equipment based from Foshan, Guangzhou, and Shanghai.

Packaging Machine for Biscuits
Packaging Machine for Biscuits Manufacturer from China

If you lost in search of finding trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers of packaging machines for biscuits in China, then you’re in the right place. We can introduce you to most experience and professional factories in mainland China. There are lots of suppliers as you can see, but we will find the best one suits your specifications.

Pouch Packaging Machine
Pouch Packaging Machine Manufacturer from China

If you are running a food packaging business, then you must need a piece of advanced machinery. China is full of manufacturers and suppliers of pouch packaging machines based on a different areas in the country. They offer a vast selection of high-performance pouch packaging machines able to last for many years. Rest assured that these suppliers can give you great services.

Cereal Packaging Machine
Cereal Packaging Machine Manufacturer from China

Discover high-quality cereal packaging machines from reliable manufacturers in China. These machineries enable for maximum productivity. You can find an extensive line of cereal packaging machines  100% safe and automatic. Most manufacturers and suppliers can be found in Foshan, Shandong, Zhengzhou provinces. Quality cereal packaging machine is for sale at competitive prices. We can introduce you to them.

Powder Packaging Machine
Powder Packaging Machine Manufacturer from China

In China, you will find a lot of manufacturer and supplier of powder packaging machine. These factories have dedicated and well-trained engineering team to design quality machinery. Also, they offer custom services to your requirements. Easy to operate and maintain powder packaging machine available at affordable prices. Most suppliers and manufacturers can be found in

Small Packaging Machine
Small Packaging Machine Manufacturer from China

Small packaging machine is ideal for packaging food and other products. When you need it for your food business, these trustable food packing machine manufacturers can supply you with good quality small packing machines. You can find most of them in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shandong, and Wenzhou provinces.

Auto Packing Machine
Auto Packaging Machine Manufacturer from China

If you are looking for an auto packaging machine for your business, you must find reliable manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can find high-efficiency automatic packaging machines at affordable prices. Suitable for packaging various kinds of food products. These strongly-built automated packaging machines are made from advanced technology and quality raw material. There are many suppliers based on Shanghai, Foshan, Zhengzhou.

Shrink Packaging Machine
Shrink Packaging Machine Manufacturer from China

Whether you need to shrink packaging machines for business or personal requirements, you must find a reliable manufacturer. In China, you’ll find many suppliers and factories of the shrink packaging machines. They are based on different areas such as Zhejiang, Shandong, Wenzhou provinces. Bansar can help you selecting suppliers which suit your requirements.

Liquid Sachet Packaging
Liquid Sachet Packaging Manufacturer from China

Liquid sachet packaging machine comes in different types, sizes, materials, and configurations. In China, there you can find reliable and professional liquid sachet packaging machine manufacturers that can solve your needs. Either business or personal, they can provide you the best service. Bansar, as a professional freight forwarder, we can help you find a good partner.

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Importing Packaging Machine from China: The Definitive Guide

Looking for a high-quality packaging machine for your business? It’s not always easy.

Finding a reliable and experienced manufacturer must be your 1st target. To go far, let this guide help you.

In this particular guide, you’ll get to know, be familiar with the Chinese market, buying terms and conditions, cost and so on.

By the end of this guide, you will be an expert in importing a packaging machine from China.

In this article, you will see these points as below:

  1. How to select the right packing machine for your business?
  2. How long will it take to produce the machine?
  3. How much time will it take to freight the machine?
  4. What should you do before the machine arrives at your factory?
  5. How to install the machine? How long will it take?
  6. Operators training and trial production.

How to select the right packing machine for your business?

VFFS packing machine

Since there’re so many categories of packing machines, you may be hard to decide as a factory owner and director of the packing unit. Follow these steps will be much easier.

Firstly, you need to tell the packing machine supplier that the status of your products. If your product is granular, you just need a granular packing machine.

If it’s a powder packing machine, you need also to tell specs for the powder situation. It’d better send samples if necessary.  Other raw products follow the procedure as well. The salesman will ask how much weight that fills into the bag.

Accordingly, the salesman will select the right filler or weigher, you will fulfill half works of the selection.

Second, They wanna get the package sample or your desired package. For there are different packing machines for variant packages.

If the packaging material is a roll of PE film, which has printed your company’s logo and products, the vertical form fill machine is on your hand. Well, if it’s a stand-up bag or doybag, the rotary packing machine is the right choice. Some more details also under the consideration.

At last, some auxiliary equipment is also compulsory. Raw material elevators and belt conveyors for packed packages will make the packing machine wonderful.

Your labors will love the operation during the whole packing works. For it deducts many heavy works. An excellent code printer will help short much downtime.

Therefore, you fulfill the task of selecting the right packing machine for your business.

How long will it take to produce the machine?

After selecting the machine, the next step is to produce it. Most China packing machine suppliers will not do the stock since its huge cost to store it. Custom-made is a popular and good choice.

With brand-newly manufacturing, the technician of a vertical form-fill-seal machine will design the bag former for bags made from PE film on the machine. The rotary packing machine needs to add a zip on a rotary machine. Filler and weigher’s volume is also designed according to your product’s situation.

You may also tell the height of your bin or silo that stores your raw product. It includes the diameter of the outlet of it. Better send some photos or drawings of your workshop layout.

All these operations just wanna do one thing, the packing machine is the right one for your product with your desired package.

Manufacturing will take 30~60 days. It might depend on the functions of the machine. You need to calculate your using time and pre-put the order.

How much time will it take to freight the machine?

packing machine package

After manufacturing, the packing machine factory will contact you. They will give you a specific package datasheet for all the machinery though they had told before. It includes total packages, volume, and weight.

You need to contact your forwarder to quote and tell the delivery time. Some packing machine suppliers also supply this service. You can set it before put the purchase.

There is so many freight forwarder in China. Well, a good forwarder will more care about the service.

What should you do before the packing machines arrive at your factory?

During the machine on the sea, you can check with your packing machine manufacturer in light of the installation issue. You need to check the drawings of the packing machines including the auxiliary equipment. Get to know instructions of the main machinery will help a lot for the installation.

While the customs clearance issue is also important. You need to confirm the customs issue with your freight forwarder. They are very familiar with freight from China to your country. Even the import tax issue.

How to install the packing machinery? How long will it take?

You need to contact the packing machine supplier regarding the installation issue before the machine arrives.

The supplier usually will send 1 technician to come to your factory to do the installation. You should not open the case that contains the machinery until the technician comes. It can avoid messing up the accessories and spare parts as well as the tools.

A forklift is necessary to help move the machinery out of the case. The technician will guide how to set the machine at the workshop that you wanna put. It needs about 3~5 persons to help.

After the main machinery setting, you need to let your electrician give the power and the right plugs, which has confirmed before.

After the installation works, it’s the commissioning. You need to supply raw products to test the filler or weigher. Packaging materials no matter the PE roll or pre-formed bag should be prepared.

Totally, the installation will take 7 days for 1 set of machines. If it matches Z elevators and other small devices, it will be a total of 10 days. It depends on the packing machine’s amount and automation scale.

Operators training and trial production.

After the commissioning, operator training comes. You need to pick up 1 or 2 workers to accept the training who has helped with the machine installing.

This guy should know the computer. For the packing machine controlled by the PLC. If he knows the electrical issue is much better. If not, it also doesn’t matter since the Chinese technician will teach them.

Firstly, it will teach the principals about how does whole packing machine work. It includes the circuit board too. The operator should know the items inside of the control box well.

Second, it will teach mechanical maintenance. It will much help after you get mechanical knowledge.

Third, it will move to the auxiliary equipment. How to operate and how to maintenance.

After you dive into it, you will get it. You will find it’s not that difficult.

For trial production, the trained operators will start to operate and produce your product. The technician from the Chinese packing machine factory will accompany the operator. He will find and correct the wrong operates that commits.

The total time for training and trial production will take about 5 days.

Above all is how to import a packing machine from China. If you are the first starter of the packaging machine or renovate, these steps may help you.

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