Pallet Size and Dimensions

Pallet Size and Dimensions – The Complete Guide

I know choosing a suitable pallet size and dimensions can be a challenging process in the shipping and logistics industry.

For this reason, this guide will take you through the fundamental aspects you should know when choosing shipping pallets sizes.

Let’s dive right in.

Recommended Standard Pallet Size Dimensions

Pallets are rectangular or square-shaped flat horizontal structures that give a storing or transportation foundation to goods.

The sizes of pallets vary from one country to another.

The standardization of pallets has progressed in their sizes and reusability.

Pallet size and dimensions

Pallet sizes and dimensions

The standardization was necessitated by the rise in global trade.

These standards are reflected on the International Organisation of Standardization (ISO) pallet list.

There are many pallet sizes around the world.

Despite this, ISO has only approved six dimensions of the available pallets.

The most used pallet dimensions are;

  1. Length and width: standard pallets measure 1200 mm by 1000 mm.
  2. The height of the pallet: in most pallets, it is 145 mm
  • The size and thickness of the deck boards (80 mm wide by 190 mm long by 25 mm thick)
  1. Size of the stringers and blocks

Corner blocks are 160 mm long, 95 mm wide and 95 mm high.

Centre blocks are 95 mm long 95 mm wide and 95 mm high

Stringers are 1200mm long, 95 mm wide and 25 mm thick.

They also have two-wheel openings on the 1200mm length.

The wheel openings are 95 mm in height and 357.5 mm wide.

  1. The opening height (usually 95 mm)

The standard dimensions of the approved six pallet size are shown in the table below.

Dimensions mm (LXW)Dimensions inches (LXW)unused ISO container floor areaRegion of common use
1219 X 101648 X 403.7%North America
1200 X 100047.24 X 39.376.7%Europe, Asia, similar to 48’’ X 40”
1165 X 116545.9 X 45.98.1%Australia
1067 X 106742.00 X 42.0011.5%North America, Europe, Asia
1100 X 110043.30 X 43.3014%Asia
1200 X 80047.24 X 31.5015.2%Europe because it fits in most doorways

The standard sizes of pallets vary depending on the region they are used.

The most dominant regions in shipping have their standard pallet size and dimensions for their region.

The most dominant regions are;

  1. Europe,
  2. North America, and
  • Australia

Parts of pallets

Parts of pallets

Let’s look at the standard sizes for each region.

  1. Standard sizes of pallets in North America
S/NODimensions (WXL) inchesDimensions (WXL) mmIndustries of application
148 x 401219 x 1016Groceries
242 x 421067 x 1067Telecommunication and paints
348 x 481219 x 1219Drums
440 x 481016 x 1219Military and cement
548 x 421219 x 1067Chemicals and beverages
640 x 401016 x 1016Dairy
748 x 451219 x 1143Automotive
844 x 441118 x 1118Drums and chemicals
948 x 201219 x 508Retail
1035 x 45.5889 x 1156½ ISO containers in Military
1136 x 36914 x 914Beverages
1248 x 361219 x 914Shingles, packaged paper and beverage
  1. standard pallet sizes in Australia
S/NODimensions (WXL) inchesDimensions (WXL) mmRegion of most use
145.90 x 45.901165 x 1165Australia, New Zealand
  • standard pallet sizes in European countries
S/NODimensions (WXL) inchesDimensions (WXL) mmIndustries of application
131.5 x 47.24800 x 1200EUR, EUR 1
247.24 x 39.371200 x 1000EUR 2
339.37 x 47.241000 x 1200EUR 3
431.50 x 23.62800 x 600EUR 6

There are other international sizes of pallets that are used in other areas.

Product nameL x W x H in inchesL x W x H in mmCountries of most use
Timber block pallet48 x 40 x 5.551219 x 1016 x 141USA, Italy and New Zealand
Wooden pallet47.24 x 39.37 x 6.381200 x 1000 x 162Latin America, India, UK, New Zealand and most European countries
Wooden & metal pallets31.50 x 23.62 x 6.42800 x 600 x 163USA, UK and most European countries
Wooden pallet31.50 x 23.62 x 6.53800 x 600 x 166France
Wooden pallets47.24 x 47.24 x 6.061200 x 1200 154India and China
Wooden pallet47.24 x 39.37 x 6.061200 x 1000 x 154New Zealand
Timber half pallet47.24 x 20 x 5.041220 x 508 x 128Canada
Bearer pallet47.24 x 47.24 x 5.901200 x 1200 x 150Namibia and South Africa
Bearer pallet59 x 47.24 x 6.131500 x 1200 x 176Namibia and South Africa
Wooden pallet47.24 x 31.50 x 5.671200 x 800 x 144Europe, South Africa, UK and India
Wooden pallet45.87 x 45.87 5.901165 x 1165 x 150Australia and New Zealand
Pallet Mercosur47.24 x 39.37 x 5.711200 x 1000 x 145Argentina and USA

Custom pallets, however, have no standard sizes and dimensions.

They are designed with specified dimensions by the end-user.

These critical measurements are used for specific supply chain and logistic demands.

The factors involved in designing custom pallets and their sizes are;

  • Transport mode
  • Destination of the supply chain
  • The handling procedures required for the package
  • The environmental conditions need by the package
  • The size of the package

The custom pallets must meet the weight requirements for loading and the durability of the pallets.

They are not all made of the same size.

Some dimensions include;

  1. 48 x 45 inches custom pallet: they provide maximum support for Gaylord boxes.

They are most used in the automotive industry.

  1. 102 x 52 inches pallets: require large and overweight package support.

Most used in the aviation industry.

  • 32 x30 inches pallets are four-way types of pallets.

Are beneficial in warehouse storage and access

Mostly used in the e-commerce industry.

  1. 18 x 18 inches skid: most common in steel and metal industry.

They are best in supporting heavy steel that is rolled or coils

How Pallet Size And Dimensions Determine Weight Carry Capacity

Plastic shipping pallets dimensions

Plastic shipping pallets dimensions

A standard pallet can carry between 3700 pounds to 4600 pounds.

The strength and load capacity of pallets is determined by their size, material and design of construction.

Two same-size pallets can support different weights depending on the material used.

Bottom decked pallets can support more load because of the extra deck at the bottom.

The dimensions also decide the surface area that can support the load capacity.

How Size And Dimensions Determine Price Of Shipping Pallets

There are numerous standard pallets sizes used in shipping.

Bigger pallets will cost more material to construct.

This in effect increases the price of the pallets.

Design dimensions also affect the price of the pallet.

For example, stringer pallets will cost more than block pallets because;

  1. They can handle more weight
  2. The stringer boards’ cost adds to the overall cost of pallets.
  • They are sturdier and durable compared to block pallets.

How Pallet Size And Dimension Determine Use And Application

The sizes and dimensions of pallets affect the area they can be used.

Each pallet is more effective in its designed area of application.

Dimensions mm (LXW)Dimensions inches (LXW)Dominant areas of application
1219 X 101648 X 40Grocery
1200 X 100047.24 X 39.37Military and cement
1165 X 116545.9 X 45.9Chemicals and beverages
1067 X 106742.00 X 42.00Telecommunication, paint
1100 X 110043.30 X 43.30 Drums and chemicals
1200 X 80047.24 X 31.50Military ½ ISO container

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