Partner Government Agency The Ultimate FAQ Guide 1

Partner Government Agency: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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What Is Partner Government Agency?

Partner Government Agency (PGA) is a government bureau that works in conjunction with

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that controls certain products entry into the U.S.

What Are The Functions Of Partner Government Agency?

The function of Partners Government Agency include;

  • ensuring national safety by making sure that no person or commodity enters the US illegally
  • ensure all US guidelines are followed in trade, customs, and immigration
  • Ensure terrorist and dangerous weapons do not get into the US
  • Regulate the safety of food, its quality, and nutritional value.
  • Protect endangered species from extinction because of the value of parts of their bodies.
  • Ensure custom levies and taxes on imports are decided appropriately
  • Regulate manufacturing and importation of vehicles



What Are Partner Government Agency Regulated Commodities?

Some of the main product include:

  • Animal and plant products
  • Organisms and vectors
  • Veterinary services
  • Food and drug administration
  • Pesticides and devices
  • Ozone -Depleting substances
  • Chemical substances
  • Vehicles, engines, and fuels
  • Firearms
  • Alcohol and tobacco

Which Partner Government Agencies Are There?

Mention each partner agency followed by a brief explanation of about 15 words for each

Department Of Agriculture

It controls the imports and exports related to animal and plant health.

These commodities should be free from pests and diseases.

Food and safety inspection service scrutinizes all imported consumable animal products are to ensure they are safe

Department Of Health And Human Services.

They are promotes good health and well-being of Americans.

This is in terms of medicine, public health and social services, and dangerous chemicals.

Department Of Commerce

The department protects American industries against unfair competition.

They ensure adherence to trade agreements.

They also prevent harmful trade practices such as overfishing

Department Of Justice

They ensure that the safety of the public against crime.

It is involved in the importation of firearms and curbs trafficking of drugs

Department Of Interior

They manage the Us natural resources and her cultural heritage

They provide scientific information on the resources.

It controls national parks, protects endangered animals such as elephants, whales, and tortoises.

Department Of The Treasury.

Promotes economic development and ensures the financial security of the US.

It collects taxes on imports entering the US.

Besides, it ensures the shipments are valued correctly

The Department Of Food And Drugs Administration

It controls how foods and drugs are manufactured, stored, transported, and customs clearance.

Department Of Transportation

Issues licenses to manufacturers of vehicles and importers of vehicles spare parts.

This ensures that vehicles in the US comply with mandatory safety standards.

The department restricts the uncontrolled importation of vehicle spare parts.

What Roles Does Partner Government Agency Play In Import-Export Business?

Export vs Import

Export vs Import

Partner Government Agencies in the US have a regulatory role in the import-export business.

CBP enforces these regulations on behalf of PGAs.

PGAs provide guidelines that help importers understand their duty.

The roles of PGAs can be identified through the various departments as follows:

US Department Of Agriculture (USDA)

Its main role is to promote production in agriculture.

They monitor the export of products from the US against unfair international trade


They provide detailed information on exports and research reports.

USDA ensures that all agricultural products imported to the US are free from pests and diseases.

USDA provides guidelines on the labeling of products.

They also inspect and t grade imported products.

US Department Of Commerce

It provides the important information needed in commerce.

They help in the enforcement of international trade compliance laws

  • US food and drugs administration reviews all foods products, cosmetics, for compliance
  • Department of Commerce oversees several important compliances and implementing export administration regulations (EAR)
  • Department of treasury

It enforces trade sanctions on targeted countries, terrorists, and drug traffickers.

Besides, it collects shipment taxes entering the USA.

Also, it ensures proper valuing of shippers goods coming into the US.

US Customs And Border Protection Agency

It controls and promotes international commerce.

They collect import duties and fees.

They do border patrols to curb illegal immigration.

Department Of Interior

This department provides restrictions on wildlife entering into the USA.

They prohibit the entry of products from endangered species into the U.S

They issue permits to importers of endangered animals who have good reasons.

Department Of Justice

It deals with requirements for dangerous imports such as firearms explosive s, alcohol, and drugs.

Importation of alcohol and tobacco products must meet the requirement for commercial sale.

They also limit the sale of explosives and firearms

Department Of Transportation

It handles the following:

  • It ensures all vehicles imported into the US comply with safety standards and fuel laws.
  • Issues licenses to vehicle manufacturers and importers.
  • Prohibit the importation of uncontrolled vehicle spare parts.

Department Of Health And Human Health

It has a duty to protect consumers.

They ensure foods and drugs produced locally or abroad meet the required standards.

When the imported goods do not meet the standards of the FDA they are destroyed immediately.

They provide CDC import permits for those who want to import pets.

Does Partner Government Agency Work With Customs Border Protection?

Yes, PGA works with Customs Border Protection (CBP).

This is done in order to regulate the entry of products that are commercially imported into the US.

CBP enforces the PGAs regulations.

CBP is an agency that controls international travel and trade into the US.

They examine documents such as commercial invoices and lists of packing,

They also collect import duties and perform customs exams,

When a product is rejected by a PGA, CBP cannot allow it to enter the US.

What Is Partner Government Agency Clearance?

Is the process of PGA scrutinizing export and imports and ensure that they go through all the required procedures before being accepted in the US.

This is in an effort to ensure that goods entering the country meet acceptable standards.

It is a measure to ensure goods are safe for use, of acceptable standards, and custom levies are paid

What Is The Main Function Of Partner Government Agency In Customs?

The main function of Partner Government Agency is;

To regulate the entry of imports in the US and ensure these imports meet the required safety standards

What Documents Do You Need For Partner Government Agency Clearance?

Some of the documents you will need include:

Import documents

Import documents

The Notice Of Arrival:

This is an alert by the shipper to the recipient on the arrival of the cargo.

this document gives the details of the goods being exported, to the customs broker.

House Bill Of Lading;

This is a transportation contract of transportation between you (the shipper) and the forwarder.

This document contains information on the quality, type, and destination of the goods.

The HBL confirms receipt of the export goods by the forwarder.

The HBL document is important because it ensures the exporters get their money and the importer gets their cargo.

Packing List

This is a list used by CBP to verify the cargo being shipped.

The list shows the quantity, weight, and any additional information.

Commercial Invoice.

This is a legal document between the supplier and the importer.

This is a document that gives the cost of the goods being exported.

The document is used by the customs to determine the taxes and import duties on the commodities.

The Certificate Of Origin

It is a document that shows the country of origin of the goods.

The document helps the PGA decide if the goods are appropriate for importation.

The document helps in deciding if the product requires special levies or treatment.

What Are Partner Government Agency Acceptable Payment Methods?

Both the importer and exporter require acceptable methods of payment.

The methods of payment should be safe and have favorable terms.

These include:

Open Account

Here the commodities are shipped before payment is done.

It’s favorable to the importer and very risky for the exporter.

Document Collection

It’s done in two methods

  1. Document against payment – the shipper deposits with the bank ownership documents.
    The bank gives the documents to the importer after payment is made.
    Normally, the bank then sends the payment to the shipper’s bank and the shipper is paid.
  2. Documents against acceptance -the exporter’s bank asks the importer’s bank to release documents used in transacting to the importer.
    The importer makes payments and receives the documents and goods.
    Also, the exporter is paid after the importer’s bank makes payment to the exporter’s bank.

Cash In Advance

Payment is made through wire transfers or using a credit card and escrow services.

It is safe for the exporter because they paid before the commodities are shipped.

This method helps the exporter avoid the risk of non-payment by the importer

Importers do not like this method because of the risks of goods not being sent.

Letter Of Credit

This is a pledge by the bank to pay the shipper once goods are shipped.

It is most secure for both the importer and the exporter.

The letter of credit protects the importer from making any payments until the goods are shipped.

How Does Partner Government Agency Work?

PGAs are government agencies that regulate imports and exports business in the US.

Each agency has specific goals to achieve, depending on the commodities being imported.

An example is the Department of Transportation which deals with safety standards for a manufactured and imported vehicles,

On the other hand Department of Interior provides restrictions on wildlife entering the USA.

They prohibit the entry of products from endangered species into the U.S.

As a shipper, you are expected to comply with the requirements set by the concerned agency

Due to the complexity involved a shipper is advised to use the services of expert brokers.

Custom brokers understand all the required PGAs laws concerning your shipment.

This is because your commodities may have to meet standards set by more than one PGA.

Customs Border Protection (CBP) enforces the regulation set by PGAs on their behalf.

If a PGA has rejected import commodities CBP will not allow the commodities into the US.

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