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importing fountain pen kits from China
Importing Fountain Pen Kits from China

China suppliers manufacture fountain pen kits that are available in gold, chrome, platinum and gold titanium along with other high quality platings. They supply fountain pen kits that features a high quality German-made nib with iridium point for smooth writing, ink cartridge and a ink convertor. Manufacturers in China are commonly based in Guangdong province.

rollerball pen kit
Importing Rollerball Pen Kit from China

China suppliers are offering the most popular rollerball pen kits on the market today, these include the most in-demand models in addition to their wide selection of rollerball pen kits. All of their rollerball pen making kits include a rollerball refill with a carbide tip for ease of writing. Suppliers and manufacturers in China are based in Fujian and Henan provinces. They offer rollerball pen kits that will make truly elegant writing instruments.

ball point pen kit
Importing Ballpoint Pen Kit from China

Manufacturers and suppliers in China are providing a large variety of ballpoint pen. All high-quality ballpoint pen kits and pen making accessories at affordable pricing. Suppliers are commonly based in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. They offer all types of ballpoint pen kits with affordable wholesale prices. China reliable ballpoint pen kit supplier can guarantee your satisfaction.

wood pen kit
Importing Wood Pen Kit from China

China suppliers are the leading suppliers of wood pen kit for decades. Factories only use the best materials in the construction of their products to ensure you the finest design in order to bring your dream to life. They supply one of a kind wood pen kits with all kinds of designs. Manufacturers are commonly based in Guangdong province.

slimline pen kits
Importing Slimline Pen Kit from China

China manufacturers supply simple design of slimline pen kits to make it accessible to beginners, yet attractive enough to satisfy more experienced turners. They supply quality components like the Swiss-made carbide writing tip to make the slimline pen a fantastic writing choice. Manufacturers and suppliers in China are based in Fujian and Guangdong provinces.

apprentice pen kit
Importing Apprentice Pen Kit from China

Apprentice pen kits offer woodturners exceptional value. Apprentice pen making kits meet the needs of beginner pen turners, budget-minded students and pen makers who need a quality pen kit at an affordable price. In China, you can find most apprentice pen kit supplier and manufacturer in Guangdong province. Apprentice pen kit prices, manufacturers service and delivery time can’t be beaten.  All pen kits and pen making accessories are backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

starter pen kit
Importing Specialty Pen Kit from China

Specialty kits are by far the highest quality kits manufacturers would carry. The plating and styling are one of a kind and make them stand heads and shoulders above the rest of the kits on the market. You can be assured this kit will be one of your favorites and one of your most popular pen kits. In China, Zhejiang province has the most suppliers of specialty pen kit.


majestic pen kit
Importing Majestic Pen Kit from China

The majestic pen kits are simply stunning. If you are striving to make a pen worthy of royalty, these kits will exceed your expectations. China suppliers are providing majestic pen kits with remarkable features including a rhodium- plated clip that includes a sparkling crystal. Manufacturers in China are based in Guangdong province.

specialty pen kits
Importing Specialty Pen Kit from China

Shop for specialty pen kits in manufacturers in China today. They supply specialty pen kits by far the highest quality. They provide pens with the plating and styling that are one of a kind and will make them stand head and shoulders above the rest of the kits on the market. Suppliers and manufacturers in China are based in Zhejiang province. They offer specialty pen kits that will never disappoint you.

classic pen kit
Importing Classic Pen Kit from China

The classic pen kit is very easy to make, it is a popular kit once finished to be given as a gift. Check out classic pen kit selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from manufacturers in China. Suppliers in China are commonly based in Guangdong province. They provide classic pen kits that produce a truly attractive writing instrument. It incorporates 2-tone styling with a balanced design.

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If you are not familiar with the importing process, or you do not have importing permit, you can find a good freight forwarder and ship your pen kit to your home or warehouse

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Best 20 Pen Kit Manufacturers in China

1 Ace Pen Enterprise Limited

Ace Pen Enterprise Limited is operating in Dongguan, China since its establishment in early 2003. They begin operating in the small workshops until it becomes a comprehensive company focusing on pen kit design, wholesale, production, and selling to any country around the globe. The enterprise is supported with commitment and reliable service to ship your pen kit orders promptly.

2 Strongink

Strongink has lots of experience in manufacturing all kinds of pen kits in China. The company specified in innovating as well as supplying the highest quality pen kits to other countries such as United States, Australia, Russia, Canada, Italy, and so on. Ever since 1987, they began providing good quality pen kit products to support their customer`s business.


This factory creates the best-recommended pen kits with any custom designs. The company is adhering to the principle in which customer is prioritized and the quality of the products.  Since its foundation until this time, the team always ensures to make the highest quality pen kits to satisfy each customer`s demands. They export the products in most foreign markets including Southeast Asia, USA, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, etc.

4 Greenlightvapes

The Greenlightvapes was situated in Shenzhen, City in the year 2014 by its founder named Daniel. The company`s vision is to create sustainable pen kits products along with the compound of technology and beauty. Greenlightvapes gained more than 7 years in the industry, developed into a trusted and most praised manufacturer in China.

5 Shenzhen Super Vape Technology Co., Ltd

Operating in Shenzhen City in China where the E-cig manufacturing center is based. This enterprise is professional in developing pen kits and any other products. It is composed of a worldwide sales force and strong management group to help their global customers receive gratifying services. Also owns the advantages of a high-tech research team and a comprehensive supplying chain in order to accomplish customer satisfaction.


NICKVI is a factory concentrated in Pen kits production for almost 4 years today. They are proud to offer lower-priced pen kits products for overseas customers. Willing to provide friendly customer services and timely delivery. All the products they offer including pen kits are LEAD-free. However, in the factory, customizing your orders is never a problem. When it comes to handling your orders and to attain your trust, their team can do anything.

7 Shenzhen SIGELANG Technology Co., Ltd

In Mainland China, Shenzhen SIGELANG Technology Co., Ltd is continuously working in terms of pen kits development and manufacturing. They spend lots of years in this industry, had experiences to help your business grow in the future. They only offer the most popular and good quality products to support customer`s business applications. Choose them to experience high-level services.

8 Shenzhen Aierbaita Technology Co., Ltd

The Shenzhen Aierbaita Technology Co., Ltd is major in the design, production, research, and development of pen kits manufactory. This corporation was situated in Shenzhen City, China, providing the best, reliably constructed pen kits for over the 150 regions and countries worldwide. It is composed of over 500 personnel, a number of advanced quality management, and product testing equipment.

9 Boerxin Technology Co., Ltd

One of the fully dedicated enterprises in terms of pen kits development, research, and selling on worldwide-based markets. This company is controlled with over 300 staff persons with yearly sales of 5 million dollars. With 9+ years of specialization, they finally evolved into a modern enterprise with skillful R & D team to supply ODM or OEM efforts for customers. Export their products to foreign countries like Europe and North America.

10 Egobuy

Egobuy in China is specializing in pen kits production for more than 4 years. The company was dedicated to the manufacturing, distributing, and designing of highest quality pen kits. Thus, they pay more attention and thinking about customer satisfaction. They also strictly checked the packaging, resistance level, and safety of the products before delivered directly to the customer`s warehouse.

11 Ocity Times Technology Co., Ltd

This enterprise which operates in China had more than 9 years in the pen kits industry. Ocity Times Technology Co., Ltd already obtained FCC, FDA, CE, and RoHS quality management system. They also created a good relationship between huge enterprises from overseas countries such as Japan, Canada, the US, and many others.

12 Nanchang Smile Technology Co., Ltd

Nanchang Smile Technology Co., Ltd is an expert supplier as well as manufacturer of pen kits products, they are in this industry for over 10 years today. The factory and its experienced employees are able to provide ODM & OEM efforts to additionally satisfies customer`s demands. Guaranteed, CE and FDA approved pen kits for you. Mainly distributed to Europe, North America, Australia, and so on.

13 Sealebia

Sealebia is one of the premier imaginative brands in manufacturing and developing pen kits and electronic cigarettes in China. It is established and operated by manufacturing experts for the highest quality pen kits. As a global enterprise and fully dedicated one, they used high technology to innovate quality pen kits for your business. All of the products they offer had passed RoHS, FCC, CE, and UN38.3 international certifications.

14 Shenzhen Kingtons Technology Co., Ltd

Incorporated in 2009, Shenzhen Kingtons Technology Co., Ltd is one of the finest and foremost manufacturers studying intensively in pen kit design, research, develop, marketing, and manufacturing. All the pen kit products they proudly offer are FCC, CE, MSDS, and RoHS approved. Exported and distributed to Canada, USA, Western Europe, Southwest Asia, Australia, and Eastern Europe.

15 Shenzhen JY Technology Co., Ltd

The Shenzhen JY Technology Co., Ltd provides and supplying ultimate pen kits solutions to different countries including the UK, US, Czech, France, Africa, Norway, Portugal, and so on. The company has united staff members, helps their all clients instantly when problems occur.  As an international manufacturers, we paid more attention to the latest market trends. SGS, RoHS, and CE certified products are available.

16 Shenzhen Simeiyue Technology Co., Ltd

One of the high-tech companies focusing on the development and research, services, market, and production of pen kits in China. Since its beginning, the company has always concentrated on pen kits’ entire development. The company has lots of experience in this industry. It is located beside the Shenzhen Airport in China, with a wonderful environment and advantageous transportation. Incepted in 2009 with constant innovation and services.

17 Legendtank Industry Co., Ltd

Legendtank Industry Co., Ltd is professional, has an ultimate goal in providing quality pen kits products for both domestic and overseas customers since its inception in 2013. Most of our clients come from the US, North America, and Canada. Legentank`s responsibility is to make their clients feel delighted from every service they offer. Each of their products is popular, especially in the worldwide market.

18 Shenzhen Alphagreen vape Co., Ltd

The company is centrally focused on producing pen kits and CBD vape products to satisfy customers. Alphagreen win the client`s support and reliance due to its professional services, further, founded great long-term business relationships with clients around the world. Their team has rich experiences, honest, energetic, and young, able to give a brighter future for your business.

19 ShenZhen iPlay Technology Co., Ltd

ShenZhen iPlay Technology Co., Ltd is a pen kits trade company and manufactory based in Mainland China. They earned years of experience in the field of pen kits production and business. And also, they are one of the famous companies because all the products they sell are good quality and in-demand on the global market. The team can custom the newest designed pen kits at competitive prices.

 20 CJTouch Electronic Co., Ltd

In Dongguan, China, CJTouch Electronic Co., Ltd is considered as the world`s leading manufacturer and provider of pen kits solutions. An engaged enterprise that supports worldwide customers with their good customized services. Incorporated in 2006, proven since the beginning as trustworthy and reliable partners to help smoothly combining their products into customer`s solutions. The company has a wide array of all pen kits design, all are ISO 9001, UL, FCC, CE, and RoHS certified.


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