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Importing Perfume Bottle from China
Importing Crystal Perfume Bottle from China 1
Importing Crystal Perfume Bottle from China

Looking for a professional crystal perfume bottle manufacturer in China for your perfume business needs? Zhejiang and Guangdong are your places to be. They had the most manufacturers of the crystal perfume bottle that provide a wide variety of crystal perfume bottles. You can buy collectible crystal perfume bottles and get the best deals for it.

Importing Metal Perfume Essential Oil Bottle from China
Importing Metal Perfume Essential Oil Bottle from China

Find the best selection of cheaper metal perfume essential oil bottles in professional supplier in China. You can found most of metal perfume essential oil bottle supplier in Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu. Whether you need to buy metal perfume essential oil bottle for your perfume business or other purposes, you can find a reliable supplier in China that satisfy your needs.

Importing Glass Perfume Bottle from China
Importing Glass Perfume Bottle from China

China manufacturing factories of glass perfume bottle are most in Guangdong province. Find a supplier that have years of experience in the glass packing industry, provide strict quality inspections, so they are high quality and durable glass perfume bottle. Whether you need to buy a smaller or larger quantity of ceramic magnets, you can find a reliable supplier in China that work with you.

Importing Antique Perfume Bottle from China
Importing Antique Glass Perfume Bottle from China

Find antique glass perfume bottle manufacturers and suppliers in leading suppliers in China. Zhejiang and Guangdong have the most certified suppliers of an antique glass perfume bottle. Find a supplier that provides a wide variety of high-quality antique glass perfume bottles. Check the samples and detail of the product to ensure its standards and certifications.

Importing Plastic Perfume Bottle from China
Importing Perfume Plastic Bottle from China

Find the best selection of cheap plastic perfume bottles in China. Guangdong and Zhejiang have the most suppliers and manufacturer plastic perfume bottles. You can buy different plastic perfume bottles style, designs, sizes, shapes, etc that fit according to your requirement. Whether you need to wholesale plastic perfume bottles or smaller quantity, you can find a trusted Chinese factory that works with you.


Importing 100ml Perfume Bottle from China
Importing 100ml Perfume Bottle from China

Find the best selection of cheaper 100ml perfume bottle at China’s most reliable suppliers. Find and experience the quality 100ml perfume bottle China manufactures & supplies. They are commonly based at Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. China is the source of high-quality 100ml perfume glass bottle suitable for any use, especially in perfumes. If you want to buy cheap perfume bottle, you could visit China.

Importing 50ml Perfume Bottle from China
Importing 50ml Perfume Bottle from China

If you want to buy an affordable 50ml perfume bottle, choose a perfume bottle from China’s best seller manufacturers. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 50ml of perfume bottles at affordable prices in China. You can found most suppliers in China at Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. China is one of the most reliable exporters of perfume bottles in the world.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Perfume Bottle Shipping from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China
For less in-transit cost of your perfume bottles orders, choosing sea as mean of transportation is best for you.
Air Freight Shipping from China
For more efficient and quick deliveries of your perfume bottles shipments, air freight shipping is right for you.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 10
When your perfume bottles order are shipped on distant places in China and time is a little urgent, you can consider shipping your goods by railway.
Door to Door Shipping from China
When new to importing process, shipping by door-to-door is the better option. Bansar will help you ship your orders to your warehouse or home.

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Best 20 Manufacturers of Perfume Bottle in China

1 Meyi Packaging

As an ISO9001 certified supplier and manufacturer, Meyi packaging is specialized in making high-quality perfume bottle and other related products which exported to many countries like North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Most qualified providers with advanced equipment and production lines. The factory covers 8000 square meters for workshops located in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province.

2 Shelee glass

Since 2007, Guangzhou Shelee Enterprise Co,ltd is well-known in manufacturing plastic and glass packages. They can offer a wide range of cosmetic packages that can meet various specifications of clients including polishing perfume bottles, metal perfume bottles, crystal perfume bottles, etc. A remarkable and high-tech manufacturing process is conducted to produce outstanding and excellent cosmetics packaging and service for you.

3 Changken glass cosmetic

Established in 1998, Changken glass cosmetics become one of the most reliable perfume bottle manufacturers in China. They also offer custom packaging that certified in international standards. Changken is confident not only meet your standard but also exceed your expectation with their exceptional services. In fact, they have the capacity to mold glass perfume bottles and perfume caps more than 2000sets at a very competitive price.

4 Abely

Located in Guangzhou, China, the Abely group provides the strongest, advanced production, most professional design, quality service perfume packaging that highly appreciated by many clients worldwide. 70% of their customers are from Europe and America and 30% in more than 30 countries. High-invested equipment and well-trained employees guaranteed both high production capacity and high-quality for Abely products. Invest with Abely to achieved success in your business project!

5 Guochao glass bottles

With more than 30 years of experience, Guochao glass bottles specializing in producing different unique perfume bottles and cosmetics bottles. They continue their developments and efforts for manufacturing products with more perfect perfumes and services. Together with the main markets such as Turkey, Spain, Russian, and more, Guochao glass bottles is now recognized and chose by many customers around the world.

6 Jianshun cosmetic packaging Co., Ltd

Located in Jiangsu Province, Jianshun Cosmetic Packaging Co., Ltd has 15 years’ expertise you can trust on! They have mature production concepts and innovative product line that can produce a variety of cosmetic packaging exported to Europe, Japan, South Korea, the US, and the Middle East. They always maintained a good reputation for their products and service concept. Employs the most professional technical team that guarantees you can look on forward!

7 Wuxi Sunmart Technology Co., Ltd.

A proud company with ISO9001-2000 certification that specializes in manufacturing spray pumps and bottles for cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging in China. A leading designer with 87980.0 square meters factory land area. Employs professional staffs, they guarantee second-to-none and high-technology developing molds by using modernized technology.

8 Anding Glasswork 

Located in Taihe Industrial zone, Baiyun District, Guangzhou Guangdong China, Anding Glasswork is specialized in manufacturing perfume glass bottles, plastic foil caps, perfume sprayers, and more for many years. Plus, they can manufacture it as per customers′ special request. They also focus on the glass processing system, like color spraying, polishing, screen-printing, and so on. The company do their best to reduce the cost but extend the quality of every product deliver to the customer.

9 Shangyu ShengRuiSi(SRS) Packaging Co., Ltd 

Founded in 2011, Shangyu ShengRuiSi(SRS) Packaging Co., Ltd is located in SHANGYU City, Zhejiang Province. With 10+ Years of manufacturing experience, they are now qualified and competent in manufacturing a wide range of Roll On Bottle, Plastic Jar, Nail Jar, Airless Bottle, Nail Polish bottle, and another cosmetic packaging. Relying on advanced machinery and technology, their products are highly appreciated in many countries like the US, Middle East, Europe, etc.

10 Huai′an Grand Gift Packaging Co., Ltd

Specialize in manufacturing different glass perfume bottles, PU rigid and leather boxes, soft pouches, and artworks, etc. Huai′an Grand Gift Packaging Co., Ltd establish continuous cooperation and connection with customer worldwide. Their products are not only broadly utilized for packing perfumes and cosmetics products but also sold as individual gift goods by clients. With the help of 150+ professional production line workers, they improved the competitiveness of their products with their unique and quality packaging that appreciates by many customers.

11 Puyang Katin Packing

Established in 1990, Puyang Katin Packing Co., Ltd. is a popular manufacturer and supplier around the world of excellent quality products like a perfume glass bottle, plastic cover, electrochemical aluminum cap, latex head, etc. With over 30 hectares workshop area and 500+ skilled employees, they are capable of providing your needs even for peak season.

12 Heshan Suly Industrial

Located in Jiangmen, China, Heshan Suly Industrial Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer willing to cooperate to support your business. Their company offers a variety of products that can exceed your expectations. Their products are well-known all over the world with stable supplies, affordable prices, high-quality guarantee, and the best services.

13 Gold Onyx Perfume

Specialized in manufacturing and production of creams, lotion, and perfume bottles with more than 8 years of experience. Founded in 2005, Gold Onyx Perfume (Mingguang) Co. Ltd is a professional company expert in the R&D sale and production of glass packaging and related goods. An ISO-compliant that exported finishes to 30+ countries and still improving until now.

14 TN Perfume Bottle

A manufacturer focuses on processing and customizing your glass perfume bottles’ needs for many years. High-grade bottles are offered in an extensive range to meet customer’s style and requirements. They have passed the authentication of ISO9001 and have their own factories that can produce more than 3000 designs of perfume bottles. They continually enhance and innovate to progress.

15 K&C Plastic

For more than 15 years, K&C Plastic Manufactory is specializing in glass perfume bottle manufacturing in China. Own a wide factory in China with high production capacity, that ensures the high-class and trendy style you need in your business. Strict inspection machinery and qualified material use which have passed international standards are well-equipped in this company. Get a durable glass perfume bottle here in K&C Plastic.

16 iPerfume Packaging

Dongguan Starlight Packaging Co., Ltd is a prosperous factory located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. Choose them if you`re searching for the best manufacturer for they have innovative and creative production with quality standards. They operate with 21 years of expertise and professionalism in this field. iPerfume Packaging aims to be Asia`s premier perfume bottle supplier.

17 East Asia Glass Limited

Established in 1995, East Asia glass limited is proud to provide ground-breaking glass packaging and decorations for many world-leading brands around the world. Located in Shanghai, China, their company is very professional in the production of glass products like perfume bottles, glass beer bottles, glass wine bottles, glass whiskey bottles, glass jars, or any other related glassware. They supply OEM and ODM services to clients.

18 Linlang (shanghai) Glass Products

Linlang (shanghai) Glass Products Co., Ltd is a company with excellent quality production, stability quality, good finish bottle surface in the China glass industry. ISO9001:2002 certificated management with 1600+ specialists located in Shanghai China. They were trained and introduced professionals of the glass technology field since established. Countries worldwide benefit from their solutions especially in America, Germany, Taiwan, Australia, and more.

19 Klassy

Rich in experience manufacturer specialized in bringing flexible and durable perfume bottles and other related products to the marketplace. Their main service is to produce quality solutions from designing to prototyping, modeling, production, and finished products. Furthermore, they have in-house 3D & technical designers, that gives superior advantages of fast operation, which will help realize your concept better and quicker. Be part of their team and you will never regret the results.

20 ShangHai Misa Glass

Founded in the 1990s, Shanghai Misa Glass Co., Ltd. is a professional custom Glass Bottle Manufacturer in China for beverages, perfumes, cosmetics & other specialties. Employs hardworking management team and experts that taking a great responsibility in all aspects involved in the glass production like technique, automation, bottle production, mold design, strict quality control, etc. Their company has been serving many famous companies to 50+ countries in South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, America, and Africa.

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