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importing picture frames from china
Standard picture frame
Importing Standard Picture Frames from China

If you are looking a Standard Picture Frames that are always going to look great in any home or office, you can find in Guangdong that has a lot of good supplier in China. Choose a generally plane and solid color so they do not detract from the picture that is being displayed.

collage picture frames
Importing Collage Picture Frames from China

Collage is a great way to display memories for an event or photo shoot. Pictures will look amazing when displayed together. If you are looking good supplies of Picture Frames, China is always meet your needs. You can Import different types of collage Picture Frames in Shandong that has a lot of suppliers you need.

poster picture frame
Importing Poster Picture Frames in China

If you buy a picture that is larger than normal or a poster and wants to hang it on the wall, then you have a few choices. Searching a high-quality product of Poster Picture Frames? Guangdong and Zhejiang have a lot of suppliers and manufacturers that will provide you a wide range of high quality to your Picture Frames that you choose from.

Rectangle picture frame
Importing Rectangle Picture Frames in China

Finding affordable and durable Picture Frames is not a problem. There are thousands of Picture Frames manufacturer in China. The most common shape for picture frames is Rectangle, that is easy to display and easy to find them in different types.

Oval picture frame
Importing Oval Picture Frames in China

Oval frames are very classy and will really draw attention to the photograph in the frame. China always gives the best quality in every sort of products including Picture frames. Everything you need for your home decor is in China’s best manufacturer.

Crystal picture frame
Importing Crystal Picture Frames in China

This types of frames are more gorgeous than other types of frames. But you have to careful of choosing crystal so it won’t easy to break. A high-quality Crystal Picture Frames manufactured in China make your gift lovely, even in your home design.

engraved picture frame
Importing Engraved Picture Frames in China

Having a picture engraved by a professional manufacturer is a great way to make it truly yours and one of a kind. Shandong and Jiangsu have the most supplier and manufacturer in China that will give you a high standard engraved picture frames.

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Picture Frames Sea Freight Shipping from China
If your Picture Frames is not in urgent, you ship by sea. It will help you save a lot of money.
Picture Frames Air Freight Shipping from China
Air Freight has a fastest shipping method, Find a better transportation that make a better packaging.
Picture Frames Rail Freight Shipping from China
Shipping Picture Frames by rail is an effective method for transporting commodities. Faster than land transportation, secure, reliable and environmentally friendly transportation.
Picture Frames Door to Door Shipping from China
It may look expensive but its a less effort if you ship Door to Door. Serves you nothing but convenient way of shipment.

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Best 20 Picture Frame Manufacturers in China

1 Huizhou Minyu Imaging Material Co., Ltd.

If you need a trusted manufacturer of picture frames to support your business, Huizhou Minyu Imaging Material Co., Ltd is a leading and professional provider. You can send picture frame designs to them. They manufacture using tested raw materials like wooden, durable acrylic, plastic. They founded since 2015 adhering quality first in the production.


They were established in 2016 with 150 employees specializing in wooden picture frames, and different home décor. One month peak season and one month for off-season lead time. They have 4 trading staff and 1 R&D with 5 production lines. You can trust the exportations since they are licensed.

3 Shaoxing Sunway Foreign Trade Corp.

As they offer the best for your business to meet your needs, Shaoxing Sunway Foreign Trade Corp. prioritize the quality first. Offering the best quality, smooth and safe export, easy and secured payment method for everyone. They support through PayPal, D/P, LC, and so on. Their nearest port is Shanghai and Ningbo.


Foshan Bestlift New Material Co., Ltd is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer providing OEM and ODM services. This is an integrated group established in 2009 located at YueHua Road at Foshan in China. They allow Small-amount payment, PayPal, LC, and much more payment.

5 Shenzhen E-Tech Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen e-tech digital technology co. ltd has 1539 square meter area professionally offered ODM and OEM services. They established in 2006 and now they have their own export license. Trusted as they have about 90 of export percentage since 2006 where they established. Have 5 production lines, 3 R&D staff, and passed different global certifications.

6 Shenzhen Better Display Co., Ltd.

2006 is the year Shenzhen Better Display Con., Ltd was established. You can locate their factory in China at Ma Luan st. Shenzhen City at Dongzong Road. They support through providing OEM and ODM services. If you look for different materials of picture frames, you can contact them directly.

7 Shenzhen Zepacrylic Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Zepacrylic Co., Ltd is now 10 years experienced manufacturer specializing in acrylic products like acrylic picture frames. They provide one-stop solutions fabricating qualified raw materials. They are located at Guangzhou in China with enough plant area for production. They have 6 production lines for full supports and watchful and skilled 60 employees.

8 AQ Pins & Gifts Co., Ltd.

They manufacture promotional gifts and many more. AQ Pins & Gifts Co., Ltd is an experienced fabricator in more than 12 years. They passed BSCI certification in 2016 and 2019 qualified vendor which can display for Disney. They experience exportation about 90% since 2008. They are popular and support payment through LC, PayPal, Credit card, and even Small amount.

9 Foshan Languo Displays Manufacturer

Foshan Languo Displays Manufacturer is a leading fabricator of acrylic photo frame products and different advertising items. They own space for production about 3000 square meters and presents different modern machines like engraving machines, injection molding machines, and so on, with 80 hardworking employees. They have professional designers, skilled engineers, and more.

10 Zhongshan JDL Metal Crafts Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan JDL Metal Crafts Co., Ltd passed standards of BSCI, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SEDEX, and so on. They can export your picture frame orders via agency assuring safety and security for your business’ sake. They are a full-service provider specializing in promotional gifts. They ensure rush delivery but prevent returns.

11 Frey Home Decoration Co., Ltd.

Frey Home Decoration Co., Ltd passed ISO, BSCI, and SEDEX audit and established in 2006. They provide OEM/ODM great services and able to build great relationships with their customers. The manufacturing principle supported by all their staff, the quality first. They will allow you to pay through Small-amount payment, Western union, and so on.

12 Tianyu Exhibition Equipment & Materials Co., Ltd.

Tianyu Exhibition Equipment & Materials Co., Ltd was established in 2003 and start exportation with 50 to 70 export percentages. You can locate them in China in Guangdong Province. They have CE, UL, ISO, RoHS, and transformer CE certificates. You can send inquiries directly.

13 Foshan Nanhai Qijie Decorative Hardware Product Co., Ltd.

Foshan Nanhai Qijie Decorative Hardware Product Co., Ltd is located at Foshan Guangdong Province, at Dashigu in China. They manufacture high-quality picture frames providing OEM and ODM services. They passed RoHS, REACH, ISO, and many other certificates since they are now popular.

14 Shenzhen Colorful Cloud Acrylic Products Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Colorful Cloud Acrylic Products Co., Ltd is an ISO and SEDEX certified supplier and manufacturer of picture frames in China. They are located at Henggang Street in Guangdong Province of China. They start exporting overseas in 2006 with their own license and 90 export percentage. They have extensive capabilities that you can trust to support your business.

15 Quanzhou Hogao Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd.

Since 2015 of experience in this industry of manufacturing, Quanzhou Hogao Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd specializing artware including picture frames. They manufacture the best quality since they passed ISO and BSCI audit. You can locate their factory at Quanzhou City in China if you want to visit and tour. If you ordered bulk picture frames, you can easily and safely pay through LC, PayPal, or D/P and Western Union.

16 Jin Bao Lai Metalware Limited

Jin Bao Lai Metalware Limited was established in 2016 with SEDEX certified. They ensure qualified raw materials since they follow manufacturing principles, the quality first. They ensure the quality of first production principles and provide one-stop solutions and full support. They manufactured with skilled engineers, friendly staff from customer service, designers, and so on.

17 Shenzhen Pures Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Pures Technology Co., Ltd has 2000 square meters of area in manufacturing and certified with ISO 9001. If you look for a quality first manufacturer, you can count on them. They are one of the manufacturers in China. They are located in Shenzhen city in China if you want to visit their factory.

18 Shenzhen Somy Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Somy Technology Co., Ltd specializing in different device frames including 3D picture frames. You can assure you to get ideal designs, sizes, and features for your picture frame orders since they manufactured with tested raw materials. They have well-trained engineers who design picture frames suitable for everyone’s taste.

19 Skyvision Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2001, Skyvision Technology Co., LTD has a factory with more than 2000 square meter area. They have advanced technology machines for manufacturing supported by more than 3000 employees. They have designers, production workers, managers, customer service, and a lot more.

20 Ningbo Zooly Paper Products Co., Ltd.

They are one of the leading manufacturer and provider of durable and cost-effective picture frames in China. They export products overseas and ensure no returns through checking high quality with the help of watchful workers. They support payment through PayPal and LC.

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