Top 20 Pinatas Supplier in China and the World

Do you run a business and need a wholesale distributor or manufacturer of Pinatas in China? Dive into our guide!

We have a list of top 20 manufacturers and suppliers you can trust when importing pinatas from China. Let’s dive right in:

1. LinquJinhao Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

LinquJinhao has been in the pinatas manufacturing and supplying business for over 20 years. The company is located in Guangdong, China. You are assured of the best craftsmanship when it comes traditional and modern designs.You are assured of the best quality whether you are in custom piñata business or just for your personal events.

Linqu Jinhao
Linqu Jinhao

2. Fuzhou CangshanShunli Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

China’s top producer of unique pinatas is Fuzhou CangshanShunli Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. From Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, they produce and sell premium-quality cookies at reasonable prices through an advanced production line. With many years behind them, they offer a wide selection, from the traditional look to the custom type imprinted with logo and text. With branches in Shanghai and Nanjing, they are a synonym for stability and quality throughout China. Superiority is guaranteed by the provider for customized pinatas or cheap pinata pricing in China.

Sunli Pinatas
Sunli Pinatas

3. Ever Bright Industrial Products Co., Ltd.

Crafted in a niche as a recognized manufacturer, Ever Bright Industrial Products (China) Ltd. has attained its reputation to date. They provide a wide range of customizable templates, including a free sample for users to check how their logo fits.

They satisfy customers’ requests as quickly as possible and provide enduring support. Customers of your Pinata business or those looking for custom solutions can rest assured of high-quality professional workmanship.

Ever Bright
Ever Bright

4. Jiaozhou K&K Plastics Factory

When you are looking for a decade worth of expertise to manufacture your piñata, check out Jiaozhou K&K Plastics Factory is a reputable wholesale pinatas supplier in China. You will be able to have a wider selection ranging from birthdays to weddings each with unique features. Whether you want cheap and ready-made pinatas or custom creations, this factory will satisfy you with the huge variety and experience.

5. Ningbo YR Arts& Crafts Trading Co., Ltd.

This pinata wholesale distributor in China is committed to providing their customers with unique and best designs of custom pinata. By providing superior customer service, they ensure timely delivery and a great variety of products that range from baby shower gifts to office needs. Whether you’re planning a celebration or a corporate event, they have versatility and reliability.

YR Craft and Arts
YR Craft and Arts

6. Hangzhou Sunbeauty Industrial Co., Ltd.

Get your cheap piñata in China through a much experienced company HangzhouSunbeauty Industrial Co., Ltd. Over the years, they have mastered the art of customization, reaching a myriad of people in different markets all around the world. They offer both wholesale and custom-made options, and the quality of their products will certainly not disappoint.


7. YongkangArvan Trading Co., Ltd.

YongkangArvan Trading Co., Ltd., situated in Dalian City, is outstanding for its plethora of pinatas, juxtaposing classic and modern themes. You are assured that every event you are looking to host the piñata matches deco you need. If you are looking for classic designs or modern interpretations, this firm offers quality combined with uniqueness.


8. WeifangTriglory International Trading Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a custom piñata supplier, Weifang is your go to. They will design your piñata as your requirement with no added charges. They are bound to suit diverse preferences as they come in a variety of designs and colors; hence, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. If it is about choosing between tailor-made creations or pre-designed options, this supplier ensures cheapness and polished quality.

9. YiwuDamai Craft Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for wholesale piñata price in China look no further, YiwuDamai Craft Co., Ltd., offers unique piñatas for most affordable prices.The company is popular in most online shops like AliExpress. They are keen on details of the material they use and affordability of theurproducts. Whether you’re marketing your brand or celebrating an event, this vendor guarantees reliability and affordability.


10. Yiwu Sandy Paper Products Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for the best custom pinata in China, Yiwu Sandy Paper Products Co., Ltd. Is your solution with wholesale pinata price in China. They offer competitive wholesale prices as well as a variety of themed party supplies, which enables them to satisfy broader needs. Be it for a birthday celebration or a corporate event, that supplier promises quality and convenience.

11. Fuzhou Nicrolandee Art & Crafts Co., Ltd.

Nicrolandee Arts & Craft Co., Ltd., which is located in Fuzhou, Fujian, China, has developed a diverse collection of birthday party products, such as pinatas, since its establishment in 2013. As a wholesale pinata supplier in China, they provide a wide range of designs and customization choices to make sure that their wholesale pinata prices are competitive. Nicrolandee’s devotion to quality and innovation helps them to be among the most preferred bulk pinata distributors in China. Whether you need a traditional bull, burro, or custom-made pinatas, Nicrolandee gets you the solutions for making custom pinatas that the growth of the pinata business industry depends on with quality products and service.

Chinese Pinata
Chinese Pinata

12. Ningbo Bolo Party Imp&Exp, Ltd.

Founded at the end of 2010, Ningbo Bolo Party Imp&Exp, Ltd. is mainly engaged in the field of party decorations, particularly pinatas. They are gray-haired experts in the field, as they have been providing incredible party products for many years.

They have partnered with HanleJinhua Pinata Factory from as far back as early 2016. They are now positioned as key players in the pinata business with that experience. Specializing in customization, such as sample processing and graphic design, Bolo Party provides bespoke solutions catering to varying customer demands. Whether it is about standard designs or custom creations, Bolo Party guarantees top-notch quality and awesome service, contributing towards the growth of the pinata business.

13. YiwuHehe Crafts Co., Ltd.

YiwuHehe Crafts Co. Ltd. is a leading pinata manufacturer in China. It is located in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, which is a place famous for its lively small commodity wholesale markets. Founded in 2021, Hehe Crafts quickly became popular in the pinata business due to the wide selection of top-quality pinatas for different events.

Their commitment to cheap piñatas supply in china can be seen in their competitors’ competitive wholesale pinata rates, which allow them to cater to budget-minded consumers. Hehe Crafts highlighted the personalized aspects by providing customizable pinatas in China and fulfilling particular customer requirements. By emphasizing high-quality service and guarantee.

14. JinhuaDamai Craft Co., Ltd.

JinhuaDamai Crafts Co., Ltd., based in YiwuCity,Zhejiang Province, is one of the biggest small goods wholesale markets in the world and has been operating successfully since 2013. Being the pioneer of party supplies, it sells a wide range of items, including piñatas, at very affordable prices. The affordability and quality they offer make them a reliable supplier of wholesale pinatas in China. Through customization, Damai Craft offers options for customized pinatas that can meet various customer specifications. Both their wide selection of pinatas as well as their global reputation make them indispensable players in the pinata business, thus making customers happy and ensuring they remain competitive on the market.

15. YongkangJile Art & Craft Co., Ltd.

Established in 2003 and situated in Shizu Industrial Area, Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province, China, YongkangJile Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. has become the leading pinata manufacturer in China.

They are experts in the type of party pinata that can be used in different types of events customized based on your needs. Jile Arts & Crafts intends to be the best option for your birthday activities in the 21st century. And with the provision of unmatched customer satisfaction and the most competitive wholesale pinata rates,

16. Hefei Sublime International Co., Ltd.

Hefei Sublime International Co., Ltd. is a puinata manufacturer from Hefei City, Anhui Province, which is one of the leading pinata manufacturers in China today. As the providers of custom party and festival products, they provide a wide range of paper decorations, tableware items, and DIY kits.

They have production sites in Hefei, Suzhou, and Wenzhou in order to be able to do those things well. As a wholesale pinata manufacturer in China, Sublime International fulfills a wide range of market requirements by offering the option of customization for custom pinatas.

17. Xiamen CanghaiMinghui Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Based in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China, Xiamen CanghaiMinghui Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is one of the largest pinata producers and wholesalers in the country. Their event and party supplies take care of a myriad of customer needs via flexible customization options.

By having their own factory with their professional designer team, they do customizations of custom pinatas in China with a low MOQ for you. Wholesale pinata buyers in China can depend on their efficient and timely delivery to meet their supply demand.

CanghaiMinghui leverages efficient logistics solution distribution and competitive prices to build long-term mutually winning relationships with clients worldwide, resulting in the growth of the pinata industry.

18. WeifangMayShine Imp &Exp Co., Ltd.

Established in the beautiful kite town of Weifang, MayShine Imp &Exp Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest pinata producers and wholesalers in China. Being a prominent Chinese wholesale pinatas supplier in China, MayShine exhibits a wide range of paper crafts and decorations, aiming both at the home and abroad market with competitively low pinata prices and excellent service.

19. Wenzhou Magicolor Toys Co., Ltd.

Magicolor Toys, based in Wenzhou, is the forerunner in the Chinese pinata industry, which is distinguished for its great variety of products and low whole-sale pinata prices. They provide a wide variety of pinatas, including personalized ones, to choose from for different parties and gatherings. Being dedicated to quality and affordability, Magicolor Toys guarantees the right choice for wholesale pinata distributors in China, even though the pinata business industry keeps growing.

20. Hangzhou Green Forest Toys Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou-based Green Forest Toys, a renowned pinata manufacturer in China, has earned a reputation due to its focus on quality and creativity. They manufacture a variety of pinatas that include classic as well as custom piñata designs in China that can meet multiple market demands.

The pivotal point of Green Forest Toys is customer satisfaction, so it provides wholesale pinata prices and outstanding service to wholesale pinata distributors in China. From a children’s party to a theme-based type of event, Green Forest Toys offers you customizable options for creating pinatas and a great experience in the pinata business.

White Pinata
White Pinata


Ready to rock your party shop with Piñata business? With these top 10 suppliers in China, including LinquJinhao and YiwuDamai, offering custom options and competitive prices, you are now ready to conquer. Discover your ideal sparring partner right away!

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