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Bags on Rolls
Bags on Rolls Importing from China

Bags on Rolls are available for several food service applications. If you are importing bags on rolls and your primary concern is its quality, price, and specifications, Chinese plastic bag market can offer you a large selection of high-quality bags on roll at the best price.

T Shirt Bags
T-Shirt Bags Importing from China

T-Shirt Bags are versatile and widely used in a variety of retail situations from grocery stores to convenience stores, take out restaurants and even markets. China’s leading plastic bag manufacturer and supplier will provide t-shirt bags of varying color for any situation or theme, and even have “Thank You” bags for an added touch of your customer appreciation.

Plastic Bread Bags
Plastic Bread Bags Importing from China

Plastic Bread Bags are similar to regular plastic food bags in terms of gusset styles. You can import different kinds of plastic bread bags in China for your business. Their plastic bag products are 100% quality guaranteed at very competitive price.

Reclosable Food Bags
Resealable Food Bags Importing from China

Recloseable Food Bags, whether in seal top or slide seal configuration, are most often used for food storage or portioning where the bag will be opened repeatedly. Import the resealable food bags in various colors and designs from the professional plastic bags manufacturer and suppliers in China. If you are importing plastic bags from China, you are rest assured you’re getting the good quality that even you’re customer will patronize your product.

Deli Saddle Bags
Deli Saddle Bags Importing from China

Chinese Deli Saddle Bags are available plain or printed, with your choice of closure style. They’re usually HDPE and can be used with a saddle bag stand for easy dispensing. You can import deli saddle bags for your business from the leading plastic bag manufacturer and suppliers in China assuring the highest quality at best price.

Seal Top
Seal Top Bags Importing from China

Seal Top, or recloseable, bags close securely to seal in freshness better than fliptop bags, or bags that close with a twist tie. Import seal top bag from the leading plastic bag manufacturer and supplier in China mostly in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, and Jiangsu. Chinese seal top bags are not exactly cheap, yet it will prove cost effective for you.

Flat Bag
Flat Bag Importing from China

This style of bag doesn’t expand as much as side or bottom gusset bags. Flat bags are ideal for small, lightweight items such as cookies, pretzels, chips, or candy. Since it is common in the store, your customer knows it and buy easily. You can import flat bags for your business from the leading plastic bag manufacturer and suppliers in China assuring the highest quality at best price.

Side Gusset
Side Gusset Importing from China

This style of gusset allows the bag to expand into a box like formation when it’s fully packed. This allows for more efficient storage than other style bags. If you are importing plastic bags from China, you are rest assured you’re getting the good quality side gusset that even you’re customer will patronize your product.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Plastic Bag Shipping?

Sea Freight from China to 2 19
If your orders are very large and not urgent, you can use sea freight.
Air Freight from China to 19
For your plastic bag shipments safety, urgent orders and lesser risk of damage, using air freight is your best option.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 17
Choosing rail freight is perfect for your large volume plastic bag orders that traveled in long distances.
Door to Door Service China to 1 17
If you're unfamiliar with the required stages of importing, door-to-door shipping of your plastic bag shipments is extremely helpful for you.

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Best 20 Plastic Bags Manufacturers in China

1 Jiangmen Zhaohui Color Printing Plastic Company Ltd.

In 1993, Zhaohui Plastic Color Printing Company Limited. was established and also a foreign-financed enterprise focusing on the development and manufacture of plastic products including plastic bags, rolling bags, and so on. The company utilized advanced production equipment and technology to meet every customer’s requirements. The products can be exported to some countries.


Since 1998, Dongguan Min-Lee Packing Material Co., Ltd is one of the largest plastic bag manufacturers. Also, owns two factories located in Dongguan City and Zhaoqin City. Min-Lee cultivated the first-class managers, outstanding technicians, and professional salespeople for over 10 years. If you want to have various types of plastic bags then this is your right place.


In 2009, QINGDAO WANDA FORTIS CO., LTD. was founded and located in Qingdao, China which is a company group that assembles plastic bags, film factories, and so on. If you are looking for a company that offers a plastic bag/film high-quality at a reasonable price, QINGDAO WANDA FORTIS CO., LTD. is the best choice.

4 Qingdao Huarey Industry Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Huarey Industry Co., Ltd. supplies various kinds of products such as plastic bags, garbage bags, T-shirt bag, and many more. The company offers a high-quality yet affordable price which makes them have perfect services to the customers. Also, they ensure to meet every customer’s requirement and accept payment in Western Union, LC, T/T.

5 Qingdao Henglikaituo Packaging Products Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Henglkaituo as a precursor which specialize the production of printing and packaging products including plastic bags, packaging bag, and more. The company has 3 advanced microcomputer high-speed printing presses, bag-making equipment, and more. Aside from that, they have an R&D production system to design, production, and testing to completely guarantee the quality of products and meet different customer’s needs.

6 Dongguan Fuli Packing Co., Ltd.

Looking for a company that customizing various types of bags? Dongguan Fuli Packing Co Ltd is your best choice which focusing on customizing various types of packaging bags that includes poly bag, plastic bag, file bag, and many more are their main products. They accept and process OEM and ODM orders and offer high-quality and high-efficiency and services.

7 Guangzhou Li Pei Co., Ltd.

For over 15 years in the experience packaging industry including plastic bags, Guangzhou Lipei Co., Ltd is also working and supplies election products since 2009. Due to the improving production line, quality, and competitive prices, they gained a good relationship with the customers. Aside from that, they obtain quick to respond, professional services, and fast delivery.

8 Qingdao RAJ Packaging Products Co., Ltd.

Since the year 2008, Qingdao RAJ Packaging Products Co. Ltd has the aim to provide one-stop flexible packaging services in China. The products include plastic bags, carton boxes, food packaging bags, and so on. If you have a desire packaging idea then they will manufacture and turn into reality at a competitive price.

9 Dongguan Haifeng Plastic Packing Co., Ltd.

As a manufacturer since 1996, which focus on producing and printing plastic bag and non-woven bag. Due to the advanced machinery and ensuring all bags requirements will meet, they gained long-term clients such as Flextronics, Bestseller, and Vasto which they appreciated the quality.  Aside from that, the company certified ISO 9001: 2000.

10 Anhui Fuyuanchen Trading Co., Ltd.

Anhui Fuyuanchen Trading Co., Ltd. is specialized plastic packaging bags, paper cups, roll bags, supermarket vest bags, and many more. Tongcheng Kangyuan Plastic Co., Ltd. is its subsidiary company that produces and distributes and also wholesale plastic bags. The company has several agents which obtain official long-term and secure cooperative relations.

11 Shandong Honghe Plastics Co., Ltd

Shandong honghe plastic Co., Ltd is a company located in the Shandong province “jiangbei plastic first town”. It produces plastic bags, plastic films, garbage bags, and many more. The company utilized advanced production equipment and standardized workshop. Aside from that, every year they exported large numbers in foreign countries and set long-term close cooperation relationships with the customers.

12 Billion Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Jiangmen

For over 15 years in the production of plastic bags, Billion Plastic has main products that include PE plastic bags, PP plastic fork, and many more. The products are exported to New Zealand, Japan, Jamaica, and more countries. The company certified ISO9001 and BRC is also awarded as Class A Taxpayer, and so on. It also has 2 independent workshops, Jiangmen Avenue and Expressway.

13 Wuhan Sinicline Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Sinicline is an expert manufacturer of clothing accessories, packaging bags, packaging boxes, and all types of packaging products. Due to the excellent quality that gains the appreciation and trust of customers, the company is approved to be a supplier of many famous brands. If you want to have high-quality, affordable, fast delivery, and good services, this is your right place.

14 Zhejiang Shunye Chemical Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.

For over 22 years in production, Shunye Packaging is the prime manufacturer and exporters of the shopping bags, PP woven bags, packaging, and so on in China. Through the most advanced machine with 1 set of wire drawing, 8 sets of knitting (69machines), 4 sets of color printing, and 3 sets of laminating production lines, they ensure the quality and customer satisfaction.


Guangzhou YUFENG bag Industry Co., Ltd., was founded n 2013 which focused on manufacturing and exporting different kinds of bags. The products include a packing bag, shopping bag, plastic bag, and many more. Due to the professional, high-quality, competitive price, and excellent service, they gained and win over customers and make recognized.

16 Qingdao Haihong Color Printing Co., Ltd.

For over 30 years in producing to the packaging industry, Qingdao HaiHong Color printing Co., Ltd has been developed an extensive relationship with the customers. The products they manufacture are plastic bags, gusseted bags, trash can liners, and many more. The company ensures to the customers to have good services, good quality, and fast delivery of orders.

17 Qingdao Zhoushi Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd.

QINGDAO ZHOUSHI PLASTIC PACKAGING Co., Ltd has rich experience in production and rich R&D ability which successfully developed complete biodegradable material and products that are ideal for the packaging industry. If you are looking for all types of packaging bag that is safe and high quality, this is your right place.

18 Weifang Jinwei Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

As a professional manufacturer in China, the company provides a variety of products such as plastic bags, garbage bags, pet waste bags, and so on. Also, OEM and ODM orders are accepted. The company’s goal is to meet every customer’s demand and to satisfy all customers. So, send your inquiry now.


Qingdao BagKing Package Co., Ltd is the prime OEM manufacturer in China which produces different plastic packages and specialized different range of plastic bags, rolls, films, and many more. Due to the excellent quality and reasonable price, they obtain customer satisfaction. Aside from that, the company ensures to meet customer’s demands.

20 Heshan Chenghui Packaging Co., Ltd.

Heshan Chenghui Packaging Co., Ltd. is a supplier of packing and printing, integrates research, and production and sales. The company has the highest quality control, has professional quality inspection team, and more. If you want to have high-quality and durable plastic bags, you’re in the right place.

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