Need Help On Plastic Injection Mold Importing from China? Bansar Will Recommend You The Best Chinese Plastic Injection Mold Supplier

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plastic injection mold from china
Medical Plastic Injection Mold
Medical Plastic Injection Mold Importing from China

There are thousands of plastic injection mold product when you are importing from China. Find the reliable and professional plastic injection mold manufacturer in China. Make sure that your supplier have passed on any production certifications.

Data Cable Plastic Injection Mold
Data Cable Plastic Injection Mold Importing from China

In China, you can find plastic injection mold manufacturing who specializes in exporting plastic injection mold for data cable for many years. Also, Chinese plastic injection mold manufacturer provide OEM for your any demand. These manufacturer are mostly based in Yangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and other China area.

Air Box Injection Molding
Air Box Injection Molding Importing from China

There are wide selection of plastic injection mold from China including air box injection molding. Whether you need to import plastic injection mold for your  business, importing from China is the best choice. You are assured of having plastic injection mold in a highest quality at the best price.

Plastic Basket Injection Mold
Plastic Basket Injection Mold Importing from China

Chinese plastic basket injection mold have great experience on providing high quality service to distributors and retailers domestically and globally. China plastic injection mold manufacturer makes more competitive price and faster delivery. Import plastic basket injection mold manufacturer from Yangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and other China area.

Plastic Injection Auto Part Mould
Plastic Injection Auto Part Mold Importing from China

There are thousands of high quality plastic injection mold for auto parts in Chinese market. If you are importing plastic injection mold for your business, find a verified and professional on importing plastic injection mold from China and have rich experiences on importing plastic injection mold.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Plastic Injection Mold Shipping?

Sea Freight from China to 2 36
If you have a huge orders from China, then choosing sea freight is best for you because of its high cargo carrying capacity.
Air Freight from China to 37
If you want a high value shipping and urgent deliveries, shipping by air is the best option.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 37
Using rail as a means of transportation for your shipments is much affordable and organized as you get it in your expected schedules.
Door to Door Service China to 1 36
It may look expensive, serves you nothing but convenient way of shipment. Fast, reliable and affordable delivery services.

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20 Best Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturers in China

1 JMT Mold

JMT Mold is a professional manufacturer of injection mold in China. They offer high-quality products and one-stop service! Fast delivery time, OEM, and ODM services are also available at JMT Mold. JMT mold is committed to developing the best quality plastic injection mold for over 15 years. All their products are certified by ISO9001/TS16949 to ensure quality.

2 RYD Tooling

RYD tooling is China’s one of the leading plastic injection mold manufacturers. They are experienced in manufacturing mold and part design, tooling, prototyping, and injection molding. They manufacture products that are best for the automotive and electronics industries. RYD Tooling also offers full services such as OEM/ODM, competitive pricing, short lead time, and quality assurance.

3 CN Moulding

CN Moulding is a trustworthy manufacturer of plastic injection molds in China. They specialize in mold making, designing, engineering, and assembly of plastic injection molds. CN Moulding offers a one-stop service for any middle and small size company. They also focus on providing high-quality yet low-cost plastic injection molding services.

4 Respon Plastic

Respon Plastic is one of China’s best plastic injection mold manufacturers. They produce a wide variety of injection molds that are widely used in plastic housings, enclosures for electronics, medical equipment, automotive, industrial, outdoor sports, traffic products, and more. They offer high-quality products along with competitive prices and full services.


Tontec is a manufacturer that specializes in the design and production of high-quality plastic injection moldings and molds. They provide high-quality products and excellent services to customers worldwide. All their products are widely accepted to be used in industries such as medical devices, aerospace, office appliance, automotive, industrial appliance, and equipment. Tontec is committed to producing high-standard services and products to help its customers’ success.

6 LK Mould

LK Mould is one of the leading plastic injection mold manufacturers in China. Their plastic injection molds have met the highest quality standards. For more than 20 years, LK Mould, offers reliable services, exceptional value, quality craftsmanship, innovative solutions, fast delivery, top-management, and money-saving products. LK Mould also offers services such as injection molding, pressure die casting, rapid prototyping, CNC Machining, parts assembly, and more.

7 Sakura Tech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Sakura Tech is a professional manufacturer of high-quality plastic injection molds and moldings. All their products are used for automotive and electronic devices. Among their services also include high precision tooling, design and mold fabrication, and more.

8 Inno Molding

Inno Molding is a certified manufacturer of the plastic injection mold and molding services in China. For more than 25 years, Inno Molding has a strong engineering team that offers cost-effective and precision products and services with factory prices. With their state-of-the-art mold and molding manufacturing equipment, Inno Molding can surely provide you the best quality products.


Ecomolding is an expert manufacturer of custom injection molded plastic parts in China. They offer high-precision plastic injection molded assemblies and components. For more than 10 years, Ecomolding offers one-stop injection mold services such as custom injection molding, plastic injection molding, mold design, and more. They offer top-level management, innovation, continuous improvement, and highest-quality products.

10 ICOMold

ICOMold is a trusted manufacturer of plastic injection manufacturer in China. They offer easy communication, rich experience, cost-saving products, high-quality products, and excellent services. ICOMold products are widely used in pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and more industries.

11 Hanking Mould Engineering Ltd

Focusing on continuous progress and developments, Hanking Mould became one of the most professional manufacturers of plastic injection molds in China. They also offer services such as plastic injection tooling, custom plastic injection molding, plastic molding manufacturing, and more. Hanking Mould is your reliable partner when it comes to precision mold makers. They keep their customers successful by providing high-quality products and services.

12 Prototech Asia

Prototech Asia is a professional manufacturer of high-quality plastic injection molds in China. They offer a wide variety of plastic injection mold services to be used in a broad range of applications. All their products and services are offered at high-quality at affordable prices.

13 Langfang Huabo Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd

They are a manufacturer of a wide range of plastic injection mold and molding services. Huabo is one of the most trusted manufacturers in China. Their factory is technology and scientific-based so they can produce professional services and quality.

14 AE Mould Products Co., Ltd

AE Mould is an expert manufacturer with advanced engineering in plastic injection mold and molding services. For more than 19 years, AE Mould has the full capacity in tool design, prototyping, toolmaking, optimization, and part production. They offer free reference quotation, free consult services, free mold trial for 3 times, and more.

15 Shanghai Honno Industrial Co., Ltd

Honnovi specializes in the production of different plastic injection molds. All their products and services are used in automotive, medical, household, and more industries. All their processing techniques are produced in line with the SOP standard. They have a strict quality control team to provide customers with stable quality products.


Sositar Mould specializes in producing various plastic mold parts that are used for automotive, medical equipment, home appliances, sporting equipment, electronics, general industrial OEM applications, and more. They are capable of producing high-quality plastic injection molded parts that are available at a reasonable cost.

17 Shenzhen Datong Precision Metal Co., LTD

Datong Precision is one of the top manufacturers of plastic molding injection in China. They guarantee high-quality products and affordable services. For more than 17 years, Datong Precision gained thousands of good feedbacks from customers around the world.

18 Ningbo Yinzhou Guda Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd

Their company specializes in manufacturing different plastic injection mold parts with high quality and favorable prices. They adhere to the quality first, service first, continuous improvement and innovation to meet the customers need principle in order to achieve zero defect and zero complaints. To give customers a perfect service, they provide the products with good quality at a reasonable price.

19 Dongguan Kang De Electronics Co., Ltd

Kang De Plastic Mould Electronics Co., Ltd is famous in China for manufacturing the highest quality plastic injection mold and plastic parts accessories. They specialized in opening new molds for various plastic products, such as phone housing, electrical switches, sockets, auto plastic parts, and so on. They also become multiple enterprises integrating the development, production, distribution, service, and trade.

20 Dongguan Qifu Plastic Mould Co., Ltd

They have a rich-experienced mold making team, designer, and professional production line. Their company is based on the quality of the product management, its excellent quality. Because of that, Qifu can give you the best quality plastic injection mold and molding services at a competitive price.

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