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Plastic Recycling Machine
Plastic Pet Bottle Recycling Machine
Plastic Pet Bottle Recycling Machine Importing from China

Find a professional manufacturer of high-tech, industrial machinery for plastic recycling in China. The leading plastic pet bottle recycling machine offer recycling equipment fit for large-scale, large-volume recycling of post-consumer, post-commercial, and post-industrial plastic scrap.

Nylon Waste Recycling Machine
Nylon Waste Recycling Machine Importing from China

China’s leading manufacturer has developing these innovative machines with usability, durability, efficiency, and safety in mind. If you are importing from China, you can rest assured that the equipment uses only the highest quality materials and parts and if well maintained, will operate year after year.

Plastic Waste Recycling Machine
Plastic Waste Recycling Machine Importing from China

There are wide selection of plastic waste recycling machine in Chinese market. Zhangjiagang is one of the leading manufacturers of recycling machinery. When choosing the durable recycling machinery, choose those manufacturer who have much experience in manufacturing recycling machine for many years.

Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine
Two-stage Plastic Recycling Machine Importing from China

If you want to buy two-stage plastic recycling machine for your business or personal use, China recycling machine manufacturers can offer a lot for you. When importing two-stage plastic recycling machine in China, you are assured of high quality at best price.

Mini Plastic Recycling Machine
Mini Plastic Recycling Machine Importing from China

Chinese recycling machine suppliers can supply 100% new mini plastic recycling machine to meet customers’ demands. You can shop mini plastic recycling machine from the reliable manufacturer in Qingdao, Liaoyang, Zhangjiagang, and Whenzou.

Automatic Plastic Recycling Machine
Automatic Plastic Recycling Machine Importing from China

Find a reliable plastic recycling machie manufacturer who strictly tested with varies of test methods to ensure reliable performance. The leading plastic recycling machine suppliers can supply 100% new automatic plastic recycling machine to meet your needs. Get durable automatic plastic recycling machine for your business.

Plastic Foam Recycling Machine
Plastic Foam Recycling Machine Importing from China

As long as you are looking for a plastic recycling machine, importing from China is the best choice. There are wide selection of high quality and good condition plastic recycling machine in China market at affordable price.

Granulator Recycling Machine
Granulator Recycling Machine Importing from China

Are you looking for high-quality granulator recycling machine? Importing from China is the right choice. China’s leading manufacturer produced granulator recycling machine to provide durable performance for you, under all conditions and environments. Most granulator recycling machine manufacturer have complete certifications.

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For less in-transit cost of your orders, choosing sea as mean of transportation is best for you.
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For more efficient and quick deliveries of your plastic recycling machine shipments, air freight shipping is right for you.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 7
If your distance away from China and you have a huge orders, then rail freight shipping is your best choice.
Door to Door Service China to 1 7
If new to shipping process and want more convenient way of transporting, then door to door freight shipping fits for you.

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Best 20 Plastic Recycling Machine Manufacturers in China

  • 3E Machinery Co., Ltd

3E group is operating closely in the manufacture, developing, and selling of recycling machinery equipment. Started in 2003, a modern company currently focusing on the industry of recycling and shredding. They are active in the recycling market and have strong relationships with enterprises in the USA and Europe. Their products are excellently sold to 90+ countries including Australia, Latin America, and more.

  • Mengkwa Machinery Co., Ltd

Discover the company of Mengkwa Machinery Co., Ltd in Ningbo City- known as China`s plastic machinery city. The company was holding over 22 years` field experience, especially in making different plastic recycling machinery. Since established, the team always paid attention to the manufacture, design, and selling of various plastic recycling machines.

  • Zhangjiagang Retech Machinery Co., Ltd

After years of development, Zhangjiagang Retech Machinery Co., Ltd now understands more people`s demand especially in making high-quality plastic recycling machines. They produce products depending on the global market trend and customers` requirements. A provider of PET bottle recycling washing line, plastic PE PP film recycling washing line, etc.

  • Han Yue Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd

Was originated in 2017, Han Yue Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd is an expert manufacturer devoted to the development, sale, production, and service for plastic recycling machines. It has a main office in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu province, providing thoughtful customer service and strict quality management. They also have staff members that are available all the time to assist you.

  • YuRefon Machinery Co., Ltd

YuRefon Machinery Co., Ltd is a Chinese manufacturing group commit themselves to the research, development, manufacture, and market of plastic recycling machines. They carry more than 20 years` industry experience, producing high-quality equipment spread to Canada, USA, Columbia, Mexico, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Japan, etc. The company obtained certifications such as ISO-9002, CE, and ISO-9001: 2000.

  •  Zhangjiagang Sevenstars

Zhangjiagang Sevenstars was located in Zhangjiagang city, China, supplying all series of plastic recycling machines. The company mainly develop, design, produce, and selling plastic recycling machines to markets all over the world. Not only plastic recycling machines, but they also a supplier of PVC pipe making machines, pet bottle recycling machines, PE pipe making machines, and more.


MOOGE MACHINERY Co., Ltd is a popular and professional plastic recycling machinery manufacturer located in the town of Zhangjiagang, China. They are super devoted to develop and design high-tech plastic machinery. Holding more than 10 years of experience, always keeping improvement for their products. They already received good comments from customers worldwide.

  • Ruian Chuangli Machinery Factory

Started in the business since 2005, Ruian Chuangli Machinery Factory was headquartered at Rui′an City near in East Sea. This is a qualified, most reliable plastic recycling machine manufacturer. All types of plastic machines are available at lower prices. They export their high-quality machines overseas including Colombia, Mexico, the USA, South Korea, etc.

  • Sichuan Union Technology Co., Ltd

Sichuan Union Technology Co., Ltd is a professional dedicated supplier established in 1995 at Chengdu, Sichuan province, Mainland China. Entirely committed to the production and designing of extrusion machines and plastic recycling machines. They also expertly export their products to over 5 regions such as Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.


ACERETECH wholly focusing on the R&D of plastic recycling machines. It is a creative enterprise, providing suitable solutions and equipment for your plastic recycling projects. All thanks to well-understanding industry experience and professional R&D, they can now provide customized plastic recycling machines to customers worldwide. Their R&D team has been in the industry for the past 20 years.

  • BEIER Group

Established in 1998, BEIER Group is a professional plastic machinery manufacturer located in Zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu province in China. Employs 300 well trained professional employees in high standard workshops and buildings. Obtained high efficiency, energy-saving plastic recycling line, and other related machinery that can meet your standards.

  • Dongguan Sixing company

Founded in 2012, Dongguan Sixing company is a dedicated plastic machinery manufacturer in China with ISO9001 and CE certificates. Through years of experience, the Sixing company has grown much stronger and technology matures, with rapid success in designing and producing quality plastic equipment. Since it’s founding, they are committed to the ethic of offering first-class plastics processing facilities for all of the clients around the world.

  • Taizhou Weitian Machinery Co., Ltd.

A professional company established in 2008, which specializes in the production of all types of machinery including PP, PE, PET plastic recycling machines, shredders, balers, automatic household appliances recycling lines, hydraulic cutters, etc. A reliable company that holds an ISO 9001, IATF16949 certificates. Situated in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China with convenient transportation.

  • POLYRETEC Machinery

Since 2001, POLYRETEC Plastic Recycling focused on R&D, manufacturing, and marketing for various types of industrial machinery equipment for plastic recycling. Provide high-quality recycling equipment fit for many applications. All machines have modular design and high-standard that can meet your different demands.

  • PURUI Machinery

PURUI Machinery is a leading plastic recycling machine manufacturer in China with excellent products and services willing to assist to boom your business. With the help of their strong technical force, an experienced engineer, and an advanced production line, they can develop high-cost performance recycling systems, low power consumption, easy operated machines, high output, good quality pellets, and so on.

  •  Zhejiang PINBO plastic machinery Co., Ltd

A professional specialized factory, manufacturer, and trading company established in 2003. Recognized as one of the biggest suppliers of the main parts of plastic machines in Ruian city. Well-equipped with professional machines and equipment, which greatly ensure the hardness, durableness, and long-lasting use of products. The company continuously implemented standardized management and improve the quality assurance system to exceed many guidelines.


When it comes to your plastic recycling machine needs, Faygo Union Group is the right answer. They have a sophisticated management system with ISO 9001 certification. Own 3 modern branch factories with experienced engineers many customers rely on. Mainly engaged in the production of plastic pipe extrusion lines, board production lines, pet bottle blow machine, etc.

  • JORBIN Machinery

ZHANGJIAGANG JORBIN MACHINERY Co., Ltd is a reputable and professional plastic machinery manufacturer situated in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China. With more than 15 years of continuous development and research experience, they guarantee 100% satisfaction to the products they supply to local and global markets.

  • Zhangjiagang Xinting Machinery Co., Ltd

Specialized in plastic recycling and extrusion machinery manufacturing and trading with a special team for before-sale service and after-sale service you can trust. All customers are satisfied because this company provides customers with high-quality complete sets of equipment and comprehensive technical support.

  • Zhangjiagang S&K Machinery Co., Ltd

Zhangjiagang S&K Machinery Co., Ltd is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of plastic machines in China including a plastic granulating line, plastic recycling line, plastic bottle production line, and so on. Located in Zhangjiagang City, and won widespread recognition and praise of clients` satisfaction worldwide. You can ensure high-quality products, good prices, and perfect service.

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