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Importing Plywood from China
Importing Softwood Plywood from China
Importing Softwood Plywood from China

Softwood Plywood is typically used for construction and industrial purposes.  You can find qualified Chinese plywood manufacturers in China. These suppliers are based in Shandong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Zhejiang and many more. Purchase a set of softwood plywood according to your wall, roof sheathing and for subfloor construction needs.

Importing Hardwood Plywood from China 2
Importing Hardwood Plywood from China

Most commonly used for cabinet and furniture making, due to its strength, stability, and convenience. Chinese hardwood plywood manufacturers supply a wide range of high-quality products, also provide a complete certification. These suppliers had been exporting hardwood plywood to more than 20 countries. So you can get more stable supplies from China to your country.

Importing Tropical Plywood from China scaled
Importing Tropical Plywood from China

Tropical plywood is superior to softwood plywood due to its density, strength, evenness of layers, and high quality. It is usually sold at a premium in many markets if manufactured with high standards. Chinese tropical plywood supplier mostly in Shandong that offers a wide range of tropical plywood products and doing their best to offer you the most competitive prices.

Importing Aircraft Plywood from China
Importing Aircraft Plywood from China

Aircraft Plywood used in the manufacture of aircraft but also boats, furniture, model airplanes, model boats, doll houses, boomerangs, and other toys are also covered. You can find trusted aircraft plywood suppliers in China in Shandong, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai provinces.

Importing Decorative Plywood from China
Importing Decorative Plywood from China

If you need a lot easier to dye and draw on than any other plywoods, decorative plywood is what you need. There are lots of good decorative suppliers in China that are based in a different area. The leading provinces who has many manufacturers are Shandong, Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang.  Select high-quality decorative plywood products at the best price from these certified manufacturers.

Importing Flexible Plywood from China
Importing Flexible Plywood from China

Purchase flexible plywood whenever an easily curved or generally thin material is needed in your constructions. Chinese plywood market offers a wide range of flexible plywood products. Providing good quality flexible plywood products at a competitive price.

Importing Marine Plywood from China
Importing Marine Plywood from China

Source a large selection of high-quality marine plywood products in China. Chinese manufacturers supply your marine plywood needs at the best price. Best for your construction business needs even in other areas of construction. Perfect used in environments where it is exposed to moisture for long periods.

Importing Exterior Plywood from China
Importing Exterior Plywood from China

Exterior plywood uses a low-grade panel with a high-grade panel. Making it suitable for applications that are semi-exposed or completely exposed to the outside. Commonly used in different construction purposes such as cladding, siding, wall sheathing, and other outdoor uses. Chinese exterior plywood manufacturers offer high quality and beautiful effect exterior plywood with cheap price.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Plywood Shipping from China?

Plywood Sea Freight Shipping from China
You can save a lot of money shipping your plywood orders by sea, but must take care of the transit time.
Plywood Air Freight Shipping from China
If your plywood orders is urgent, then you can use air freight shipping. Also offers the advantage of a high level of security, as the airport safety controls over cargo are tightly managed.
Plywood Rail Freight Shipping from China
Ship by rail can be beneficial for your larger volume plywood orders over long distances. It is also the much affordable means of transporting shipments.
Plywood Door to Door Shipping from China
If shipping your plywood internationally and unfamiliar with the shipping process, door to door shipping is best for you. It is fast, reliable and affordable delivery services.

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Best 20 Plywood Manufacturers in China

  •  CUZI Plywood Company

Founded in 2006, CUZI Plywood Company is one of the best plywood manufacturers and suppliers in China with vast experience in the field. Caters to the needs of worldwide clients that provide customer finished goods. Flexibility, high-quality production, reactivity, and affordable prices are the advantages of CUZI among plywood manufacturers in the world. Exported to major companies in South America, the Middle East, the USA, Europe.etc.

  • Chanta Group

Established in 1995, Chanta Group is a professional plywood manufacturer specialized in producing customized goods with professional technology and machinery. All products are produced according to AS/NZS, CARB/TSCA, CE, ISO, FSC certification that can meet your demands. Headquarters in Linyi city, Shandong, occupies an area of 54,000 square meters and supported by 600 skilled workers.

  • Linyi Jianzhong Wood Machinery Co., Ltd.

With more than 20 years in history and development, Jianzhong Wood Machinery ensures 100% satisfaction when it comes to your plywood needs. Since 1998, the company is specialized in the production and sales of plywood, steel structure, construction template, aluminum-plastic plate, and other building materials. They`ve plenty of products to offer!

  • Yalong wood

One of the largest plywood manufacturers that produce plywood of all types. They can manufacture about 100,000 cubic meters every year, together with the team with rich experience and spirit of innovation, excellent customer service personnel, professional design team, they guarantee you choose the right partner in your business.

  • China Nanjing Emburg Co. Ltd

China Nanjing Emburg Co. Ltd is a reliable plywood manufacturer and supplier in China. Mainly engaged in producing furniture plywood, film faced plywood, melamine boards, etc. exported to more than 20 countries and regions. Offering premium plywood at cost-effective rates!

  • Xuzhou Mega Industries Ltd

Xuzhou Mega Industries Ltd. is one of the professional and respected Chinese Plywood Manufacturers situated in Peixian, Xuzhou City, China. Possess 6 advanced production equipment, which produced top-quality plywood based on FSC, CE, ISO, CARB, EPA, ISO Certificates Standards. Earned a good reputation for many wholesalers, distributors, and end-users worldwide.

  • Tianjin Plywood Industry Co., Ltd

Tianjin Plywood Industry Co., Ltd is a reputable provider of plywood products headquarters in Langfang City, Hebei Province covering an area of 60,000 square meters including building an area of about 32,000 square meters. Started in the year 1983, and continuously supplying the best products, stable quality, and excellent customer service.


Established in 2005, SINOSKY INDUSTRY LIMITED is mainly engaged in all types of plywood productions. Provide a complete range of high-standard Chinese-made wood products and related services. The company ensures professional manufacturing technology and strong global resource that exceeds your various requirement and demand.

  • S&J (Shanghai) International Co., Ltd.

S&J is a professional FSC plywood manufacturer in China, located in Shanghai and different manufacturing-based in Shandong and Jiangsu Province of China. All products delivered to different major markets such as in South Africa, Australia are manufactured with superior quality, durable features, best designs, and cost-efficient.

  • Linyi EWAY Wood Co., Ltd

Established in 2010, Linyi EWAY Wood Co., Ltd is a popular and the largest plywood manufacturing center located in Linyi City, China. EWAY focuses on manufacturing, processing, and trading a comprehensive range of wood-based panel products and plywood. Currently having 260+ hardworking employees and staff, and 13 plywood product lines which can produce about 60,000 cubic meters every year.


Founded at Linyi City China in 2006. They built strong relationships with cooperatives in the Middle East, America, Europe, North Africa, and Southeast Asia. The company only offers high product quality, an extreme credibility system, and stable stock of goods. They already obtained ISO 9001; 2008, ABS, and FSC certificates.

  • Yarun Imp&Exp Co., Ltd

Supply high plywood quality ever since 2006. Many types of plywoods are spread around the world, including construction grade plywoods, furniture grade plywoods, fancy plywoods, door skin plywoods, and many others. The team always paid attention to the products` quality levels. As of right now, they get good comments from customers worldwide.


The company of Yuchao International Trade Co., Ltd has been devoted to fabricating excellent products and services to all customers. They had enough experience in this industry, safely export goods to attain customers` satisfaction. Started in 2005, professional in meeting the exact demands of the market and each of the customers.

  • Gefen Engineering Materials Technology Co., Ltd

The team is consists of 300 full-time employees, with 15+ years of industry experience. They specialize in the manufacture of various plywoods. For customer assurance, they have certificates that prove the company`s reliability. FSC, CARB, CE, and ISO9000 are included US certifications they got. Every year, their production output can reach more than 2 million pieces of various plywoods.

  • Junyang Wood Co., Ltd

Junyang Wood Co., Ltd is a professional maker of a wide variety of plywoods, including fancy plywoods, commercial plywoods, film faced plywood, and so forth. They are making efforts to provide perfect services at a reasonable cost and good quality. As leading suppliers and manufacturers, their products are commonly featured at any popular commercial space, shops, homes, etc.

  • Wood Industry Co., Ltd

Wood Industry Co., Ltd is China`s leading manufacturer & supplier of excellent quality plywood. All types of plywood they offer were environmentally friendly, low cost, and highest in quality. The company has customers from across the world. The USA, Japan, and Eastern Europe are some countries their customers from. Yearly, they can distribute a total of 250, 000 cubic meters of plywood internationally.

  • Houlei Industrial Co., Ltd

Houlei industrial Co., Ltd is a manufactory of high-quality plywood based in China. It covered a factory space of 3000 square meters, with more than 150 skilled workers and 10 technical staff. Implements warehousing department, standardized management, finance department, sales department, production department, and advanced production technology. And aside from plywood, their main products are joinery board, fireproof board, anti-slide, etc.

  • Kelin Wood wood Co, Ltd

Kelin Wood wood Co, Ltd is a popular Chinese factory in providing first-class quality of plywood. Located in Shouguang City, China, primarily produces plywood, panel type furniture, slotted MDF board, and PVC cabinet door. Began its journey in 2006, owns furniture production lines, and 8 plywood production lines for fast productions. Their annual plywood capabilities reach up to 50 thousand CBM.

  • Tonghe trade Co., Ltd

Through using advanced production lines, Tonghe Trade Co., Ltd`s production now reaches the leading level in China. Their series of high-quality plywood has been exported to Europe, the Middle East, America, and other countries. Known as a certified company by US CARB, ISO, and CE. They strive to do their best in order to satisfy the needs of their clients.

  • XiHuan Wood Products Factory

At Wenan Country of China, you can find the factory of XiHuan Wood Products Factory. Since the establishment until now, they strive to reach every customers` requirements. Already passed ISO14001: 2000, ISO9001: 2000, CARB, FSC, and CE certifications. Right at the moment, they can export and sold plywood products to regions and provinces worldwide, established a good image in this industry.

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