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Ceramic Poker Chips 1 1
Importing Ceramic Poker Chips from China

Ceramic poker chips are casino grade poker chips that are 8 to 11.5 grams in weight and about 39mm in diameter. Alternative chips and used in the casino but are also available to the home poker market. It often prefers ceramic chips because of their durability and will stand the test of time. There is a higher cost for these beautifully decorated poker chips but look great in any serious home game and it’s probably worth the extra cost. It is very identifiable design but they are great for people looking to place high-quality graphics and larger graphics on chips and you can find this kind of poker chips in China.

Clay Poker Chips
Importing Clay Poker Chips from China

Mostly used in casinos and most expensive type of poker chips available and generally regarded as the best quality chips. The most respected type of chips available in the market because of the touch and feel of thee chips. If you want to provide your players with a special experience, you’re going to want to shell out the extra cash and get these poker chips. Zhejiang province in China is one of the biggest manufacturers of poker chips. Available in a wide variety of designs, colors, and weights, and can be customized more than mass-produced chips. They are definitely considered high-end chips and will make your home poker game more distinguished.

Composite Poker Chips
Importing Composite Poker Chips from China

Composite poker chips are the most common poker chip purchased and used in a regular home game. These chips work fine for a small stakes poker game or tournament where the risk of someone is running in chips is minimal. If you are looking for this kind of poker chips, Guangdong province in China is the right place for you in picking nice catch poker chips that you can use in poker games. If you want this kind of chips don’t mind spending money, then you should consider these.

Gold Plated Poker Chips
Importing Gold Plated Poker Chips from China

Poker chips manufacturers offer numerous designs that can be printed on the face of any poker chip. You can buy them pre-designed or for a higher price you can provide a picture or graphic artwork for customization. Gold Poker Chips are perfect for any high stakes poker game or friendly game. If you’re importing poker chips China is the right place for you.

Handmade Hardwood Poker Chips
Importing Hardwood Poker Chips from China

Do you want everyone to know what poker chip set is all yours? Or, perhaps you want to give one to a poker enthusiast as a gift. In either case, you are going to want to give this chips and games poker chip set a try. These can be customized according to your liking. Hardwood poker chips are perfectly fit for your game loving self or friend. Each thin hardwood chip is smoothly finished to give it a great feel with rounded edges.

Metal Poker Chips
Importing Metal Poker Chips from China

Metal poker chips are the closest match to what you’ll find in most casinos these days and are good, durable choice. If you’re looking for your game to be professional in all ways except the rake, then this is the choice. Zhejiang in China was a pioneer in casino chips and has been making them for how many years. Manufacturing casino quality chips for casinos and for the home market.

Plastic Poker Chips
Importing Plastic Poker Chips from China

Plastic Poker Chips are the most inexpensive poker chips available. There are many types of plastics chips on the Chinese market but these chips are quite easily the most popular. Plastic poker chips are additionally available in a variety of colors that what’s needed and much cheaper compare to other poker chips. Guangdong China is the largest manufacturer of different types of poker chips. It’s the best choice for you in picking high quality of poker chips, they are verified and experienced manufacturer of poker chips.

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Best 20 Manufacturers of Poker Chips in China

1 First-Rate Entertainment Appliance

Founded in 1990, Zhejiang Shaoxing First-Rate Entertainment Appliance Co., Ltd. originally named Shaoxing Shunda Toy Co., Ltd., is located in Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. They mainly fabricate and export casino and gambling accessories, including all types of poker chips, poker tables, card shufflers, poker chips with cases, dealer shoes, and roulette products. They exported their products to the worldwide market. In fact, they can provide 60,000 pieces of three-color casino chips and 150,000 pieces of double-color casino chips per day due to their advanced equipment and a highly efficient workforce.

2 Mandy Poker Chips

A company with 10 years of experience in manufacturing poker chips for the customer worldwide. Whether you`re a wholesaler, a retailer, or an end-user, Mandy carries a large variety of ceramic poker chips, plastic poker chips, and clay poker chips to meet your requirements. Mandy aims to become a trustworthy and responsible manufacturer for custom poker chips as per your needs.

3 Yang Ming Entertainment

Established in 2013, Yang Ming Entertainment is a popular chip maker for many casinos and entertainment clubs worldwide since 2003. Their factory covers 5000 meters square land area with hundreds of skilled teams. They guarantee the maximum strength of each product that can be used long-lasting. The distinctiveness of chip products is trusted and praised by many customers around the world.

4 Yuyao Feifan Entertainment Goods Co., Ltd.

Looking for the best manufacturer of poker chips and other related products? Yuyao Feifan Entertainment Goods Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of poker chips for how many years with well-equipped testing and production equipment. They have strong and professional technical force, that can produce thousands of products monthly. They ensure the best quality, stylish designs at reasonable price chips exported to many countries.

5 Cixi Longshan Houseleader Plastic Factory

Established in 2005, Cixi Longshan Houseleader Plastic Factory is one of the leading entertainment products and household tools manufacturers in Ningbo, China. With 7+ years’ experience in operation, they have created into a large-scale factory, which has 50+ talented employees and 10 advanced production lines. All products are durable, also accept made-to-order design requirements.

6 Yuyao Hansen Entertainment Goods Co., Ltd.

Located in Yuyao city, Zhejiang Province, Yuyao Hansen Entertainment Goods Co., Ltd. is specializing in the production and design of different kinds of chips, poker tables, and other entertainment supplies. Founded in 2003, that covers an area of 10,000 square meters. Plus, they have strong technical capacities and production departments that can create second-to-none products and can meet your request. Contact them now!

7 Cixi Shuangyuan Electric Co., Ltd.

Cixi Shuangyuan Electric Co., Ltd. was established in the early 1990s. Recognized as one of the pioneers in the manufacturing high-class technique of professional gaming products in China, they obtained a good reputation in terms of superior quality finishes all over the world, with the daily output of 500,000 pieces production and skilled R&D team.

8 Jiaxing Melody Art&Craft Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing Melody Art&Craft Manufacturing Co. Ltd is a professional enterprise specialized in designing and manufacturing different types of aluminum cases and toys, including aluminum tool cases, poker chip cases, cosmetics cases, makeup cases, puzzles, and dart sets. A company with a perfect collaborative production system that exceeds your expectations. They established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship in many foreign trade and enterprises worldwide. In this domain, their company enjoys a nice reputation that surely satisfies your demands.

9 Jupin Group Co., Ltd

Specializing in manufacturing all kinds of promotional gifts and chips, now Jupin products are certified with international standards like CE, GS, EMC, GRAS, and more.  These are highly appreciated in a variety of multiple markets worldwide. Founded in 2000, in 4000 square meter production area and 480+ skilled workers. If you`re interested discuss a custom order with Jupin Group.

10 Dongguan City Jiaxin Industrial Limited

Founded in Guangdong in 2010, Dongguan City Jiaxin Industrial Limited is an OEM firm specializing in poker chips. They are developed into a large-scale professional chip manufacturer in China with around professional 250+ workers. Possess high-grade and advanced machinery equipment they achieved a production capacity of 20,000,000 to 30,000,000 pieces of poker chips and 20~30 sets of new molds monthly. High-quality poker chips are guaranteed and exported around the world.

11 Huachengda Plastic Hardware Factory

Specializing in manufacturing a wide range of poker chips, chipsets, and other casino accessories since 2003. They own an R&D team that can layout and designs new products quickly. Many clients in various countries like America and Europe choose Huachengda Plastic Hardware to be their partner for better success. They promise to give their best to meet every customer’s needs quickly and exactly!

12 Shenzhen Qinlong Sport Appliance Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2000, Shenzhen Qinlong Sport Appliance Co., Ltd. is a well-known supplier and manufacturer of core products including playing cards, poker chips, and a variety of casinos, gaming equipment, and casinos accessories. Currently exported to Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, etc, their products are accessible at a reasonable price. Be part of their team now!

13 Eastony Industries (Ningbo) Co., Ltd

Specialized in manufacturing various electric home appliances, games, poker chips, casino products, kitchenware, household items, arts and crafts, general goods, etc. Eastony Industries (Ningbo) Co., Ltd covers 120,000 sqm. with 240+ workers and staff members, including 6 designers and 26 technicians. Located in Zhejiang, China, they obtained ISO9001 standards for their quality control and trusted by many valued customers around the world.

14 Foshan City Longbright Plastic & Hardware Productions Limited

Located in Guangdong, China, specializing in producing hardware and game products. All products are certified with EN71 & ASTM F963 standards that can meet your requirements. With advanced technical machines & skilled workers and strong professional management team, they are always happy to serve their customers worldwide with the most affordable price.

15 Cixi Jiahe Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

Cixi Jiahe Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. is one of the excellent and remarkable manufacturers of casino products and accessories established in 1999. With a floor area of 10,500 square meters, they employ 490+ workers that can develop advanced and unique products of your choice. Plus, the boasted R&D team that ensures well-equipped designs.

16 Linhai City Yuanhe Leisure Goods Co., Ltd.

Specialized in wooden product production, Linhai City Yuanhe Leisure Goods Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of poker and pet products located in Zhejiang, China. 5+ years of experience in this company will satisfy your requirements. They provide strict quality control and inspection at each stage of the manufacturing system to rest assure that all products have the best quality before delivery.

17 Ninghai Homegame Molding Factory

Located in Zhejiang, China, Ninghai Homegame Molding Factory is one of the acknowledgeable manufacturers of casino products, accessories, and equipment such as poker table, poker chips, poker chip set, game table, poker table, promotional items, and so on. They are trusted and have been specialized in this business for several years. With an extensive range, best quality, reasonable prices, and stylish designs, their products are popular in the USA, Europe, and other countries.

18 Dongguan Miaote Plastic Product Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Miaote Plastic Product Co., Ltd. has over 7 years of experience as a manufacturer of poker chips, RFID subway token, RFID luggage tag located in Dongguan, China. Fast and right production can be conducted due to their advanced 40 injection machines and 3 assembly lines with overall volume annually of over 250 million pieces of all types of chips. Purchase to them now!

19 Guangzhou Lange Casino Industry

As a leading supplier and manufacturer of the casino chips, poker chip, card shuffler, casino tablecloth in Mainland China, they have a self-owned factory, reaching a production capacity of 500,000 per year. The R&D team of Guangzhou Lange Casino Industry keeps on developing new and upgraded products for market requirements. They also provide a product with OEM and ODM services.

20 Kinlux Industrial Corporation

Established in 1956, with more than 57 years of expertise, Kinlux Industrial Corporation, is recognized as the number one manufacturer in China of high-quality promotional items and paper products such as playing cards, flashcards, educational cards, game cards, chips and so on that are exported in 60+ countries. Expect the efficient and cost-effective designs of their products. Kinlux can handle small or large volume orders. Contact them now!


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