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Polymyxin B sulfate from China
a Antibiotic Powder Polymyxin B sulfate
Antibiotic Powder Polymyxin B Sulfate

Are you looking for antibiotic powder polymyxin b sulfate? Plenty of crown antibiotic powder polymyxin b sulfate providers will be found in China. They used high-tech machines to create perfect antibiotic powder polymyxin b sulfate.

b Aerosporin Polymyxin B sulfate
Aerosporin Polymyxin B Sulfate

In China, you can search thousands of the leading aerosporin polymyxin b sulfate manufacturers mostly in Guangdong, Guangzhou, and Hebei provinces. Most of the Chinese factories firmly implement procedures and regulations for quality assurance, with the excellent workmanship applied to each product.

c Natural Polymyxin B Sulphate
Natural Polymyxin B Sulfate

Natural polymyxin b sulfate is ideal to treat bacterial infections. If you are needing natural polymyxin b sulfate for your business, Bansar can help you to find a reliable manufacturer and supplier for this kind of polymyxin b sulfate.

d Anti inflammatory API Polymyxin B sulphate
Anti-inflammatory API Polymyxin B Sulfate

Anti-inflammatory API polymyxin b sulfate is widely used as medicine or treatment. If you want to import anti-inflammatory API polymyxin b sulfate in China, you are in a right place. You can work with a reliable manufacturer and supplier that can able to help your business.

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Air Freight from China
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Rail Freight Shipping from China
Ship by rail is for your large volume of orders and will be traveled over greater distances from China.
Door to Door Shipping from China to
Bansar offers door to door shipping to faster transactions.

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Importing Polymyxin B Sulfate from China: The Definitive Guide

If you are planning in importing Polymyxin B Sulfate from China, don’t miss this guide.

It contains a useful step by step guide on what to do when you are importing from China.

So keep reading!

How to import Polymyxin B Sulfate from China

Polymyxin b sulfate is a common pharmaceutical ingredient used widely in dermal ointments, powder sprays for small skin cuts or wounds. It is often used combing bacitracin zinc, neomycin sulfate.

To import chemicals safely from China (Polymyxin B Sulfate is an API, one of the chemicals), you need to take the following actions step by step:

Step 1: Know the nature of the chemicals you want to import

1.1 What is the HS Code for Polymyxin B Sulfate? HS code of Polymyxin B sulfate is 2941909090. With the HS code, you can calculate the general import duties, so you will have an idea of the landing cost. With the HS code you have, you will also know if the export of the chemical requires commodity inspections from Chinese Authorities. Without commodity inspections for some products, the goods won’t pass China Customs. So make sure your supplier can handle it before you make your final decision.

1.2 Is Polymyxin B Sulfate restricted for sale or scheduled in any way by authorities in China. Chemicals not scheduled in other countries can be restricted for sale in China.

1.3 Is Polymyxin B Sulfate categorized as common chemicals safe for shipping by air or by sea? If not, what types of hazardous products it belongs to. You may also want to check out the packing requirements for export. Dangerous goods are required to be packed with special dangerous packing. It is better that you know the general shipping cost if you are doing FOB terms with your supplier.

1.4 Do you have to register your Polymyxin B Sulfate manufacturer first in your relevant authorities before import. For example, it requires the REACH for chemicals to be imported to Europe, CEP/COS approval to import pharmaceutical products to Europe.

1.5 Do you have to get an import permit from relevant authorities before Polymyxin B Sulfate reach your customs (such as caffeine, pseudoephedrine HCl, etc). If you want to import pharmaceutical products to the USA, you will have to register the manufacturer in FDA and get import permits before you import those pharmaceuticals.

Step 2: Find reliable Polymyxin B Sulfate suppliers in China

2.1 After you know the general idea of chemicals you want to import, the second step is to make sure if there are reliable manufacturers of Polymyxin B Sulfate in China. (India and China are the two main suppliers for the chemicals needed for the whole world, if China doesn’t have it, try India)

About whether the chemicals are made in China or India, we want to give you an example to explain. If India is very strong on one chemical, China would stop manufacturing it completely or, just keep one or two manufacturers for it, to meet the limited demands within China. Other major demands will be met by its import from India.

It is the same situation for India. Take the hot-selling anti-coronavirus chloroquine phosphate for example. India is the main exporter for chloroquine phosphate, with one-third of the price but similar quality. Therefore, there are only 2 chloroquine manufacturers left producing in China: Chongqing Kangle and Chongqing SouthEast.

Those two manufacture APIs needed for chloroquine tablets manufacturers. After India halt its export of certain APIs and medicines used for Coronavirus, chloroquine price from China manufacturers are rising to the sky day by day after all stock is sold out. Former chloroquine price is around 150usd/kg, now it is 600~700usd/kg and still, you have to wait in the line for it due to the tight supply.

So, if you want to import Chloroquine phosphate, skip suppliers in China. If you want to import some Vitamins or antibiotics such as Polymyxin B Sulfate, you are looking at the right place.

If you are lucky to have reliable suppliers for Polymyxin B Sulfate, you will get a lot of useful advice throughout the whole process: What character determines the quality, their expertise on how to use them on an industrial scale, what prices competitors are giving for the same quality. Believe me, a chemical product expert knows everything.

If you are a seasoned chemical buyer and you have been importing  Polymyxin B Sulfate for years from China, you can skip this paragraph. If you are new to the chemical import industry and not very familiar with it yet, please read on.

As a new buyer for a totally unfamiliar chemical, you definitely need an experienced and reliable chemical supplier in China. There was one post on how to find reliable chemical suppliers in China, please take a look.

Step 3. Reach the agreement on the prices, lead time, trade terms, payment terms. This is the hardest part for the import of chemicals after you have a reliable supplier. Negotiation can go as long as months before you and your supplier finally make an agreement on all the terms.

Once you have your reliable supplier, you can put aside quality issues or have no need to worry about being scammed. You just work on the prices so you can lower your buying cost. There are many tactics to negotiate for a better price for a certain product.

But if your target is way below market price, reliable suppliers will say no and explain the whole manufacturing process to you and why your target is not workable in accordance with their quality. If you insist on your price and would accept a little compromise on the quality, one in a thousand your supplier may find a way to lower their cost.

The chance is very small for chemicals because the whole manufacturing process is set from the beginning, suppliers won’t change their formula that easily to cater to your demand. In case they want to get rid of old stocks, they may give a very good price, who knows, it never hurts to ask.

But many factors will be considered by reaching the final price, such as payment terms, shorter lead time, etc.

3.1 If you pay the supplier upfront (or we call it: T/T Advance), the price will be lower than payment terms of 30 or 60 days after the Bill of Lading. If you can only do L/C or D/P in your country, the supplier will add the banking fees of L/C and D/P to the total price (200~300usd per collection). If you insist on payment of 60-90-120 days after B/L, your supplier will add the relevant interests and SinoSure fees.

3.2 Lead time: Goods fresh in-stock usually costs more, no need to explain much, correct? Also if the common lead time for certain quantities of chemicals is 1 month, but  you need goods ready for shipping within 2 weeks, you may have to pay extra money for workers’ extra hours.

3.3 trade terms: CIF by sea price will be slightly higher than FOB terms, FOB a little higher than EXW. Shipping cost by air sure costs more than by sea. This is common sense, we won’t talk too much about it.

Step 4. Shipping of goods

When you finally make an agreement with your Polymyxin B supplier on every term, now you should wait for goods to be ready for shipping and your supplier apply for export declaration in China Customs.

Speaking of the shipping chemicals, it is a little more complicated than shipping other common goods such as clothes, toys, machines, etc. Exporters need to apply for the certificate of safe transportation from relevant authorities in China before shipping. It could be issued by DGM or SRICI TESTING ( They would issue certificates for safe shipping by air, by sea or by road. It all depends on your shipping methods.

By this point, you should realize that certain chemicals are not allowed for shipping by air, right? Or exporters won’t have to apply for such a certificate of safe transportation. We may check how the chemicals are categorized in China before you read on.

Couriers such as FedEx/TNT/DHL don’t ship dangerous chemicals, safe chemicals only. If you need one hazardous chemical urgently and you must need it to be shipped by air, there are freight agents who can ship dangerous chemicals of Type 6, 7, 8, 9 by air. This is an airport-to-airport service, not door-to-door delivery like a courier. Of course, the shipping cost for dangerous goods is higher.

Speaking of dangerous goods, they require the corresponding packing for dangerous goods for export. There will be danger signs and labels on the packing for dangerous goods so people can take extra care with those goods. If the exporters or importers dare to mix dangerous goods in a regular container with common goods, China customs won’t be easy on them if they find it out.

When your polymyxin B sulfate passes China Customs with the proper export declaration, they are good to be shipped out from China.

For more details, you can also check how to ship chemicals from China.

Step 5. Customs clearance for import

When your goods are on board, one set of import clearance docs will be provided to you by your supplier:

  1. BL 2. CI 3. PL 4. CO (if needed), 5. COA (if needed), 6. MSDS (if needed). Those are very conventional docs needed for Customs Clearance of the destination port. Your customs officials may require extra docs to be provided such as import permit, REACH certificate, etc. Customs officials may run commodity inspections to make sure you are supplying quality goods to your own market. If your customs regard your chemicals inferior or not meeting the standard requirements of your own country, they will destroy the goods or ship them back to your supplier. All in all, quality is the most important thing for your import. Without quality, you will suffer a huge loss.

Step 6. Domestic shipping to your warehouse

After you smoothly clear the goods out of your customs, then you can ship the goods to your warehouses.

Domestic shipping and handling will be easier compared to import. When you have all the goods in your warehouse, you have officially finished your import for chemicals.

At last, I wish you good business and good luck. Don’t push too hard for the lowest price, or you will not get what you want.



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