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ppolyurethane rollers and wheels
1 Polyurethane Conveyor Rollers
Polyurethane Conveyor Rollers & Wheels

Polyurethane conveyor roller & wheels are durable and has a long lifespan. Most suppliers and manufacturers are based in Shandong, Guangdong, and Zhejiang. They feature the coolest polyurethane conveyor rollers and wheels that you can buy.

2 Polyurethane Wringer Rollers
Polyurethane Wringer Rollers & Wheels

Thinking about getting polyurethane wringer rollers? Select the right option for your needs from your chosen budget from Chinese leading suppliers and manufacturers of polyurethane wringer rollers. China has a wide selection of polyurethane wringer rollers and wheels are available, you can choose the right one for you.

3 Polyurethane Drive Rollers
Polyurethane Drive Rollers & Wheels

Polyurethane drive roller has an excellent corrosion resistance and water resistance properties. If you need polyurethane drive rollers & wheels, check the manufacturers in China. They manufacture all kinds of polyurethane drive rollers & wheels for you.

4 Polyurethane V Rollers
Polyurethane V-Rollers & Wheels

Polyurethane V-roller has the ability to handle heavyweight.  In China, especially in Guangzhou province, there are a lot of polyurethane V-rollers & wheels manufacturers. This manufacturer offers high-quality polyurethane V-rollers at the best price.

5 Polyurethane Nip Rollers
Polyurethane Nip Rollers & Wheels

Find great deals for polyurethane nip rollers & wheels in China. Where lots of polyurethane nip roller products & wheels are available.  Find your ideal polyurethane nip rollers & wheels that fit your budget, and can be suitable for your application. Chinese manufacturers can provide excellent polyurethane nip rollers & wheels for your business.

6 Polyurethane Feed Rollers
Polyurethane Feed Rollers & Wheels

Looking for good polyurethane feed rollers & wheels? China’s factories build high-quality polyurethane feed rollers & wheels with competitive prices. They are manufacturing new polyurethane feed rollers & wheels that bring outstanding performance. You can find the most lightweight polyurethane feed rollers & wheels in China.

7 Polyurethane Pinch Rollers
Polyurethane Pinch Rollers & Wheels

Polyurethane pinch rollers can hold heavy loads than other materials with similar hardness. Bansar can help you to find the most reliable supplier in different areas of China. Finding these right manufacturers could help you save your time, money, and efforts at all.

8 Polyurethane Flat Taper Rollers
Polyurethane Flat Taper Rollers & Wheels

If you desired to have quality and best polyurethane flat taper rollers & wheels, Bansar can recommend some of the best manufacturers in China. If you visiting China, Guangdong provinces are the perfect place wherein you find good quality of polyurethane flat taper rollers & wheels at reasonable prices.

9 Heavy Duty Polyurethane Wheels
Heavy Duty Polyurethane Rollers & Wheels

Heavy Duty polyurethane rollers & wheels are very robust wheels in a heavy-duty design for more arduous applications. In China, there are certified manufacturers especially Guandong, Shandong, Foshan, and Zhejiang provinces. They are professional manufacturers that specialize in all types of heavy-duty polyurethane rollers & wheels.

10 Polyurethane Keyway Wheels
Polyurethane Keyway Roller & Wheels

Polyurethane keyway rollers & wheel has been specially developed to offer high dynamic load capacity while significantly reducing starting and rolling resistance.  Bansar will help you find the perfect polyurethane manufacturer. We have a good relationship with Chinese manufacturers who manufactured excellent polyurethane keyway roller & wheels.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Polyurethane Rollers and Wheels Shipping?

Sea Freight Shipping from China
When costs and time are your primary concern that is not a factor, sea freight service is your good choice.
Air Freight from China
Air freight service is best for your urgent orders. Safer and efficient way for your goods.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
Shipping your polyurethane rollers and wheels by rails is efficient for longer journeys.
Door to Door Shipping from China to
You can save time, money, efforts and inconveniences when shipping polyurethane rollers and wheels by door to door.

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Importing Polyurethane Rollers & Wheels from China: The Definitive Guide

Whether you are new in terms of importing polyurethane rollers & wheel or not.

This guide has a lot of helpful tips on how to import goods from China.

So keep reading.

Are you looking for polyurethane rollers & wheel for equipment transmissions or conveyor?

There are thousands of polyurethane rollers manufacturing factories in China, you can find most of them in Shanghai, Zhengjiang, Shandong, and another area in China. you can import polyurethane rollers at an attractive price in the china market, but it’s also important to choose a factory that has a lot of experience in manufacturing and can provide reliable products of high quality.

Most customers want to go directly to the factory to cooperate, so as to reduce the purchase cost. Obviously,  the price composition of factories and trading companies is different,which directly affects our purchase cost.

But how to identify it’s real manufacturing plant or just a trading company?

The direct way is to visit them, but for small and medium-size businesses, it seems high cost for business travel costs, it will takes your time and flight ticket cost.

Actually, here’s a simple way to know the vendor profiles. you can search and browse their official website by internet. and weed out vendors who don’t have an offiial website ( not B2B marketing site). then browse theirs product category.

as we know, the types of production in the factory are single and socialized. This greatly limits the development of product diversity in factories, anyway,there is a category of products they specialize in to produce, not all of them to produce. some of them just can supply, so the website promotes the product category is single. for example,  Rubber, PU. PVC products, etc. The production process of different raw materials products is different, and few factories can produce several different materials products at the same time.

Compared with trading companies, they have a wide range of products, it seems can supply more type of products on their website.

How to choose high quality polyurethane rollers & wheels for your conveying equipment ?

First of all, the appearance of polyurethane coating is bright and surface is fine and smooth.of course, some of customer request the suface is rough , it’s depend you .

The second, the outer PU coating and steel roller core are firmly bonded,

there are no obvious bubbles on the surface of urethane rollers.

What is the production process of polyurethane rollers and wheels?

As we know, these products need to be customized, different applications and working environments have different requirements for urethane rollers & wheels, and it affects the service life of PU rollers & Wheels.

Generally, the roller & wheel core is provided by the customer,or through the customer drawings and the requirements to customized.

The technical staff chooses the polyurethane coating formula suitable for you according to the relevant requirements of color, size, hardness and applicable working environment. Let us look at the processing technology of polyurethane  rollers & wheels,

1. Cleaning steel or iron roller core; there are two scenarios, of course, it’s also the one of the factors that affect the price. customer provided old roller core to factory,and they are responsible for processing and coating polyurethane, Remove the outer layer of the old roller, while cleaning the remaining surface of the roller core. Another scenarios, The factory provided new  roller core as according to customer’s request or drawing and cleaning the oil on the suface of roller core.

2. Rough treatment on the surface of steel or iron roller core, to increase the bonding area between the surface of roller core and the polyurethane coating.

3. Sand blasting treatment, The roughly treated roller core will be sandblasted, Sandblasting is to make the surface of the roller core rougher, after the glue and iron core bonding better. of course, Sandblasting will be according to the roller core material ( such as #45 carbon steel roller core,iron core, stainless steel core, aluminium core, etc.) to choice different sand to sandblasting processing.

4. Coating polyurethane, after the above treatment, factory will open mould and coated according to the customer’s requirements.

5. Vulcanization of polyurethane roller & wheel, general, the vulcanization time will need 12-24 hours, after the vulcanization of the roller core, and the polyurethane coating will be tightly bonded, forming the polyurethane roller & wheel.

6. According to the size and shape of the customer requirements to polishing and surface processing polyurethane roller & wheels , some customers on the surface of the higher requirements, need to use a lathe for processing.

After the above 6 processes, the polyurethane coating roller & wheel is completed.

What is the factors of affecting the polyurethane coating roller effect?

  1. Pressure: injection pressure, maintenance pressure, back pressure, stripping pressure, mold opening pressure, mold locking pressure, etc.
  2. Temperature: including barrel temperature, material temperature, mold temperature, drying temperature, oil temperature, ambient temperature, etc.
  3. Speed: injection speed, return speed, opening and closing speed, demoulding speed, etc.
  4. Time: injection time, retention time, cooling time, drying time, metering delay time, etc.

The above are the five factors that affect the molding of polyurethane packaging, only with the five factors, to help its molding, of course, also need to be careful, pay attention to the details.

At present, the application of polyurethane roller & wheel in packaging, Warehouse logistics industry, towline conveyer belts, industrial manufacturing or distribution facility, etc.

it is Mainly used in stacking equipment walking wheel, the ground track horizontal guide wheel, distribution facility conveying roller, and so on. Due to the heavy load and accelerating speed of the equipment, it has a high bearing requirement on the polyurethane roller & wheel, When the equipment working, it can ensure smooth operation, no turbulence, and no inclination, so the precision and springback requirements of the polyurethane roller & wheel are relatively high.

The application of polyurethane coating is a better choice, Long-term use of polyurethane roller & wheels will not become hard, aging, and polyurethane tear resistance, good resilience, good wear resistance, long service life, can withstand high pressure, high speed, high humidity working environment.



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