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Pontoon Boat for Family
Pontoon Boat for Family Importing from China

If you want a high-quality pontoon boat for family, import now from China. They provide pontoon boat for family uniquely built by skillful team. Professional Chinese Pontoon boat for family manufacturers offers a wide selection of pontoon boats at a competitive price. If you have more queries about these manufacturers, Bansar is more than willing to help you.

Inflatable Pontoon Boat
Inflatable Pontoon Boat Importing from China

The hottest products such as inflatable pontoon boat selected for you from trusted manufacturers from China. They provide high-quality and unique pontoon boats at a competitive price. These manufacturers provide their customers with some sourcing for the goods related to their industry with their professional knowledge and rich experience.

PVC Pontoon Kayak
PVC Pontoon Kayak Importing from China

If you are importing PVC Pontoon Kayak, import now from China. Chinese pontoon boat manufacturers offers  a wide selection of PVC Pontoon Kayak with high quality and unique design. These manufacturers are mostly found in Shandong, Zhejiang and Guangdong.

Aluminum Pontoon Boat
Aluminum Pontoon Boat Importing from China

Aluminum Pontoon Boats from China are the highest quality and most unique but with a competitive price. Professional Chinese pontoon boat manufacturers facilitate their customers’ good ideas and designs into real product with their profession from the manufacturing side and always do efforts to support marketing of aluminum Pontoon Boats.

Pontoon Banana Boat
Pontoon Banana Boat Importing from China

Are you looking for a high quality pontoon banana boat? Don’t worry! We will help you find the most trusted and reliable Chinese pontoon boat manufacturers. Most of these manufacturers can be found in Shandong, Zhejiang and Guangdong. We will give you more details about these manufacturers.

Small Fishing Pontoon Boat
Small Fishing Pontoon Boat Importing from China

Chinese pontoon boat manufacturers manufactures a line of affordable small fishing pontoon boat best use in fishing and cruising smaller lakes with two to four people. Layout allows for fishing, sunbathing, or just relaxing anywhere on the boat. These are high quality that comes in a unique design. You can find these manufacturers mostly from Shandong, Guangdong, and Zhejiang. We will give you more details.

Marine Pontoon Inflatable Water Boat
Marine Pontoon Inflatable Water Boat Importing from China

Thinking of purchasing a Marine Pontoon Inflatable Water Boat? Import now from China. Bansar will provide you more information about the most trusted and reliable Chinese pontoon boat manufacturers that are mostly found in Shandong, Guangdong and Zhejiang. If you have questions about these manufacturers, feel free to cooperate with us.

Double Deck Pontoon Boat
Double Deck Pontoon Boat Importing from China

There are thousands of Double Deck Pontoon Boat available from the most trusted and verified Chinese pontoon boat manufacturers. They offer high quality and unique design Double Deck Pontoon Boat but with an affordable price. Cooperate with us to know more about these manufacturers.

Pontoon BBQ Boat
Pontoon BBQ Boat Importing from China

Own the highest quality and most unique Pontoon BBQ Boat now! Import from China! Chinese Pontoon boat manufacturers offers a wide selection of Pontoon BBQ Boats. All their boats are manufactured using Hypalon Coated fabric and the highest quality 1, 100/1,200 denier double PVC. Together with their in-house designers they will customize their  standard-range to your wishes or they can translate your requirements to a complete design and build you the prefect Pontoon BBQ Boat that will meet all your standards and wishes.

Rubber Fishing Pontoon Boat
Rubber Fishing Pontoon Boat Importing from China

Be the owner of the highest quality and most unique Rubber Fishing Pontoon Boat. Purchase now from China! Professional Chinese Pontoon Boat manufacturers strictly controlled the products, and each unit of the goods need to be strictly inspected before being packed for shipment. Their products have been got CE certificate. Cooperate with us know more about these manufacturers.

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Rail delivery offers secure and reliable delivery to the destination. Cost effective, faster form of land transportation.
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Safe delivery for your pontoon boat and on time with competitive freight cost is what door to door shipping provide.

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Best 20 Pontoon Boat Manufacturers in China

1 China Leeboat Manufacturing Limited

Aside from being a manufacturer, China Leeboat Manufacturing Limited is also a supplier of different pontoon boat designs such as aluminum pontoon boats, plastic, FRP, and inflatable pontoon boats. Their pontoon boats are with the highest grade but competitively rated. Besides, they can accept customization services for customers abroad. Within the years of craftsmanship and innovation, they are now a high praised company, experts of all pontoon boat productions.

2 Ravestein Container Pontoons

In Ravestein Container Pontoons, you can discover the latest or used pontoon boats. They offer different high-class pontoon boats for a reasonable price. Their team is willing to help if you are finding high-quality pontoon boats. As a market premiere, Ravestein company is capable to manufacture all kinds of pontoons, easier to use, much better, and stronger. The company can also custom pontoon boats into a design you specify.

3 Stoneworks Specialist International Corporation

Started in the field of pontoon boats since April 1997. In China, Stoneworks Specialist International Corporation is the largest maker of pontoon boats to distribute nationwide. All the pontoon boats they market have the best design, high resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and even from stains. This company has helped other enterprises, worldwide consumers, and governments to build a brighter future together.

4 Aqua-dock

Aqua-dock in China is popular in giving 360-degree services. From planning the design, finalizing the installation, strict following of the precise Safety and Health inspections, up until the delivery process, Aqua-dock gives its best to achieve customer satisfaction. With Aqua-dock`s help, cost-saving can be substantial without decreasing the quality of their service and products.

5 Qingdao Lanmon Industrial Co., Ltd.

The Qingdao Lanmon Industrial Co., Ltd is a famous exporter and producer of pontoon boats, with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. A mature company that tightly control each quality of their product. And because of the company`s maturity and wide experiences, they won customer`s trust at foreign and home countries.

6 Qingdao Yamane Ryu Yacht Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Yamane Ryu Yacht Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a Sino-Japan joint-venture company and manufacturer of any kinds of boats, including pontoon boats, fiberglass boats, aluminum alloy boats, fishing boats, and many other marine parts. Fully integrated company in terms of manufacturing in-house, development, and advanced technology. With more than 10 years of experience in creating boats, they are now trusted and widely recognized by users.

7 Xiamen Mellow Rotomolding Co., Ltd.

Broadly recognized as a leading supplier of customized pontoon boats since established. They manufacture every boat to be durable and perform long-lasting. Most of their products are made to order so it can be built based on your specifications. They usually export their products to America, the Asia-Pacific area, Europe, etc. It’s a pleasure for them to cooperate with you, they make sure you`ll encounter exceptional services.

8 AUDAC Team

AUDAC Team in China has expert knowledge in making high-quality pontoon boats. They have extended production lines. Now AUDAC innovates pontoon boats which are long-lasting, more durable, and cost-effective. All of their employees are well trained and matured enough to handle your orders. The AUDAC team will help you with a beautiful tomorrow!

9 Qingdao Hailun Yacht Co., Ltd.

This group incorporated in 2003 in China specializes in exporting as well as manufacturing of high-quality pontoon boats. Qingdao Hailun Yacht Co., Ltd has a production ability of 6000+ pieces per year of durable boats. A most improved company with a total of 20 skilled technicians and 150 trained employees. Determine to do their best in order to achieve your satisfaction.

10 Lian Ya Boat Co., Ltd

Lian Ya Boat Co., Ltd focally specializes not only pontoon boats but also inflatable boats, RIB boats, fishing boats with approval by CE, situated in Qingdao City, China. In the factory, a lot of experienced engineers and technicians are dedicatedly working to produce custom and unique designs. Their main products can be exported to America, Australia, Europe, and Asia.

11 Qingdao Gospel Boat Co., Ltd

Officially incorporated since 2012, Qingdao Gospel Boat Co., Ltd is popular for being a professional manufacturer, designer, and supplier of high-quality pontoon boats. Through the years of experience, the company now owns advanced technology which helped them gain reputation from the worldwide market. The pontoon boats they offer are economical, CE, and ISO 9001 approved.

12 Weihai Hifei Marine Co., Ltd.

Located in Weihai Town, China, Weihai Hefei Marine Co., Ltd is known as the largest manufacturer, fully capable of manufacturing high-quality pontoon boats according to your given ideas. This is an integrated company in terms of production and development. Started in 2004, and now gained wide experiences in supplying as well exporting pontoon boats to different countries.

13 OSIC International Co., Ltd

OSIC International Co., Ltd is a Chinese service company, offering good quality boats, such as pontoon boats all over the world. Not just a manufacturer, they can also serve customers abroad for fast purchasing and sourcing from China. Before shipping of the product, they strictly make an inspection, to avoid quality troubles. Most of their boat buyers are from Europe.

14 Qingdao Colton Yacht Co., Ltd

All types of boats are here, pontoon boats, aluminum boats, fiberglass boats, and many others. Their boats are totally made from good quality materials, along with strict scientific control procedures. The products they represent have achieved CE and EU Certification for additional consumer assurance. However, yearly, the company could provide OEM services and produce over 5000 pieces of boats for foreign customers.


Incorporated in 2007, WUXI FUNSOR MARINE EQUIPMENT CO., LTD works professionally in manufacturing pontoon boats. The team is in charge of giving good customer service, international market improvement, exporting, and importing services. All the types of boats they offer are made from high-quality PVC. Got approval from CE international standard in the year 2007. Exported to more than 20 countries such as Sweden, Germany, Malta, USA, UK, Norway, and so on.

16 Abelly International Limited

In the market competition, Abelly International Limited received good feedback especially from overseas customers for on-time delivery, reasonable price, and top-quality pontoon boats. Abelly is a joint-venture enterprise by Aluminum Group in China. They put their focal attention on the import and export business. The company has a large volume of customers around the world.

17 Yolloy Outdoor Product Co., Limited

Locally situated in GUANGZHOU, China, near to BAIYUN, Guangzhou international airport. Yolloy Outdoor Product Co., Limited is an expert in all boat making. Some of their products are pontoon boats, inflatable boats, and many more. The boats are used usually in business promotion, a very popular kind of boat worldwide. As a responsible team, in order to supply customers with quality products, the team uses the latest and advanced machines in manufacturing. They manufacture according to international market demands.

18 JiuJiang Flit Boating Co., Ltd.

JiuJiang Flit Boating Co., Ltd keeps developing its production abilities. The company has an experienced worker team to give the service that every customer needs. Founded in 2000, considered one of the largest-scale companies in China, particularly in manufacturing, marketing, and developing pontoon boats. The best-recommended manufacturer to assist your project.

19 Weihai Lotus Outdoor Co., Ltd.,

In the wonderful seaside of Weihai City, you can find the factory of Weihai Lotus Outdoor Co., Ltd. They are one of the prime manufacturing experts, providing the best, durable, and long-lasting pontoon boats. This company owns their experienced development and sales teams. Through the several years in the field, their major products have been transported to over 40 regions around the globe. Also, they gain a good reputation in the global market.

20 Shandong Eterne Machinery Co. Ltd.

Shandong Eterne Machinery Co. Ltd is an executive supplier and manufacturer of great pontoon boat designs. Their entire department team devotes themselves to provide and produce top-quality pontoon boats and their important parts. In the company, numerous qualified engineers and qualified employees work for each customer’s orders. They distributed their products to over 20 regions including the Philippines, Indonesia, Tajikistan, Russia, etc.


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