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Importing Pool Tables from China
Coin Operated Pool Tables
Importing Coin Operated Pool Tables from China

Coin operated pool tables are certainly becoming very popular these days and for good reason! There are many benefits to the coin-operated pool tables and a lot of reasons why you should get one. It is also a great investment if you choose to make money from it. If you are looking for a sustainable supplier and manufacturer of poll tables, Zhejiang has a lot of durable pool table factory in China.

Contemporary Pool Tables scaled
Importing Contemporary Pool Tables from China

The largest choice from the leading manufacturers of pool tables, working with wood, metal, glass, and perspex. Modern, stylish contemporary pool tables to complement today’s coolest of homes. If you are looking for a trusted supplier and manufacturer to support your business, China will help you to find reliable pool table factories in Shandong and Jiangsu province.

conversion Pool Tables
Importing conversion Pool Tables from China

The pool table can be used for lost of billiards games that most homes are now beginning to embrace its use. It is a great facility that doesn’t just relate to the billiards game of table tennis as it can also be used for other purposes apart from sports. Importing pool tables is not easy especially when you’re not familiar in any Chinese pool table factories. Shandong has the most supplier and manufacturer China.

Hexagonal Pool Tables scaled
Importing Hexagonal Pool Tables from China

If you are wondering about how to cover the expenses of your home. Then what you need is a pool table. It can be used for dining apart from being used for ping pong game. Best of all is that it is as spacious as a normal table which has been specifically built for the purpose of dining. Better to find a hexagonal pool table for your home or your business. Jiangsu province has the most supplier and manufacturer, manufacture high-quality pool tables.

Mini Pool Table
Importing Mini Pool Table from China

The pool table is one of the most popular pastimes around the world. But you can’t always go to a pool hall or a pub for a game. A good mini pool table is a great accessory for any home and a great way to introduce children to this amazing game. China recommended best supplier and manufacturer to all importers in Shandong province. Shandong has a leading factory in China to provide a durable pool table to customers.

Modern Pool Tables
Importing Modern Pool Tables from China

Owning a pool table can be amazing for health and wellness, believe it or not. Pool games give people the opportunity to do away with calories similarly to walking. The pool tables help stimulate peoples’ brains and encourage strong focusing skills. China referring pool table supplier and manufacturer to anyone who has the capability to give all the customers need.

Revolver Reversible Pool Tables
Importing Revolver Reversible Pool Tables from China

It promotes a combination of stretching and walking that successfully tones body parts such as the back, legs, and hips. A pool can even be terrific for people who wish to strengthen their balance and flexibility. Even if you don’t know any pool table supplier and manufacturer, China can recommend a reliable pool table factory in Zhejiang province.

Rotating Pool Tables
Importing Rotating Pool Tables from China

Pool and Billiard sports are as addictive as they are entertaining, but besides the addiction, there are many benefits associated with taking part in play these games. As it is one of the most famous and recognizable sports over the world, it’s very easy to access a table to play on all over the world. With this ease of access, you will find a large number of opponents at different playing levels all over the world. Be one of the importers of the most popular pool table supplier and manufacturer in China.

Rustic Pool Tables
Importing Rustic Pool Tables from China

People can rely on pool tables for meal serving applications, interestingly enough. If you want to relish an amazing meal with all of your favorite people on the planet, a pool table can work like a charm. Pool tables can be ideal for soothing dinners with the entire family. If you are looking for a supplier who can support your business, Shandong province has the leading pool table factory in China.

Standard Pool Tables
Importing Standard Pool Tables from China

Whether you need to import pool tables or any types, China can always meet your needs. Guangdong and Jiangsu province provides durable Standard, wooden or rubberized pool tables to support your growing business. Pool playing activates an abundance of different sections of the brain. If you want to become a more well-rounded individual in this world, pool participation can help you in a substantial way.

Traditional Pool Tables
Importing Traditional Pool Tables from China

The billiard games can be played casually, as an amateur and even on the professional level. Each round of billiards, whatever game type one chooses to play, is uniquely presented and requires players to be mentally agile and physically adept. If you are planning to import pool tables, but you don’t know any leading pool tables supplier and manufacturer, Zhejiang province of China can help you find a sustainable factory.

Metallic Pool Tables
Importing Metallic Pool Tables from China

Metallic pool tables are available in the market though for the high-end market. It is not the entire table made of metal but mostly, the legs and the frame. The type of metal should be rust free to help in outdoor pool games. Aluminum acts as the best metal due to its rust-free nature and lightness in weight. Better to find Metallic pool tables in Zhejiang supplier and manufacturer in China.

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If shipping internationally and unfamiliar with the importing process, using door to door shipping can help you save time, efforts and inconveniences for your Pool Tables shipments.

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Best 20 Pool Tables Manufacturers in China

1 Double Star Sports Goods Co., Ltd

Started in the business since 1995, the company become a specialist manufacturer of all sporting goods including pool tables, billiards, soccer tables, air hockey tables, ping pong tables, etc. Their main factory is located in Xingxu Town Huizhou, China, with comprehensive product lines and 200+ trained employees. Most of their products are exported in countries like the UK, Germany, Europe, France, South America, United States, etc.

2 Cinovo Sports Goods Limited

The Cinovo Sports Goods Limited was stationed in Shanghai City of China, started in the industry since the 1998 year. They prioritized customers first, in meeting their needs to obtain their trust. The company also actively meets the demand of the international market, innovates solitarily, and experts on entire product processing.

3 FPG Sports & Leisure Products Co., Ltd

FPG Sports & Leisure Products Co., Ltd is willing to cooperate with customers and other sectors from around the world. Incorporated in 2004, they offer products like game table items, pool tables, and other outdoor goods. All have the highest quality and delivered timely to your warehouse location. They also provide unmatched services to work and satisfy customers.

4 Domel amusement goods Co., Limited

The company, Domel amusement goods Co., Limited has been dedicated to the game table development, research production, and marketing. It was established in 2005, with years` experience in this field. As of right now, the company enlarges the scale of production, enhanced production competence, and adds the latest equipment for fast, safest production.

5 Quanzhou Jupin Groups Co., Ltd

Within the 15 years` development, Quanzhou Jupin Groups Co., Ltd has become one of the largest scale exporters & manufacturers in China. Occupied an area of 24, 000 square meters and staffed with 800 experienced designers. Fully dedicated to production, design, and exporting services. ISO9001-2000-certified companies continuously develop better-quality products to satisfy your needs.

7 Szbilliards Co., Ltd

Szbilliards Co., Ltd handles manufacturing and exporting of game tables such as pool tables. It is based in China, with decades of experience in supplying good quality pool tables to different countries and regions. Not only pool tables, but also a provider of the snooker table, billiard table, Russia pyramid table, Carom table, coin-operated tables, and so on.

8 Ideal Export Ltd

Because all the products come from Ideal Export Ltd are of high quality, competitive price, and reliability, more and more clients come to them. The team supplied complete accessories for pool tables, billiard tables, etc. One of the manufacturing leaders in China, fully engaged in the development, production, and sales of game tables.

9 Xingwei Sports Goods Co., Ltd

Ideal pool tables and billiard tables are offered by Xingwei Sports Goods Co., Ltd. They proud to presents exceptional customer service and top quality products, that can help you save time and money. The company continues its international expansion with plans to export across Europe and other countries. What`s more, the team strive their best for gaining customers` satisfaction and practice delighting global customers.

10 G&L LED Group

Their main goal is to provide unique and high-quality design game tables to national customers. G&L LED Group is a factory integrating designing, producing, and selling of game tables including pool tables. And today, they have business partners all over the world due to competitively priced products. They won a good reputation and high praise from worldwide partners.

11 Guangzhou H. J Sports Products Co., Ltd.

Established in 2010, Guangzhou H. J Sports Products Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing high-quality billiard pool tables for many years. They also engaged in producing Air hockey table, Soccer game table, multi-function game table, and all types of accessories of tables. The company is located in Dongguan, China, and continues serving clients worldwide with superior products and excellent services.

12 SBY Billiards

One of the leading manufacturers of superior quality billiard tables located in Taishan City Guangdong Province, China occupies an area of total 35,000 square meters. Every pool table is thoroughly checked to meets international standards before delivery. Your way to be sure that the elegance and perfectness in billiard table craftsmanship and design goes all the way to your game room.

13 Shenzhen XingJue Billiards Table Manufacturer

Founded in 2005, Shenzhen XingJue Billiards Table Manufacturer is a professional pool table manufacturer. They use high-quality wood materials to ensure a long life of products. They have won a good reputation for many clients around the world because of their high-quality products and excellent after-sales services. Employs hardworking 100+ people that strictly implemented quality checks and adhering to international standards.

14 Huizhou Chuangjinglong Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

Since 2018, Chuangjinglong Sporting Goods is confident to supply indoor and outdoor sports products and related services such as pool tables to international clients. Headquartered in Huizhou, China, they have a factory covering an area of 10,000 square meters and employs more than 220 workers and staff. Offer OEM and ODM services to meet the multifarious demand of customers.

15 Guangzhou Oasis Technology Co., Ltd.

Oasis Group is a dedicated and trusted pool table manufacturer since 2002. Offer a wide range of high-standard products that meet national and international standards.  Headquartered in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, and currently own two modern factories that produce quality and price-friendly solutions.

16 Jinan Yalin Billiard Goods CO., LTD

Yalin Billiard is a famous brand owned by Jinan Yalin Billiard Goods CO., LTD. Yalin is a world-class manufacturer of a high-standard pool table situated in Jinan-Capital of Shandong Province and owns a modern production base of about 10,000 sqm. With 20 years of effort, Yalin is recognized and well-appreciated by many suppliers, distributors, or even custom factory to be their long-time partner in business.

17 Qinhuangdao Joy Billiard Promotion Co., Ltd.

Established in 1998, Joy Billiard is one of the reputable manufacturers of the pool table, located in China. Mainly produced superior quality billiards table, pool table, billiards cloth, billiards cues, billiards tips, billiards glove, and more. They have a production capability of about 10,000 sets of high-end billiard table yearly. You can rely on their excellent methods in fabrication and great customer services.

18 Lego Billiards

Specialized in the production of high-quality handmade real solid wood billiard tables, with 23 years of rich experience in this domain. The company’s 200, 000 square foot factory in China is recognized as an award-winning fabrication and design factory since its establishment. In fact, they offer modern, antique, and classical designs according to your requirements.


Established in 1992, HONGJIE BILLIARDS is a reputable pool table manufacturer and exported with profound experience and knowledge in the field. Situated in Taishan city, HONGJIE strives to supply superior quality products at a competitive cost. HONGJIE BILLIARD is the best partner for you to improve your business.

20 Zhejiang Jianying Billiards Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1988, Zhejiang Jianying Billiards Co., Ltd. was headquartered in Linhai, Zhejiang Province China covering an area of about 30,000 square meters. They become one of the domestic leading firms, thanks to their hundreds of technical personnel and employees and advanced production line. All products are produced according to ISO9001 product quality.

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