Professional Shipping from China to South Korea

Professional Shipping from China to South Korea

Bansar has been an expert freight forwarder company for over 10 years. We will masterfully take care of your shipping from China to South Korea. We offer you reliable service, fast shipping times, and competitive shipping rates. Your FCL or LCL and shipment by air from China to Korea will be safe with us. We will get you cargo insurance, customs clearance, and any other necessary documents.

With Bansar, you will have access to countless logistics services. Before shipping to Korea, you can use our free warehousing, consolidation, door-to-door shipping, loading supervision, quality control, and more.

When it comes to sea freight shipping from China to Korea, Bansar has extensive experience to support you with. We have partnerships with many reliable carriers to ship your goods by the most efficient route. Of course, we ship from every Chinese ports to all the major South Korean ports. Contact us to know more!
Sea freight from China to Korea is fast, but air freight will always be faster. Bansar air freight from China to Korea is your #1 option if you have tight deadlines.
Requesting door-to-door shipping from China to Korea will grant you stressless importing experience. We will pick up your goods from your Chinese supplier(s), ship them, and deliver them right to your warehouse, office, or home. With Bansar, you can be sure to get the best shipping rates and timely delivery.
Alibaba Shipping to South Korea
If you are a wholesaler or importer of goods from Alibaba suppliers to South Korea, Bansar can take care of this for you.

FCL Shipping from China to South Korea

Bansar will manage your large FCL shipment freight from China to Korea any time. We offer you the best shipping rates that will maximize your profit on large amounts of cargo. And we provide consolidate shipping service for your shipment goods from different suppliers, Meanwhile, we offer free storage charge in China warehouse.

LCL Shipping from China to South Korea

For your LCL shipment goods from China to Busan or Inchon, Bansar collect destination charge lower than market and will ensure your cargo, so it will not get lost or damaged during transit. You can trust our professional freight services.

More Services When Shipping from China to South Korea
Bansar will pick up your goods from any manufacturer in China. We will also deliver them to your warehouse or office in Korea.
We offer our clients free warehousing services for 28 days. You will not have to stress about getting consolidation, packaging, and loading done all on the same day. Instead, we will store your goods in our secure warehouses across China.
To protect from shipping risks, we will get you cargo insurance. Shipping from China to Korea will be safe and secure.
As your cargo is loaded into a plane or ship, we will take care to look after everything. We will supervise packaging, storing, and more.
Being a professional freight forwarding company, Bansar will provide you with express customs clearance in 1 day. Avoid delays and documentation stress by choosing Bansar.

Your Reliable Freight Forwarder from China to South Korea

  • Pick up in China
  • Free warehousing
  • Express customs clearance in Korea
  • Cargo insurance
  • Loading supervision
  • Reporting on the whole process
  • Lowest competitive shipping rates
  • Fast and reliable shipping times
  • Paper work
  • Lower destination charge in Pusan and Inchon
  • Door to door shipping service

How Long When Shipping from China to South Korea (By Sea)

Port of LoadingDestination PortDays in Transit (Sea Freight)


Competitive Rates And Efficient Shipping Services

We have been managing shipments from China to Korea for more than 10 years.

Over this time, we have developed countless services and helped many brands, distributors, etc.

Among our services is air freight, sea freight, door-to-door shipping, consolidation, warehousing, and much more.

Because of this experience and variety of services, Bansar is the leading freight forwarder.

We will ship your goods from China to Korea for a cheap rate that is lower than the market standard.

We take pride in our competitive prices and efficient work.

Professional services, competitive rates, timely shipping, and reliability—these are the qualities of Bansar.

We facilitate shipping requests as fast as possible, guaranteeing no delays to streamline your supply chain.

We Will Support You All Around

To start off, we will pick up your goods at any location in China.

Taking great care to look after loading and unloading, we can even do quality inspections and repackaging.

If you need a warehouse in China, Bansar has got your back.

Furthermore, we have deals and partnerships with reputable carriers and airlines.

This will guarantee the fastest shipping routes from China to Korea.

Do Not Worry About China-Korea Shipping Regulations

Because Bansar is your top-choice logistics company in China, doing shipping to Korea, we will deal with all documentation.

Bill of lading, packing list, insurance certificate, certificate of origin, declaration form, etc?

We’ve got you.

There is no need to provide us with anything.

We will equip your cargo with all necessary documents for shipping from China to South Korea.

Moreover, we will streamline customs clearance for you.

Bansar agents will rid you of all the frustrating delays with our express 1-day clearance.

We will register you with the Bureau of Customs to help you with any future China to Korea shipments as well.

Our experts will advise you on the best incoterms and tariff rates.

All around, we will ensure that your importing business maximizes profits.

If you are importing agricultural goods or automobiles, then according to the Free Trade Agreement, you will be exempt from Korean duties and taxes.

Overall, Korean tariffs are very low—about 8%—and Bansar will help you with it.

For more product-specific South Korean import regulations, contact us.

Best Shipping Routes For Any Cargo

Bansar can ship many kinds of cargo to Korea.

Be that fresh, OOG, hazardous, large, or regular cargo, we will arrange the best options.

Shipping from China to Korea with us will be a hassle-free and profitable experience.

We can just provide you with freight forwarding to Korea, or manage the entire process from pick-up to delivery, door-to-door China to Korea.

We can ship from any Chinese port like Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo, and others.

Your goods will arrive at any of the major South Korean ports, such as Seoul, Busan, Inchon, Daegu, Sejong and more.

Plus, Bansar has partnerships with international airlines, so any airport can also be a point of destination for your cargo.

Your Top-Choice Freight Forwarder To Ship From China To Korea

With our low competitive rates, fast shipping, suitable services, reliability, and business opportunities, Bansar is proud to be the #1 logistics partner for your import shipment from China to Korea.

Send us an inquiry today, and get our best quote and services!

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