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Importing Rifle Scopes from China
Compact Rifle Scopes
Importing Compact Rifle Scopes from China

There are parts of a scope body and their function that are vital to the accuracy of a scope. Scopes have a variety of knobs that serve different functions. Magnification is the whole reason many want a scope in the first place, that’s the whole point. What magnification you want is a personal choice based on how you plan to use your scope. Most supplier in China supplies durable rifle scopes.

Competition Rifle Scopes
Importing Competition Rifle Scopes from China

If you are looking at a 40x scope, the only viable use is in competition.  You can get away with less durability and can worry less about light transition when you are shooting at times that are often well lit and sitting at a bench. Jiangsu and Shandong provinces have the most supplier and manufacturer in China. Finding durable rifle scope supplies can help your business get larger.

Dual Aperture Rifle Scopes
Importing Dual Aperture Rifle Scopes from China

The single most common mistake when choosing a rifle scope is to get one far more powerful than is needed. Many first-time scopes importers get the most power they can find thinking that power better. But there are too many other factors to consider. If you are looking for a supplier and manufacturer for your rifle scopes, Zhejiang province has a lot of rifle suppliers who can help you about importing durable rifle scope supplies.

Dual illuminated Rifle Scopes
Importing Dual Illuminated Rifle Scopes from China

In such a big market with so many competing brands, it’s easy to think that the cheap option might be a good option. Guangdong province of China referring best supplier and manufacturer to anyone who has the capability to provide fast shipping process to all importers of Dual Illuminated Rifle Scopes.

Holographic Rifle Scopess
Importing Holographic Rifle Scopes from China

A holographic weapon sight or holographic diffraction sight is a non-magnifying gunsight that allows the user to look through a glass optical window and see a holographic reticle image superimposed at a distance on the field of view. Importing rifle scopes is not easy especially if it is your first time importing products. Be an expert about Chinese rifle scopes factory with the help of most supplier and manufacturer from China.

Hunting Rifle Scopes
Importing Hunting Rifle Scopes from China

If you are looking for a rifle scopes supplier and manufacturer to support your business, Zhejiang suppliers supply any types of rifle scopes like Hunting Rifle Scopes. Most hunting scopes are fairly simple affairs with very few extra features.  They need to be easy to use and capable of handling time in the woods without being affected by harsh elements or the occasional impact with trees or other obstacles.

Iron Tacticl Rifle Scopes
Importing Iron Tactical Rifle Scopes from China

Importing Iron Tactical Rifle Scopes for the first time is not a problem. Even you’re not familiar in any supplier and manufacturer for your rifle scopes, China has a lot of trusted rifle scopes manufacturer that will help you in all the process like the shipping process. Finding a high-quality supplier and manufacturer will help you save a lot of money and effort.

Laser Sights Tactical Rifle Scopes
Importing Laser Sights Tactical Rifle Scopes from China

Planning to import from China? Jiangsu, Guangdong and Shandong provinces of China can always meet your needs. A tactical rifle scope will have low magnification, often 6x or lower worldwide and will be typically smaller and easy to maneuver.  The adjustments will often be simple if there are any on the fly adjustments at all.

Sniper Rifle Scopes
Importing Sniper Rifle Scopes from China

If you are looking for a supplier who can trust for to support your business, China will help you find reliable sniper rifle scopes supplier and manufacturer. While many hesitate to call this a sniper scope, the extended range scopes used by the military can best be classified by that job.  These still aren’t the super-powered scopes that most people stick on their rifles but are generally only moderate powered optics with very specific setups for the rifle used by military snipers.

Tactical Rifle Scopes
Importing Tactical Rifle Scopes from China

While everything seems to have tactical tagged onto it as a selling point these days, a true tactical scope is a specific piece of equipment. A tactical scope will have lower magnification, maybe as low as 4x and be used to extend the range of engagement from what open sights are effective for. China has the most supplier of Tactical Rifle Scopes who will provide durable rifle scopes supplies to support your business.

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Rail Freight Shipping from China 22
Using rail as a means of transportation for your Rifle Scopes shipments is much affordable and organized as you get it in your expected schedules.
Door to Door Shipping from China to 1
More expensive, but very convenient and delivery is fast. Saves time and effort for your Rifle Scopes shipping.

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Best 20 Rifle Scopes Manufacturers in China

1 Vector Optics Co., Ltd.

Vector Optics Co., Ltd. is engaged in high-end optics business such as rifle scopes, and more products. They can offer you high-quality and innovative solutions. Through more than 10 years of experience, they have rich experience and high popularity. They can assure to meet your requirement so make inquiries now.

2 Chongqing Dontop Optics Co.. Ltd.

Chongqing Dontop Optics Co., Ltd. is a producer of rifle scopes, etc. and makes export products in some countries. You can have excellent quality and value products that meet every consumer’s demand. They also accept OEM and ODM orders from you. Place your order now!

3 Shenzhen San Hui Industrial Co., Ltd.

In 2017, Shenzhen San Hui Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded. It is a professional producer of rifle scopes in China. The company offers services like ODM and OEM. They cater to all customer’s demands, to make a customer’s satisfied with the services and products. So feel free to contact them for your orders and upcoming project.

4 Hubei MT Optronics Co., Ltd.

As a professional optics manufacturer, the company produces creative style, reliable quality, and high stability rifle scopes in China. They accept ODM and OEM orders. They will assure you to meet your requirement since they have rich experience, high popularity, and provide first-class. Message them now and they will cater to it as soon as possible.

5 Wuhan Guide Sensmart Tech Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Guide Sensmart Tech Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of infrared thermal imaging systems such as rifle scopes. They offer affordable, friendly, and accessible which prefer by most customers. You can visit their website, Facebook page, and twitter for more information and inquiries.

6 Kunming Kelongda Optical Instrument Co., Ltd.

As a private managed high-tech corporation, the company is focused on optical products like rifle scopes. They offer full varieties and best quality products. The company utilized the latest optical instruments to meet every customer’s demand. Their products have been exported to some countries. Message them now.

7 Beijing Golden Eagle Out-Door & Optics Co., Ltd

Beijing Golden Eagle Out-Door & Optics Co., Ltd is a young international sales team and high-tech enterprises. The company products are rifle scopes, magnifier, etc. Their products are been exported to the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, and more countries. Place your order now.

8 Ningbo Barride Optics Co., Ltd.

As a manufacture-based of optical and electronic products, the company becomes a professional producer for various kinds of rifle scopes, etc. Their products are exported. The company complies with ISO9001:2000 standard. You can have the best quality products before shipment. You can also order OEM and ODM. Visit their website for more information.

9 Shenzhen K-Lin Yuan Technology Co., Ltd.

As a professional manufacturer specialized in rifle scopes, the company provides you excellent quality, competitive cost, and best services. Through their latest technology and excellent service, they obtain the great support of most customers. You can make bulk orders since they accept wholesale to domestic and foreign markets.

10 Sichuan Tddy Technology Co., Ltd.           

In 2011, Sichuan Tddy Technology Co., Ltd was founded and focused on R&D and manufacturing rifle scopes and more optics instruments. It deals with ODM and OEM services and accepts small or big orders from customers. Whether you receive bad quality, the company will give a full refund for you. That is why they are one of the most trusted companies in China.

11 Nanyang Leabon Optical Instrument Co., Ltd.

As a professional factory that focused on optical items, the company has been producing products such as rifle scopes, etc. for many years. Due to their excellent goods and services to customers, they have gain lots of clients in foreign and domestic markets. They can provide you a superior designing and developing and strict managing ability and quality products.

12 Nanyang Lindu Optics Tech Co., Ltd.

For over 10 years in the optical industry, Nanyang Lindu Optics Tech Co., Ltd. provides rifle scopes, night vision, and more. Their products are been export to the Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, and so on. The company accepts OEM and ODM orders. It is guaranteed high-quality since they have a professional engineer on manufacture, design, etc. Contact them for inquiry.

13 Hollyview Optical Instrument Co., Ltd.

In 2011, Hollyview Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. focused on R&D manufacturing optics including riflescopes, optics accessories, and more. It deals with ODM and OEM services whether it is big or small orders. In five years of existence, they obtain great popularity whole wide world. Make your orders now.

14 Fantasia Optics Co., Limited

Fantasia Optics Co., Limited is focused on optical instruments designing and manufacturing such as rifle scopes, lenses, etc. They utilized the latest production equipment and detection equipment for production. Aside from that, they can provide you the best quality products, the best selection at the best prices. Get yours now.

15 Foley Technology Co., Limited

As specialized in optical instruments including riflescopes, the company accepts ODM and OEM orders all over the world. The company has an advantage source of goods and prices. They guarantee you reliable, durable, and quality. The company accepts retail and wholesale orders. Message them now.

16 Discovery Optics Co., Ltd.

In 2009, Discovery Optics Co., Ltd. is engaged in optics instruments including rifle scopes and etc. Their products are exported to South Korea, Europe, and more countries. Due to their performance and quality products, they obtain the trust of most customers. You can still purchase their products, even if you are in local and foreign markets.

17 Hubei Cono technology Co., Ltd.

As a professional provider of rifle scopes, Hubei Cono Technology Co., Ltd. can provide you premium quality at affordable prices. Due to their services, they obtain the customer’s satisfaction. They always make sure of the quality of the product before shipment. You are welcome to visit their website and factory.

18 Shenzhen Siyuan Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2005, Shenzhen Siyuan Digital Technology Co., Ltd was founded and engaged in rifle scopes design, manufacture, and export. They also serve your OEM and ODM orders. Their products are sold to some countries and regions. Their company received lots of certificates including ISO 9001, CE, RoHS, and more. You can contact them anytime you want.

19 Klar Optical Instrument Co., Ltd.

As engaged in the manufacturing of rifle scopes, the company becomes known for most countries and regions including North America, Europe, and more. Their products are guaranteed high-quality and competitive cost. They always ensure all customer’s requirements will meet. Message them for more information.

20 Shenzhen Kat-Kimlite Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2010, Shenzhen Kat-Kimlite Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of rifle scopes and offers OEM and ODM services. It deals with research and development. Their products can be import and export. They have first-class production lines, cutting machines, injection molding equipment, and so on. Place your order now.

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