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importing rims from china
steel rims
Importing Steel Rim from China

In China, you can find more than thousands of steel rim suppliers and manufacturers. Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong and Jiangsu are the leading provinces where you can find most professional suppliers. A wide variety of steel rims are provided best for your businesses. Get the high-quality durable exterior finish, ideal for harsh winter conditions steel rims the best option appropriate for your application.

alloy rim
Importing Alloy Rim from China

China alloy rim manufacturers and suppliers offer the best alloy rim for better strength and durability. These high-strength rims help to improve the grip, bike’s stability and enhance the handling of your bike. You can find most alloy rim suppliers in Zhejiang province. But there are also certified suppliers in other areas like Guangdong, Shandong and Jiangsu provinces. Finding a professional Chinese supplier will help you save money, time and effort.

chrome rims
Importing Chrome Rim from China

Chinese manufacturers offer a range of custom staggered chrome rims for your car, truck and SUV. Most of these suppliers are located in Shandong, Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces. They offer state-of-the-art mounting and balancing equipment to make sure that the products you get are reliable and efficient for any application you are going to use. Find a supplier that had to meet international standards and can ensure production.

replica rims
Importing Replica Rim from China

Replica wheels will give you the look of the top of the line model without spending the extra thousands of dollars at the dealership. Set off the look of your ride with one of the best replica rims Chinese manufacturers provided. Zhejiang and Guangdong province has the most suppliers of replica rims. You can import a wide selection of replica rims best for your business or personal needs.

truck rims
Importing Truck Rims from China

Chinese manufacturers designs and engineers a stunning selection of truck rims that is best fit on your truck or SUV or for your tire business. Shandong province has the top manufacturers where you can find wide variety of high-quality truck rims. Find verified and trustworthy manufacturers that best provide your needs.

car rims
Importing Car Rims from China

In China, you can find most reputable car rims in Shandong, Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. You can import tons of car rims in different sizes, materials and designs that best suit your ride. Whether you are looking for car rims for business or personal uses, you can find a reliable supplier that works with you.

tubeless wheel rim
Importing Tubeless Wheel Rim from China

The tubeless rim is a little harder to mount tires onto because of the higher shoulder of the rim but they help aid inflation and create a better seal when used with tubeless tires. If you are looking for the reliable supplier and manufacturer of tubeless wheel rim in China, Shandong province is your choicer. There are hundreds of tubeless supplier there that provide wide selection of rims you need for your business.

trailer wheel rim
Importing Trailer Wheel Rim from China

China trailer wheel rim manufacturers provide an extensive range of wheel rims in a range of diameters, built to the highest specifications. Shandong has the most suppliers of trailer wheel rim you can choose from. You can import different trailer wheel rim types, designs, sizes, etc that suits any of your needs.

OTR Wheel Rim
Importing OTR Wheel Rim from China

Professional OTR wheel rim manufacturer and supplier in China provide the market and the customers with customized solutions, whatever a single OTR wheel rims or complete sets of equipment. You can find most of these suppliers in Shandong province. Choose manufacturers and suppliers that had meet quality standards and international certifications.

Motorcycle Rims
Importing Motorcycle Rim from China

If you are looking for new motorcycle wheels in China for your business, then Zhejiang province is your place to be. Motorcycle rims come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate all of the different styles of bikes and riding. Get the perfect motorcycle rim to fit your needs from your trusted Chinese suppliers. But take care of the certification of your manufacturer so you could find the quality wheels you want.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Rim Shipping from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China 1
Less in-transit cost and enough time for documentation processing for your rim orders is achievable by using sea freight.
Air Freight Shipping from China
Shipping rim by air is a safe and efficient way for immediate transportation. High level of security and time saving means of transportation
Rail Freight Shipping from China 10
Shipping your rim by rail is good for your little urgent orders. The cost is in the the middle of sea and air freight.
Picture Frames Door to Door Shipping from China 2
Bansar can help you ship your order to your warehouse or home. You can save time efforts and can deliver your cargo without inconveniences.

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Best 20 Rim Manufacturers in China


In 2007, Shanghai TZWheels Co. Ltd. was established and manufacturer of a rim in China. Their products have been sold to America, Europe, Australia, Middle East, Africa, and more.  The company specialized in advance and creative design. You’ll be assured to have high-quality products from them. Send your inquiries now.


In 2001, Shandong Forcar Motorsport Group Co., Ltd manufactured rim, wheels rim, etc. Their products are sold to more than 30 countries and regions. If you have a sample for your rim, they can supply 100% and open new molds to meet your special requirement. Set an appointment now.


As an upgrading vehicle wheel steel rim manufacturer, the company provides high-quality products. The company complies with TS16949, ISO9001-2000, and more certifications. Their products meet local and foreign market demand. Due to their high-quality and best services makes praise by customers. Place your order now.


Shandong Kairuida Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of the steel wheel rim, alloy wheel rim, and more. Their products meet ECE, REACH, ONCAP, TS16949, and more certificates. They have advantages in price and quality which are received by most customers in a different country. If you are searching for satisfaction products, this is your best choice.

5 Yiwu Sino Machinery Co., Ltd.

As a manufacturer of steel wheels, the company offers various types of wheels in China. It mainly includes wheel rim, alloy wheel, etc. which perfectly suits any type of vehicle. The company offers services that can save you money and time. This is your best choice for having the best quality and services.

6 Hangzhou Antego Trading Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Antego Trading Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer focused on off-road vehicles rim which accepts OEM orders all-round the world. Whenever you are, they always assure you to provide superior products at a competitive cost and the best customer service. Their goal is to provide all customers with the best solutions for any requirement.

7 Dongguan Hot Sports Co., Ltd.

Since 2010, Dongguan Hot Sports Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of a carbon rim in China. Their rim products are designed and tested to ISO, UCI, EN standards. It assures you to have high-quality finished products. Make an order now and for more information, please visit their website.

8 Qingdao J&G International TradingCo., Ltd.

As a one-stop professional manufacturer of tires and wheels, the company offers a wide range of products such as the rim, wheel rim, and so on. They provide a cost-efficient, innovative, technology in manufacturing. Also, OEM orders are welcome. Make an appointment for your next orders.

9 Nanjing Colordo Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Colordo Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and designer of wheels. Their main products are custom-made rims, forged aluminum alloy rims, and many more. In terms of designing wheels, they have supreme authority since they have patent technology and the latest detection technology. Their products can be reached wherever you are.

10 Qingdao Great Xinda Group Co., Ltd.

As one of the most experienced in manufacturing wheel and tire, the company provides competitive cost with trustworthy and rapid delivery. Their products are export to Africa, Europe, and more countries. If you are looking for the best products that have extreme strength and durability that will long-lasts, this is your best choice.

11 Anyang Rarlong Machinery Co., Ltd.

In 1996, Anyang Rarlong Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded and a manufacturer focused on wheel rims, and more. Through the expert development team and technical testing teams, they can assure to have excellent quality and on time of delivery. Their company meets ISO14001, ISO9001/TS16949, and ISO18000. They can provide you a better solution for your requirement.

12 Ningbo Bailingchi Aluminum Wheel Co., Ltd.

As focused on supplying and designing alloy wheels, the company can offer you various kinds such as alloy rim, wheel, and so on. They supply products to local and foreign customers. Their products are guaranteed high-quality and affordable prices. You are welcome to become their business partner either local and abroad.

13 Qingdao Harvest Tyre & Wheel Co., Ltd.

In 1996, QINGDAO HARVEST TYRE & WHEEL Co., Limited. is a producer and supply wheel or rims. They offer to assemble services with certified ISO9001, DOT, and more certifications. They serve all-round the world and pleased by customers due to their superior quality, competitive price, exceptional services, and fast delivery.

14 Qingdao Oasisland International Trading Co., Ltd.

As one of the successful tire and wheel rim manufacturers, the company guaranteed the quality of products. Their products are certified by DOT, ECE, SONCAP, CCC, ETRTO, and more certificates. In any kind of requirement, they always make sure to meet different needs in markets. OEM orders are welcome.

15 Xiamen WondeeAutoparts Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Wondee Autoparts Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of the steel wheel rim, etc. They can provide all customers to have high-quality at a reasonable price and excellent services. Their factory meets ISO/ts16949: 2002 and ISO9001: 2000 standard due to their latest equipment, and strict quality control system. Send your inquiries now.


SINO MACHINERY Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of steel wheels, aluminum forged truck wheels, etc. They also assemble rims and tires. Due to their strict quality control, they obtain a high reputation in South America, South Africa, and more countries. If you want to have a one-stop solution for your wheels’ problems, this is your best choice.

17 Fujian Hua Min Group (Trantek Industries Company)

Fujian Hua Min Group (Trantek Industries Company) is a manufacturer of components for motorcycles, trucks, etc. They produce rim wheels, spark plugs, and other products. Their products have been delivered to more than 70 countries. They also serve OEM projects and orders. Please visit their website for more info.

18 Hebei Zhibei Meterial Sales Co., Ltd.

Hebei Zhibei Meterial Sales Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of scrap metals in China. Their company is an ISO and SGS certified. Either you order large quantities, they can assure you to provide you since they have sufficient stock and supply. Their products can be exported worldwide. Message them now.

19 Wuxi Susha Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Susha Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of aluminum alloy trucks wheels, custom wheels, and other products. Through an expert technical team and an extreme industrial base, they can provide 800,000 of wheels per year and meet every customer’s requirement. Contact them for your inquiries.

 20 Ningbo Kintop Autoparts Co., Ltd.

NINGBO KINTOP AUTOPARTS Co., Ltd is a manufacturer enterprise for the alloy wheels and steel car wheels in China. Their products have been sold Middle East, Europe, Russia, and more countries. They ensure product quality and stable quality at a competitive price for customers. If you have OEM orders then this is your best place.

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