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Motorcycle Roller Chain
Motorcycle Roller Chain Importing from China

There are many motorcycle roller chain manufacturers in China that are based on different provinces, like Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangsu and more. Each roller chain manufacturing hub in China has its very distinctive features and products of expertise.

Roller Chain and Conveyor Chain
Roller Chain and Conveyor Chain Importing from China

These products are especially designed for automated logistics equipment , material handling equipment, engineering vehicles, and more.  The leading roller chain manufacturing factories produce chains according to your customized requirements. In China, there are professional manufacturer of chains,and is member unit of China National technical committee for standardization for china transmission.

Carbon Steel Roller Chain
Carbon Steel Roller Chain Importing from China

When importing roller chain from China, the products are made of high quality alloy steel production. The plates are punched and squeezed bores by precision technology. The pin, bush, roller are machined by high-efficiency automatic equipment and automatic grinding equipment. Import an excellent quality roller chain in China at very competitive price.

Simplex Roller Chain
Simplex Roller Chain Importing from China

There are thousands of simplex roller chain products when you are importing from China. Find the reliable and professional simplex roller chain manufacturer in China. Make sure that your simplex roller chain supplier have passed on any production certifications.

Roller Chains with Extended Bearing Pins
Roller Chains with Extended Bearing Pins Importing from China

In China, you can find Roller Chains manufacturing who specializes in exporting roller chains with extended bearing pins for many years. Also, Chinese roller chain manufacturer provide OEM for your any demand. These manufacturer are mostly based in Yangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and other China area.

Industrial Leaf Chain
Industrial Leaf Chain Importing from China

There are wide selection of roller chain from China including industrial leaf chain. Whether you need to import for your business, importing from China is the best choice. You are assured of having industrial leaf chain in a highest quality at the best price.

Transmission Industrial Roller Chain
Transmission Industrial Roller Chain Importing from China

Finding a durable transmission industrial roller chain? The leading transmission industrial roller chain manufacturer from China can always meet your needs. Shop all kinds of roller chain in Yangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and other China area.

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Sea Freight from China to 2 38
Shipping by sea is a first choice for most importers for low prices and large volume options. Perfect for sending small quantities of personal effects such as your roller chain.
Air Freight from China to 39
Shipping by air is one of the reliable access to space in a capacity constrained. Can resolve all your emergencies, reduce inventory.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 39
Rail delivery offers secure and reliable delivery to the destination. Cost effective, faster form of land transportation.
Door to Door Service China to 1 38
It may look expensive, serves you nothing but convenient way of shipment. Fast, reliable and affordable delivery services.

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Best 20 Roller Chains Manufacturer in China

1 Changzhou Dongwu Chain Transmission Manufacturing

Changzhou Dongwu Chain Transmission Manufacturing Co., Ltd for short DONGWU is a dependable company, can supply valued customers with their excellent roller chain solutions. Is an expert Chinese roller chain manufacturer, offering a wide variety of quality products for you to select from. Can produce custom unique roller chain products based on your technical specifications. Established in 2000.

2 Qingdao Dazheng Jin Hao International Trade

Qingdao Dazheng Jin Hao International Trade Co., Ltd is a trade and industry integrated company. This firm was incorporated nearly in 2013, focusing on the production and selling of roller chains on the international market. Its factory was based in Zhucheng Town, China. Owning an advanced high technology so they can manufacture in accordance with the client`s custom needs.

3 Hangzhou Xingfeng Industry 

Located at the Qiantang River- a beautiful bank near Xiaoshan District in the year 1997. Their main products include sprocket and chain rollers. Hangzhou Xingfeng Industry Co., Ltd got approved by ISO9001 quality system assessment. They can also distribute products to the entire countries around the world, commonly in Southeast Asia and South America.

4 Hangzhou Qianjiang Chain Industries 

Hangzhou Qianjiang Chain Industries Co., Ltd was operating since 1998 and is the expert biggest manufacturer of sealed chain rollers. It is one of the first, earliest manufacturing companies that produced and developed chain rollers. 60% of their chain roller products are transferred to foreign markets. A company that fully complies with JIS, ISO, BS, ANSI, and DIN international standards.

5 Suzhou Fubang Machinery Chain Transmission Manufacture

One of the professional and authorized factories of stainless steel chain rollers in China. This factory was established in 1997 at Suzhou Town, China. Their main products include standard A & B series roller chains. Widely used to industries such as chemical machinery, food machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, and so forth.

6 Suzhou Goodluck Transmission Technology 

Suzhou Goodluck Transmission Technology Co., Ltd was founded in the year of 2005, a well-experienced exporter and manufacturer of different roller chain products. They win customers that come from overseas countries. The team manufactured roller chains based on customer`s various specifications. Their roller chain products include motorcycle chains, conveyor chains, transmission chains, etc. They produce under the ISO9001 managements.

7 Wuyi Chuangben Machinery

With 10 years of development and advocating dedication, Wuyi Chuangben Machinery Co., Ltd continuously strive their best to attain customers trust. The company is well attached to the importance of products and services quality. They are very honest in the business, providing friendly services to customers and all sectors. Aiming to meet the needs of customers in a fast and timely manner. They also want to support your business as well.

8 Hangzhou Dunpai Chain 

Hangzhou Dunpai Chain Co., Ltd is a comprehensive factory stationed in China since 1951. Due to hard work and great development since then, the company now made an outstanding history. Won different international awards and medals make them a leading supplier of roller chains all over the world. Started exporting in 1960, spread their products to over 30 foreign regions including the Middle East, U.S.A, Hong Kong, and so on.

9 Deyuan Machinery 

Deyuan Machinery Co., Ltd is the best manufacturing company you should choose when looking for the highest quality roller chains. The Deyuan team produces many kinds of roller chain products to be spread domestically and internationally. Also, specialized roller chains to use in palm and sugar industries. They hold 20 years of experience.

10 Xiamen Power Transmission Company

Being a well-recognized company, Xiamen Power Transmission Company focused on producing roller chains and sprockets for about 10 years today. Has abundant and wide-field expertise, made them turned into a qualified exporter and supplier of roller chain products. Moreover, the company has the ultimate goal- to satisfy customers` demands no matter what happens. Can customize client`s orders for competitive prices.

11 Shuangling Chain Transmission

Established in 1952, Jiangsu Shuangling Chain Transmission Co., Ltd. is the largest special-shaped conveyor and professional non-standard manufacturer headquartered in Changzhou City, Huangli Town, occupying an area of 180 acres. Passed ISO9001 quality management system, that ensures strong technical force, complete testing, and excellent processing equipment for faster production. Won the trust of many countries, both in domestic and foreign markets.

12 Hangzhou Transailing Industrial

Own a famous brand TSI, which widely marketed at home and abroad. Hangzhou Transailing Industrial strives to supply extraordinary products for a wide range of industries with improving product performance for longevity usage. With a reliable human workforce and strong engineering capabilities, the company is capable to deliver even for your roller chain large orders at affordable pricing.

13 Vision group

Hangzhou Vision Chain Transmission Co., Ltd is a famous and largest manufacturer located in Yuhang District, Hangzhou, China. Possess new technology testing ability and several advanced machines for production that guaranteed the durable and exact solutions. All products are widely appreciated in many countries in Southeast Asia, Europe, America, etc. Be a satisfied customer and choose Vision Chain Transmission Company.

14 Jiangxi Hengjiu Chain Transmission 

Established in 2005, Jiangxi Hengjiu Chain Transmission Co., Ltd is a partner factory of Zhejiang Hengjiu Machinery Group Company. Occupies an area of 253,080 square meters, with over 250 trusted and dedicated employees. Until now, the company is enhancing the market competitiveness of products and continuously improving services to exceed various customer’s requirements.

15 Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group 

Specialized in producing all types of special chains and standard chains such as roller chains, combine harvester chains, stereo garage chains, maintenance-free chains, and so on. Established in 1991, with the business objective of delivering the finest product at a very cost-effective price. Located in Hangzhou, China and now recognized s one of the largest chain manufacturers in China.

16 Hangzhou Jiexiang Chain 

ISO 9000 certified company located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China with a 500,000 RMB registered capital. Specialized in the making of Agricultural Chain, Roller Chain, Conveyor Chain, Forged Chain, Leaf Chain, etc. Offers you the high-class and unbeatable quality products which can meet your multifarious demands.

17 Suzhou Universal Technology

Since 1970, Suzhou Universal Technology Co., Ltd. is determined and committed to producing excellent roller chains and other related accessories. Employs more than 1000 highly experienced staff and technicians. Located in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China and owns a manufacturing area of chains of more than 200,000 square meters and 40,000 Square meters bearing manufacturing base. Located in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

18 Hangzhou Lectstyle Trade 

Hangzhou Lectstyle Trade Co., Ltd have their own chain factory, export trade company, and motor factory. The company is qualified integrally mechatronic abilities of manufacture, design, and testing. Accumulated with rich experience and efforts that guarantee the excellent production process. You can ensure that products from Lectstyle Trade come with warranty and quality for these are EMC, RoHS, LVD, CE Product Certificates compliance.

19 Zhejiang Junchen Chain 

ISO 9001, ISO 9000 authenticated company and private joint-stock company situated in the West of Hangzhou, nears the beautiful Hengfan Town. Established in 2014, Junchen Chain introduced advanced technology to produce machines and now highly appreciated by many clients around the world.

20 Hangzhou Perpetual Machinery & Equipment

Specialized in producing high-grade products including roller chain, chain coupling, sprocket, and other related accessories. The company passed with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF16949 guidelines that ensure reliable and top-class solutions. Since 2000, the products they produced earned a good reputation in the markets. Employs professional engineers and technicians, strives to meet the needs of every customer.

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