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Importing Roller Coasters from China
Accelerator Coaster
Importing Accelerator Coaster from China

An Accelerator Coaster is a hydraulically-launched roller coaster model from Intamin. The model usually consists of a long, straight launch track, a top hat tower element, and magnetic brakes that smoothly stop the train without making contact. If you need a trusted roller coaster supplier and manufacturer, Shandong province of China has the leading factory, manufacture high quality of roller coaster for all the importers.

Bobsled Roller Coaster
Importing Bobsled Roller Coaster from China

A bobsled roller coaster is a roller coaster that uses a track design that is essentially a pipe with the top half removed and has cars that are sent down this pipe in a freewheeling mode. Most modern bobsled roller coasters are made of steel. The first bobsled coasters, known as Flying Turns, were made of wood. In China, you can find the most reliable and sustainable bobsled roller coaster in Zhejiang province.

Importing Hyper Roller Coaster from China

Whether you need to import any types of roller coaster like a hyper roller coaster and looking for a high quality made of metal roller coasters, China can always meet your needs. Jiangsu has the most suppler and manufacturer that provides fast importing and shipping process. Roller coasters offer an amazing experience and fun with high adrenaline, excitement, and speed.

Out and Back Rollercoaster
Importing Out and Back Roller Coaster from China

Out and back refers to the layout of a roller coaster. An out and back coaster is one that climbs a lift hill soon after leaving the station, races out to the far end of the track after the initial drop. With an out and back design, the hills on the way out usually are quite large and gradually decrease in size. Finding a reliable supplier and manufacturer in China can help you a lot of money and effort. Zhejiang and Jiangsu province suppliers supply all durable roller coaster for customers fun and enjoyment.

Pipeline Roller Coaster
Importing Pipeline Roller Coaster from China

The Pipeline Coaster is a roller coaster model where the trains ride between the tracks as opposed to a traditional roller coaster where they rise above them. Some of the drawbacks of the design include the need for large, uncomfortable over-the-shoulder restraints as well as the obstruction of the riders’ view by the enclosed pipe structure. You should find a durable pipeline roller coaster in Shandong most supplier and manufacturer in China.

Importing Pole Roller Coaster from China

The centripetal force of medium-intensity roller coasters may help patients pass kidney stones smaller than five millimeters, especially if they’re seated near the back of the ride. Roller coasters could also help those who have already had a kidney stone broken up. Whether you need to import roller coasters for your business, China can help you find trusted suppliers in Zhejiang province. High-quality roller coasters are most in Zhejiang and Shandong province.

Terrain Roller Coaster
Importing Terrain Roller Coaster from China

Terrain roller coasters are roller coasters which, as their name suggests, take advantage of the natural undulations of the land upon which they are built. Because they tend to stay close to the ground, they require fewer supports and thus are usually cheaper than the same coaster on flat ground. Even if you don’t know any Chinese factories in China, Zhejiang province has a lot of supplier and manufacturer who can help the whole process like shipping your mix orders.

Tilt Roller Coaster
Importing Tilt Roller Coaster from China

You might be wondering what this has to do with roller coaster rides, so consider this: Can you imagine thinking of your boss or relationship problems at the zenith of a ride that will send you into a free-fall plummet of 450 feet? That is the very definition of mindfulness. This is good to start your business. Importing in trusted supplier and manufacturer in China can help you save a lot of money and effort.

Vertical Launched Rollercoaster
Importing Vertical Launched Roller Coaster from China

The launched roller coaster is a modern form of roller coaster which has increased in use in the last two decades. Launched coasters mainly feature improved speed, and capability to accommodate more thrilling layouts. If you need to import roller coaster, then Guangdong province supplier and manufacturer is best to trust for. Providing all the importers need like giving all the information for fast importing and shipping process.

Water Roller Coaster
Importing Water Roller Coaster from China

A Water Coaster is a roller coaster that combines roller coaster elements, such as chain lift hills and steep drops, with boat-based attraction elements, such as splash-down landings. Better to find trusted supplier and manufacturer for your roller coaster for fast and safe delivery. China has a lot of trusted roller coaster supplier who has the capability to handle all the process for your orders.

Big Pendulum Roller Coaster
Importing Big Pendulum Roller Coaster from China

The pendulum swing ride uses the concept of gravity and centripetal force to operate. Pendulum rides are propelled by one of two methods. A series of DC motors driving the axle, or wheels at the base of the station pushing the gondola as it swings by. In finding sustainable roller coaster factory, that manufacturer durable roller coasters can help your business grow bigger. Having fun in riding a roller coaster with strong and durable coasters are free fun to everyone.

Pirate Ship Roller Coaster
Importing Pirate Ship Roller Coaster from China

A pirate ship is a type of amusement ride based on pirate ships, consisting of an open, seated gondola which swings back and forth, subjecting the rider to various levels of angular momentum. A variant where the riders must pull on ropes to swing the ride is known as a swing boat. For your plan to import in urgent process, better to choose a kind of factory who focuses on manufacturing roller coasters. In China, you can find the best supplier and manufacturer in Jiangsu province.

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Best 20 Roller Coaster Manufacturers in China

1 Zhongshan Jinbo Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd

Zhongshan Jinbo Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is one of the biggest factories of roller coaster products. Has 17 years of experience especially in the design, development, and production of all roller coaster types. Their team is consists of senior engineers and experienced designers, helpful for roller coaster fast manufacturing. Moreover, the company group can also serve quality service to achieve a good relationship with other corporations.

2 Zhengzhou Bigjoys Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd

This company was a professional supplier and manufacturer highly devoted to the development, research, production, and market of any roller coaster equipment. It is operating mainly in Zhengzhou City with the best transportation ingress since 2000. After decade years of progress, now the company has 50 technicians, 6000 total of skillful employees, and lots of modernized workshops. Can export their products to foreign countries including Germany, Korea, the USA, the UK, Russia, Finland, Spain, etc.

3 Guangzhou Zhuoyuan

Guangzhou Zhuoyuan`s mission is to provide extreme quality roller coaster equipment and expand together with other corporations. Can raise a mutually profitable and long-term friendship with global customers. The establishment in 1999, has wide expertise in simulation technology and high-powered platforms. What`s more, the company can be a source of a high-quality and durable roller coaster. All the products they made are well-appreciated by worldwide customers.

4 Ever Rich Gift LIMITED

Ever Rich Gift LIMITED can supply premium and highest quality roller coaster equipment to the international market. The company has a great record in the previous 10 years. They also own comprehensive production lines and equipment to secure customer`s orders. There are over 300 skilled employees are responsible for fast roller coaster designing and manufacturing. Customer`s orders will be exported on-time when you`re with Ever Rich Gift LIMITED!

5 Guangzhou Movie Power Technology Co., Ltd

Has very convenient transportation access in Guangzhou City. Guangzhou Movie Power Technology Co., Ltd is an enterprise focusing on manufacturing and developing roller coaster equipment. Regarding 10 years of trade and factory experiences, the company now can provide one-stop product and service solutions. From the design- market, the team seeks to provide excellent solutions for every client.

6 Wenzhou Jinshi Entertainment Apparatus Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Set up in Wenzhou, City, China since its year of establishment. This company has a higher level of production technology, and improvement of the product`s quality was the company`s focus. A company combined with the manufacture, installation, and design of roller coasters equipment. They highly manufacture roller coasters that comply with ISO9002 global standard control system, CE certifications, and R&D. Provide good services and create international brand products for customers all over the world.

7 Wuhan Fute Amusement Technology Co., Ltd

Incorporated in 2001, one member of the China Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. The Wuhan Fute Amusement Technology Co., Ltd is popular in China for its good efforts and quality products. Fute is mainly located in Wuhan, China, and now turned into the largest company with 350 staff. Also has a good relationship between other countries and regions.

8 Henan Wonderland Amusement Equipment 

Henan Wonderland Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is a contemporary company particularizing in design and R&D, sales, roller coaster projects, and installation services. The company is consists of a mature production group and an experienced design team, a big help for fast roller coaster manufacturing. Enjoys high praise and recognition from both foreign and domestic clients.

9 Golden Horse Technology Entertainment 

Founded in 2007, Golden Horse Technology Entertainment Corp., Ltd is a hi-tech company that specializes in the mass production, sale, and development of amusement rides. This company provides a wide variety of amusement rides such as roller coaster, water rides, Ferris wheel, and so forth. After several years of experience, Gold Horse was recorded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in China.

10 China Great Amusement Rides 

China Great Amusement Rides Co., Ltd is one of the earliest and leading amusement rides fabricators and manufacturers based in China. They received approval ISO9001-2008 and CE certifications. The team has more than 18 years of professional experience; can provide top-quality products, competitive prices, and quality services for customers around the world.

11 Jinma Rides

Founded in 1983, Jinma Technology Entertainment Corp., Ltd is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong, China with rich experience in producing and manufacturing today’s attractions industry. Employs more than 160 professional engineers, with over 1000 workers who are willing to assist the designing and installations of your project.

12 Xuzhou Long Shine Industrial

Specialized in the research, development, fabrication, sales, and maintenance of high-quality products. The company passed FCC, SGS, CE, and ECE certifications, and has served many clients such as in North America, Italy, Spain, and many EU countries. They value long-lasting and cohesive relationships with customers around the world. Willing to work with you to boom your business.

13 Prodigy Amusement Equipment

Since 1999, Guangzhou Prodigy Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd focuses on amusement equipment fabrication with the best reputation in the markets. Headquartered in Zhengzhou city, Henan Province, China, with a factory area covering 55,000 square meters. With more than 300 employees, they maintain fast and reliable manufacturing. The company is specialized in making products such as amusement park rides, roller coaster, train rides, kiddie rides, and many more.

14 HENAN Dinis

Henan Dinis Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd is a playground equipment and carnival rides specialist in China with skillful technical workers and excellent R&D personnel. The company is famous for all customers both at home and abroad markets. Located in Zhengzhou City, China, with 3000 square meters exhibition hall in their own factory, it ensures first-class products, first-class management, and first-class service.

15 Zhipao Amusement Equipment

China Zhipao Amusement Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a dedicated and popular roller coaster manufacturer in China. All your amusement equipment needs, you can count on this company. Located in Xingtai City, Hebei Province, covering an area of 10 hectares, and currently, having more than 500 employees, with a professional designer technology team.

16 Beston Amusement Equipment Factory

Beston Amusement Equipment Factory is a competent amusement rides manufacturer in China with many years of expertise and knowledge in the field. The company promotes reasonable structure, complete specifications, and best quality of products deliver and install to clients. The best roller coaster, kiddie rides, inflatable rides, and other amusement park equipment are all here presented by BESTON.

17 Changda Amusement

Zhengzhou Changda Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. does well in developing, designing and manufacturing the best amusement rides in China. Comply with the national and international guidelines like CE / GOST, and ISO9001 certifications. Situated in Zhengzhou city, occupies a modern workshop area of 10, 000 square meters. Employs 500+ skilled and strong workforce to guarantee to meet your requirements.

18 Lixin Amusement

Established in 1995, Zhengzhou Lixin Amusement Machine Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer, with the ability to design and innovate new advanced rides. All types of amusement park rides are well-developed and checked thoroughly to exceed international certifications. Owns a factory covering an area of more than 35,000 square meters, and currently employs 90+ professional engineers and workers.

19 Hebei H&S Amusement

Expert in the R&D, fabricating, installation, and marketing sales of medium-size and large amusement rides in China with 6+ years of rich experience. H&S factory has 80, 000 sqm. area with 300+ dedicated staff and technical professionals. Ensures the premium quality amusement equipment, designed based on the customer’s request.

20 Dalang Group

Established in 1999, Dalang Group is a national high-tech enterprise and a large-scale amusement facility with standardized, intelligent, automated, modern technical management. Provides a one-stop solution for your amusement projects with 20+ years of know-how expertise in the field. The company is a member of the International Amusement Park and Recreational Facilities Association that gained the best reputation in customers around the world.

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