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Bansar is knowledgeable in handling your cargo shipment from China to different countries worldwide. We provide priority loading services to get your goods faster to a limited extent.

In Bansar your goods are secured and put directly inside the vessel which is water and wind tight. We, the Bansar ensure that your cargo is free from inconvenience shipping experience.

Sea Freight Shipping from China to
In shipping your cargo via RoRo, Bansar is capable of transporting your light, heavy to oversized cargo shipment from China to any port around the world.
Door to Door Shipping from China to
Bansar offers door to door delivery from China to all throughout the world. It is the fastest, safest and cost-effective method in transporting your cargo.

FCL Shipping from China

Bansar offering full container load (FCL) shipping from China to many countries in Asia, Middle East and others. We can guarantee to engulf all your shipping requirements and provide competitive shipping rates.

LCL Shipping from China

Bansar offers port to port shipping for LCL (less than container loads) from main ports in China to any place around world. Ensures deadlines and promises are kept.

More Services When Shipping from China

Pick up Delivery
We can pick up your cargo and deliver anytime in any city in China.
Warehousing and Distribution
Bansar offering secure warehouse facility and distribute straight from China to its end destination.
Cargo Insurance
Cargo insurance protects against threat or danger with no dent.
Loading Supervision
Ensure safe packaging and loading of goods in your suppliers factory.
Custom Clearance
You do not need to provide us any documents, just receive your goods at home.

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RoRo shipping from China: The Definitive FAQ Guide

RoRo shipping is a special type of maritime delivery service.

it can be used to transport various wheeled machinery, including cars, trucks, tractors and so on.

If you are interested in shipping such goods from China, we recommend you to continue reading this useful guide.

RoRo vessel

What is RoRo shipping?

RoRo shipping refers to the special maritime vessel.

RoRo is an abbreviation for roll-on/roll-off.

RoRo ship is basically a ferry which is mainly used to carry wheeled cargo.

With its help, you can move cars, trucks, trailers, and railroad cars.

The name itself comes from the way in which the cargo is delivered to the vessel: they are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels.

How safe is the RoRo shipping?

In the vast majority of cases, the first thing which is asked by our clients is how safe the RoRo shipping is.

Maybe this is due to a widespread belief that cargo will be safer if it’s shipped in a container.

From first glance, it seems quite fair: exported cars will stay in containers all the time, so there will be additional protection all the time.

However, stowing cars in containers can also lead to some issues.

RoRo involves minimal lifting of cars, and such vessels have protection from external elements as well.

In practice, RoRo ships have the same inner construction as a multi-story car park, with ramps situated between decks.

The certain deck is selected for cargo in accordance with its weight, height, and width.

Lashing is used to secure the cargo to the deck of the ship.

When cars are placed and secured on the handling equipment, they are not lifted again during ocean transportation.

With RoRo, the process of ensuring a safe shipment starts long before the cargo arrives at the port of load.

Where can I find RoRo shipping lines to deliver from China?

Actually, it is not so easy to find a reliable RoRo shipping line in China.

The thing is you can’t be sure that port and shipping line staff will deal with your car without issues.

It happens a lot when buyers receive their cars with scratches and dents which is unacceptable.

Bansar specialists will be glad to help you find the most reliable shipping company to organize your RoRo delivery.

RoRo delivery

What kind of goods are shipped with the help of RoRo?

Without a doubt, cars were initial products which played the main role in the development of RoRo vessels back in the 1960s.

However, some types of modern RoRo vessels can easily carry a versatile list of breakbulk cargo.

For example, such vessels can be used to transport heavy machine tools or power generation equipment, as well as large rail cars.

Breakbulk which has no wheels is loaded and unloaded using special handling equipment with wheels, while cargo such as cars, trucks, and buses roll on and off a RoRo vessel on their own.

So, some RoRo vessels are capable of carrying cargo:

  • Up to 6.1 meters (19.6 feet) high.
  • Up to 12 meters (39.3 feet) wide.
  • Up to 400 tonnes (441 American tons) in weight.

What is the step-by-step process of RoRo shipping?

For the buyer, the step-by-step process of RoRo shipping looks as follows:

Step #1. Require a car shipping quote

Before starting the delivery process you have to get an estimated sum for such delivery.

This sum is approximate and may vary for different cars.

Step #2. Prepare all the needed documentation before you ship your car overseas

We’ll discuss the documents needed to organize RoRo shipping later in this article.

Let’s just mention that Bansar specialists can help you to go through the documentation process without any hassle.

Step #3. Pay all the charges needed to ship your car overseas

Such fees might include carrier charges, storage fees, payments for freight forwarder services, etc.

Step #4. Prepare your car for international RoRo shipping

There are special rules on how to prepare your car for international RoRo shipping.

They’ll be discussed later in this FAQ as well.

Step #5. The car arrives at the port and proceeds through customs clearance

If you’ve paid all the charges in the time and prepared your documents correctly, then this step will not cause any troubles.

Step #6. Wait for your car to be shipped overseas

When your car is shipped internationally, you can check its delivery status using various tracking programs.

Contact with your carrier and ask him about the way how you can track your order.

Step #7. Receive your car and connected documents at the designated port

Depending on the Incoterms you are using, the car can be delivered not only in port but at your premises as well.

Contact with your supplier to decide where exactly you want to achieve your car after RoRo shipping process is over.

How much does RoRo shipping cost? How can I calculate its price?

As it was already mentioned, RoRo shipping is typically the least expensive shipping method, even when compared with various container shipping options.

Unlike other cargos that are measured in metric tonnes, the RoRo cargo is measured in a unit called lanes in meters (LIMs).

LIM is calculated by multiplying cargo length in meters by the number of decks and by its width in lanes.

Please, contact Bansar customer support service if you want to get estimates on RoRo shipping from China.

RoRo ferry

What kind of transport is used for RoRo shipping?

The RoRo ship is different from LoLo (lift-on/lift-off) ship that uses a crane to move the cargo.

As it was said previously, vehicles in the RoRo ship are loaded and unloaded with the help of special built-in ramps.

Typically, such ramps are made towards the stern (backside) of the ship.

But in some ships, they can also be found on the bow side (front) as well as on the sides of the vessel.

RoRo vessels were firstly built in the 19th century to transport trains.

There are various types of RoRo vessels, such as ferries, cruise ferries, cargo ships, and barges.

The RoRo vessels that are used for transporting cars and trucks only are known as pure car carriers (PCC) and pure truck/car carriers (PCTC).

Also, there are a lot of hybrids of RoRo vessels.

For example, the ConRo (or RoCon) ship is a hybrid of a RoRo and a container vessel.

A RoLo (roll-on/lift-off) vessel is another hybrid vessel type, with ramps serving vehicle decks but with other cargo decks only accessible when the tides change or by the use of a crane.

The acronym ROPAX (roll-on/roll-off passenger) describes a RORO vessel built for freight vehicle transport along with passenger accommodation.

RoRo shipping vs container shipping: what is the difference?

The RoRo shipping method is a great choice because of its simplicity, cheapness, and effectiveness.

When you select RoRo vessel as your shipping transport, you do not have to pay for warehouse services, crating, port delivery or flat rack loading because the port workers take care of all the vital processes.

When shipping multiple vehicles, you have to make multiple trips in order to offload all the cars.

Of course, you can hire a special carrier trailer but this might increase your expenses significantly.

The RoRo method of shipping a car is by far the most popular and viable technique.

However, it does face several limitations connected with geography and capability of various ports.

Thus, RoRo shipping is quite affordable but it is not accessible everywhere, which is where the container shipping method comes in to do what RoRo shipping can’t.

In the case of the container shipping, cars are typically loaded into a container and then it is secured with the help of various straps so the cars do not slide during transit.

During the loading process, wooden braces are also placed around each of the vehicle’s tires and nailed to the floor to secure the car even more.

Another benefit of the container shipping is that you can store some additional items (like tires, repair equipment) inside the container.

A standard 20 ft shipping container can store one car and still leave a lot of space for additional items.

And a 40 ft shipping container can store two average vehicles.

Shipping containers have to comply with strict regulations to make sure that they are structurally sound, watertight, and incapable of allowing damaging elements such as wind or water.

Eventually, choosing between these two shipping methods is all about your budget and preference.

How many cars can a RoRo vessel carry?

It depends on the type of the RoRo vessel.

The largest RoRo ships can carry up to 8000 cars at the same time.

What kind of insurance can be used for RoRo shipping?

In the case of RoRo shipping, you can use classic marine cargo insurance policy to secure your cars.

Please, read this Bansar guide if you want to become more familiar with marine cargo insurance topic.

What kind of Incoterms 2010 is the best for the RoRo shipping?

Not all Incoterms 2010 can be used for the RoRo shipping.

The reason lies in clear instructions for modes of transport which can carry your cargo by the Incoterms contract.

For example, FOB Incoterms require the usage of conventional maritime transport, which excludes RoRo ships.

So, when applying for RoRo shipping from China, you have to find Incoterms which fit any mode of transport.

These are the following:

  1. FCA (Free Carrier).
  2. CPT (Carriage Paid To).
  3. CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid to).
  4. EXW (Ex Works).
  5. DAP (Delivered At Place).
  6. DAT (Delivered At Terminal).
  7. DDP (Delivered Duty Paid).

We strongly recommend you to read this Bansar guide dedicated to the topic of the latest Incoterms.

Are there some special rules when it comes to RoRo shipping from China to Europe?

Yes, there are a lot of rules and regulations connected with RoRo shipping from China to Europe.

First of all, they speak of various taxes for imported cars.

Each country has its own rates for such taxes.

They also might vary depending on the type of transport you try to deliver.

If you want to learn more about taxes of your country, please, contact the appropriate governmental body and require such info.

When it comes to documents, the list is quite simple: you’ll need a proof of ownership for the car, vehicle title, and your ID.

Cars and RoRo

What are the requirements when proceeding with RoRo shipping from China to the USA?

To avoid any delays when shipping your car from China to the US, ensure that your documentation is ready for export.

Documents that are required to export a car are the next:

  1. Bill of sale.
  2. Original title.
  3. Copy of your personal document (e.g. passport).

As for the car itself, you have to determine its eligibility for import to the US.

The vehicle can also be modified to meet US standards (if it is possible for such car).

To do so, please become familiar with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and Emissions Standards.

Some vehicles already meet such requirements for import to the United States, mainly because this model was originally designed for export and sale in the USA.

As for charges, foreign-made vehicles imported for personal use or sale are dutiable at the following rates:

  1. Auto: 2.5%.
  2. Trucks: 25%.
  3. Motorcycles: free or 2.4%.

Above-mentioned rates are based on the price paid or payable.

Please, contact customs authorities of your state to confirm the number of duties you have to pay.

How to prepare a car for the RoRo shipping process?

Before applying for the international RoRo car shipping service you have to be sure that your vehicle is prepared:

Step 1. Clean the car inside and outside.

Step 2. Make sure that the car is absolutely empty (you can’t ship additional items inside of it).

Step 3. The vehicle should be running and have working brakes.

Step 4. The car should have some fuel inside the tank (no more than 1/8).

If a carrier company is picking up your vehicle and delivering it to port, your international car shipping partner should give you a copy of the dock receipt.

This document will be needed for the carrier to bring your vehicle to the port.

When shipping any type of vehicle internationally, always do your own vehicle inspection report.

To do so, make accurate photos of your vehicle before the transportation process starts.

Doing so, you’ll have evidence which might be needed if your car will be damaged during delivery.

We also recommend first servicing the vehicle before handing it over as well as getting it washed.

This way, you know for sure the running condition of the vehicle and it will be much easier to spot any exterior issues.

Most overseas auto transporters will also do this as soon as the vehicle arrivals at their warehouse or office but it wouldn’t be unnecessary to make several inspections.

What kind of special documents are used for the RoRo shipping?

When buying and shipping cars from China, you might need the following documents:

  1. Two copies of government-issued identification document (driver’s license, passport, ID, etc.)
  2. Vehicle title (one copy is needed for booking, and the original has to be transferred alongside the car).
  3. Proof of ownership/bill of sale or another document which states about the title transfer.

These documents must be available when the vehicle is picked up so that it can go with the vehicle.

What big car companies ship their products with the help of RoRo?

The vast majority of huge car manufacturing companies ship their products with the help of RoRo services.

Such giants as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Toyota, Hyundai, and others use this method because of high cost-efficiency and security.

Typically, such big car companies have their own RoRo vessels which help them to reduce their costs even more.

Can Bansar specialists help me with RoRo shipping from China?

Yes, our trained specialists have gone through qualification courses which help them to organize not only RoRo shipping but any kind of delivery you prefer.

We can help you to prepare cars before shipment and make sure that they arrive at your country in the best conditions.

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