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rv power cord
1 RV Extension Power Cord
RV Extension Power Cord

Chinese manufacturers offer a wide variety of RV extension power cord. If you are looking for a high-quality RV extension with the best features, a Chinese supplier is a recommended one. In China, you can find the most honest RV extension power cord supplier that can gratify your needs. If you are not familiar with the Chinese manufacturers, Bansar will help you to have great communication with them.

2 RV 50 amp Power Cord
RV 50 amp Power Cord

If you desire to have an extraordinary RV 50 amp power cord, Bansar will help you to have a reliable manufacturer and supplier. In China especially in Guangdong and Shandong provinces, you can encounter a professional supplier of RV 50 amp power cord which is best for a variety of applications. For any personal or particularly on your business applications Chinese suppliers can support that.

3 RV 30 amp Power Cord
RV 30 amp Power Cord

The RV 30 amp power cord is designed for a lot of applications like smaller motorhomes and larger trailers. Whether you are in need of this kind of cord Bansar will recommend you the superior manufacturer which is based in China. Chinese supplier will absolutely help your business by providing a quality RV 30 amp power cord. In China, you can find a quality manufacturer that will offer an affordable RV 30 amp power cord.

4 RV Power Adapter Power Cord
RV Power Adapter Cord

Choosing the right power cord will help you to have the best performance of your electronic device. Bansar can guide you to find a perfect and right RV power adapter cord supplier. Bansar has the best relationship with the most trustworthy supplier that is located in China. Most of the business owners put their trust in Chinese suppliers because of their best reputation. If you want one of them, Bansar will help you to be connected with the Chinese supplier.

5 RV Cable Power Cord
RV Cable Power Cord

The RV cable power cord is one of the most important things that supply or provide the power for any electronic components like printer, monitor, computer and so on. Chinese suppliers offer a broad range of RV cable power cord with a long lifespan. Chinese manufacturers always use the finest kind of materials. Chinese manufacturers will stand as the ultimate choice for those seeking a durable and sturdy RV cable power cord.

6 RV Power Cord for Generator
RV Power Cord for Generator

The RV power cord for generators is widely used with the standard transfer switches. When you are looking for a strong RV power cord for the generator Bansar will propose you with a popular manufacturer that will supply you with a reliable RV power cord for the generator. Chinese suppliers will certainly not disappoint your expectations. You can definitely trust their services.

7 RV MArine Power Cord
RV Marine Power Cord

The RV marine power cord will grant you to connect or to attach your rig to a shore power source. You can always count on Chinese manufacturers if you need an RV marine power cord. Chinese manufacturers are one of the most reputable and popular manufacturers in the whole world. Bansar has a connection with the skilful supplier in China. Mostly you can find Zhejiang province the best supplier.

8 RV Power Cord with Twist lock
RV Power Cord with Twist-lock

The free end of the RV power cord with twist-lock must allow you to switch as you wind up the cord. In China, you can find an effective RV power cord with a twist-lock. You can assure the outstanding quality of your RV power cord with a twist-lock with the Chinese manufacturer. Chinese suppliers only supply the high-end RV power cord with twist-lock at friendly and affordable rates.

9 Dogbone RV Power Cord
Dogbone RV Power Cord

A dogbone RV power cord from China has the best and unique features. With this cord, will help you to reduce stress when unplugging the power outlet.  In China, there’s a lot of suppliers that can supply a strong dogbone RV power cord. Chinese manufacturers always use a high-technology and unique technique in manufacturing of a dogbone RV power cord. Aside from providing a quality product they also give satisfying services.

10 Heavy duty RV Power Cord
Heavy-duty RV Power Cord

If you are having a heavy-duty device, it’s better to always choose the best kind of power cord. A heavy-duty RV power cord is one of the recommended power cord due to its flexibility and durability.  Bansar is a professional freight forwarder that also can guide you to choose an ideal supplier that can support your heavy-duty RV power cord needs. In China, you can meet the right provider of your business requirements.


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Air Freight Shipping from China
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d Rail Freight Shipping from China
To make your goods safe, rail freight is the best solution to ship your RV power cord orders. It offers more security for your goods.
Door to Door Shipping from China to
Bansar can serve you with a door to door, it is a very convenient and fast delivery of your item that saves your time and effort.

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Best RV Power Cord Manufacturers in China

  • Hope Industrial Co., Ltd

Hope Industrial Co., Ltd in China is a technology-oriented and customer-oriented company that will help you skyrocket your business that requires good quality RV power cord. Integrated into application services and product research and development, the company already passed the ISO 9001 quality certifications and IATF16949 system certifications.

  • Shenzhen XAJA Electronic Co., Ltd

Entered in the industry since 2010 year, Shenzhen XAJA Electronic Co., Ltd is an internationally developed company based in China. This is one of the electronic producers and suppliers that keep concentrating in designing, selling, developing, and production processes. Production lines include FPC cable, FFC cable, SD ribbon Cable, USB Ribbon Cable, HDMI Ribbon cable, etc.

  • Guangdong Yuanguang Cable Industry Co., Ltd

Born in 1988, Guangdong Yuanguang Cable Industry Co., Ltd ranks as one of the Top 100 private corporations worldwide. This is the best technical private company continually growing as of the moment. In the company, there is a total of 110 sets of testing equipment, international advanced cables, and wire production-ready to ship anytime.

  • Luxing Cable Factory

Luxing Cable Factory obtained nearly 22 years of field experience since founded in the year 1999. As of today, they have grown as one of the well-developed enterprises in China, distributing high-quality RV power cord and other electronic cables for global customers. Most of their products are well-exported to America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and other overseas countries.

  • Tianjin Feiya wire & Cable Co., Ltd

Tianjin Feiya wire & Cable Co., Ltd is an outstanding ISO9001-2000 certified enterprise founded ever since 1998 at Tianjin City of China. Being one of the Chinese professional companies, they are mainly focusing on mass production and distribution of different electronic cables or cords, especially the RV power cords.

  • Hebei Huatong Wires and Cables Group Co., Ltd

Founded in the year 1993, Hebei Huatong Wires and Cables Group Co., Ltd covering an area of more than 220, 000 square meters in China.  This is a China-based leading manufacturer, fully dedicated to the selling, producing, research, and development of electronic cords, including RV power cords. Complete production lines are provided including digital signage, touch screen monitor, etc.


Located mainly in Ningbo, which the largest modern City and export base in China. The NINGBO WEIDAN ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd is major in producing all kinds of speaker cables, RV power cords, coaxial cables, patch panels, patch cords, and so on. They also have strong production abilities, consisting of dedicated workers and technicians in the factory.

  • Haiyan ADS Special Cable Co., Ltd

Founded in the year 2004, Haiyan ADS Special Cable Co., Ltd is a professional corporation in China that focuses on manufacturing, research, development, and marketing of high-temperature wire and cables. Set up in Haiyan, Zhejiang, and currently enjoying convenient transportation access. The company has covered a building area of about 2000 square meters.

  • Shenyang Power Cable Factory

All of the staff members and their well-experienced employees at Shenyang Power Cable Factory offering high-class electronic products including RV power cords. Shenyang Power Cable Factory can be your reliable business partner with regards to supplying you with the most durable, long-lasting electronics products and constant customer services.

  • Dongguan XSD Cable Technology Co., Ltd

Dongguan XSD Cable Technology Co., Ltd is a well-known professional provider and manufacturer of CSA and UL-approved cables, cords, and wires. Their production lines include lead wires, hook-up wires, solar wires, RV power cords, automotive wires, heating wires, portable cables, and so on. What makes the company reliable is because they are UL, CCC, and cUL verified company.

  • Henan Hongda Cable Co., Ltd

This factory was founded in the year 2004, the month of March. Henan Hongda Cable Co., Ltd covering a total area of 100, 000 square meters. There are more than 120 professional staff members and well-experienced workers in the factory. However, they are capable to more than 100 varieties of RV power cords, including 10, 000 of specified cables and wires.

  • Jiangsu Grand Cable Co., Ltd

Officially founded in the year 2002, Jiangsu Grand Cable Co., Ltd is also located in the City of Wuxi, China. The company covered a total space of 130, 000 square meters. They employed more than 500 professional staff members and have over 300 sets of testing equipment and class A imported and domestic manufacture.

  • Guangzhou Opplight Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Opplight Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a company that established offices in the year 2006. Set up in Guangzhou China, focusing in the R&D and production of RV power cords and also complete varieties of LED lights. They are well dedicated to this field since founded. And today, they have owned a complete highest standard production line.

  • Fujian Tongyu Cable Co, Ltd

Fujian Tongyu Cable Co, Ltd was entered into the business in 2009. This is a type of international group company, fully committed to R&D and innovation of electronic equipment, including RV power cords. The team continually aims to develop good quality electronics that is suitable for your requirements. Their goal includes your satisfaction.

  • Shenzhen Jixing Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd

Born in the year 2005, Shenzhen Jixing Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd is a type of medium-sized company focusing on the production of cables and wires. This factory occupies a total area of 12, 000 square meters with existing personnel of 126 people. They have obtained more than 36 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting as well.

  • Huzhou Yongjiu Wire and Cable Co., Ltd

Huzhou Yongjiu Wire and Cable Co., Ltd is a China-based enterprise, with wide knowledge in the entire production process of electronic products. They are all experts in CNC processing, laser processing, hardware processing, and more. Started ever since 1990, they transport their goods safely by all modes of transportations.

  • Guangdong Line giant Cable Co., Ltd

Guangdong Line giant Cable Co., Ltd started its business journey exactly in January 1994. They are the leading in the new energy cable industry in East and Southeast Asia. With existing professional R&D team in the factory help them ranked as the World`s top manufacturer and supplier. With main office in Guangzhou, China, known as a hi-tech corporation in this industry.

  • Zhuhai Surelink Communication Cable Co., Ltd

Zhuhai Surelink Communication Cable Co., Ltd is a well-known producer and supplier of all types of communication data cables, telephone cables, RV power cords, electric cables, coaxial cables, optical fiber cables, and many others. For more than 16 years in the field, their current annual production capabilities now reach up to 600, 000 boxes of electronic products.

  • CB(XIAMEN) industrial Co., Ltd

As one-stop electronic products solution manufacturer, CB(XIAMEN) industrial Co., Ltd has already obtained ISO, VDE and UL certificates in the field. With over 10 years experience in the industry, they now have employed more than 300 full-time staff with strong abilities in the factory. Free samples for any electronic cables, wires, and cords are available.

  • B & T (ZHANGZHOU) CABLE Co., Ltd

B & T (ZHANGZHOU) CABLE Co., Ltd specializes in special cords/cables and high technology since founded in 2009. Headquartered in the Zhangzhou City of China, they are professional in terms of sales and production of halogen-free, finest, environmentally-friendly, and high-temperature cable and cord products. They also experts in providing OEM and ODM services for your business promotions.

How to import RV Power Cord from china

First, How to find the right factory.

Let’s start to make a research of the RV power Cord manufactures.

The Production capacity and product quality are the most important things.

There are so many small factory in China, even you could call small production workshop.

This kinds of small workshop maybe could product some products like clothes, shoes or other small stuff for your daily usage.

But they can not do the RV power cords, which needs UL/CE certifications, and high-quality control requirement.

And remember that you need always respect the electricity, which maybe kills you or your customers if you are not.So the quality is the first thing.

Some guys want to save the cost to use the Cooper Clad Aluminum wire to replace the 100% copper wire. Another guys use the thinner wire replace the standard wire.

You need keep your eyes open to avoid them.

Some tips are there.

  1. Check their certification authenticity.
  2. If conditions permitting, You have to go to their factory to see with your own eyes. But now , for the Corona-virus Outbreak, here is a easier way, you could use the Google map to see the factory. Go to Google map, search their factory address on it.Then you could find the factory scale, plant situation and the address is true or not.
  3. Ask them for some production photos and videos.

RV Power Cord from china

  1. Ask them for photos and videos in the sample room.

  1. Ask them for their hot products SKUS in your market.

RV Power Cord from china

  1. Ask them if they could product the RV Power Cord in your market. European standards, Australian standards and American standards are not the same thing in RV Extension Cord, not all factories can produce products for the market you want
  2. Tell them your plan, and ask them to give you a suggestion of what you could purchase and how many.

Then, you need to find the right salesman. In the factory research, you must find the right salesman, who could give you what you needs.

After you find the right salesmen, you need to evaluate your project again and study the hot-selling SKUs in your target market.

Your competitors and your target market, the RV Extension cord big season.

For example, If your target market is the North American, so your big season is from May to September.

Then, for Amazon sellers and other retailers, you need to prepare inventories before May.

For re-seller or distributor, You need to prepare goods before April.

So you need research the factory and find the right salesmen before October in the last year.

You may confuse, this article is to tell you how to import the RV power cord from China, but we take so long time to talk about how to choose the right factory.

Now it is time to go to the point.

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