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Safety Equipment from China
body harness
Importing Body Harness from China

Body harnesses are a necessity for fall protection. If you’re looking for safety equipment for your business Guangdong province has a lot of body harness manufacturer, they have a wide variety of safety equipment available.

Importing Earplugs from China

Earplugs can protect from any sounds or noise. You can find in China has a leading brand of hearing protection they have a good quality of safety equipment especially earplugs and others.

Face mask
Importing Face mask from China

Use face masks when you are working with hazardous materials, it helps you to stay healthy. China has a lot of best manufacturer and its manufacturing high-quality safety face masks with affordable price.

face shields
Importing Face Shields from China

China has a lot of suppliers, especially in Zhejiang, they become the number one manufacturer for safety and good types of face shield that protects your entire faces and can provide a face shield you want.

Importing Goggles from China

If you are looking for the best types of eye protection, China has the best supplier, and manufacturer that gives high-quality products. They also have goggles with good designs.

Hard Hat
Importing Hard Hat from China

The hard hat is a very important kind of safety equipment that protects your head from any hazard. So if you find comfortable and safety hard hat for building, mining or any environment China has the number one supplier.

reflectorized safety vest
Importing Reflectorized Safety Vest from China

Reflectorized safety vest improves your ability to be seen from the darkness. China has a lot of manufacturers and the best choice for a good standard safety vest and they provide with the right safety vest you need.

Safety Shoes
Importing Safety Shoes from China

Guangdong has the leading manufacturer of safety equipment in China.  If you are looking for safety shoes, China will give you the best solution, they have the highest product quality.

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Best 20 Safety Equipment Manufacturers in China


Anbu Safety is a well-recognized company and service provider of safety equipment in China. Their productions of safety equipment (PPE) are used in fire & security constructions. Additionally, their products include a safety helmet, safety uniforms& clothing, safety working gloves, safety belts, safety goggles, safety shoes, and many more. They work in the manufacturing industry for over 10 years and became one of the professional PPE manufacturers.

2 Karmor Co., Ltd.

With 18 years of existence in the business, Karmor Co., Ltd is today considered as the best responsive manufacturer to its clients. Some of the safety equipment this company has offered was safety gloves, safety boots& shoes, impact gloves, and other PPE equipment (Personal Protective Equipment). Best Chinese manufacturer that aims to provide high-quality safety equipment for their clients

3 Baymro Safety China

One of the excellent manufacturer in China, Baymro Safety China supplies and manufacture any kinds of safety equipment for a secured environment. A large range of safety equipment is available here for reasonable prices. And being one of world-class exporter& manufacturer, Baymro Safety China produces reliable safety equipment to protect you and your employees. They start operating in the business since 2005.


XI’AN PPE PLUS is a corporation coupled with honest, dedicated, hardworking, and well-experienced staff. Their company becomes exceptional because of its practical and precise services offers. And also, most of their safety equipment products are distributed to large publicly-owned corporations and other overseas sectors. You can find their factories in Wuhan, Tianjin, Xi`an, and Shanghai City, China.

5 Shandong hai hui environmental protection equipment co., LTD.

Among other PPE manufacturers in China, Shandong hai hui environmental protection equipment co., LTD is the best and remarkable. Mainly dedicated in development, research, sales & production of equipment. All of their safety equipment products are highly-efficient, durable, and dust-free. And for you to know, almost all of their products are excellently sold both overseas including Western Europe, America, Southern Asia, Australia, etc.

6 Blue Sky Technology Co. Ltd

This company is more focused on providing different sorts of safety equipment against environmental pollutions. Blue Sky Technology Co. Ltd is a subordinate company of  Shan Industrial Group in Hong Kong, major in product sales, production, research & development. They are mainly based on Xingou People`s Pioneer Park, China.

7 Maanshan HuaYu Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd

The company owns a huge number of stocks for safety equipment. They are famous for being a modern, environmental-focused, and high-tech enterprise. But unlike other manufacturers mentioned, this one is not only produced safety equipment but also products used in chemical& mechanical industry, water process, and more.  Over the years in the service, they never disappoint any of the clients they had. Only high-quality products are found in this company.

8 Chaoyang Kim Tae technology limited liability company

This company is operating together with the Chaoyang JINDA group. Founded in 2017, and since that time, their engagement in providing modern and environmental safety equipment became a success. This is a private-owned enterprise with an annual capacity of 10000 tons. Their factory is located in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province China.

9 Shanxi Xinjie Activated Carbon Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Xinjie Activated Carbon Co., Ltd is a certified manufacturing company, engaged in developing environmental protection with activated carbon equipment. For the years in the field of productions, they strongly built high reputations from other foreign companies. All of their offered products have top-notch quality ready to deliver nationwide.

10 Shanghai Yuanchen Environmental Protective Equipment Fittings Co., Ltd.

One of the reliable company, and based near the Pujiang Rive-Song Jiang District, City of Shanghai. They begin to focus on manufacturing safety equipment since Aug.2000. In China, their company specialized in producing any kinds of safety equipment. Every year, the company has an annual capacity of 10,000 sets of safety equipment products.

11 Huzhou Sennuo Fluorine Material Technology Co., Ltd.

The Huzhou Sennuo Fluorine Material Technology Co., Ltd is an expert in creating different designs of safety equipment. The best & high-tech company with general expertise in the field of safety equipment productions. Last July 2011, the company started to operate. They start at only 10% of the total number of workers.

12 Green Environmental Co., Ltd.

In Xi’an, Shaanxi 710075 China, you can locate the main factory of Green Environmental Co., Ltd. They owned an R&D research lab with numerous improved technologies, helpful for quality test process, development& research, study, and production. The kinds of safety equipment they have been selling are screw pump, decanter centrifuge, vertical centrifuge, and many more.

13 Gaomi Binga International Trade Co., Ltd

The main safety equipment that Gaomi Binga International Trade Co., Ltd offers includes safety nails, shoes, and safety gloves. The company was based in the location of Gaomi city, a popular center of safety equipment important for life, environment, and work. However, they transport their products through airport and seaport, sold well to South Asia, North America, Africa, the Middle East, and any part of the world.

14 Bortome Carbide

Bortome Carbide grows as a reliable manufacturing company, an entirely-owned section of Tongyu Heavy Industry Group. They have 40 years of industry experience, manufacturing durable safety equipment, or Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) across the country. Plus, the annual capacity of PPE has reached more than 2000-tons. All products they offer go through strict quality control during the fabrication process.

15 Wuhan Jackwin Industrial Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Jackwin Industrial Co., Ltd also owned the company registered as JACKWIN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED in China. Both companies specialized in designing, developing, exporting, and manufacturing different kinds of safety equipment. And also, in the factory, you`ll find a wide range of products with designs based on your specifications and ideas. They have the ability to mold numerous pieces for your satisfaction.

16 Jiangsu Kanghe Health & Protective Products Co., Ltd

They produce large-scale productions of safety equipment. Jiangsu Kanghe Health & Protective Products Co., Ltd operates with 3 supportive companies. This group is famous in China and in other countries outside China. An expanded company with N95 and KN95 production lines. Continue striving to do their best to be recognized as a leading manufacturer worldwide.


In-home manufacturing industry and health-care industry, AIM (RIZHAO) H-TECH GROUP CO., LTD in China is the best option. They offer modern, upgraded safety equipment to other trading industries. Some of their safety equipment are disposable masks, safety clothing, safety shoe covers& gloves, and many others. AIM (RIZHAO) H-TECH GROUP CO., LTD is the most recommended source and manufacturer of safety equipment for you and your business.

18 Fujian Lead Safety Protective Equipment Co., Ltd.

As a unified team, Fujian Lead Safety Protective Equipment Co., Ltd dedicates their passion to provide outstanding products and services to its customers. Due to their commitment, the company becomes a foundation in the work zone security and traffic control, producing road safety equipment including road signs, cones, emergency lights, etc.

19 Shenzhen Xinhai Ruida Electronic Co., Ltd.

This company- Shenzhen Xinhai Ruida Electronic Co., Ltd start its dedication since 2006. The business is mainly focused on making different kinds of masks- one type of safety equipment. With over 16 years of experience in the business, they stick to strictly control each product`s quality, from material sources- production.

20 Ningbo Ablespring International Trading Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Ablespring International Trading Co., Ltd can OEM/ ODM to meet each customer`s potential demands. In Ningbo market port, Taoyuan street, China, the company was focally based. Companies from different countries are welcome to cooperate with them. With combined forces, expect faster growth for your business.

Safety Equipment Manufacturer China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re looking for safety equipment manufacturer in China.

Or, you would like to import safety equipment from China.

That’s why this guide answers all questions you have about safety equipment manufacturers in China.

Take a look:

Where can you Find Safety Equipment Manufacturer in China?

There are lots of places where you can find different types of safety equipment manufacturer in China.

However, you need to be careful to ensure you get the right manufacturer that supplies the right items, which fit your needs.

Some of the familiar places to find these companies include the following;

 Safety equipment

Safety equipment

Local Trade Shows

These are the exhibitions where manufacturers and companies showcase their products in an attempt to attract new customers.

Such trade shows allow you to meet face-to-face with the ideal manufacturers for the ultimate supply of safety equipment.

You need to target local trade shows that deal specifically with safety equipment or related items to get the best contacts.

Online trade sites

You can find an ideal safety equipment manufacturer in a wide range of online trade sites.

Some sites, such as, have a membership of over 700,000 and millions of products.

A mere search of safety equipment manufacturers gives you more than 1,000 results to look into.

This marketplace contains an untapped potential, allowing you to get the best manufacturers for safety gears.

Verified Suppliers Directories

Since China has many safety equipment manufacturers, it would be ideal to work with reputable ones only.

A suitable way of finding these reliable manufacturers is by searching on verified supplier directories.

For instance, at SaleHoo wholesale directory, you are likely to find a reputable company dealing with these items.

Such directories ensure all the wholesalers are verified before added to the platform.

eCommerce Websites

Most Chinese safety equipment manufacturers have accounts on different popular eCommerce sites.

Alibaba, AliExpress, and Global sources are among the common e-commerce sites where you can source safety equipment manufacturer China.

However, you need to do due diligence and ensure you are dealing with a verified manufacturer.

Global Manufacturing Marketplace

Also known as, this marketplace provides the best database for different manufacturers across the world.

You simply need to create an account and use it to maneuver around it as you search for a suitable safety equipment manufacturer China.

What is Safety Equipment?

As the name implies, it refers to accessories used by workers as protection from injuries, casualties, and life-threatening situations.

Safety equipment includes gears often worn, suspended, or used on the body for protection of life and avoiding injuries.

The purpose of these gears is to protect employees in a particular work setting from exposure to possible hazards and injury risks.

They come in a wide variety and are used in specific parts of the body to provide the necessary protection.

Moreover, it is essential to take the necessary steps to eliminate or control hazards in the workplace before assigning safety equipment.

Also, vital work procedures should be in place to reduce exposure to such hazards.

Why do you need Safety Equipment?

Working in hazardous conditions is somewhat vital, given it can be the only way to complete some critical projects.

Some of the reasons you may need safety equipment in a working environment include the following;

Safety equipment

Safety equipment

Enhances Safe Access to Dangerous Locations

The primary focus of safety gear is to enable you to access hazardous places safely.

Accessing such spots require equipment, which minimizes risks and guarantees the desired outcome.

When you use safety gadgets, you can comfortably enter dangerous locations since you are guaranteed your safety.

Less or no Injuries

Most of the works, which include use of safety gear, tend to be quite intensive and demanding.

Hence there is a need to make sure you assess best ways of protecting your body parts.

Using safety gear makes it easy to prevent injuries or minimize the extent of harm, if any.

High Quality

Safety gears feature thick, durable, and reliable construction depending on the particular type of work it is designed for.

Most of the designs of these gears are of high quality, thus preventing you from encountering any major injuries.

The quality also makes it possible for you to avoid disabling injuries hence have the potential to save your life entirely.

Increases Quality of your Work

Ideally, safety concerns when working in a place can derail the process’s quality and subsequent result.

Use of safety gear allows you to focus on your tasks without worries about possible injuries.

Mentally, when you have safety equipment, you are guaranteed to utilize the available time effectively.

What are there different Types of Safety Equipment?

Safety equipment comes in various types and designs.

In essence, they are used in different parts of the body, thus the difference.

Some of the commonly used types of safety gears available include the following;

Safety Shoes

 Safety boots

 Safety boots

Also referred to as safety boots are personal protective equipment designed for foot protection at different workplaces.

It prevents you from getting foot injuries likely to arise from slippery surfaces, rolling objects, hot objects, and pinch points.

Safety shoes also protect your feet from injuries resulting from rotary machinery, chemicals, electricity, and bad weather.

Most government policies in different countries require employees to wear safety shoes, especially when working in hazard potential areas.

Safety Helmet

This is a common safety gear in a wide range of workplaces, including construction, engineering, and industrial surroundings.

Primarily, a safety helmet helps in protecting the user’s head against severe impact, especially from falling objects.

The design of this equipment allows it to deflect the blow naturally hence resisting it easily.

Also, a safety helmet offers additional cushioning, thus minimizing possible damage.

This item also absorbs shocks, and it is waterproof hence ideal in many environments.


 Safety gloves

Safety gloves

They are safety equipment designed to protect your hand, wrist, and skin from dangerous elements.

Gloves come in different categories, sizes, and designs depending on the specific application intended.

Moreover, these types of safety gears are also available in a wide range of materials.

Safety Eye-glasses

Safety eye glasses

Safety eye glasses

You will need to protect your eyes from a variety of infectious agents.

Chemical spillage, loose objects, or infectious are some things to look out for when wearing safety eye-glasses.

They come in different designs, shapes, sizes, and materials, making it easy to find the perfect choice for your needs.




They are ideal personal protective equipment, especially for protecting your face from airborne substances.

In some workplaces, wearing this type of safety equipment is mandatory, particularly in dangerous areas.

Other than protection from airborne elements, masks are also vital in preventing your skin from damaging.


Safety coveralls

Safety coverrall

Safety coveralls are ideal when working in dangerous environments such as gas and oil industrial settings.

You may also consider it when dealing with dangerous chemicals that can damage or make your clothes dirty.

Additionally, coveralls are also suitable for construction workers since they provide enough protection.

They also offer professionalism amongst the construction and other workers donning them.


Ear muff


These refer to types of PPE designed to cover your ears either for warmth or hearing protection.

Acoustic earmuffs are the ones designed for noise protection. Such designs are common in construction and manufacturing industries, where noise is inevitable.

They are also suitable for practices such as mowing, shooting firearms, and in heavy commercial machinery operation.

Another category designed to provide warmth is known as thermal earmuffs.

These areas suitable PPE’s for workers operating in a cold environment.

They help in protecting your ears against cold

Will Safety Equipment Manufacturer China help in Shipping Process?


As long as the manufacturer can provide an export license for the products, they can ship them to your agreed location.

Most Chinese equipment manufacturers understand the various processes involved in shipping such products to respective destinations.

Also, they have a broad network of the various parties involved in the shipping process.

This makes it easy to facilitate the entire process once the goods are manufactured.

In essence, you need to deal with a specific safety equipment manufacturer China that understands how to ship such consignments.

Moreover, these manufacturers also work hand in hand with reputable freight forwarders such as Bansar.

It thus makes it easy for them to facilitate the shipping process of these goods depending on the agreed incoterms.

How do you get Best Prices from Safety Equipment Manufacturer China?

There are several ways you can use to obtain the best prices when dealing with safety equipment manufacturer China.

Many of the companies processing safety gears look into numerous elements when pricing the products.

Some of the ideal techniques you can use to obtain best rates include the following;

Visit Different Manufacturers

Ideally, you can find hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers dealing with a variety of safety equipment.

Therefore, you need to visit several of these companies as you evaluate and compare the prices.

In the long run, you’ll be able to find a better deal, which you can opt to settle for.

Purchase in Bulk

Another trick when you want to get the best rates from safety equipment manufacturer China is buying in large volume.

Most suppliers and manufacturers of such equipment often offer incredible discounts on bulk purchases.

Thus, you’ll find it relatively cost-effective to purchase when you purchase many pieces compared to buying a few items.

Involve a Sourcing Agent

Where necessary, you may consider seeking assistance of a sourcing agent to help you in obtaining the respective safety items.

Most sourcing agents work with different safety equipment manufacturers China from time to time.

Therefore, it becomes easy for them to get reasonable discounts when purchasing these items.

Also, they know different manufacturers and suppliers dealing with different qualities depending on your budget.

Visit China during Low Seasons and Trade Fairs

Sales during low seasons are usually slow.

You can capitalize on such periods and visit your respective safety equipment manufacturer China.

It becomes easy to bargain for better prices during such seasons, and in many instances, you can get up to 50% discounts.

Additionally, you may consider going to China during trade fairs.

It allows you to create a good rapport with the manufacturers for subsequent discounts on your purchase.

Where can you use Safety Equipment?

Most safety equipments are used in a wide range of applications.

The common areas you can use such items include the following;

Food Industry

This is one sector where several types of safety equipment are used.

Hygiene is a core element in food industry hence the need for putting on the various types of safety gears.

Gloves, coverall, and safety shoes are some of the fundamental types of safety gear you need in this industry.

Food processing and handling require greatest levels of hygiene standards.

Nevertheless, the surrounding can be quite hazardous since you are dealing with different tools and equipment.

Construction and Engineering

At construction and most engineering sites, workers often deal with a plethora of hazards.

In some instances, working at relatively high altitudes tend to be tricky, thus the essence of using safety gears.

Safety helmet, shoes, eye face protection, gloves, reflective vests, and noise protection are commonly used in this sector.

Oil and Petroleum Industry

You need to have safety shoes, helmets, gloves, and goggles in a typical oil and petroleum processing and refinery plant.

Face shields or filtered helmets are also necessary safety gears to have while working in this industry.

The ideal gloves to have in this sector are those made from rubber, vinyl, or neoprene materials.

Chemical Industry

Most chemicals are quite dangerous hence the need for using safety gears when handling or processing the same.

Safety masks and coverall, gloves, and shoes are fundamental items to have in this sector.


In a hospital setting, the common types of safety equipment you need to prevent you from infectious agents.

Mostly, face masks to cover your mouth and nose is necessary to protect you from airborne elements.

You also require shoe protection, head covering, aprons, and eye cover.

Additionally, you need to have disposable hand gloves.

How Often should you Inspect Safety Equipment?

The common types of safety equipment often subjected to regular inspection include boots and helmets.

Of course, they are durable, but it would be appropriate to occasionally examine their status as far as efficiency is concerned.

If the boots or helmets are involved in a particular incident, they should be inspected before used again.

The essence is to determine whether the incident has caused damage that weakens the equipment.

Other than inspecting after an incident, it would also be ideal for assessing the equipment regularly.

Regular inspection will be between 4-6 months to establish if the equipment has become weak or loose.

Which Quality Standards should Safety Equipment Manufacturer China conform to?

They are quite a number and also depends on the particular type of safety equipment.

However, the popular quality standards for different safety gears include the following;

Safety Shoes

The common quality standard for safety shoes is EN20345:2011.

Also known as EN ISO 20345:2011 Personal Protective Equipment, it’s the standard, which all styles of safety footwear are tested against.

This standard describes all the vital elements a particular safety shoe should meet before getting to the market.

ANSI Z41.1 is another commonly used quality standard for safety footwear products.

Protective Helmet

Ideally, safety helmets have varied quality standards depending on where and how they are used.

For industrial Bumps and Caps, the commonly used standard is BS EN 812:2012 and ANSI Z89.1.

However, for marine safety applications, the popular quality standard is PAS 028:2002.

In other words, the standards and requirements usually vary based on the workplace the probable challenges that can appear.


Protective gloves also have different quality standards depending on the specific type you are using.

If you work in chemicals and micro-organisms, the standard for gloves for such applications is BS EN 374-1:2016.

But the standard for gloves used in heat and fire areas is BS EN 407:2004.

Nevertheless, BS EN 420:2003 +A1:2009 is the standard created to cover all the general requirements of ideal protective gloves.

Eye Protection

BS EN 166:2002 is the most common standard used for safety eye protection requirements.

But there are others such as BS EN 166:2002, which covers personal eye protection.

Also, there is BS EN 1731:2006 standard that covers mesh face screens and BS 5883:1996 covering swimming goggles.

Protective Clothing

The common protective clothing standard for gaseous and liquid chemicals is BS EN 464:1994.

On the other hand, BS EN ISO 15025: 2016 standard covers protective clothing used in heat and flame applications.

Additionally, there are standards related to clothing like BS EN 1073-1:2016, which protects against radioactive contamination.

Hearing Protection

The standards covering hearing protection include BS EN 352-1:2002, which is mainly about earmuffs.

Others include BS EN 352-2:2002, which covers earplugs. AS/NZS 1270:2002 (R2014) covers acoustics and, more particularly, hearing protectors.

Respiratory Products

This is about safety masks often used in different workplace environments.

BS EN 140:1999 is the common standard for half and quarter masks.

Also, there is BS EN 14387:2004+A1:2008, which is used for gas and combined filters.

For surgical masks, the common standard used is BS EN 14683 and AS/NZS 1716:2012 for general protective respiratory gadgets.

Who Regulates Quality of Safety Equipment?

The critical nature of safety equipment makes them fundamental to look into quality when purchasing.

Several agencies are responsible for regulating the overall quality of safety equipment to ensure they meet the minimum requirements.

Some of the popular ones include the following;


This is an acronym for International Safety Equipment Association.

ISEA is popular for setting standards and minimum requirements for different types of safety equipment and PPEs.


It refers to Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

This is a regulatory agency based in the USA responsible for setting and regulating different types of PPEs.

Most of OSHA’s requirements are in line with standards set forth by the American National Institute.

According to OSHA’s standards, all the safety equipment must fit and match level of prevailing hazard.


The National Fire Protection Agency is an independent agency that develops and establishes its safety equipment standards.

NFPA has numerous codes for regulating safety gadgets such as respiratory gears and PPEs used in fire protection.

d) FDA

An abbreviation for Food and Drug Administration is a regulatory body, which develops standards to address PPE regulations.

Most of the safety equipment regulated by the FDA are used in medical fields, such as surgical gloves and masks among others.

How do you Verify Safety Equipment Manufacturer China?

An ideal safety equipment manufacturer China must possess some characteristics portraying its reliability.

You can use numerous techniques to verify the Chinese manufacturers to trust, such as the following;

  • Using search engines and verified Chinese suppliers’ directories
  • Making phone calls to the respective manufacturer to determine its eligibility
  • Checking the business license and any other relevant certifications
  • Asking for references as a way of determining it’s creditworthiness
  • Requesting samples from the manufacturer, whether free or paid
  • Carrying out factory audits to determine manufacturer’s production capability
  • Visiting the manufacturer’s factory in person

Which Features should you Consider in Safety Equipment from China?

If you are buying safety equipment from China, there are particular features you need to ensure they possess.

Such characteristics are what make them stand out in the market hence guaranteeing efficiency and effectiveness.

Some of these features include the following;

  • High quality
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Easy fitting
  • Impact-resistant
  • ISEA approved
  • Tolerant to harsh mechanical and environmental conditions

How much do Safety Equipment from China Cost?

The cost of safety equipment in China is dependent on a host of variables.

One of the variables is the specific type of item you are purchasing.

Of course, different safety gears are priced differently based on the function.

For instance, safety shoes will be slightly pricier than safety gloves.

Safety helmets are also relatively expensive compared to safety goggles or masks.

Another variable is the design of the safety equipment you are purchasing.

If you are buying customized pieces, the price will be more than of standard pieces.

Custom units tend to involve quite a lot of processes that standard designs hence a bit pricier.

Furthermore, the order quantity you are purchasing also determines the actual cost you will pay for the safety equipment,

Ordinarily, when you buy a large volume, you are likely to get a better-discounted deal than when purchasing less quantity.

Also, the type of material used for manufacturing the equipment is another determinant factor of price.

Essentially, all types of safety gears are made from a wide range of materials.

It is the actual type of material used that influences the quality of the item.

In other words, safety equipment made from high-quality materials is likely to be more expensive than relatively inferior materials.

The bottom line is that there is no exact cost of safety equipment since it varies based on the factors mentioned above.

How do you Choose Material for Safety Equipment?

 Safety equipment

 Safety equipment

The right type of safety equipment material is dependent on the specific item you are buying.

Also, intended use or workplace where the equipment will be used is another element, which determines the right material.

For items such as shoes, you may choose materials such as leather, rubber, and composite materials among others.

Safety gloves materials include leather, butyl-rubber, coated fabric, latex, and Kevlar among others.

The most common materials for safety helmets include ABS, HDPE, PC, and Polyamide.

Does Safety Equipment Manufacturer China provide Free Samples?


Reputable safety equipment manufacturer China will always provide free samples for the particular products you need.

However, the number of samples is somewhat restricted based on the type of product you are interested in purchasing.

If you intend to buy items such as safety shoes, gloves, goggles, coverall, and helmet, you are likely to get about two pieces each as free samples.

In such instances, you’ll only need to take care of freight charges from the company to your respective delivery destination.

Contrariwise, it’s different when it comes to highly-priced safety gear such as safety boots, Nomex coverall, and fire-resistant coverall.

The relatively expensive samples are charged but often refunded once you place the order for the same.

Moreover, you can find free samples even for expensive items after you establish a good rapport with the manufacturer.

Are there Reusable Safety Equipment?


Most of the safety equipment tend to be reusable depending on the particular industry or application.

For instance, items such as safety helmets, goggles, boots, and coveralls are reusable in most applications such as engineering and construction.

In essence, the employee can reuse them often until they completely wear out to provide the necessary protection.

Gloves are also reusable in some sectors, such as construction.

However, there are other industries, which the safety equipment are not reusable.

Reusable safety equipment are quite hardy and resilient; hence can withstand abuse and still offer protection.

Protective gloves in medical industry and food handling sector are not reusable.

In most cases, they are always exposed to infectious materials such as body fluids of the infected person.

Therefore, the wearer must remove it immediately they are done with the procedures.

For such industries, they are referred to as disposable safety gears.

It means you dispose them immediately you use them for handling a particular activity.

What is the Average Lead Time for Manufacturing Safety Equipment?

It varies from one safety equipment manufacturer China to another.

Ideally, several factors tend to determine the actual lead time for manufacturing these gears.

One of the factors is the order quantity of the specific type of safety equipment you are purchasing.

In many instances, a relatively large volume order will take a bit longer than a somewhat small volume order.

Another determinant factor of the average lead time is the particular type of safety gear you are procuring.

Some items such as gloves and coveralls are relatively easy to design and produce; hence take a shorter time than others like shoes.

Moreover, the actual design, whether standard or customized, is another element determining the lead time for safety equipment.

Ordinarily, customized units are somehow involving and tend to take more time than standard pieces.

The number of orders from other customers awaiting processing also determines the exact lead-time for manufacturing safety equipment.

Principally, the manufacturers often abide by the first-come-first-served rule when serving their clientele.

And most importantly, the policies of the particular safety equipment manufacturer China also determines the lead-time.

Even so, most manufacturers always provide the option for rush orders.

In essence, this allows your order to be processed within the shortest time possible irrespective of the prevailing circumstances.

If you choose to pursue this option, you will have to incur additional charges for the convenience.

Does Safety Equipment Manufacturers China have MOQ?

Different MOQ

 Different MOQs


However, the actual minimum order quantity is dependent on some factors.

One is the specific type of safety gear you are purchasing.

Different safety equipment manufacturers China have varied MOQ policies based on their products.

For instance, some companies have a MOQ of 1000 pieces for safety shoes, and others have 500 pieces for coveralls.

Another factor is the specific safety equipment manufacturer China you are purchasing the items from.

They all have different guiding principles surrounding MOQ of safety gears.

Nonetheless, most of these manufacturers usually offer flexible MOQ.

The easiest way is to get a better MOQ is to negotiate with the sales representatives and reach an agreement.

What are the Regulations for Safety Equipment?

All safety equipment must be safely designed and constructed.

Additionally, they should be cleaned in a reliable and manner.

It should fit comfortably to allow the worker to be productive.

In case the equipment is not the right fit, it can make a difference between being safe and dangerously exposed.

Employers must provide safety equipment to the workers and train them on how to use the items accordingly.

The workers must know when safety equipment is necessary, its limitations, how to put it on, and proper care and maintenance routines.

If the equipment is disposable, it should be disposed of appropriately immediately after use.

How can you Order Safety Equipment from China?

You can use several techniques when ordering safety equipment from China.

The popular method is usually using e-commerce platforms, especially when you are ordering from abroad.

In China, there are numerous eCommerce sites such as Alibaba, AliExpress, Global sources, Amazon, etc., which you can use.

Most suppliers and manufacturers of these products have registered accounts on such platforms.

It thus makes it easy to link up with the buyer to directly discuss the actual terms and agree on the payment and delivery.

Essentially, you can simply log in to your ideal eCommerce sites and place your order accordingly after a thorough assessment process.

Another method you can explore is using reputable sourcing agents in China to order these goods on your behalf.

China has hundreds of safety equipment manufacturers.

And finding a suitable one for your needs can be problematic.

Working with a reliable sourcing agent such as Bansar makes it easy for you to obtain all the safety equipment you need.

Sourcing agents understand the market needs and the right suppliers, thus facilitating the entire process.

Alternatively, you may choose to visit the manufacturers’ factories physically and make your order directly.

This can be a bit tedious, but it is one of the best approaches, especially if you know the right manufacturers to visit.

Do Safety Equipment Manufacturer China have a Product Return Policy?


Most safety equipment manufacturers in China have rules for managing customer returns and the exchange of unwanted merchandise they purchased.

The rules vary from one manufacturer to another, depending on different circumstances.

However, it is vital to ensure you read and understand the particular terms outlined in the return policy.

The aspects you should look into in the return policy include reasons and timeframe over which returns are accepted.

What is the Warranty Period for Safety Equipment from China?

Warranty periods for safety equipment from China vary depending on a wide range of factors.

The type of equipment you are purchasing fundamentally dictates the warranty period.

For instance, helmets, of course, tend to have a longer warranty period compared to items such as coverall.

Another determinant aspect is the quantity you are purchasing.

Most safety equipment manufacturers often provide longer warranties on bulk purchases than on small quantity purchases.

Even so, the manufacture you are purchasing the safety equipment from is also another determinant of the warranty.

Different companies are guided by different rules and regulations surrounding warranty on this item.

Importantly, you need to understand the warranty terms before sealing the deal.

Always inquire from the manufacturer to elaborate the terms clearly for easy comprehension.

Which Types of Safety Equipment can you Import from China?

You can import quite a number of safety equipment units from China, and the common ones include the following;

a) Helmet and Safety hats – Used for protecting the skull from loose or falling objects and debris. It is common in construction and engineering applications and factory environments too.

b) Chin straps – Used as additional accessories fit in helmet or safety hat.

c) Face mask – Common for protecting facial organs from sparks, chemical splatter, and harmful radiation. You can use it in firefighting, chemical processing, welding, and other engineering applications.

d) Goggles – They protect eyes from hazardous chemical spatter, dirty debris, and vapor among others. It is used in construction, engineering, chemical processing, food handling, welding, etc.

e) Respirators – They come in different categories, including particulate, reusable, and supplied air respirators. You can use them in industries, which require safe breathing, such as marine and industrial tank cleaning/painting.

f) Earmuffs – These safety gear give you better protection and comfort in noise laden workplaces. Usually, earmuffs are common in carpentry, construction, and manufacturing industries.

g) Earplugs – Available in numerous styles making it comfortable on your ears. Are commonly used in loud construction sites to protect eardrums.

h) Gloves – Come in different sizes, grip, and materials. Are used in various industries, including medical, food handling, construction, engineering, and manufacturing.

i) Boots – Are designed to prevent foot from risks such as sharp objects, chemicals, extreme temperatures, falling debris, etc. Safety shoes are used in various applications such as manufacturing, construction, engineering, marine, fire-fighting, etc.

j) Safety harness – It is used for protecting workers in high-rise construction sites by preventing them from falling or slipping. This gear also keeps the user comfortable.

Name of safety equipment – what is does/function and industries using the equipment

Which Chinese Websites can you Find Safety Equipment Manufacturer China?

The popular Chinese websites you can conveniently obtain reliable manufacturers of safety equipment include;

  • com
  • com
  • Global Sources
  • com
  • com
  • com
  • China Suppliers
  • OFweek
  • DIYTrade
  • Global market

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