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Saw Blade Manufacturer from China
1 Circular Saw Blade
Circular Saw Blades from China

The circular saw blades are tools for cutting many materials such as wood, masonry, plastic, or metal and may be hand-held or mounted to a machine. Guangdong and Shandong provinces have the best suppliers for circular saw blades.  If you have a plan to import a circular saw blades Bamsar will help you to find the best manufacturer.

2 Hand Saw Blades
Hand Saw Blades from China

Hand saw blades are designed for cutting wood perpendicular to the wood grain. Bansar will help you to transport the products that you really wanted all about and will recommend to you the most reliable supplier that can provide durable hand saw blades from China.

3 Band Saw Blades
Band Saw Blades from China

With band saw blades cutting can be more cohesively controlled and can produce more predictable, and qualitative results. In China, there is a manufacturer that can produce the best kind of band saw blades. With Chinese manufacturers, your satisfaction will be truly provided.

4 Reciprocating Saw Blades
Reciprocating Saw Blades from China

Reciprocating saw blades are very useful in various applications including demolition, cutting out sill plates, plumbing, construction, sanding holes, and so on. China is the place where is the professional manufacturer located that manufacture of high quality reciprocating saw blade products.

5 Scroll Saw Blade
Scroll Saw Blade from China

Scroll saw blades are mainly used for woodworkers, craftsmen, and artisans. It is ideal to cut intricate profiles, patterns, and joints on wood, plastic, and metal. If you decide to add this item to your businesses, a Chinese manufacturer can provide it for you. By providing the best product Chinese manufacturers can help your business grow.

6 Rip Gang Saw Blade
Rip & Gang Saw Blade from China

Rip and gang saw blade is a circular blade machine, usually of the radial design, used for cutting wood across and. Its blade is mounted directly to the motor, which is contained in the moveable ram. Chinese suppliers can do provide and support your rip and gang saw blade.

7 Diamond Wall Saw Blade
Diamond Wall Saw Blade from China

Diamond wall saw blades are cut with specialized tools that make use of diamond-tipped phosphor bronze or diamond-dusted steel blades. China has a supplier that has the widest range of diamond wall saw blades. If you are planning to import from China, you did the right decission.

8 Friction Saw Blade
Friction Saw Blade from China

The friction saw blades are used to cut billets, tubes, slabs, and grates. In China, there is a lot manufacturer of the friction saw blade that can able to offer at a competitive price. Chinese manufacturers not only giving the best product but also give the best services.

9 Power Saw Blade
Power Saw Blade from China

A power saw blade is basically used for the workpiece in large cuts. For personal and business purposes, Bansar can help you to find a trusted supplier from China. Bansar has the best relationship and connection with the professional manufacturer

Need Bansar to Handle Your Saw Blade Shipping?

Sea Freight Shipping from China
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Rail Freight Shipping from China
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Door to Door Shipping from China to
Door to door is the safest way of shipping for your orders. You can save time, efforts and can deliver your cargo without inconveniences.

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Best 30 Saw Blades Manufacturers in China

1 Jiangsu Soho International Group Wuxi Co., Ltd.

Established in 1979. Jiangsu Soho International Group Wuxi Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of the saw blade and other cutting tools material in China. Their main focus is to generate good-quality saw blades and other related materials. This company is highly passed in the international certificate such as the CE certificate, MPa certificate, and ISO9001-2000 system test. Jiangsu Soho International Group Wuxi Co., Ltd. is a reliable company in exporting saw blades and other cutting tools material in all market necessities abroad. 

2 Shanghai Ostar Tools Int’l Co., Ltd.

Were established in 2003. This company is a leading manufacturer and seller of high-quality saw blades throughout China. Ostar′s central focus is to produce an outstanding saw blade and other cutting tool material that can highly be exported in well-known markets both local and overseas. This company has a huge range of any type of saw blades which is very useful in any type of structural project. 

3 Hangzhou Fanxi Tools Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Fanxi Tools Co., Ltd. is a top-rated company especially manufacturing innovative saw blades and other related materials. They are specialized in producing numerous types of saw blades with reliable quality, low cost, and reached the customer’s satisfaction. Their products are well disposed of in Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and other countries.

4 Xinsheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Xinsheng Precision Machinery Co. is an experienced company,especially in the saw blades industry. They are skilled in manufacturer and supplier of well-process saw blades and other cutting tools. Their company’s product includes the cutting bamboo saw blades, to score saw blades, grinding wheel saw blades, multi-ripping saw blades, wood saw blades, electronic saw blades, Aluminum saw blades, plywood saw blades, acrylic saw blades, etc. which is highly reliable in any kinds of structural purposes. 


Jiangsu Alston Tools Co., Ltd is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of saw blade materials in China for almost 10 years. They are recognized due to their excellent performance in generating the best quality of saw blade and cutting tool materials and always prior the customer’s contentment. Their company’s main product includes the hot-pressed sintered diamond saw blade, cold-pressed sintered diamond saw blade,  laser welded saw blade, brazed saw blade, alloys saw blade and new products research-multilayer even-arrayed diamond saw blade, cup grinding wheel, diamond core drills, etc and highly exported in worldwide.

6 Kunshan JENADA Machinery Co., Ltd.

Kunshan Jenada Machinery Co., Ltd. is engaged in saw blade production. They are skilled in generating specialized quality saw blades and other cutting tool materials with an eco-friendly cost. Their products are exported in known markets worldwide and constantly  based on customer’s desires. 

7 Zhejiang Changheng Tools Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang changheng is a prominent company specifically in the saw blades business industry. They are professional in manufacturing various types of saw blades throughout the country. They own a huge number of advanced technologies where they are able to generate the best-quality saw blades. Their originally made products are consistently exported infamous markets in  Asia, Europe, America, MID-east, etc and then approved in the international products typical authorization.

8 Chengdu Yibai Technology Co., Ltd.

Established on May 9th, 2002 and located in Chengdu, China.  Is a top-rated company especially in the saw blade business industry. Chengdu Yibai Technology Co., Ltd. is capable of manufacturing and supplying a huge range of saw blades and other related products which is widely applied in some structural industries, furniture, etc. Sanctioned as the leading manufacturer and supplier of saw blades and other cutting tool materials all over the world. 


Shaoxing Realsaw Cutting Tools Co., Ltd. is acknowledged as the most successful manufacturers in the saw blades industry. Their company is specialized in generating sophisticated saw blades products with excellent quality at a competitive price. Their company’s main products include the circular saw blades, food bandsaw blades, bimetal band saw blades, wood saw blade, carbide tipped bandsaw blades, etc. which is highly exported abroad. 


 Over 15 years of erience in the saw blade industry, HONG SHENG SAWS MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. is considered as a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of saw blades. They used high tech technologies together with skilled workers to ensure the best quality of saw blade products. Their company is located in  Xinyu City, Jiangxi province, China.


Was established in Lishui city, zhejiang province of China in 2000. Hangzhou FUWEISI Saw Industry Co., Ltd is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of saw blade products in China. Their company’s central focus is to produce numerous kinds of saw blades such as circular saw blade, cermet tipped circular saw blade, which is highly recommended for structural projects and purposes. They are also able to supply in known worldwide market necessities.  

12 Jiangsu Yaofeng Tools Co., Ltd.

It was established in 1992. Danyang Xingfeng Tools Co., Ltd professionally manufactures all kinds of saw blade products. They mainly produced the best quality of saw blades and other cutting tool products which were highly accommodating. Their company’s products have already obtained the MPa, TUV, EN, and ISO9001: 2000 international standard certificate. 

13 Sino Abrasives Limited

Sino Abrasives Limited was established 2003. Known for being a skilled manufacturer and supplier of saw blade products. They are specialized in designing, developing, and integrating a wide range of saw blades and other related cutting tool materials. This company is authorized and supplied in worldwide famous markets. 

14 Quanzhou Zhongzhi New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Quanzhou Zhongzhi Diamond Tool Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989 and is known as the most successful company in the saw blades industry. They are prominent in manufacturing all kinds of saw blades with stable quality and high-efficiency products. Their originating products are highly accommodating in structural projects and mainly exported to overseas markets. 

15 Hengda New Materials (Fujian) Co., Ltd.

Was founded in 1995. With more than 20 years of experience in business development, Hengda is the most successful and leading manufacturer and supplier of saw blade products. Their company consists of high equipment components and intelligent workers that allow them to generate superior product quality of saw blades and under customer satisfaction. 


With many years in service history, Lange Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer of saw blades and hand tools in China. Their company owns advanced saw blades machinery together with the superlative employee team and concentrates in making quality control and innovative saw blades products. Their products have been exported to all over the world.

17 Quanzhou Wanshin Diamond Tool Co., Ltd.

Known as a professional manufacturer and exporter of various types of saw blades materials.  For almost decades in the saw blade industry, Quanzhou Wanshin Diamond Tool Co., Ltd. is prominent in producing out of ordinary saw blade products. Company’s main products includes the diamond saw blade, diamond gang saw, diamond wire saw, construction cutting saw blades, etc.,and can be exported abroad. Their company is located in the city of Nan′ An_the biggest stone base in China. 

18 Kunshan Canuri Precision Tools Co., Ltd.

With more than five years of enriched experience, Kunshan Canuri Precision Tools Co., Ltd. is consistently holding a title for being a top-rated company in the saw blade business industry. Their company’s products contain a huge range of saw blade products that are very essential in structural and industrial projects. They are committed to offering to their purchaser reliable and valuable products. They have carved a distinct position in international markets, such as East-Europe, South America, Australia, South-West Africa, East Asia and, etc.

19 Benxi Tool Co., Ltd.

Benxi Tool Co., Ltd was built in 1953. Benxi Tool Co., Ltd. is becoming one of the leading brands of saw blades and gradually specialized in the auction of saw blades manufacturers. Their company owns advanced technology and saw blade manufacturing equipment. They are experts in seeking the quality raw materials stable high-quality saw blade products. 

20 Wuhan Wanbang Laser Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.

Was founded in 1999. Wuhan Wanbang Laser Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. is a young and dynamic company, which specializes in manufacturing one kind of saw blade and other cutting tool products. As a top-rated company, Wanbang continues to generate all kinds of saw blades made by high-quality materials which are suited for any industrial activity and they remain the best exporter in overseas market necessities such as in the U.S.A, UK, Germany, etc. . They are qualified in all types of standards authorization.

21 Quanzhou Best Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.

Is a leading manufacturer and supplier of saw blade products. Their central focus is to provide high-quality saw blade products for structural projects. They are always alarmed by different customers’ demands.  This company provides the best, long durability and innovative saw blades products that can easily be disposed of in worldwide markets. 

22 Quanzhou Sang Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.

Established in 1993, Sang Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. is an innovative and successful company. They specialize in research and manufacturing various saw blades materials. Their products are widely used for cutting for any construction activity. They are persisting to generate comprehensive and durable high-quality products with a reasonable price of saw blade materials that can cope with customer’s will. 

23 Quanzhou Wantzel Diamond Tool Co., Ltd.

QUANZHOU WANTZEL DIAMOND TOOL Co., Ltd is a prominent saw blade manufacturer that produces professional-quality saw blades that are suited for the construction industry. Their products originated from high-quality materials that make them more durable and accommodating. They are experts in exporting in foreign markets and continually develop in producing the best saw blade product with an eco-friendly cost.

25 Danyang Boyuan Tools Co., Ltd.

Was established in March 1998. Danyang BOYUAN TOOLS Co., Ltd. is an outstanding saw blade manufacturer throughout China. This company contains a massive saw blade system plus the skilled traders who are responsible for producing the best of all saw blade product material. Their company is already approved in the international certification standards and can easily send out infamous foreign markets. 

26 Shijiazhuang Corediam Tools Technology Co., Ltd.

Corediam Tools Co., Ltd, known as a high-tech saw blade manufacturer and supplier in China. Their company’s main concern is to generate acceptable and durable saw blade products. In the middle of managing a business, Shijiazhuang Corediam Tools Technology Co., Ltd. has already enough experience in generating powerful and accommodating cutting tools products at a reasonable cost. Presently, the Corediam export-sales network has rapidly expanded to more than 50 countries, including North America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South America.

27 Johnson Tools Manufactory Co., Ltd.

Since 2000, Johnson Tools Manufactory Co., Ltd started to manufacture and supply all kinds of saw blades products in China and established its own import and export company in 2005. This company is recognized due to its company’s clear background and good reputation in this business world. Moreover, they are already considered as one of the largest and successful saw blade manufacturers both in local and foreign regions. 

28 Fujian Quanzhou Huazuan Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.

Established in 1994. Quanzhou Huazuan Diamond Tools Co., Ltd., is a skilled manufacturer of saw blades in China. For over 20 years, they can already produce well-researched, the best quality of all saw blades with numerous styles that are accommodating in price. They continue to generate innovative industrial products and always ensure that they can provide plenty of high efficient saw blade materials. They maintain their spot as a leading company in exporting industrial products for more than 50  foreign market necessities. 

29 Jiangsu Goldmoon Industry Co., Ltd.

JiangSu GoldMoon Industry Co., Ltd is known as an excellent saw blade manufacturer and supplier in all places in China. Their saw blade products are very essential to use in industrial services. They always ensure to produce a specialized and well-generated saw blades product for their customers. Their prior products are mainly exported in overseas markets in Europe, North America, Australia, and other areas. 

30 Hangzhou Chenlong Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in 1985. Hangzhou Chenlong Intelligence is located in China ZOTP Artificial Intelligence Town. A company that is known as a top-rated company due to being the most influential company in the industrial business. This company is intelligent in creating high-end saw blades that are durable to use and highly accommodating. CHENLONG has already qualified in international standards certifications such as the  CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 and obtained over 100 patents. 



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