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acrylic scarves
Acrylic Scarves importing from China

 If you want to start a scarf  business,  include acrylic scarves on your list. It is a type of fabric made from acrylic fibers; it is an excellent wool substitute. China has a lot of expert scarves manufacturers. They are Professional custom scarf digital printing manufacturer.

beach scarf
Beach Scarves Importing from China

Beach scarves are mainly used during beach outings, with designs that depict beach scenery. They can also be a part of one’s daily accessory. If plan to wear beach scarves on your beach vacation plan or start your scarf business, import beach scarves from China. Chinese scarves manufacturers were mostly found in Tonglu, Hangzhou, Yiwu, and Shenzhen. These manufacturers have knitting machine, printing machines, design sketching office, and stitching machines so they can control the goods in good quality.

beaded scarf
Beaded Scarves Importing from China

Beaded scarves are decorated with different sizes and colors of beads, laid in different kinds of patterns. Chinese scarves are manufacturing this kind of scarves in wide range. You can choose your color and design. They also offer you high-quality beaded scarves at the best price that will suit your needs.

Cashmere scarves
Cashmere Scarves Importing from China

Cashmere scarves are spun from the fleece of the Cashmere goat. The fleece is known for its unrivaled softness and can be spun in a variety of yarns and fibers. If you want to use it or include it in your scarf business, import cashmere scarves from China. Chinese scarves manufacturers are mostly found in  Tonglu, Hangzhou, Yiwu, and Shenzhen. They offer you high-quality scarves at the best price. They also have international productivity and rapid delivery capacity.

cotton scarves
Cotton Scarves Importing from China

If you want a  wonderfully light, breathable textile and easy to take care scarves, choose Cotton scarves. Chinese scarves manufacturer can offer you a lot of high-quality and durable cotton scarves that comes with different colors, sizes and designs.

embroidered scarf
Embroidered Scarves Importing from China

Embroidered scarves most have marvelous thread work patterns.  If you need to buy this scarve for your business or personal use, Chinese scarves supplier is a good choice! You can found them in Tonglu, Hangzhou, Yiwu, and Shenzhen.

head scarf
Head Scarves Importing from China

Head scarves are the scarves worn on the head either as an adornment or to shield one’s hairdo. Bansar can help you find a verified scarves manufacturer in China at reasonable price. These manufacturers can be found in Tonglu, Hangzhou, Yiwu, and Shenzhen. It can surely help your scarves business.

Silk Scarves
Silk Scarves Importing from China

Do you want a light and airy silk scarves for your business and personal use?  We will help you find the best scarves manufacturers and have experienced many years in scarves manufacturing.

visccose scarves
Viscose Scarves Importing from China

Viscose scarves are created from a combination of natural and man-made components. Viscose rayon has a silky appearance and feel, and also has the ability to breathe in a manner similar to cotton weaves. Whether you need to import viscose scarves for your personal use or your business, Chinese market is the best choice. You can import viscose scarves in Chinese market in a small or large amount at a reasonable price.

winter scarf
Winter Scarves Importing from China

Winter Scarves are made of thick fabric great for insulation, are used during the cold winter months to protect oneself from the chill. Import winter scarves now in China area, mostly in Tonglu, Hangzhou, Yiwu, and Shenzhen.   Chinese scarves manufacturers can provide competitive price and can assure you a good quality products.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Scarves Shipping?

Sea Freight from China to 2 14
If your orders are very large and not urgent, you can use sea freight.
Air Freight from China to 17
Less amount, and urgent orders, and also, the cost on each scarves is very high, you must choose the air freight shipping.
Picture Frames Rail Freight Shipping from China
Railway shipping cost is in the middle of sea freight and air freight. You can adjust based on your order details.
Picture Frames Door to Door Shipping from China
If you are new to importing from China or have no importing permit, you can contact Bansar to help your order, we will ship your orders to your warehouse or home.

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Importing Scarves from China: The Definitive Guide

If you are importing scarves from  China, you can not miss this guide.

You will get benefits from reading this guide and become an expert for the Chinese scarves market, also skyrocket your scarves business.

You will learn:</strong

Keep referring to this guide for any information that you may need on importing scarves from China.

Best Scarves Manufacturers in China

  • Huzhou WanShiSheng Dress Co., Ltd

Huzhou WanShiSheng Dress Co., Ltd manufactured different accessories including scarves for more than 20 years. Based in Zhejiang province, Mainland China, and is well-known to provide excellent quality services and products for global customers. They have exporting different scarves designs to several countries such as Asia, North America, Africa, Europe, and more.

  • Rainbow Medical Technology Co., Ltd

As a professional enterprise, Rainbow Medical Technology Co., Ltd is completely engaged in the development, research, manufacture, and marketing of the highest quality clothing accessories, especially scarves products. What`s more, the company has contemporary product development and research testing center for a faster speed production process.

  • Jasprit Accessories Co., Ltd

Jasprit Accessories Co., Ltd is China`s leading company that offering a wide variety of scarves and other garments products to meet your multifarious requirements. There are available clothing products best for men, kids, and women. ODM and OEM services for global customers are also provided here. Allow them to help you to get satisfying products for your business.

  • Springtex

The Springtex company is combined with a dedicated manufacturing team, focusing mainly on service, people, and innovation. Founded in 2004, this is one of the best international companies mainly committed to the high-end productions of clothing materials, especially scarves. Not only scarves products, but you can also find different women`s wear including pants, outwear, dresses, and tops.

  • Zhenjiang Bossen International Co., Ltd

In China, Zhenjiang Bossen International Co., Ltd is well-known for its full expertise in the exporting and production of various custom-made apparel and accessories. They are one of the premier domestic exporter and fabricators of different scarves designs, handkerchiefs, seamless bandanas, wristbands, beanies, and so on.

  • Hangzhou Silk Showing Co., Ltd

As a fully knowledgeable scarf supplier and manufacturer, Hangzhou Silk Showing Co., Ltd is concentrating on the export process of fabric and scarves to foreign countries. Factory located in the Hangzhou City of China offers complete categories of scarves, including cashmere scarves, wool scarves, silk scarves, and many others.

  • Yiwu Tysee Optics Co., Ltd

Located in China Commodity City, Yiwu Tysee Optics Co., Ltd is a company group of excellent management, a professional technical team, and well-experienced marketing personnel. The company is specializing in the entire production of their FDA and CE-approved scarves and any clothing accessories. Their product range involves beach bags, scarves, scarf vest, pashmina scarves, etc.

  • Wujiang Bozi Textile Co., Ltd

With the main factory based in Wujiang City of China, Wujiang Bozi Textile Co., Ltd continues to enjoy very convenient transportation access. The factory contains development and research group, complete production lines, well-trained workers, and advanced machines to use. They already built a good relationships with other businesses all over the world.

  • Hangzhou Mufan Clothing Co., Ltd

Established in the year 2016, Hangzhou Mufan Clothing Co., Ltd is currently with its main headquarters in Hangzhou of China. As one of the well-experienced ODM and OEM suppliers and producers, they aim to achieve your high satisfaction. Occupying a workshop area for about 8000 square meters and has a number of 300 hardworking employees in the company.

  • Fujian Aolun Automation Technolo Co., Ltd

This is one of the contemporary companies based in China, Fujian Aolun Automation Technolo Co., Ltd is known as an expert ODM and OEM service provider. They offer complete production lines to surely meet your assorted clothing requirements. One of their goals is to satisfy you with their superior quality products and efforts.

  • Wujiang Xinyang Textile Co., Ltd

Wujiang Xinyang Textile Co., Ltd is an integrated trade and manufacturing enterprise with the main factory in the City of Hangzhou. In order to meet your expectations, they rigorously inspect each products` quality before the shipment. They have excellent equipment and highly advanced technology to check the stable quality of products and ensure timely delivery.

  • Dongyang Ouwang Industrial Co., Ltd

As one of the leading Chinese exporters and manufacturers, Dongyang Ouwang Industrial Co., Ltd specialized in creating all types of custom-made clothing accessories. They also lead in the domestic exporting of multifunctional bandanas, scarves, wristbands, beanies, and many others. Every day in the factory, there is a total of 70000PCS of products are distributed.

  • Zhenjiang Fashiontex Industries Co., Ltd

Mainly based in Zhenjiang Province of China, Zhenjiang Fashiontex Industries Co., Ltd specialized in all terms of producing and distributing of bandanas, scarves, knitted hats, neck wraps, and many more. The company owned 3 factories to manage the orders from customers around the world. As result, more than 100 newest designs of products are exported annually.

  • Shaoxing Chuangdong Tour Articles Co., Ltd

You can find the main factory of Shaoxing Chuangdong Tour Articles Co., Ltd in Shanghai City of China. They are officially established in the year 2000, consisting of professional designs, R&D, and great clothing accessories productions. They are covering over 8600 square meters of workshop area and are willing to cooperate with you in the future.

  • Hangzhou Howmay Silk Technology Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Howmay Silk Technology Co., Ltd is the best well-founded manufacturing company of all kinds of dresses, scarves, shirts, pants, and many others. This company has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the field. And most of their products are well exported to 15+ countries, including Europe, America, etc.

  • Huhhot Harmony Industry and Trade Co., Ltd

Huhhot Harmony Industry and Trade Co., Ltd produces the best quality cashmere scarves and other types of scarves for customers all over the world. Along with the advantages of resources in raw materials and a well-experienced team, it helps them provide the best services and quality products for your business. 200, 000 pieces of cashmere sweaters are exported worldwide.

  • Future Necktie & Dress Co., Ltd

Set up in Shengzhou China, Future Necktie & Dress Co., Ltd was officially established in the year 2004. This company is known as a very professional scarves and necktie manufacturer. They used high-quality materials including micro fiber, woven silk, polyester, and printing silk in order to produce smooth and durable quality scarves and other clothing products.


YC CLOTHING CO. LIMITED is wholly dedicated to producing and designing various clothing accessories, such as snapback hats, scarves, t-shirts, different baseball caps, and so forth. Started in the business in 2001, their workshop occupies a total space of 10000sqm. They also have 200+ professional workforces to help you boom your business.

  • Qingdao Happyfancy Industrial Co., Ltd

Qingdao Happyfancy Industrial Co., Ltd is an outstanding fabric product supplier and manufacturer in China. Well-established in 2010, and have cooperated with over 20 foreign wholesalers and companies. The team always provides the best services, reasonable costs, higher quality products, and some of them are well sold to England, America, and Japan.

  • Wujiang First Textile Co., Ltd

Wujiang First Textile Co., Ltd is based in the City of Wujiang, China with very convenient logistics and fast traffic access. They are one vertical producer with fabric weaving, yarn spinning, and expert clothing manufacture. As fully dedicated to the service, only excellent quality textile services and products are provided to achieve your high satisfaction.

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