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Importing Screw from China
Chipboard Screw
Importing Chipboard Screw from China

Are self-tapping screws with thin shafts and coarse threads. They are made of carbon steel or stainless steel and then galvanized. Chipboard screws of different lengths can be used in a variety of applications. If you have a plan to import, Zhejiang has the most screw supplier and manufacturer in China.

Concrete Screws
Importing Concrete Screws from China

The concrete screw allows them to anchor into concrete, brick, and block. concrete screws tap threads into a predrilled hole in concrete, brick or block. If you are planning to import in China, you have made the best choice. China can recommend a reliable supplier for your growing business to guide the whole importing process.

Deck Screws
Importing Deck Screws from China

Decking screws are usually made of copper or coated steel to protect them against rust or corrosion. It’s important that decking screws can withstand corrosion, as they are designed to be used outside in all weather conditions. If you are looking for the best supplier and manufacturer in China, Jiangsu and Shandong province has the most in China.

Dowel Screw
Importing Dowel Screws from China

Dowel screws are a headless fastener with a lag thread at both ends. Dowel screws are designed to be inserted into a predrilled pilot hole. The end of the wood thread is designed as a taper that is threaded all the way to its blunt tip. Dowel screws are used as wood to wood fasteners for joining two pieces of wood. Finding a reliable supplier and manufacturer in China can help you a lot of money and effort.

Drywall Screws
Importing Drywall Screws from China

Drywall screws are hardened so that the Phillips slots won’t strip out under the stress from high-speed screw guns. Wood screws are thicker and made of softer metal, making them more snap-resistant. Different thread patterns make the crews work slightly differently too. In China, you can find most garden artificial grass manufacturers in Shandong, Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu provinces.

Eye Lag Screw
Importing Eye Lag Screw from China

Eye lag screw suppliers in China mostly in Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang. These manufacturers provide a wide range of outdoor and indoor artificial grass at a very affordable price. Lag Screws also commonly known as lag bolts, lag screws are some of the toughest fasteners. These extremely sturdy fasteners are usually used to connect heavy lumber or other heavy materials that are bearing an intense load. These screws differ from normal wood, self-drilling or sheet metal screws.

Eye Screw
Importing Eye Screw from China

Screw eyes are a screw with a loop on one end and threads on the other end. Screw eyes are commonly used to attach cables to objects, for instance, attaching a string to the back of a painting to allow the painting to hang from a nail on a wall. If you are looking for the best supplier and manufacturer in China, Jiangsu and Shandong province has the most screw factory in China.

Lag Bolt Screw
Importing Lag Bolt Screws from China

Whether you need to import any types of Screw, China can always meet your needs. Finding a better supplier and manufacturer of Lag Bolt Screws can help you find durable products for your growing business. Also commonly known as lag bolts, lag screws are some of the toughest fasteners. These extremely sturdy fasteners are usually used to connect heavy lumber or other heavy materials that are bearing an intense load. These screws differ from normal wood, self-drilling or sheet metal screws.

Mirror Screws
Importing Mirror Screws from China

Mirror screws are traditional wood screws or machine screws, that has an internal thread at the top of the head, so that you can wind a mirror cap into the top of the screw after it has been inserted, to hide the screw. In China, you can find the most screw factory in Shandong and Zhejiang province. Providing fast and efficient shipping process for your urgent mirror screw orders.

Security Screws
Importing Security Screws from China

If you are looking for a sustainable security screw supplier and manufacturer, to help you in your growing business, Jiangsu province supplier can always meet your needs. Security screws are designed to stop theft and vandalism. A security crew makes it more difficult for the vandal or criminal to get access to their target. Tamper-resistant screws require a special tool, which the vandal or criminal is unlikely to have access to. Tanner is a leading distributor of security screws.

Twinfast Sheet Metal Screw
Importing Sheet Metal Screw from China

If you have a problem with importing any types of screw products, it’s not a problem. In China, you can find the most reliable screw supplier and manufacturer in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. A sheet metal screw is a self-tapping screw that is typically used to secure sheet metal to metal, plastic, fiberglass, wood or other materials. It is also used to attach hinges, hasps, brackets and other types of hardware.

Wood Screw
Importing Wood Screws from China

Importing from the most popular Wood screw supplier and manufacturer in China, you can save a lot of money and effort. Guangdong province supplier and manufacturer can handle and guide the process. Wood screws are probably the most commonly-used mechanical woodworking fasteners. They are used primarily for connecting wood to wood and are known for the clamping force that they provide to strengthen a joint.

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20 Best Screw Manufacturers in China

1 Summer Screws Precision Technology Co., Ltd

Summer Screws is a professional manufacturer and supplier of high-quality screws for over 30 years. They specialize in manufacturing the best quality screws, sockets, nuts, bolts, washers, and more. Summer Screws has advanced milling machines, professional processing stamping equipment, and high-tech screw processing production equipment. Their priority is to offer superior quality products with 100% customer satisfaction.

2 Hisener Industrial Co., Ltd

Hisener is a reliable and innovative manufacturer of high-quality screws in China. They have well-equipped factory with strict quality controlling and production procedure to make sure they produce only qualified products. Hisener is a manufacturer certified by CE, EN 14592, ISO9001:2015, and EN 14566.

3 Ningbo OuKaiLuo Hardware Co., Ltd

OuKaiLuo is one of China’s leading manufacturers of screws and fasteners. They mainly produce and customize high-quality screws and fasteners. All their products are certified by Bureau Veritas, SGS, RoHS, and ISO. They manufacture wide variety of products that are offered with premium quality at a reasonable cost.

4 Yuhuang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd

Yuhuang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is a one-stop service of screw manufacturing and customization. They mainly produce products such as micro screws, machine screws, custom screws, electrical screws, and more. All their products have passed and reached RoHS requirements and authentication. With over 20 years of experience, Yuhuang can provide customers with excellent quality products and professional services.

5 Shanghai Jianxin Hardware Co., Ltd

If you are looking for a trustworthy manufacturer of top-quality screws in China, Jianxin Hardware is your perfect choice! Among their products are wood screws, chipboard screws, drywall screws, thread rods, washers, t-nuts, and more. They manufacture full range of products with customized label, non-standard products, and headmark to give you one-stop solution!

6 Jiaxing Goshen Hradware Co., Ltd

Goshen is a dependable manufacturer that specializes in producing all kinds of stainless steel, low carbon steel, and high-strength screws and fasteners. All their products are manufactured with reliable quality and excellent price. They manufacture products according international standards such as GB, JIS, ANSI, and more.

7 Beyond Industry Groups Ltd

Beyond Industry Groups Ltd is a professional manufacturer of superior quality screws in China. Their main products are self-drilling screws, stainless steel self-drilling screws, self-tapping screws, and more. All their products are widely used for auto, construction, motorcycle parts, electrical, electronics, and more applications. They manufacture products with high-quality at a competitive price.

8 Wuxi Zhoucheng Mechanical Components Co., Ltd

Zhoucheng Mechanical is an expert manufacturer of screws and other related products. They mainly manufacture screws such as machine screws, self-tapping screws, self-drilling screws, and more. They also specialize in manufacturing nuts and wrench that are made from stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, and brass. Their products are accepted to be used in furniture, auto, tools, hardware, and motorcycle parts & accessories.

9 Nanchang Nande Industrial Co., Ltd

Nande Industrial is a certified Chinese manufacturer of premium quality screws in China for more than 7 years. They have their own factories producing wide variety of screws such as self-tapping screws, machine screws, and more. They also manufacture hex bolt, turning parts, metal stamping parts, etc. Their wide variety of products will surely suit customers’ needs.

10 Jiaxing Dazhe Fastener Co., Ltd

Dazhe Fastener has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing wide variety of products such as screws and stamping parts. They offer high-quality customizing services throughout the years. Because of that, they are recognized as one of the professional screw manufacturers in China. They offer high-quality products at a reasonable price.

11 Tianjin Lituo Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd

Lituo is one of China’s leading manufacturers that supplies the best quality screws to worldwide customers. Among their products are screws such as self-drilling screws, drywall screws, and more. They also manufacture nails, wires, valves, glass wool, and more. They are a highly experienced manufacturer that provides wide variety of products that is widely recognized for its quality and best prices.

12 Zhejiang Ruizhao Technology Co., Ltd

They are an authorized manufacturer in China that produces high-quality press screws, socket screws, step screws, and more. Ruizhao also specializes in manufacturing wheel bolt, circlip, flange bolt, flange nuts, and more. All their products are made from high-quality raw materials such as steel wires, copper, stainless steel, alloy steel, and more. They manufacture products according to international quality standards.

13 Shanghai Tengri Metal Products Co., Ltd

Tengri Metal is a manufacturer that produces wide range of products to meet every customers and markets needs. Their main products include wide variety of screws, bolts, nuts, rivet, washers, fasteners, and more. They offer products with professional quality that are very cost-saving.

14 Jiaxing Haina Fastener Co., Limited

Haina is a trusted manufacturer that specialize in the production of high-quality screws and fasteners. All their products are manufactured in line with certifications of ISO, JIS AS, BS, ANSI, GB, DIN, and more. They manufacture wide variety of products to meet customers’ needs. They also offer world-class services, on-time delivery, and first-grade quality products.

15 Ningbo Yunding Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd

They are a professional manufacturer in China that is committed to providing good quality screws such as drywall screw. Yunding also specializes on manufacturing anchor bolts and nuts. They focus on providing customers with full range and high-quality products at a reasonable price.

16 Li Quan Screw Metal Manufactory

Li Quan Screws mainly manufactures complete range of screws, connectors, sleeves, rivets, precision stamping parts, and more hardware accessories. They offer complete and scientific quality management system. They also offer customizations according to customers’ samples and drawings. Li Quan Screws continuously provide customers with high-quality products, the best prices, and excellent services.

17 Tianjin Xinruifeng Technology Co., Ltd

Xinruifeg is a manufacturing company that specializes in producing top-quality screws such as drywall screws, self-drilling screws, and more. They prioritize in manufacturing the best quality products, providing innovation, improvement, and favorable prices.

18 Tianjin Bell Technology Co., Ltd

Bell Technology owns one of the largest manufacturing companies of screws in China. Their main products are self-drilling screws, hex head screws, drywall screws, truss head screws, chipboard screws, and more. With continuous development, innovation, and improvement, they can provide customers with quality-guaranteed products, great services, and competitive prices.

19 Ningbo Haishu Shiqi Starlight Screw Factory

They are one of China’s top manufacturers of high-quality screws in China. They offer the best quality products at a favorable price. All their products are manufactured according to international quality standards. Haishu Shiqi manufactured products with outstanding quality and high-performance.

20 Hand Industrial Co., Ltd

Hand Industrial Co., Ltd is a trusted manufacturer of screws in China. Among their products are security screws, stainless steel tapping screws, stainless steel machines screws, self-drilling screws, and more. All their products are manufactured with best quality at a competitive price.

Screw Manufacturer China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Let me take you through everything you need to know about screw manufacturer China.

Whether you want to know the benefits, best markets, properties, or customization options, you will find every information right here.

Let’s dive right in.

What are the Benefits of Importing from Screw Manufacturers China?

You should import screws from screw manufacturers in China due to numerous advantages.

Here are the main benefits of importing screws from screw manufacturers in China.

Screw from China

 Screw from China

Perfect Quality Screws

You will get perfect quality screws from screw manufacturers in China who use strict processes in the elaborate production of screws.

With plenty of experience under their belts, screw manufacturers in China use experienced labor to give you the perfect quality screws.

Low Cost of Screws

You will also purchase high-quality screws from screw manufacturers in China thus giving you a good profit margin.

Screw manufacturers in China enjoy a low cost of labor and ease of material access thus lowering the cost of manufacturing screws.

Flexible Logistic Measures

You will also enjoy the flexible and straightforward logistics for the importation of screws from screw manufacturers in China.

Implying that importing screws from China is a very simple process with flexible rules for exporting different materials.

Good Transport and Networking Systems

You can also take advantage of the good transport network in China to transport your cargo of screws out of China.

You will also go through an easy process of getting some of the best freight forwarders due to the network system.

Marketability of the Screws

Due to the perfect quality, you will not find it hard to market your screws to different buyers all over the world.

You will receive great recommendations and references from satisfied customers appreciating your screw products.

Which Materials Do Screw Manufacturers in China Use?

As screw manufacturers in China, we always outsource our materials from the original material suppliers.

It is the reason why you will get the highest quality of screws from the best screw manufacturers in China.

Here are the main materials that we use in the manufacturing process of the screws.

Carbon Steel Wire Materials

You can order custom screws from screw manufacturers in China which come from carbon steel wires.

It is a tough material, with corrosion resistance properties even though the overall cost of purchasing is high.

Stainless Steel Materials

You can opt for cheaper materials for the screws that are corrosion resistant, and tough at the same time.

Stainless steel is a very good material that will definitely increase the longevity and durability of the screws.

Metal Alloy Materials

You can also opt for other materials such as aluminum, nickel, and brass alloys which are equally strong and corrosion-resistant.

Apart from that, metal alloy materials are also cheaper in comparison to the other types of materials.

Do Screw Manufacturers China Support OEM Business?

Yes, screw manufacturers in China support the original equipment manufacturer business.

First, we outsource materials from the original manufacturers of the materials thus supporting the business.

Apart from that, you can also request original equipment manufacturing of the screws that you need.

You can order for custom screws with details or prints that you need to prove its originality.

Which Machines Do Screw Manufacturers Use to Produce Screws?

With the materials in place, you must also look for the perfect types of machines for manufacturing screws.

Here are the main types of machines that you will use in the process of manufacturing screws.

Cold Heading Machine

You will use cold heading machine to manufacture the head of the screws by cutting the wire and making two blows.

With the two blows, the cold heading machine will manipulate it further thus forming the head of the screws.

Head Slotting Machine

You will also use the head slotting machine to clamp the screw blanks on the grooves of the wheel perimeters.

With the help of a circular cutter, the machine will slot the screws as the wheel of the machine revolves.

Thread Cutting Dies

You will use the thread cutting dies in the process of through a vibrating hopper and then cut into a sizeable piece.

After that, the machine will initiate the two flat dies which will cut and sculpture the screws with threads.

What is the difference between Studs, Bolts, and Screws?

 Stud, screw and bolt

Stud, bolt, and screw

Screw manufacturers in China will make studs, screws, and bolts upon your request.

Here are the main differences between the screw, studs, and bolts.

Bolts are threaded fasteners that you can mate with a nut and tie or tighten different accessories.

Screws are devices that you will use to engage self-made or preformed internal threads.

You can have a variety of drive configurations and head shapes for both screws and bolts.

A stud can be defined as a type of fastener with external threads and without ahead.

You will mate one end of the stud with a standard nut and the other with a tapped component.

Do Screw Manufacturers China Use Salt Spray Tests on the Machines?

Yes, screw manufacturers in China use salt spray tests to test the integrity of your screws.

Here, you will use the salt spray test in the process of testing the corrosion resistance properties of screws.

It involves exposing or spraying the screw with extremely saline liquids thus creating a saline environment.

Apart from that, you can also adjust the humidity and temperature which will stimulate particular corrosion environments.

As this happens, you will take records that will determine the level of corrosion resistance on the screws.

Apart from the Salt Spray Test Machines, Which Machines Do You Use for Screw Testing?

Other than the salt spray test machine, you can test the integrity and strength of the screws using other methods.

In other words, there are different machines that you can use in testing the screws.

Here are the other machines that will come in handy when testing the screws.

Quadratic Element Test Machine

You will use this machine in the process of testing the quadratic elements on the screws.

Hardness Test Equipment

The hardness test equipment will help you know how hard the screws are and how resistant they are to breakage.

Film Thickness Test Machine

Just from the name, you can deduce that the film thickness is responsible for testing the thickness of the film.

Ring Gauge Machine

You will use the ring gauge machine to test the flow of the rings on the screws before you supply them.

Do Screw Manufacturers China Produce Custom Screws?

Absolutely, screw manufacturers in China produce custom screws according to your requirements.

All you have to do is come up with a proper design or drawing of the screw that you need.

As soon as we receive the screw design, our engineers will have a deeper look at it for approval.

After that, we will approve the design and then makeup quote with the price of every screw.

You will receive the samples from screw manufacturers in China after an agreement on the price.

You will approve the samples and send it back to us with a 30% advance to begin the manufacturing process.

Custom screws

Customs screws

How do you Ship Screws from China?

Well, you can ship your screw consignment or cargo from China using a freight forwarder.

With the freight forwarder, you can get different means of transporting the screws from China.

Here are the main means of transports that you can use in shipping your screw consignment.

Road Freight

In case you are shipping screws within the neighboring countries of China, you can opt to use road transport.

It is a very cheap mode of transport that uses a trailer and a container to move the products to other countries.

Railway Freight

You will use railway transport to move screws on train car containers within countries that have railway connections.

Rail freight is another mode of transport that is cheaper and will take a shorter period moving large amounts of products.

Sea Freight

You will use see transport to ship screws of very large quantities in containers to countries that are far away.

Sea freight is a cheap mode of transporting screws in very large quantities while making stops a various seaport.

Air Freight

This is the fastest mode of transport that you can use to transport screws from China to your destination.

You can deliver goods in a very short time but you will have to pay a lot more for air freight.

Do Screws from China Require Special Labeling?

 Labelling screw after packaging

Labelling screws after packaging

Yes, you can label your screw from China with a special label to inform the carriers about the type of products.

Apart from that, you can ask screw manufacturers in China to label the screws with your special logo.

This will help your customers to identify with the products that you are supplying.

Which Quality Certifications do Screw Manufacturers China Adhere to?

You can make sure that you get very high-quality screws from screw manufacturers in China.

This is possible only through adherence to quality certifications set by international companies.

Here are the main quality standards that you should look out for.

  • International Standards Organization Quality Certification such as 3269:2019 (en)
  • ASTM Quality Standards or Certifications
  • RoHS Quality Certifications

How do you Choose the Right Screws from China?

In the modern world, there are quite a number of screws that might make choosing a very difficult job.

Without proper knowledge, you may order screws from China that do not serve the main purpose.

To avoid such mistakes, here are the main factors to help you choose the right type of screws.

Parts of screw

Parts of screw

Type of Head

There are multiple head types that you can simply choose from depending on the machine for driving it in.

You have the freedom of choosing the quadrex, Philips, Robertson, or star drive head depending on the requirements.

Type of material

You must also look at the different types of materials and select the right type of materials that fits you well.

In this case, you must know if the screw will be for indoor or outdoor use before you decide on the type of materials.

Dimensions of the Screw

You must also decide on the size of screws that you need which in every case will be the length of screws.

Generally, you must look at the fact that the screw must go through at least half the thickness of the bottom materials.

What is the Turnaround Time from the Screw Manufacturers China?

You should rest easy when it comes to the turnaround time of the screws from the screw manufacturers China.

We believe in producing high quality screws within the shortest time possible thus the use of technical machines.

Apart from that, we take a keen interest in the proper packaging of the screws to avoid damage of the goods while on transit.

You must also look at the screws on reception and let us know through pictures and damages in case of damages.

Do Screw Manufacturers China have MOQ?

Well, you are free to order any quantity of screws that you need to complete your business.

In other words, we do not have a minimum order quantity requirement when it comes to screws.

You must, however, note that the more screws you order from us, the cheaper it will be.

If not, you will spend quite a significant amount of money in purchasing fewer screws.

Do Screw Manufacturers China have a Product Return Policy?

Yes, screw manufacturers in China have a product return policy.

You will initiate the product return policy when you receive screws that do not fit your specifications.

Apart from that, you will also use the return policy when the screws you receive have damages on them.

As soon as you receive the package, you will inspect the package and take pictures in case of damages.

After that, you will call the supplier and send the pictures detailing the extent of damages on the screws.

Your supply will request you to return the screws back to them on the terms of the product return policy.

Why Do Screw Manufacturers China Paint Screws Black?

You may notice that the screws you receive from screw manufacturers China are black in color.

Well, most of the screw manufacturers China prefer to use the black effect on the screw.

You should understand that the black effect is for increasing the aesthetic value of the screw thus making them attractive.

Apart from that, the black effect is useful in increasing corrosion resistance in stainless steel materials.

You can create the back effect on the screws by blackening the screws or black zinc plating of the screws.

Are there Screw Color Limitations from Screw Manufacturer China?

Different colors of screw

Different colors of screws

Well, there are no limitations on the color of screws that you might want.

Apparently, you can request any color of screws that you want and we will deliver.

There are, however, common colors of screws that most of our customers prefer.

We often major on producing screws in colors that are in high demand to reduce the manufacturing cost.

You can, however, choose ant color that you want and we will ensure that you get it.

How much do Screws from China Cost?

The amount of money that you will pay for the screws from the screw manufacturers in China will vary accordingly.

Implying that, there are numerous factors that affect the overall cost of the screws that you get from China.

Here are the main factors that affect the amount of money you will pay for the screws.

Quality of the Screws

Well, we often ensure that we produce the best quality of screws but this might vary depending on the materials.

You should prepare to pay slightly a higher price for different types of screws due to the variety of materials.

Quantity of Screws

You should also note that the cost of the screws will increase tremendously with an increase in quantity.

There are circumstances where you might receive a great discount depending on the number of screws you purchase.

Generally, you will pay between 1 to 2 dollars per kilogram of the screws from screw manufacturers in China.

Are Screws from China Durable?

Absolutely, you will receive highly durable screws from China that will serve you for longer periods.

First, we use very strong and tough materials that make up long-lasting types of screws.

Apart from that, we pass the screw materials through different chemical reactions to make them corrosion resistant.

In other words, we make the screws according to the application that you intend it for.

We will make the screws for outdoor use with very high resistance to weather and corrosion.

After completing the manufacturing process, we pass it through various tests that will ensure its quality.

Some of the tests that we perform on your screws include:

  • Salt Spray Tests
  • Hardness Tests
  • Quadratic Element Test
  • Film Thickness Test
  • Ring Gauge Test

What are the Limitations of Buying Screws from China?

Despite the numerous benefits of purchasing screws from China, you may encounter a few limitations.

Here are some of the limitations that you might encounter when purchasing screws from China.

Language Barrier

One of the greatest limitations when importing screws from screw manufacturers in China is the language barrier.

You may have a very difficult time negotiating proper terms and conditions if you don’t speak the Chinese language.

Fake Suppliers

In case you are shopping online, you may fall victim of scam artists posing as genuine screw manufacturers.

You have to be very careful and verify the screw manufacturers in China to avoid being a victim of scam artists.

How do you Manufacture Screws?

You can manufacture your own type of screws using the relevant materials and machines.

Here is a step-by-step process that you can follow to properly manufacture your screws.

Preparing the Materials

You will begin the whole process with machine preparation as well as materials preparation.

Here, you will get the different types of wire materials such as stainless steel, and prepare them accordingly.

You can perform certain processes such as uncoiling, straightening, and cutting the materials to length.

Here, the wire will move from the mechanical coil and pass through a straightening machine.

After straightening, the wire will flow straight to the machine that will cut it into different sizes.

Cold Forging

After that, you will proceed to the step where you will engage the cold forging machine in the manufacturing process.

You will maintain the temperature of the room and modify the shape of the steel materials.

The cold forging or cold heading machine will cut the head of the screws back to preprogrammed shapes.

You can use the open or closed heading machine which will require the use of one or two punches.

Depending on the mode of operation, you will create the screw head with a closed but accurate screw blank.

This machine is capable of producing 100 to 500 screws within a minute.

Thread Rolling

Through a vibrating hopper, the cold heading machine will feed the thread cutting machine with the screws.

The hopper will maintain a correct feed position as it passes the screw blanks down a chute and onto the dies.

Depending on the type of machine, you will cut the blank screws to make the screw patterns using different techniques.

One of the techniques involves the use of a stationary die while the other is moving in a reciprocating manner.

In this technique, the blank screws will roll between the two dies to make the threads on the screws.

Quality Control

You will complete the whole manufacturing process by passing the screws through quality control.

Implying that, you will pass the screws through chemicals that increase the resistance to corrosion.

Apart from that, you will pass it through various tests that will prove the integrity of the screws.

Finally, you will package the screws in readiness for storage and distribution.

Which Online Marketplaces can you buy Screws from in China?

You can also do your shopping for screws via online selling platforms thus saving travel time and money.

Online shopping involves purchasing the screws via online shopping platforms hassle-free.

After shopping, the seller will ensure that he or she delivers the cargo to your doorstep.

Here are the main online shopping platforms for screws from China.

 Screws on Alibaba

 Screws on Alibaba

  • Alibaba Online Shopping Platform
  • AliExpress Online Shipping Platform
  • Dhgate Online Shopping Platform
  • JD Online Shopping Platform

Do Screw Manufacturer China have Size Limitations?

No, screw manufacturers in China do not have size limitations for the screws they manufacture.

Implying that you can get different sizes of screws from screw manufacturers in China depending on the requirements.

There are, however, standard sizes of screws that you might choose from for faster delivery.

In addition to that, you can also order for custom sizes of screws that will fit your application requirements.

Different sizes of screws

Different sizes of screws

How Long should Screws be?

Screws are available in different lengths that will fit different application requirements.

Generally, your screws must enter almost half of the thickness of the bottom materials.

For instance, you should have a three-quarter-inch of the screw into a 2 by 4 screw.

Are there Standard Dimensions and Length for Screws?

Yes, there are standard dimensions and lengths for different types of screws.

Despite this freedom, you can also request for custom dimensions for your screws according to application specifications.

Here is a table with details on the standard dimensions and lengths of the screws.

 4 Gauge5 Gauge6 Gauge7 Gauge8 Gauge
Hard Bore Size15/641/49/325/1611/32
Shank Hole Size7/641/89/645/325/32
Hardwood Pilot-Hole Size5/645/643/327/647/64
Softwood Pilot-Hole Size1/161/165/643/323/32
Typical Available Lengths3/8 to 3/43/8 to 3/43/8 to 1.53/8 to 1.5½ to 2

Are Screws from China Recyclable?

Yes, screws from China are recyclable and you can recycle them at a scrap metal yard just like other metals.

You can collect different types of screws, bolts, and nuts and have them within one bucket for sale.

Scrap metal dealers will pay you per kilo of the metal that you present to them for recycling purposes.

You should not take the screws for carbide recycling since the screws do not belong to carbide recycling.

When do Screw Manufacturer China use Lead?

You can order screws made of lead from screw manufacturers in China especially for special purposes or uses.

For instance, you can use screws in particular instruments that require maintenance-free, clean, precise, and smooth finishing.

Some of these materials are life science and lab equipment, heavy lifting, engraving, and data storage equipment.

Will Screws from China Rust?

No, screws from China are corrosion resistant and will not rust easily under particular circumstances.

In most cases, screw manufacturers in China dip the screws in corrosion-resistant solutions for coating.

In case the coating chips off, the part exposed to moisture and oxygen will definitely rust.

You can also opt for stainless steel screws which are rust-resistant and will not rust totally even in damp conditions.

How does Screws from China compare to Nails from China?

Fastening accessories

Fastening accessories

Well, you can use different types of materials for manufacturing both nails and screws from China.

Stainless steel is the most common type of material that you can use to make nails and screws from China.

Nails are usually stronger than screws to allow for the impact of the harmer while driving in the nails.

Apart from that, nails are smooth and do not have rings across the body while screws have numerous rings.

In addition to that, you will have different types of heads for the screws but similar types of heads for the nails.

Both nails and screws vary in terms of lengths even though you might come across longer types of nails.

Screws will also provide a more secure fastening in comparison to the nails due to the presence of the rings.

You can also remove the screws easily without causing damages by unscrewing which is impossible with nails.

Where can you use Screws from China?

You can use screws from China in quite a number of applications depending on the application requirements.

Here are some of the places where you can use the screws from screw manufacturers in China.

  • Framing of different types of frames using structural screws such as 2 by 4 screws
  • Concrete constructions especially with the concrete screws inside the pilot holes
  • Metal roofing
  • Decking on Different type of decks
  • Subfloors
  • Drywalls especially for screws with coarse and wide threads
  • Metal Studs
  • Medium Density Fiberboards in carpentry including fiberglass and plywood

What are the Main Components of Screws from China?

Screws have three main components which you will use for different screw purposes.

Here are the three main parts of the screw you should know about.

 Parts of screws

 Parts of screw

Head of the Screw

The head is the upper part of the screws which can be countersunk, rounded or raised.

It also has different types of slots that can accommodate different types of screwdrivers.

You can have a different type of shapes such as hex, tox, Philips, or square heads.

Screw Shank

You will also see the screw shank just below the head which connects the head and the lower part.

In other words, it is the middle part of the screw that is often smooth in nature.

Threads or Spirals

You will also see the spirals or threads on the bottom part of the screw which drives into the device.

It has threads or spirals or teeth which increase the hold on the devices thus making them stronger.

Parts of screw

Parts of screw

How do you Measure Screws from China?

There are different methods that you can use to measure the screws.

Here are the main methods that you can use in measuring the screws.

  • Screw Gauge which involves measuring the outer diameter of the screws
  • Shaft length involves measuring of the part of the screw to drive into the surface
  • Thread per inch (TPI) involves measuring the number of threads per inch on the screws.

What are the Properties of Screws from China?

When looking for a screw, you must also consider looking at the properties of the screws.

In this case, you will look at three particular properties which include:

Mechanical Properties

When looking at the mechanical properties of the screws, you will look at tensile strength, Vickers hardness and Brinell hardness.

Apart from that, you will also look at the Rockwell hardness, surface hardness, yield strength, and elongation after a fracture.

Physical Properties

Physical properties of screws are more or less similar to the mechanical properties of screws.

In this case, you will focus on the hardness of the materials that you will use to make the screws.

Electrical Properties

Here, you will look at how good the screws are at conducting an electric current.

This will depend greatly on the type of materials that you use in manufacturing screws.

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