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with better storage options in China
  • E-commerce order fulfillment 
  • Bonded public warehouse
  • Consolidated warehouse
  • Free storage for 10 days 
  • Cost-effective customized solutions
  • Professional handling of goods 
  • Specialized storage options
  • Value added services
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Fulfillment Centre in Shanghai
Fulfillment Centre in Shanghai

Fulfillment centres for e-commerce vendors in China represent an efficient way of outsourcing storage. Having a fulfillment centre warehouse in Shanghai allows you to streamline your supply chain and distribute your goods via the many international ports of Shanghai. Using our warehouses as a fulfilment centre will help skyrocket your business.

Public Warehousing in Shanghai
Public Warehousing in Shanghai

Public warehousing means that multiple distributors can use the space inside the warehouse according to their needs. This option does not guarantee you a constant amount of space, but it is a flexible option. It is ideal for start-up China importers, exporters, or businesses with a variable supply chain. You can use as many or as little warehousing resources as you need—and as are available. 

Bonded Warehousing in Shanghai
Bonded Warehousing in Shanghai

Typically, importers are required to pay duties on imported goods. However, our Bansar Shanghai bonded warehouse lets you import, store, and process goods without having to pay duties. Bansar is the best choice for duty-free import and export because of the Free Trade Zone in Shanghai. Also, in our Shanghai free warehouse, your products may be eligible for an export VAT refund. 

Contract Warehousing in Shanghai
Contract Warehousing in Shanghai

Contract warehousing means a fixed partnership for some duration of time. This option is the opposite of a public warehouse—you would have a fixed quantity of space in our warehouse that you can use at any time. If you are establishing a stable and long-term supply chain in China, choose the Bansar contract warehouse in Shanghai. 

Automated Warehouse Storage in Shanghai
Automated Warehouse Storage in Shanghai

Being an innovative company, Bansar uses automated warehouses. Modern machines streamline value added services, such as consolidation, pick & packing, labelling, loading, and more. Not only do they allow for an enhanced speed, but also for cost-effectiveness and accuracy. Machines and computers minimize human error. We use secure software to facilitate order tracking, digital quality control, etc. We also use an advanced warehouse management system. Bansar is the future of your Shanghai China wholesale imports. 

Consolidated Warehousing Service China
Consolidated Warehousing Service China

If you own a small importing or distribution company, consolidated shipping may be for you. At our Shanghai warehouse, we can combine your LCL goods with LCL cargo from other suppliers or importers into a complete FCL shipment. Upon arrival, consolidated goods are separated again and distributed accordingly. Your products will be secure, and the shipment will be more cost-effective for you. Build up your business with Bansar consolidated warehousing. You can also combine this service with Bansar freight services to ensure the safety of your goods. 

Value-Added Services at Shanghai Warehouse
Value-Added Services at Shanghai Warehouse

Bansar offers a range of value-added services that you can request for your business. Our professional employees can pick & pack your stored products, repackage, assemble, enforce, and label your goods. If you need special treatment for fragile goods, need to put together several shipments into one or vice versa, or need pre-shipment preparation, contact us at any time! We will label your goods with custom labels at our Shanghai warehouse. And if you need special packaging, we will do that as well. Our sales team is always happy to provide you with a consultation on the full range of your value-added services. 

Quality Control Services in Shanghai
Quality Control Services in Shanghai

Aside from assembly value-added services, we also offer quality control and feedback. Once your products arrive at our Shanghai warehouse location, they may be examined for proper packaging and some other parameters. For instance, we can report to you on product quantity, specifications, inventory, acceptance quality limit, and marking. We strive to build a fully transparent partnership with your business. 

Climate Control Storage in Shanghai
Climate Control Storage in Shanghai

Are you importing food, beverages, cosmetics, or chemicals? Anything that requires special handling and storage will be taken care of. Shanghai climate-control warehousing options include refrigerated and heated storage. Some climate control features may include vents, air conditioners, humidifiers, freezers, and heaters. Simply contact us and we will arrange everything for your China wholesale distribution business. 

Container Loading Supervision Service in Shanghai
Container Loading Supervision Service in Shanghai

As another value-added service, our employees can supervise the unloading and loading processes. We will inspect quality and damage, and then move your goods to their dedicated spaces. We will also supervise loading when it is time to ship your cargo to another warehouse or abroad. We examine quantity checks, packing list checks, container conditions, loading process, packaging, and much more. Bansar is very experienced with the entire freight and storage process, and being situated in Shanghai, we have built a consistently reliable reputation. 

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Bansar: Your Best Warehousing Partner in Shanghai

For more than 10 years, Bansar has been providing warehousing and logistics services to Chinese and foreign companies trading in China. We operate at many locations, and Shanghai is one of them.

Shanghai is a large city that has become one of the world’s most significant trading hotspots.

The Port of Shanghai is the world’s busiest container port!

Shanghai was the first city in China to introduce a Free-Trade Zone.

This means that local public warehouses offer you the flexibility of duty-free import and bonded warehousing.

You can easily trade here.

Establishing warehouses there has helped many wholesale and distributor businesses grow. Bansar, of course, is proud to offer these services to your business.

Our Shanghai warehousing benefits countless importers, distributors, and suppliers.

Our warehousing is located at an optimal distance from the Yangshan Port and the Pudong Airport to facilitate sea and air freight.

We own a large warehouse in Shanghai, which means that you can store a lot of goods here.

Our advanced warehouse management system and automated machines ensure the security and accurate inventory of your goods.

Besides offering you the benefits of a bonded warehouse in China, Bansar clients can choose public or contract warehousing.

You can pick whatever works for your business the best.

If your products are manufactured or supplied from Shanghai, you can use our professional Bansar warehousing.

If you represent a start-up wholesale business or have an inconsistent supply chain, then public warehousing would suit you.

If you have a stable supply chain, then contract warehousing is perfect for you.

To facilitate the storage and processing of goods in China, we offer many great warehousing valued-added services.

Our professional staff will take care of your products, starting from the arrival of your products on site, and all the way to shipment.

We can supervise container loading and unloading, sort and assemble items into shipments, provide secure storage and inventory, customize packaging, and even send you photos of the process.

Our warehouses have cameras and security, so your products will always be safe.

Bansar practices a client-oriented approach, so we will provide a custom solution for you.

Are you importing foods, beverages, cosmetics, or chemicals? We will offer you a climate-control storage option.

Does your wholesale business distribute legal dangerous or fragile products? Our employees and machinery can enforce the packaging for safe shipping.

You can request storage in our warehouse for all sorts of goods—be that industrial, commercial, fragile, or otherwise special cargo.

Our Shanghai fulfillment centre warehouses are perfect for importers, exporters, wholesalers, e-commerce distributors, and drop-shippers.

As an added bonus, we offer you free storage for 10 days!

Bansar is dedicated to building strong and trusting partnerships with businesses all over the world.

This is why we always provide tailored top-class cost-effective services.

Besides Shanghai, we also have warehouses in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Yiwu, Ningbo, Xiamen, and more.

If you are looking to expand your e-commerce importing business to any of these locations, we are happy to help you!

If you are looking for a long-term partnership, we will provide you with the best deal.

Additionally, Bansar provides professional logistics services, such as international freight from our warehouse in Shanghai, China.

You can reach us 24/7, and we will always help your wholesale distribution company grow.

Send us an inquiry today to receive the best quote and warehousing options for you!

Shanghai Warehouse: The Ultimate Guide

You need a Shanghai warehouse if you are planning to import from China.

Read this guide before looking any warehouse in China.

The importance, benefits, and lots more you need to discover about the Shanghai warehouses is right here.

How Can You Get Affordable Rates In Shanghai Warehouse?

The rates are primarily dependent on the amount of space that your cargo occupies in the warehouse.

However, the cost for Shanghai warehouses services amounts to 43.4 Yuan per square meter of space.

But, these prices fluctuate with the occupancy of the market means when demand is high, the prices slide down. So, to get an affordable rate, it would be a wise idea to import from China when the market is busy.

 Shanghai Warehouse

Shanghai Warehouse

Take quotation for your cargo which will highlight the packaging and labeling. No hidden charges are included.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Shanghai Warehouse?

Some of the benefits of using Shanghai Warehouse include:

  • 24/7 hour operational
  • CKD (Completely Knocked Down) parts receiving
  • Quick in clearing customs
  • Pick, pack, and label service

 Benefits Of Using Shanghai Warehouse

Benefits Of Using Shanghai Warehouse

  • Minimal risk of orders holding
  • A larger value of goods are accepted
  • Inventory management for final products

How Do You Choose The Best Shanghai Warehouse?

Before proceeding with any Shanghai warehouses, the wise idea would be to get a clear picture of the features of Shanghai Warehouses.

Secondly, requesting a quotation with all included services and then knowing the custom clearance procedure.

Taking these steps into account, you can choose the best Shanghai Warehouse.

Which Services Do Warehouse In Shanghai Offer?

Shanghai Warehouses comes with a multipack where importers don’t need to jitter over small issues.

Beside normal storage services, the shanghai warehouse offers other services as well that includes:


Some Shanghai warehouses facilitate packing services to their clients and you can request or send them special packaging requirements.

Goods Processing

The spacious Shanghai warehouses offer processing of goods before the final delivery to their clients.

Order Fulfillment

This service includes processing, packaging, and labeling.

Choosing this Shanghai warehouse service offers you plenty of time to concentrate on other important goods before your cargo goes to the final step.

Which Services Do Warehouse In Shanghai Offer

Which Services Do Warehouse In Shanghai Offer

Transport Services

The Shanghai warehouse offers the transportation of your shipment from one end to another.


The shanghai warehouse offers picking service at the desired destination at an additional cost.

Maintenance Service

Some goods are kept for a long. The Shanghai warehouse offers a maintenance service so that the goods remain in a good state.

Contract Warehousing

Some business needs ample space for the storage of their goods.

In this case, the Shanghai warehouse goes into a contract with these businesses and provides them space based on the contract for a limited period.

Is Fulfilment Center In Shanghai Same As Warehouse In Shanghai?

Yes, the warehouse in Shanghai does both storing the inventory and supplying it to the desired market.

The shanghai warehouse provides transportation services with packaging and labeling the products.

They have ample spaces to assemble the products and then transport them to the desired marketplace.

They ensure the final product is delivered on time.

Which Goods Can Shanghai Warehouse Handle?

Shanghai warehouses are known for dealing with a wide array of goods and services.

That leads the different business people advantage of warehouse services. But, the goods you are dealing with must be legal that don’t harm anyone.

Moreover, you have the right certifications so that you will be allowed to make shipments.

The inflammable goods, highly reactive, oxidizing, combustible, etc., that harm people and the environment need a proper certification for shipment.

Which Good Can Shanghai Warehouse Handle

Which Good Can Shanghai Warehouse Handle

Many government bodies do the inspection of goods in warehouses. So, it is advisable to accompany legal certifications of goods if you own any illegal goods.

The legal goods are accepted in all Shanghai warehouses that have been approved by the government for shipment from one place to another.

It is not recommended to store perishable goods in warehouses that include edible and agricultural products.

Is Shanghai Warehouse Safe and Secure?

Yes, the Shanghai warehouse is safe and secure for storing your goods.

The Shanghai warehouse takes some measures to ensure that your goods remain in safe hands, i.e.:

  • The Shanghai warehouses determine the type of goods that they are dealing with, ensuring that the fragile items are handled with care.
  • Shanghai warehouses provide plenty of space for your goods so that there is less interference with other goods.
  • The warehouse has the necessary hardware pieces of equipment to handle your goods. For instance, they are occupied with the right measuring scale to obtain the accurate weight of your product, enough skilled manpower to handle your goods, etc.
  • The warehouse management team look at the accounts and record the cargo. Moreover, the inventory is managed by accuracy and control of all the imported goods in the warehouse.

Is Shanghai Warehouse Safe and Secure

Is Shanghai Warehouse Safe and Secure

  • Furthermore, the Shanghai warehouses have a high standard in cleanliness, hence preventing dirt to interfere with the safety of your goods.
  • For easy monitoring of goods, the shanghai warehouses use CCTV cameras. Moreover, there are motion detectors at some places in the warehouse to detect any movement outside the business hours.
  • The warehouse is occupied with sensors to detect fire or any unusual temperature.

Should You Rent Or Buy Warehouse In Shanghai?

Shanghai has a vast global economy. More importantly, the income levels of Shanghai are higher than China’s national average income.

Buying a warehouse in Shanghai guarantees you good returns as an owner. Because Shanghai port is one of the busiest ports in the world and always has a vast number of availability of customers.

The rising level of importing system calls for setting up warehouses in Shanghai to earn good returns on your investment.

Can You Save Money Using Your Freight Forwarder Warehouse In Shanghai?

Yes, a freight forwarder cuts the cost incurred in transportation. So, it would be a wise idea to have one.

When it comes to making deliveries of inventory to the merchandise places, freight forwarder is a great option, and people choose them over others.

Save Money Using Your Freight Forwarder Warehouse In Shanghai

Save Money Using Your Freight Forwarder Warehouse In Shanghai

It makes it easy for the merchandises to get back their goods and inventories from the warehouse directly to their place without jittering.

Moreover, when you have freight forward in the warehouse, the people will choose them over other carrier services that are profitable for your business.

What Value Added Services Do Shanghai Warehouse Offer?

The value-added services of Shanghai warehouse are:

Safe And Secure Services

Most of the Shanghai warehouses are busy that calls for extra security.

The shanghai warehouses are installed with security cameras and motion detectors to detect any kind of unusual activity inside the warehouse.

Trained Staff

While you visit a shanghai warehouse website, you get a list of several employees.

Most of the Shanghai warehouses are occupied with enough staff to ensure that all cargo is maintained properly.

Resources For Handling Hardware And Software

For software, the shanghai warehouses keep the inventory activities records to ensure that the inventory is safe.

And, for the hardware, they have the right machinery to carry the cargo to the designated space.

Furthermore, the warehouses in Shanghai are occupied with packing and labeling machinery.


Shanghai holds a strong position in the market and is the fifth-largest metropolitan in the world. It creates a huge market for the warehouses in Shanghai.


With the vast market, the shanghai warehouses invest a good amount in sizes to provide space to the all-sized cargos.

Generating Tracking Number

The shanghai warehouse provides tracking services to their clients to keep track of their cargo.

Do Shanghai Warehouse Offer Packaging Services?

Yes, packaging service is available at a minimum quantity.

Moreover, you are allowed to provide your packaging materials if you have some specific packaging requirements.

In Case Of Loss Or Damages In Shanghai Warehouse, Who Takes Responsibility?

In case of loss or damage, first, notify the warehouse management of your concern about the cargo.

Most of the time, cargo is still in shipment or the warehouse.

Additionally, the shanghai warehouses offer warehouse tracking services that look into the matter of lost or damaged inventory.

When Will You Find Shanghai Warehouses Full?

At the business peaks, the shanghai warehouses are full. As a result, to counter this situation, the shanghai warehouses hire more staff to help during the season.

All the staffs are under the supervision of leaders and the higher management team of the warehouse in Shanghai.

Customer satisfaction is a core activity at the Shanghai warehouse.

Does Shanghai Warehouse Offer Quality Control Services?

Yes, Shanghai warehouses have their protocols to define quality services.

Some Shanghai warehouses keep a minimal number of package to receive to maintain their quality control services.

However, many are flexible to receive packages varying in any size and quantity.

When Looking For Shanghai Warehouse; What Does Bonded And Non-bonded Warehouse Imply?

Shanghai is one of the biggest markets and the shanghai warehouses have made the life of traders easy.

Talking about the bonded warehouse, it is a great advantage for both importers and exporters to store goods safely, especially when you are moving valuable goods.

A bonded warehouse is a secure place as the importer pays the duties only when the goods are removed from the storage.

It is called a bonded warehouse because the importer and warehouse owner signs a bonded agreement .

It encourages many budding entrepreneurs to import and export their inventories.

Bonded warehouses are safe as they are under the supervision of customs officers.

A non-bonded warehouse is a storage space for goods on which the duty is already paid by the trader.

Shanghai Warehouse

Shanghai Warehouse

These warehouses are under port authorities and there is no defer of payments like a bonded warehouse.

Opting bonded warehouse for long storage would be a wise idea; they facilitate the storage of goods for up to 5 years.

However, if you want to supply the goods in the domestic market rather than re-exporting them, then opt for a non-bonded warehouse.

How Do You Transport Good To And From Shanghai Warehouse?

There are mainly two shipping methods of goods to and from Shanghai warehouses i.e.

By Air

Flights are the fastest way of shipping in the market today, but they incur high costs than other shipping methods.

Shanghai warehouse also has by air shipping method for the entrepreneurs and traders.

By Sea

This way of shipping is convenient as well as cost-friendly. However, sea shipping takes a little bit more time than air transportation.

Depending on the existing network, you can use road transport or rail transport.

Do Warehouse In Shanghai Offer Free Shipping Containers For Storage?

Yes, the shanghai warehouses offer free shipping containers for storage that is of buyer’s choice.

The warehouse purchases the desired vessel for the merchandise and transfers the goods into the container.

However, the buyer bears the price of loading the goods on the ship.

How Do You Track Your Goods In Shanghai Warehouse?

Shanghai warehouses keep an active system to help you keep track of your inventories.

The system helps in monitoring your cargo before and even after the delivery of your merchandise.

After the cargo kicks off a journey, the warehouse gets an immediate notification from the system.

 Track Your Goods In Shanghai Warehouse

Track Your Goods In Shanghai Warehouse

The tracking service also serves as a plus point when it comes to keeping an eye on all inventories.

Warehouses in Shanghai use the bar code and RFID technology to keep things under their control.

Do Warehouses In Shanghai Have Cold Storage Systems?

Yes, with the increasing demand for frozen food, the warehouse in Shanghai has started offering cold storage system services.

The shanghai warehouses designed themselves with multi-temperature refrigerators storage and inventory management services for regular transport and distribution of goods.

Are There Customs Bonded Warehouses In Shanghai?

With the rise of cross-border e-commerce, China has started setting up bonded warehouses to ensure that every business can enter the market.

Warehouse in shanghai has lots of custom bonded warehouses.

Are There Limitations Of Using Shanghai Warehouse?

Shanghai warehouses offer all the possible facilities to their clients. However, a non-bonded warehouse in Shanghai doesn’t offer the storage of goods beyond a certain period.

Besides these, the launch of the RMS bonded warehouse has brought flexibility and cost advantage for global shipping.

Moreover, the prices in the warehouse fluctuate with the demand in the market.

Contact us for a fair deal for importing needs from China!

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